Fate Parents Refuse To Let Cancer Determine Their Son’s Fate

By Jay Gormley, CBS 11 News

FATE (CBSDFW.COM) – Nate Oxford is only 5-years-old, but has already battled cancer three times. The last time, doctors said he only had weeks to live.

The cancer wouldn’t go away, but the family also wouldn’t give up. Drastic measures were needed so the family took a chance on a radical new treatment.

The end result is a story of fate, from Fate, Texas.

“When there was no hope, it was scary. It truly was scary,” Nate’s father, Wes Oxford, said of their medical experiences.

It’s the most devastating news. You’re a parent and are told, on three separate occasions, that your child is going to die.

“The first time we were told three months to live. The next time we were told six months to live,” Wes recalled. “Now we’re being told three weeks to live at one point.”

Nate was nearly three years old when he was diagnosed with terminal brain and spine cancer. Doctors at Children’s Medical Center of Dallas attacked it with heavy doses of chemotherapy.

Five months later the cancer appeared to be gone. Nate’s mother, Jackie Oxford, says her family is ready to do battle. “As long as Nate has the fight in him, we do to. You just keep going.”

The Oxfords had to keep going. You see, less than a month after being cleared, the cancer came back with a vengeance. This time doctors went after the disease with radiation. And wouldn’t you know it, Nate seemed to be in the clear again.

“Even though it would come back, he would bounce back and show us signs that this kid wants to make it,” Wes said of his son.

But, setback number three would deliver the biggest blow. Doctors discovered the cancer had moved into Nate’s hip and pelvis. Then there was yet another death prediction. This time the young boy, now age 4, was given three weeks to live.

While Wes and Jackie felt that doctors at Children’s Medical Center at Dallas did everything they could, time was running out and they had to look for other options.

The family contacted the best children’s hospitals in five major cities. Each time, they were told that nothing could be done. The denials didn’t stop the Oxfords. “Inside we would tell ourselves, until it’s over, it’s not over,” said Wes.

jake and nate Fate Parents Refuse To Let Cancer Determine Their Sons Fate

Jake Oxford looks at his little brother Nate, who was fighting cancer. (credit: CBSDFW.COM)

The Oxfords continued going down their list and when they reached Dr. Jonathan Finlay, at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, he found that Nate’s older brother, Jake, was a perfect bone marrow match.

But the radical plan would have to almost kill Nate to try and cure him. “His body was literally pushed to nearly death before the transplant,” Jackie said of the massive doses of chemotherapy her son received.

Jake’s healthy bone marrow would then be transplanted into his younger brother. Even Jake, who was nine at the time, knew the stakes were high. “I was worried that it might not work on Nate and there would be nothing else to do for it,” he said.

Not only did it work, but also the healthy bone marrow continues to kill off any remaining cancer cells that chemotherapy treatment missed.

It’s been seven months and Nate Oxford appears to be cancer free and is learning to walk and talk again. All because two parents from Fate refused to let cancer determine their son’s fate.


One Comment

  1. Sherry Caillier says:

    How I praise God for Nate and his family. They are a testimony of how believers in Jesus cope with life’s difficulties. May God continue to strengthen Nate and his family.

    1. Ginger says:

      I do believe God has been there with the family, doctors and science to help this little boy.

  2. cdeaton says:

    Really, just because no mention of belief in Jesus was mentioned, I believe there was an implied belief. You must be one of those athesists who believes there is no higher power. Well guess what, all you non-believes, this story is the story of another miracle which was performed by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ through the healing hands of great medical experts. So just keep on believing there is no God nor did he have a Son who died so that we might have enternal life. I, for one, believe I have nothing to lose and everything to gain by my beliefs.

  3. Know No God says:

    I, too, see no mention in the story about them being believers He was healed by SCIENCE AND MEDICINE.

  4. Terra says:

    People please…. This isn’t your soap box to rant as to weather or not there is a God… it is a place to share that a little boy is still with his family. I lost my daughter at age 5 to a brain tumor which spread. That was over 20 years ago. Who are you to belittle this story about success, it does not matter to him whether he was healed by medicine or divine intervention; it matters that he is still here to hug his loved ones.

  5. Lori Ulmer says:

    I agree with Terra. As a believer, we aren’t supposed to beat them over the head with the message. Our job is to deliver the message then leave it up to the individual to decide what they want to believe. Personally, I believe God gives man knowledge of science to do these miracles. This little guys life is laid out before him now instead of beind called to the Lord.

  6. Mike says:

    Whether you believe in God or Jesus Christ or unicorns is irrelevant in regards to this story. We should celebrate a victory “so far” over cancer and be hopeful that there might just be a solution for what is a death sentence to many. I hope Nate has an opportunity to do the things that normal children do, ride bikes, play ball, date, drive, goto college, meet the love of his life, have children of his own and grow old. If you believe then pray, don’t argue… if you don’t, do what you do to hope, encourage and throw some good vibes his way.

  7. Bella says:

    What an inspiring story! I do hope that Nate will be completely healed, he is such a strong boy and brings so much message of hope to everyone.

  8. Wes Oxford says:

    Thank you Jay for doing an outstanding job reporting about my son Nate’s journey. We believe that our loving God and the outstanding team of medical doctors that Nate has had along the way have done so many things to help Nate. Our prayer is that the knowledge that Dr Finlay was able to learn from this will help many more children in the future and that one day soon we can all live in a world that is free of this terrible beast named cancer.

    1. KW says:

      Wes, Did any of these doctors ever tell you about the cancer treatment being used by Dr. Stanislaus Burzynski down in Houston? If you know of anyone looking for a successful, proven cancer treatment without all the ill side effects of chemo and radiation, check out Dr. Burzynski. He has been so successful over the last 30 years the corrupt Texas Medical Board has tried to stop him and has lost their attempt four times in court.

  9. Ruth Ann says:

    right on, Mike,…..Amen

    that little boy is alive – all that matters

  10. Melinda Szegedi says:

    This story should run in at all of your sister stations and across the U.S. People need to hear of the love, miracles and encouragement you received through watching Nate. Our world is facing so much tragedy, sickness and death it would be inspiring for people to hear to never give up and God still does miracles!

  11. Rowena Winfrey says:

    Nate is a walking testimony to the power of prayer–his story was shared with me a few years ago, and my teen girls Bible class has been praying for him every since! We celebrate with Wes and Jackie in watching him grow and thrive!! The power of God has been so awesome in this child’s life, and his loving, courageous spirit has been a blessing to all of us concerned!! You have friends cheering you on in Corsicana, Nate!! Keep on fighting, little soldier!

  12. Lori says:

    This is such an icredible story of faith, courage, strength and loving parents and doctors refusing to give up-
    My continued thoughts and prayers are with this beautiful child and his family-
    So sad there are a few thoughtless comments on such an inspirational story regarding a fight for a child’s life-
    So much sadness is going on in today’s world- Thank you for sharing this story to remind us to fight the demons that get in our way and never give up because God is in control-

  13. Debbie says:

    What a blessing and a testimony of how strong this little man, his parents and Dr’s are! Thank you CBS 11 for doing the story on Little Nate. This is a story of a true miracle and can give others hope. May God bless all who have been affected by this precious child.

  14. Lexie bennett says:

    this is amazing!!!!!!!!
    amazing what the Lord can do.

  15. Chelsey Wilson says:

    I have known this family since i was 4 and they are amazing people!! I believe God works in mysterious ways and this has shown me that because the Lord touched this family he was able to survive the only child to survive the treatment that is Gods power!!

  16. bf says:

    So thankful for CBS 11 for running this story again! As one who had many people praying for Nate as well as myself I know that GODS hand was on Nate as well as any doctor that touched him. God is all powerful and seeing how he helped Nate fight this is a testimony to all who joined in prayer for Nate. The faith that this family has in what God can do should be a lesson for us all.

  17. MARY CALLENDER says:


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