Protestors Ready To Battle Heart Attack Grill

By J.D. Miles & Marianne Martinez, CBS 11 News

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – A new burger joint opening Friday in downtown Dallas takes aim at your health, and even promises to make diners fat. Take one look at the Quadruple Bypass Burger and you will soon see why the Heart Attack Grill lives up to its name and its slogan: “Food Worth Dying For.”

The restaurant is well-aware of its unhealthy offerings, and even uses a medical motif that pokes fun at the idea. The owner wears a doctor’s costume. The waitresses are dressed in skimpy nurse outfits. Diners are given a medical bracelet when they sit down. Items on the menu are referred to as “procedures.”

And that menu – which includes several burgers, Flatliner Fries and a Butterfat Shake – is not for the faint of heart. “It looks delicious,” said a man passing by the Dallas location on Thursday, “but I’d be a little afraid to try it.”

“Disgusting,” said another man as he glanced at the menu. “It’s a lot of food. And I can eat a lot, but I don’t know if I could do that.”

The first Heart Attack Grill opened in Arizona. The Dallas West End location is the chain’s second restaurant. People who weigh 350 pounds or more eat free. And proving that the company lives up to its promise, their 500-pound spokesman died last year.

John Basso is the owner of Heart Attack Grill. He admits that he is promoting obesity, but said that it shouldn’t be viewed as dangerous. “We’re not promoting obesity for obesity’s sake,” said Basso. “We’re promoting obesity for fun’s sake. I’m simply saying, don’t grab something through a drive-thru window that you’re going to forget five minutes later.”

But real North Texas doctors said that diners should stay far away from the Heart Attack Grill. “Why, when we know better?” asked Dr. Cara East, specialist at Baylor’s Hamilton Heart and Vascular Hospital. “Doing something that’s harming you, why would you do it?”

Protestors plan to be outside of the Heart Attack Grill on Friday, warning people about the dangers of eating unhealthy foods and passing out healthy alternatives, like apples.

  • C.L. Henderson

    The protesters should not worry… If this place is feeding 350+ pound people in Texas, they will be bankrupt in weeks!

  • BOB

    Well thats whats so great about American if you want to eat there then eat there, if not you have the freedom to eat somewhere else

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  • Annoyed

    This is what is wrong in America. People protest over the dumbest things, instead of issues that really make a difference.

    • Gomez de Maria

      I agree with this statement. There are more important things that we can protest about. Ummm GAS PRICES. Good Lord!

      • Frank Zentura

        Or 13 trillion!

    • QuickSilver

      Thank you, thank you.

      These protesting idiots probably don’t vote. We have some serious issues that are more deserving.

      Additionally why is this news in the first instance?

  • Brandy A

    If you don’t like it, don’t go there. The most I would protest about it that is even remotely my business is whether the patrons have health insurance so that my tax dollars won’t be squandered on their poor choices. Other than that, nothing sounds remotely appealing. Going out of their way to make already unhealthful food even more so? I can’t imagine how nasty a butter fat shake tastes.

    • Troll slayer

      I totally agree. If you don’t like it, don’t eat there. At least this restaurant can say there is truth in its advertising. Closing down this place won’t stop obesity. People who are obese usually eat this type of food on a regular basis anyway. They will just get the food elsewhere. As long as they have the means to pay for their own medical bills and purchase an extra airline seat, I say “let them eat cake”. Or bacon, or cheese, or a can of lard…..

  • C Bauer

    Oh come on! All these hypocrites go to Babe’s, Pappadeaux, and countless other places that serve 1) FRIED FOOD and 2) portions that are too large. Admit it, half of you are upset because it’s a BREASTAURANT and about another 1/3-2/3 are upset because your wife or girlfriend is making sure you’re “concerned”. Me? I’m going! It’s no more unhealthy than eating a bowl of hot and sour soup at P.F. Chang’s that has 5000, yes. FIVE THOUSAND milligrams of sodium in it. Why don’t these idiots pass out flyers on high blood pressure and sodium sensitivity at P.F. CHang’s? Why don’t they protest the new bacon items at Denny’s? Jerks. Publicity wh-res.

  • Glenn

    Food looks good…looks like alot…but face it….how much is it? Is it worth the drive to downtown to get. Look at the hype for In & Out….i ate there in Cali…no big deal. I am sure this is the same way. Need the free advertisement for the start up…what better way to get in the curious.

  • ray rhodes

    This stuff was ment to feed a homless family of five.

  • ray rhodes

    As all you smokers say ” Everybody has to die from somthing” so go for it.

  • Shannon Brown

    I think this is a new terrorist plot and should be condemned.

  • Jimbo

    Looks like that guy in the background had one too many brews!

  • Thomas

    I look forward to trying their food!

  • scott

    That is a very nice shirt the waitress is wearing.

  • Blest

    c’mon people!
    why arent these people protesting at Exxon and for these outrages gas prices
    another thing- is this the only burger joint in Dallas that is unhealthy
    go protest at city hall for all the corruption- or DISD, DPD, NTTA! but burgers people?!

  • Randy

    I can’t wait to order a double heart stopper special !!

  • Dan

    It looks like the protester was more about promoting the diet company displayed on her shirt.

    • C Bauer


  • Coretta

    Hamburgers are my favorite comfort food. I will be trying the resturant. But I don’t think that I will make it a place to go all the time because of the health issues. It will be okay just as long as it is done in moderation.

  • David Martin

    I finally have a reason to go to Dallas and the locals want to spoil it? Why did it have to open in Dallas? Please, open a location in Fort Worth, we know what cows are good for and are not ashamed of it.

    • Frederick Larrabee

      I prefer to eat meat from steers, but I feel ya. FW is what beef is all about. I’ll take a 32 ounce USDA Choice or higher dry aged tomahawk ribeye any day over a salad, and twice on Tuesday!

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  • laurie

    this looks fabulous! Proportions large, filling and satisfying… and mmm.. they make frys the way Mcdonalds used too.- I can’t wait! Once every few months sounds fun and yummy to my tummy… what a waste of time protesting…this is America, the land of the free.. Your free to be FAT-or skinny… these days it takes a health conscious individual to find a truly healthy meal at any food establishment.. so, suck it up, eat what you want and enjoy the yummy goodness…. remember BIG PEOPLE-those waitresses don’t eat that.. so sloppy pigs – give them a break too, while they parade around looking cute!!

  • Paul

    Well dang, I wanted to be the first to open a HAG here .. &:-( Good luck to whomever is running this one,though ..

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  • Victoria Lynn Strickland

    I won’t be eating there however, if that’s your choice, so be it. Don’t the protesters realize they are only giving this place free publicity??

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