By Arezow Doost, CBS 11 News

HALTOM CITY (CBSDFW.COM) – A Haltom City neighborhood is trying to put the brakes on speeders. They are asking for speed bumps, but the city is saying no.

There’s not a lot of playing in the Guerrero front yard. The kids aren’t even allowed to go beyond the porch.

“We hear cars just zooming by,” says Vipha Guerrero,32, who has five kids “I don’t want them near the street.” The speed limit outside their home along Layton Street is 30 mph, but drivers are often going much faster.

“Here we go 37!” says Daryl Metts as he points a police department radar he borrowed, “45 mph!”

Parents like Metts say they are fed up. “It’s certainly a safety issue,” says Metts.

They want speed bumps, but you won’t find any around Haltom City. Not in any neighborhood, not even in any school zone. “From a public safety stand point it does slow public safety response,” explains Tom Muir who is the City Manager of Haltom City “And fire trucks are not built on having the humps there.”

Nearby cities like Saginaw and Richland Hills agree and have no speed bumps either. North Richland Hills, which borders Haltom City, does have speed bumps.

The fire department says it can slightly slow down response times, but not to the point where it impacts the departments effectiveness. If Haltom City residents want speed bumps they have to go through a difficult and time consuming process.

First they need 75% of neighborhood residents to sign a petition. Then the city would have to do a traffic study. After that, the issue would finally go before city council.

If residents ever got a speed bump approved they’d face one final step: coming up with the money to pay for it. “I just think it needs to be a safer street for our kids mostly,” says Guerrero, holding her youngest son.

The Haltom City Police Department says they have stepped up enforcement in the last few weeks and they’re focusing on neighborhoods with a lot of complaints.