Is May 21st The End Of The World?

By Brigitte Cummings, 1080 KRLD

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – You’ve probably heard about it or have seen them around, the billboards predicting the world will come to an end today – May 21st at 6:00 p.m.

89-year-old radio preacher Harold Camping put up the billboards, 2,000 of them nationwide,  proclaiming the Apocalypse is coming Saturday. Scores of his followers have also spread his forecast from Times Square to Small Town USA. Camping says there will be a huge earthquake tomorrow, an indication that judgment day has begun. The campaign was financed by Camping’s Family Radio network, which has 66 radio stations across the United States.

Mainstream Christian leaders say Camping’s interpretation of the Bible is bogus and say he’s preying on people’s gullibility.  “It discredits Christianity to a certain extent” said Dr Robert Jeffress of First Baptist Dallas.”Harold Camping is doing exactly what the Bible says we are not to do.”

Dr. Robert Jeffress on 1080 KRLD

Camping has predicted the end of the world before. He said it would occur back in 1994. But, obviously, it didn’t.


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  1. S. Gilbert says:

    No man can know the hour or the day not even the Angels in Heaven. Only GOD knows!! If you believe and follow in God and the Bible you would not believe Harold’s false accusations. In my eyes he is a false prophet (he has already proven that once with his previous prediction in ’94) and he will not be joining us Saved Christians in Heaven when the Rapture truly does occur. May God have mercy on your soul!

    1. Mister_Man69 says:

      It’s funny you think there’s a man up there smiling down at you…

      And that all you know is the Bible that was man made to keep people in line.

      Nice stories of paradise and evil.

      There’s more to life than just believing in something. You have to live your life. Life it to the fullest with no regret. Be a good person for the sake of humanity not because if you don’t you go to hell. Is this the fate that your God has in store for you? The minute you were born you are already dying. Where’s the fun in that? Why would God create a man that simple dies. Humanity is the cause of an accidental cause. We are here by just chance. And if I’m wrong, then I’m wrong… So lets see what happens tomorrow.. This crazy guy must have hear Michael Savage’s radio speech yesterday about the end of the world and Israel and Palestine and Stupid Obama “throwing Israel under the bus” as Gov. Mit Romney put it so well. I think Romney should have been President of the US instead of Bush. I was going for him. But just like your Bible, Obama was the chosen one since he was a child hand picked and always made to believe he is special. (I heard that off of Michael Savage’s station) BUT I BELIEVED IT BEFORE MICHAEL SAID ANYTHING ABOUT IT. The game is rigged, the table is tilted, they are all part of the big club and you and I are not in it (thanks George Carlin). All you folks are embasils who think your better than everyone well, it makes me sick to see that you let things get this way.

      Obama’s decision to make the speech and try and get Israel to conform back to 1967 border territories are nothing else than fulfillment of the book of Ezekiel. Read it and compare to what is going on. The BIBLE GUARANTEES APOCOLYPSE. Its all a big book that they made to control us and once they get it all right to where they want us, they wipe out all our cities with nuclear war and thus spurs yet another evolution of man because all the radiation from the incidental “Apocalypse,” we will have no choice but to evolve yet again for the stupidity of mankind.

      1. darren says:

        I am a Christian but I am not an embasil and do not beleive you are one. I do however believe that the bible is the word of God and should be used as a guide on how to live our lives. I also do not believe that I am better than anyone else if anything…I am a sinner just like everyone else. However, by God’s grace I am saved. Now this gift is not something that is suppose to be force feed to anyone but share for those that are open to except it.

      2. JustHaveFaith says:

        What an idiot you are.

      3. Darryl Britt says:

        Darren, you misspelled the word imbecile.

      4. Mr Black says:

        “Nice stories of paradise and evil. ” You’re funny. It’s obvious you have never read the bible so are ignorant of what you speak.

      5. upchkn says:

        how very sad

    2. Rosemary says:

      Agree!!!!…Enough said>>>>

      1. Prayer Warrior On A MIssion says:

        Repllying to S.Gilbert…

    3. Jeffrey Jackson says:

      this guy is a false prophet harold campe is mental is god didnt even tell the angell when the sun of man cometh why would god tell him wake up people of god beware of false prophets for there are many in the land

  2. Hope says:

    How anyone can believe that a collection of fairy stories written 3000 years ago by a bunch of cattle-slaughtering primitives has any relevance to modern life still baffles me.
    Seriously. Its like still believing in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny past the age of 10.

    1. Timbo says:

      There’s far more logicto Santa and the Easter Bunny.

    2. Walker, Texas Preacher says:

      How anyone can NOT believe the Truth of God’s Word baffles me that much more! This quack ( Predicting the May 21st doomsday ) is one of the reasons people don’t believe the Bible is true! But IT IS TRUE! Why don’t YOU try and prove it to be FALSE! People have been trying for at least 3000 years to do that and they can’t. Why don’t you make the NEWS and prove it untrue.

      1. The Clarifier says:

        Actually much has been proven false, though no matter what methods are used to provide proof none will be accepted by Christians anyway. A lot is false simply by the sheer impossibility of the tale(s). There isn’t enough water on the surface or atmosphere of earth to cause a planetwide flood, nor could one man and his family possibly grab two of every single creature from every corner of this planet, build something large enough to contain them all, and keep them all alive under each species’ specific conditions necessary for survival. Jonah and the giant fish, the tower of Babel and the scattering of people and tongues, the Garden of Eden. Where are those last two located by the way? Still haven’t found them? And no the bible didn’t say that the tower of Babel was destroyed. The burden of proof doesn’t rest with those outside of Christianity, it belongs to those within and you’d fail to provide that proof. Why? Because it’s supposed to be taken on faith. Faith… not fact. Faith is belief without proof. Belief not knowledge. So believe if you’d like but you’re not even supposed to take it as the hard proven truth, so why should everyone else? For you to do so is to betray the very nature of what it is.

    3. Dee says:

      The ironly of your name and the comment you just left (LOL)

    4. David Vandever says:

      I will pray for you!

    5. JustHaveFaith says:

      It has nothing to do with a book of any kind it just has to do with knowing there is something bigger out there.

    6. kc says:

      Dee-I was thinking the same thing. How did someone with the name of Hope turn out to be so hopeless? No pun intended.

  3. Kevin John Gilhooly says:

    If he’s right, the rest of us are going to look pretty silly.

  4. Darryl Britt says:

    Ho-hum…another “end of the world” prediction. Please, everybody, try not to go into shock as I yawn.

    See you on Sunday…

  5. Darren says:

    Are you referring to the fairy tales such as:
    Honor thy mother and father
    Do not commit adultery
    Do not steal
    Love thy neighbor
    He who is without sin cast the first stone
    Although these words where written over 2000 years ago, I believe that they still apply today. The fact is that these basic rules are being ignored more and more and leading to our down fall.
    Now, I do not believe that the world is going to end tomorrow because I have been taught that no man will know the day nor hour of judgment.

    1. sandra says:

      Thank you, Darren. onlyGod knows….and He AN’T tellin’ !

    2. Darryl Britt says:

      Darren, all of those rules you point out, “Honor thy mother and mother, Don’t commit adultery, don’t steal (or murder), love thy neighbor, he who is without sin…” et c., all predate the Bible. They existed in Egyptian, Assyrian, Sumerian civilizations, not to mention the hundreds of Asian civilizations, nor the civilizations in Africa, North and South America. They are neither original nor profound, merely plaigerized from other civilizations. There was no deity that “gave” those laws to us. They are ethical rules of behavior that are byproducts of our evolution. Humanity will be better when we dump such fairy tales into the children’s section of our bookstores and expand the science and philosophy sections. Science and knowledge are what will make for better tomorrows, religion will only take us back into the Dark Ages.

      1. JustHaveFaith says:

        It has nothing to do with one religion or the other or even with the bible, it is just knowing there is something bigger out there, call it God, Budda, the Universe whatever you choose but there is undeniably a Greater Force out there.

      2. Tommy Chapman says:

        Thank you Darryl!

  6. LosDog28 says:

    Everyone Line UP To Punch CamPing In The Face Sunday Evening At 6:00
    You Only Get One Punch So Make It Worth Your Trip

  7. Diana says:

    Why start preparing now???!!! Should we just be ready as is??? if it comes today tomorow, 7 billion years from now…..whatever!! just be ready because we started dying the moment we began to live!!!
    That is all! 🙂

  8. Frederick Larrabee says:

    Why the hell is anyone (especially the press) giving any legitimacy to these 2 dozen or so loons? On Sunday, after NOBODY gets “raptured” I want the addresses of said loons, so I can defecate on the doorstep of each and every one of their front porches.

  9. KMAN says:

    God is real. Jesus was God revealing himself to us. Do you really believe that man is God? That there is no higher form? That this is all one big accident. Next thing you know you’ll be telling me that a Rolex Self Winding Chronometer watch can just accidentally come together and keep perfect time for 25 years without man having made it. It’s about the same thing to say the universe and earth were formed by accident. DNA, amino acids, the complexity of life is so awesome that to assume it was all by chance…now that is true faith.

  10. Dallas working says:

    Darn, I should not have gone in to work today and taken today off, seeing as it is going to be my last! 🙂

  11. Mike in Dallas says:

    So you all are telling me that a mass murderer who has been “saved” will not have to suffer the rapture but a person who was good and helped others and was the best they could be but was not a Christian or saved would burn in Hell? If there really is a “God” as folks believe, it would seem a contradiction to everything He stands for.

  12. IT DNT MATTA says:

    im a 7th grade 13 yr old student and even i know that the bible is true i mean who else could have put us on this earth nobody but GOD and to any DUMMY that thiks otherwise can kick BRICKS it make no since that 20 AND 30 even younger people hjavent found out that yes GOD is real imean comon HOPE yo name hope and dang gurl yu aint got NONE im not sayin you all caint have an oppion but yo facts shud be correct and its jus dis simple GOD IS AND WILL ALWAYS BE REAL and for da ppl dat wanna change someone that does not follow christ MANNNN LET THEM FACE GOD AND THE TRUTH AND YALL GNE C WADS UP BT ANY WAY DIS JUST MY OPPION

    1. Prayer Warrior On A MIssion says:

      For it dnt matta….straight up lil guy…you know ur hmwrk…keep up the good work….SPREAD THE TRUTH!!!!

      1. IT DNT MATTA says:

        lol thnx bt im a GIRL LOL

  13. chichipa says:

    I do believe that God will return to this earth, I don’t believe it will be tomorrow, just because they bible ( the word of God) say that no one knows the day or the hour… I just hope to be ready when he returns.

  14. Abby says:

    Wow this is a bunch of ******. N one knows when were going to die except god. Camping you are a moron. I know this would be messed up but what if camping died tomorrow and no one else. Maybe its the end of the world…for him. Just saying it would be funny in a messed up way. Anyways see you guys Sunday!!! 😀

  15. Marsha Burton says:

    the is a satan my the name of lusefer, the prettest angle that god created. he was kicked out of haven by god, and he regins, he is evil, he makes you belive that nothing is out there, we came from a fish or a monkey, you have to remember that we in fact do not know really how old this earth is! there was beast before man, there was a great flood that wiped out everthing, except for noah, , but yes satan is at work, the diffence between an angle and humans is that we have free will. do you really think that were born to be nice, i do not think so, look how aggressive a new born baby is, they want and want, they grow and want and want, satan is why we have evil minded people on this planet, i am sure a non beliver belives in santa claus and the easter bunny, but you have to ask your self, what bunny did you see kay an egg? we have studied the outer space, you do have to question what is beyon space? have fun not beliving in god but i bet you belive in money, and sex and food,take it away, what do you have, nothing but yourself,
    the is satan alive and kicking, and you my friend are a soul winner for satan,

  16. Jay Spence says:

    If he is wrong, is he going to hang a sign around his neck saying so, and get out on the street with it? I kinda doubt it.

  17. upchkn says:

    so what? You better be ready if TONIGHT is the end. It’s not like you can do anything to STOP it. When God is ready…that will be when the last day arrives!

  18. Lane Longoria says:

    By the way, who created “God”???? Whoever it was, he oughta be shot!! By definition, a god is omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent. i.e., there ain’t nothing he cannot do or prevent! The fact that “HE” declines any attempt to prevent the total destruction of man, mostly in “HIS” name, precludes me from lavishing a whole lot of affection on his dumb ass! To paraphrase one of my favorite comedians, “I used to believe inthe tooth fairy and Santa Clause, but I grew up!!!

  19. Zero Trust says:

    So if any of you people who believe that we’ll be up a certain creek without a certain paddle tomorrow are reading this, would it be possible for you to send me your worldly possessions before it hits? 🙂 After all, the company I was working for just laid off a bunch of us, the house we were renting was foreclosed on, and apparently you guys are getting the easy way out. I know I’m not that lucky to get out while things are this bad. lol C’mon, guys. This World is getting crazier by the minute. Biblical beliefs or not, you can’t deny that something big isnt on the horizon. But not on this weekends horizon. And not on an Apocalyptic scale either. Things suck for most of us right now. But don’t think you’re getting out of it that easy. Happiness just doesn’t some that easily to people. Not anymore.

    0_trust at hush dot ai

  20. matthew says:

    Tthat’s not true i just watch tbn.

  21. dpk says:

    I would think a man of his age, by now, would have a better understanding of life and God. This is a very disturbing story. And the fact the so many people believe it to be true, makes it that much more. I am Catholic, and proud to be one. I try not to force my views on people, but I will stand up to someone who finds a way to put fear in the minds of the ignorant. People will claim that Christians, are doing the same thing. Yes, some Christians do want to scare you into being saved. But that’s not the way God works. I honestly don’t know what to say to someone who has such a distorted view of the world, and humanity. To me, it just feels like some of these people have been hurt and are still in incredible amount of emotional pain, will believe anything or anyone who can giving an exact day and time it will all end. I for one do not believe the world will end tomorrow. Tomorrow night I will be awaiting this guy’s explanation.

  22. Old Texan says:

    The world will end on Dec.21, 2012 when the Mayan Long Calender ends the 5,126 year cycle.

    The Mayan calendar is written on stone, so it must be true! (That’s sarcasm, in case you are a “true believer”)

    There have been hundreds of “end of the world” predictions. That’s what caused the Savior mania that hit Judea about 750 A.U.C. Then when rumors of an executed street preacher arising from the dead (see, that made him a “king” as Roman Emporers routinely arose from the dead) became noised about, “end of the world” prdictions became rampant. When it didn’t happen the preachers started making excuses, then as now.

  23. Becky says:

    Regardless of when the end of the world is I pray that all of the above with their sick comments towards God, that he will forgive all of you. I would not want to be
    Lane Longoria shoes when judgment day comes.

    1. dpk says:

      Yeah. No kidding…. Don’t want to be anywhere near Lane. I think we’ve all been angry with God at some point in our lives, but it always ends up the same way. He wins and the thing I was mad about turned out to be something that would have caused me a great deal of distress.

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