Texas Revenue Forecast Up About $1 Billion

AUSTIN (AP) – State revenues over the next the two years will be about $1 billion more than previously thought.

Two officials with knowledge of a report to be released later Tuesday said the Texas State Comptroller Susan Combs was going to raise the revenue forecast based on recent economic data. The officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity pending the official announcement, estimated the new tax revenue at between $1 billion and $1.2 billion.

Texas has seen sales tax receipts rise dramatically since the beginning of the year, and the price of oil has helped fill the state coffers.

The report will ease concerns in the Legislature, as lawmakers battle a $27 billion shortfall to maintain existing state services. While the new funds will help balance the budget, lawmakers must still close a $4 billion to $8 billion gap in public education funding.

The Texas Constitution requires lawmakers to draft a budget within the comptroller’s revenue forecast. In January Combs estimated the state would have $77.3 billion in revenues over the next two years.

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  1. MARREECE DEAN says:


  2. jessie says:

    If you deport all the illegals paying into the federal, state and local taxes then the tax revenues go down like bankrupt Arizona among others. If you take a lukewarm approach then the tax base will be robust. Lose the emotional aspect and think like Spock logically. Texas is strong and Arizona is weak. Just the facts Maam!

  3. Reeper says:

    Getting rid of law breakers means less is spent in the benefits they are reaping here (schooling, etc.) and with these types it’s sending them back home and not into confinement.
    Before going home they need to be fingerprinted so if they return illegally they can face death for repeating the offense since their trip home was paid by us.
    If they are born here from legal residents on visa’s etc. then they can be an American citizen, yet if their parents came here illegally they must face the sins their parents committed and return home with them educated or not.
    Don’t expect us to respect people who do not respect us enough to come here legally. The same is true of any American going to another Nation-go legally or face their laws.
    Ours where lax to settle a huge frontier, it’s settled thus we need to change our laws to prevent illegal immigration.
    If they are taking jobs no on else will work, how hard can it be for them to legally apply to take such a job? If the job plays out and another is not gained in a week they go home until another one comes up. I respect all people and feel sorry for those who can’t make ends meet in their homelands, yet there will always be a right and wrong way to better yourself and this is one of the wrong ways.

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