Bush ‘Not Overjoyed’ At Bin Laden Death

DALLAS (AP) – George W. Bush says he was “not overjoyed” when President Barack Obama told him Osama bin Laden was dead because the campaign to track down the al-Qaida leader was done not “out of hatred, but to exact judgment.”

The former president, who now lives in the Preston Hollow neighborhood of Dallas, initiated the hunt for bin Laden after 9/11 made his first candid public comments on bin Laden’s killing Wednesday at a conference of hedge fund managers in Las Vegas, ABC News reported Friday.

Bush said he was eating souffle at Rise Restaurant on Lovers & Inwood with Lauran and two friends when he received the call from Obama, according to an ABC News contributor at the conference.  Bush said he went home to take the call and, “Obama simply said, `Osama Bin Laden is dead.”‘

Bush told the audience of about 1,800 people that Obama described the secret U.S. mission to raid bin Laden’s compound in detail, and Bush told the president that the decision to put the plan into motion was a “good call.”

But he said he was “not overjoyed,” explaining that the search for bin Laden was done not “out of hatred but to exact judgment.”

“The intelligence services deserve a lot of credit. They built a mosaic of information, piece by piece,” Bush said, claiming no credit for himself.

Bush has kept a low profile since bin Laden’s death May 1. He has declined interview requests and declined Obama’s invitation to join him at a ceremony at ground zero.

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One Comment

  1. melvin says:

    bush has declined interview requests and declined Obama’s invitation to join him at a ceremony at ground zero because he’s a big chicken…out of office is the best place for bush.

    1. Steve says:

      Bush has declined interview because he is a man that doesn’t need a constant ego boost as Obama does. A big chicken wouldn’t have gone to Afghanistan after 9/11 anyway. Do you think President Buchwheat would have? Hardly. If Obama wasn’t afraid the finding of Bin Laden wouldn’t have gotten out he wouldn’t have let the Navy do their job.

      1. Damian says:

        Buchwheat?? SMH…People get brave over the computer….it’s sad. Someone in your family probably taught you to think that way & today you don’t know any better.

      2. C Bauer says:

        “The intelligence services deserve a lot of credit. They built a mosaic of information, piece by piece,” Bush said, claiming no credit for himself.

        Read that last part, MELVIN. Melvin – almost as bad as SHELDON (see When Harry Met Sally). I bet you’re a hit with the ladies, MELVIN.

      3. TODD says:

        that is funny ! moron

  2. Cris says:

    Bush is being consistent with what he claims he would be after he left office. That is to remain a public citizen, out of the limelight. Whatever efforts President Bush did in combatting terrorism and in the hunt for bin Laden, thank you, Mr. Bush.

    1. Trey says:

      The wuss did nothing except commit war crimes.

  3. ROBERT says:


    1. RGS says:

      Our Current President is in re-election mode. President Bush was seeking all the tv time when he was running for re-election also. Let President Bush do as he pleases and not be in the limelight. He had his time and it is now time for the next President to do his job.

    2. Tina says:

      how racist

  4. Craig says:

    Bush knew that he’d be boo’d in NYC because he famously said that he doesn’t care about UBL, that UBL is not important, that it doesn’t matter where UBL is hiding because he was not a priority. He also completely disbanded the CIA task force assigned to hunting Bin Laden in 2006.

    None of that went over with New Yorkers very well — felt like a broken promise after his bull-horn speech.

    But the best part is this: George W Bush (“Wanna go mano-a-mano?”), macho rancher and mountain-biking, “Mission Completed” president was eating SOUFFLE! Ahhhhh….. that’s back to your Yankee New Hampshire roots, George.

    Thinking Bush helped in the search for Bin Laden after disbanding the search group is like saying, “But I loosed it” after someone else opens the pickle jar.

    1. Steve says:

      Bush didn’t go to NY with Obama because he wasn’t wanting to let Obama use him as a prop. The same reason Clinton didn’t go. Obama want’s to try and look more important in an attempt to garner votes. A duplicitous politician. Nothing more than an empty suit that takes credit for others work and blames others for his failures.

      1. Brown says:

        It’s o.k. Steve you can stop whinnng!!!

      2. Sam says:

        sounds like Bush not Obama,you creep

  5. Carlos Montoya says:

    Obama Got ER DONE,in about 3 YEARS with A LOT of Other ACCOMPLISHMENTS,What BUSH Could NOT in the 8 YEARS he was in office.

    1. SpotLight says:

      The 0bama accomplishments that I can recall include:
      Doubling the national debt
      Increasing unemployment from 5% to 9%
      Fixing it so GE pays no federal income taxes
      Starting a war in Libya and increasing the war in Afghanistan
      Traveling to exotic locations for time off instead of his residence in Chicago
      Giving tax payer money to GM that will never be paid back
      Reducing domestic energy supplies so prices go up

      These are just a few. Can you add to the list?

      1. C Bauer says:

        The word for today kids, is touché!

      2. RGS says:

        I beleve GM is now paying back all LOANS NOT LIKE WALL STREET. America was already in two wars and the recession well on its way before President Obama was swore in.

      3. Trey says:

        wrong again. The debt was at 12 trillion because of that creep bush

  6. C. I Told Ya says:

    President OBAMA Get’s THINGS DONE,Unlike Bush,except Putting AMERICA in DEBT,that was ALL BUSH.

  7. REAL AMERICAN says:


    1. Reality Check says:

      What a moronic thing to say. So you think Prez Ron Burgundy Obama the teleprompter reader found bin Laden on a golf course, or at the beer summit or during one of the many parties he has been at, or possibly while being interviewed during the hundreds of times by the liberal media, get a grip. The real work was done through interrogation tactics Ron Burgundy Obama does not support or use. All the evidence was gathered through all the agencies working together since 9-11. Obama ran up more debt in his first 100 days in office than all the previous presidents did during their terms combined.

      1. RGS says:

        It’s proven that your so called interrogation tactics did not work. Where is all those WMD claims. We should have never been in Iraq as Bin Laden was never in Iraq. Bush went after the man who threatened his Father nothing else.

  8. Reeper says:

    The death of anyone should not be a joyous occasion, if they did great harm to others it should just be a big relief and pleasure to know they will never harm anyone ever again.
    What Bush lacked saying was if he was really pleased by the death of OBL or UBL. It would reflect whether his closest ties where to Laden’s family who where close personal friends and his wealth or to the American people.
    Fact is his closest ties where Never with the American people since he chose to let Laden live and not hunt him down, because true fighters know their leaders remain important for life unless they are American’s which come and go all the time. Yet even great American Generals have been honored and cared about far past their time in service. It was always known Laden remained that important to his fighters.
    Staying out of the lime light when your job is over is honorable if it is done for honorable reasons, I’m afraid Bush’s reasons are not honorable. Yet in the long run no matter what he does the truth will come out.
    I will not be joyous when I read Bush’s orbit, yet I will be pleased for the same reasons I was pleased to know Laden met his well deserved fate.

    1. Kevin says:

      “The death of anyone should not be a joyous occasion……” is an interesting choice of words coming from someone that uses the name REEPER.

      1. C Bauer says:

        The joke’s on him. It’s spelled REAPER. Typical illiterate stoner. Unless it’s a referral to the Reeperbahnstraße.

    2. Reeper says:

      Reaper is one that reaps, Grim Reaper is death.
      So what is Reeper? Not a weeper for sure.
      For now it’s me and no I don’t do drugs or drink alcohol.
      Intelligence is handy for out smarting those that do harm to others yet that will never be learned from a book or classroom. It may put food on your table, yet that food may be tainted.
      Joke-I’m not a him.

      1. C Bauer says:

        The joke’s on me because I erroneously guessed your gender? LOL. OK. I can take it from your verbal assualt on the intelligentsia (I’ll give you a few months to look that up), that I’ll never see you in one of my Mensa chapter meetings. Oh, and you’re still illiterate, despite whatever pathetic/jumbled/nonsensical pseudo-explanation you tried to do for your obvious lack of education and/or lack of natural intelligence. You still spelled it incorrectly.

      2. Reeper says:

        Intelligentsia makes no one superior. Remember Einstein’s life would have been drastically cut short had someone not put his shoes and coat on before he went outside in the winter, because he considered that as not being VIP.
        I do not claim to be an intellectual even though I’ve had a college education. You are right even if I qualified I would not belong to a Mensa Chapter, if so much intelligence really existed this Nation would not be having all the problems it is having or foes. I’ve known highly intelligent people and those who could barely write, yet I know it takes all kinds to make the world go round and the fact there is good and bad in all types.
        Reeper was spelled exactly how I planned to spell it, no typo or error. Can’t accept it then move on.

      3. Reeper says:

        I respect true intelligence which is the intelligence that respects the world and all those that make it go round. I am very aware of who produces the meat, bread, and food you must consume to stay alive and no they do not all tote college degrees. Those that work on your car do not all hold degrees. Like it or not your at the mercy of those same people you put down. Thank you for spitting on your military since most in it do not hold degrees.
        BTW your doctor does hold a degree, yet they like everyone else make mistakes in life with theirs being the deadly type.
        Branding me inferior is a proud honor since I have always strived to be part of solutions and never a part of the problems. I honor your intelligence, yet I don’t honor your views of those you consider beneath you since many of them hold far more honor than you could ever dream of having in life.

    3. C Bauer says:

      What’s an ORBIT (last sentence)? LOL!

      1. Reeper says:

        Unfortunately I just made condolences on an orbit Friday. It’s short for obituary.

  9. Scott says:

    He wasn’t overjoyed, why would he be. It’s not like getting him was all that high on his list of things to do while he was the President.

  10. NiteNurse says:

    Okay correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t he mean to say “extract judgement” instead of “exact judgement”? BTW I hated Bush while he was in office but I think he’s been a class act laying low since being president.

    1. C Bauer says:

      No, exact judgment is correct, too. It means to deliver or execute justice.

      1. RGS says:

        President Bush read that from a speech writer. You don’t think he could have come up with exact judgement on the fly like that.

    2. C Bauer says:

      RGS: You mean kind of like a guy who relies on a TelePrompter?

  11. Alexander Farrow says:

    I do not understand the statement that Bush is not overjoyed at the death of Bin Laden, because the campaign to get him was not done out of hatred, but to exact judgement. What does that mean? Would he have been overjoyed if the campaign to get Bin Laden had been done out of hatred? I do not understand what this reported statement means.

    1. NiteNurse says:

      Alexander I think he means that the death of Bin Laden didn’t bring back the many people he helped murder on 9/11.

  12. george says:

    Bin laden death is really a tragedy for the United States. Had we taken him alive we could have gotten a lot of info from him. Unfortunately we now have to wait to see who will replace him and what evil will be perpetrated against us. I do believe that another attack on American soil would be good for us however as tragic as that is but it is the only way our government would understand that we have no business in other countries.it is time to take care of our own country by putting America first.

    1. Scott says:


    2. C Bauer says:

      …and pray tell, how would have you suggested extracting that information out of the leader of al quaeda? Waterboarding? Ooops. Nope, can’t do that. Maybe taking away his crackers and hummus for a day? Get real, idiot. He would have died with that information, regardless of technique.

    3. Get Lost, Idiot says:

      What are you, one of those Ron Paul kooks?

      1. Get Lost, Idiot says:

        I meant that for “george”, the original poster of the thread.

  13. C B says:

    Bush is ALWAYS at Rise. Why? Because Chef Cherif and his team RULE, that’s why. Love that place. The Bush family has good taste in restaurants.

  14. Robert Walker says:

    Did I mention that Obama got Osama? The Bin Laden family gave the Bush family too much money through the years for Bush to go after Osama.

    1. RGS says:

      Hell he helped the family get out of the US hours after the planess hit the towers.

  15. Mr Black says:

    He’s not overjoyed? That does it! I always knew he was a traitor to the country and this proves it yet again.

    1. NiteNurse says:

      How can you be overjoyed when over 3 thousand people he helped murder are still dead? His death didn’t bring them back to life it only made the world a little safer. Joy would have been catching him before he murdered anyone.

  16. CB says:

    This is hilarious. All these “blame Bush” Obama worshipers are elated about Osama being killed. Don’t get me wrong, so am I, but these idiots are doing cartwheels because their Mullato Messiah FINALLY accomplished SOMETHING other than driving unemployment to 9%, increasing the national debt, oh, and let’s not forget that gasoline is about to be at an historic all-time high. Hey, we’re still in Afghanistan, too, right? Just checking. So, these clowns have to milk this celebration for all it’s worth, telling everyone, “SEE?! He did SOMETHING!” Pathetic. Really pathetic. You morons might as well just chant, “Duh, WINNING!” We all know how hollow and ineffective THAT mantra is.

    1. Scott says:

      CB you are so wrong. As far as still being in Afghanistan, maybe we wouldn’t be if Bush had done his job and not taken troops and resources out to go into Iraq. Also let me remind you that all this with the economy begin under your hero, Pres. Bush. And as for the high gas prices, you haven’t forgotten about the “Cheney Energy Task Force” of 2001 have you. You know where they got together with big oil and all their friends to write the energy policy.

      1. CB says:

        LOL. Here we go with “Bush this and Bush that” AGAIN. Obama had TWO YEARS of a Democrat super-majority to help him rewrite that evil energy policy, to get us out of the wars (LIKE HE PROMISED TO DO WHEN HE CAMPAIGNED – REMEMBER?!) Instead, the message of hope and change was empty rhetoric with nothing changing, except for the worse. Your argument is silly. Not to worry, though – I’m laughing AT you, not with you.

        By the way, Bush is not my hero. I voted for him the first time, but not the second. He’s a class-A imbecile and buffoon for sure. I didn’t vote McCain/Palin, either, so that kind of narrows it down, doesn’t it? I just happened to take off my rose-tinted lenses and woke up to the fact that many of us voted for a fraud in 2008.

    2. RGS says:

      History will show who was the better President. Enough said!

      1. C Bauer says:

        Who’s better among the worst isn’t much to brag about. They’re both losers and puppets to the machine.

  17. Reeper says:

    If the national debt didn’t rise you’d be in a depression far bigger than the Great one ever was today. Why would it be bigger, because people don’t pull together or think of others today and accept crime as being acceptable. BTW I was all for letting that happen to kill the greed/corruption in this country that will be it’s downfall.
    Exactly how much of the debt was for Iraq which had no WMD, thus no reason to waste a penny there?
    Libya war was not started by us, the people rose which would have created another genocide to happen in a location one happened in the past, unlike Iraq where the people didn’t lift a pinky this time. Your end story for Iraq was an evil ruler that killed his people, well that is exactly what was happening in Libya so where is your big flare to save innocent lives now? The difference in the 2 was lives could be saved in Libya since the genocide was happening at the time and not a part of the past like it was in Iraq.
    As for your energy supplies, there is no shortage so the price increases are caused by Republicans not blocking price manipulation in the marketplace by people who never take possession of the oil or gas-stop that and the prices will drop. Democrats harm came from letting Unions chase all the jobs overseas due to over-paid workers.
    Face it no one party affiliated uses their head since both parties have their good and bad points. Good points never are more important than accepting any bad points for the sake of good. Give me one that is all good and yes I’ll join a party.
    All Presidents have made mistakes in office, some just make far more than others. It’s no different than the rest of our lives except the ones they make affect far more people than ours do.

    1. RGS says:


    2. Scott says:

      Well said Reeper.

      1. Reeper says:

        Glad to know I’m not a lone wolf.
        Since life has become only a choice of who is the lessor of 2 evils in the past 4 elections, I’m not sure I’ll keep it up.

  18. Todd says:

    No wonder this idiot neve caught bin Laden ! What a wuss.

  19. RussP says:

    While I’m not sorry that Bin Laden is dead, we should be concerned that as a country that prides itself on justice and due process, we have a president that had no problem sending in a hit squad to assasinate on old, seemingly unarmed man no matter what his crimes.

    1. Reeper says:

      If reported Laden was taken alive there would probably be a huge uproar over his presence endangering our lives and one over who wants to set on that trail thus making a target out of them personally? That creates a venue for not being a fair trail if the world never gets to see it.
      I’m sure Bush wouldn’t mind housing him in his home or setting on this trail-joke people he’s too chicken to do that right along with most in America.
      So to live up to how Laden viewed our greatness, we declared him DOA just as he knew we would. Justice was thrown another blow.
      In a truly just world an unarmed man would have been taken alive no matter how hot he would be to handle, we haven’t lived in a just world in a long time now. So even America doesn’t practice what it preaches, nothing new about that either.
      A trail cannot be a pool of only terminally ill people and be fair, so to be fair in your views you would have to say you would be willing to set on his jury. Morally we can be right, but can we mentally handle stepping up to the plate that would present?

      1. RussP says:

        Since he would most likely be charged with war crimes in a military court and his case heard by a military tribunal, there would be no problem with civilian jurors.

    2. Reeper says:

      9/11 happened to civilians thus his trial should be in a civilian court first and then a military one for his actions he led against them.
      Military should not get him first since the war started after 9/11 and not before it for what he did before 9/11. BTW I’ve been in the military so my views come from both sides of life.
      Even a military tribunal puts those people and their family’s lives at risk and again it would lack the justice of the world seeing the trial. Had they not let our own guilty personnel get away with things they would have been more respected by the world. Justice is not only failing in civilian courts, it is also failing in the military ones today. My father sat on military trials in the past.
      Even though he admitted he was behind all the killings it would still require trials to legally kill him unless he died in battle which he did not-no gun in his hands and plenty of time to have gotten one before they ever saw him.
      We can’t change the past, but we can sure pay for it in the future since the VIP Intel was in the head someone blew away. Best laid plans are never seen in paperwork or in files, they remain in the brain and spread by word of mouth. Now it’s a matter of how well funded Laden’s gang remains as to what they will be capable of and taking steps to not cause them to gain new recruits by actions we have allowed in the Middle East. Recently heard that is not being done in Saudi Arabia nor Israel.
      Appears the younger generation is looking to make changes without killing so maybe Laden’s way will fall silent. Taliban will keep fighting in order to take back their homeland, yet if they are wise they will wait until we leave it. Afghanistan spy is trying to pull another Iraq on us trying to spread the war into Pakistan to take out the Taliban, but hopefully people will not fall for the same BS twice.

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