More DISD Students Getting ‘Breakfast In The Classroom’

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and now, thanks to a new program, more children in the Dallas Independent School District will have access to it.

At Lenore Kirk Hall Elementary in Oak Cliff, students start each day with a lesson in nutrition; they eat breakfast at their desk.

“Sometimes when I don’t eat, I get sleepy. But when I eat, I get more energy,” explained student Abigail Arellano.

Abigail and other students get their first meal of the day through a new program called Breakfast in the Classroom.

About 87-percent of DISD students qualify for free or reduced meals, but only 30-40 of them came to the cafeteria for breakfast.

More students are eating now that the meal is being brought to them.

Student Carlos Martinez says the program helps him in two ways. “I like it because that way I can sleep more and eat in the classroom.”

Teachers say they’ve seen a difference since Breakfast in the Classroom started in April. “I’ve noticed the children have a bit more energy, more enthusiasm for learning and I don’t have to stay on them so much about focusing on their work,” teacher Maria Cruz said of the positive effects.

Some students were coming to school so hungry, they became sick. “They have what’s called ‘transient hunger’,” explained Dora Rivas, the DISD Executive Director of Food and Child Nutrition Services. “They might have headaches, stomach cramps as well as they start getting tired. They’re not as attentive.”

Because of Breakfast in the Classroom there have also been fewer students visits to the school nurse.

Funded by the WalMart Foundation, the program is currently on seven DISD campuses and seven more will participate next year.

Students do not miss out on classroom time to eat breakfast. The meal is served during announcements, and while teachers are taking attendance.


One Comment

  1. Demi says:

    Great idea!

  2. ReelTexan says:

    It IS a great idea. Where can I go to pay more taxes? I just don’t think I’m contributing enough.

  3. Glen says:

    Why buy food at home when Big Brother will feed your kid for “free”

  4. Curtis says:

    Ah yes. Big Government at work. Now we are feeding illegal kids breakfast at school hand delivered by teachers that may not have a job next week because of stupid programs like this.

  5. Brenda Hitt says:

    @Curtis. Your comment of ‘feeding illegal kids’ is uncalled for and merely based on YOUR assumption, and @ ‘More entitlements please’ BOTH of you must have missed the part about ‘funded by the Wal Mart Foundation’. I don’t believe the Wal Mart Foundation is responsible for teacher’s wages, so THAT’S not the reason teachers may not have a job next week. My son is a teacher, so I assure you that I am SERIOUSLY p’d off about the massive layoffs statewide, but if you’re going to point fingers, aim them in the direction of AUSTIN. Just recently, our State lottery handed out over $320 million dollars to a SINGLE winner, yet they can’t find the funds to pay our teachers. A percentage of the profits from our lottery was SUPPOSEDLY to be used for education in Texas. We have a governor who lived in a ‘rental’ that cost the state of Texas $10,000 a MONTH while the Governor’s mansion was renovated after burning down. SERIOUSLY???? So KUDOS to Wal Mart for providing nutrition to our youth, REGARDLESS of nationality. That takes a bit of burden off of our welfare program — you know, the one the ‘illegal kids’ would be depending on for ADDITIONAL food. By the way, I’m WHITE, and at one point in my life I relied on Food Stamps to provide for my children. You know what they say about ‘ASSUMING’ things….assuming things makes an a…well, you know the rest

    1. Tax deductable entitlement says:

      For the record, yes, I caught about Wallmart FOUNDATION. Now in my experiances, foundation, or ORG, or GOV, or EDU are either tax exempt or are a tax deduction, DO NOT think Walmart is doing this for nothing. I said the program was too easy to get in…….. I asked if the kids folks paid taxes……… And as far as Austin being the problem, I agree with you on that, but for opposite reasons I am almost sure. Please let me know if you still feel I am off base, thanks.

    2. l says:

      Brenda – not it’s not – How many of these kids are iillegal – what percentage? find that out… Taking the burden off the “our welfare program”? please –

  6. Annie says:

    Does the government subtact each ones cost from the large food stamp money that goes to these families. I see them in the check out lines and they buy candy bars, chips, etc and then ask for cash back from their balance and leave with the candy and cash in their hands. Why cook for your family when someone else will do it. Something is wrong here.

  7. Engrpat says:

    I would like to know how many of the families are receiving food stamps and welfare. If they are already getting money to feed these children then they should not be doing the feeding not the schools.

  8. susan thompson says:

    Everyone should get to eat, if some people are have the opportunity.

  9. arnrob says:

    I had no idea that 87% of DISD students were homeless orphans!

  10. RussP says:

    Even if WalMart is putting up the money for the food in order to get some tax break, I’m sure there are expenses that are being incurred by the school to store, prepare, serve and clean up after these meals. Feeding kids of neglectful parents is not the job of the schools nor the responsibility of the tax payer.

    1. 2sister says:

      Not everyone who has trouble feeding there kids is neglectful. Some probably are, but its certainly isn’t all of them. My cousin had to rely on some help from others while raising her kids. She didn’t get welfare, but probably could have qualified before she got remarried. He first husband basically abandoned the family for someone he could do drugs with. He hardly ever paid child support, and even went to jail for it. He had visitation rights, but hardly ever used them.

      1. 2sister says:

        Oops sorry about abut the grammar errors in the second sentence of my first response. I meant to say, “Some probably are, but it’s certainly not all of them.”2

      2. RussP says:

        From experience in my teaching days, the ones who get forced into that position like your sister are the exception. Most choose to crank out a family even though they’ll never have more than minimum wage jobs because of a lack of job, math and language skills or knowing they’ll never actually have the father to support and raise the kids. Part of family planning needs to be can you raise them properly if you choose to have them.

  11. Alexis says:


  12. Alexis Garcia says:

    Stop Hating On Some RNS ! Who Cares If We Buy Stuff We AIn’t Supposed To Just Cause We Have Food Stamps Doesn’t Mean Were Homeless And I Ain’t No Orphan Some Parents Just Don’t Care For There Kids Send Them To School With Out Feeding Them Y’all Should Just Shut Up And Appreciate What There Doing For These Kids Smh -__- !

  13. Concerned Teacher says:

    I’m a teacher at this school, these kids were already getting free or reduce breakfast offered to them already but weren’t utilizing it. Many of them came to school too late or weren’t motivated to come to the cafeteria and eat, instead like most kids they want to see their friends. This program has helped them see teachers as examples of how to eat and use table manners, carry on appropriate conversation at the table and responsibility for cleaning up after themselves. Students who eat breakfast stay focused and full during the day, which is essential to learning. I know that many people are angry, they wonder where their tax dollars are going and if people are wasting them. As educators, society and citizens of a country, we need to take care of our future. Whatever anger you have towards budgets, the system, foodstamps, big Government, what have you, aim it where it belongs…at those people. These are children, and it’s our job to feed them if they’re hungry, protect them if they’re hurt, educate them to be successful and productive members of society. No system is ever perfect, but we all must do what we can to do the right thing. These students are hard working, intelligent and trying to do something positive for themselves, whether that be to become a productive person in the future, be the first person in their family to graduate from college or whatever. Kids are kids, we show them how to behave and act and that goes for how to behave well and say kind words to those even if we disagree with something or if we decide to fill our hearts and mouths with hate.

  14. 2sister says:

    I don’t agree with illegal immigration, but please don’t take it out on children. They have no control about that.

  15. Alexiss ! says:

    Everyone Is An Immigrant Mexico Used To Own This So Y’all Need To Shut Up And Quit Running Your Mouth Just Cause We Can’t Speak English Don’t Mean Nothing Cause When We Grow Up We Find A Job You Hardly Ever See Mexican People Standing On The High Way Asking For Money Were Very Hard Working So Stop Talking About Immigrants Your Just Making Your Self Look Like An Idiot !

  16. Just Another Teacher View says:

    I am also a teacher in DISD. As always , the figures don’t tell the whole story. It is disheartening to have students qualify for free/reduced lunch (98% at my school) and the house, car and bling thier parents own obviously paints a different picture. There are families that have a genuine need for assistance but this, as any other program, is abused. I won’t go into all of the kids we are educating and feeding for free whose parents don’t pay taxes, that’s a whole other debate. However, the silver lining with this program is that food is eaten and not wasted. Trust me, anyone who has worked morning breakfast duty in the cafeteria knows how many tons of food was THROWN AWAY each year by DISD.

  17. FedUpTxn says:

    Alexiss is right, you don’t see Mexicans on the side of the road begging for money because they have their hands in our back pockets taking it! It is WAYYYY past time to deport every illegal Juan before our state is bankrupt because of them!

  18. Alvin says:

    This is a great thing they are doing.

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