Perry Says He’s Too Busy For Presidential Run

AUSTIN (AP) – Gov. Rick Perry said Thursday he is too busy concentrating on the Texas Legislature to think about the presidential buzz surrounding him this week.

“I try not to be distracted by any of it,” Perry said. The governor has repeatedly said he has no plans to run for president, and his top campaign consultant is currently working for Newt Gingrich, who entered the race last week.

A “Draft Perry 2012” Web site went live late Wednesday, sponsored by California Assemblyman Dan Logue, R-Linda. Five other California lawmakers are listed as sponsors. Logue led a delegation of California lawmakers that visited Austin in April to see why so many businesses from the state had moved to Texas.

“I had the opportunity to sit and meet with Governor Perry and he explained that when he was first elected he made creating jobs and building the economy of Texas his No. 1 priority — and that’s the kind of vision and leadership our nation and economy so desperately needs,” Logue wrote on the site.

The Washington Times reported Tuesday that a movement was underway to draft Perry into the 2012 presidential race. On Wednesday, conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh devoted 20 minutes of his show to extolling Perry’s virtues as a presidential candidate.

“Rick Perry stands in opposition to inside the Beltway Washington elites, I don’t care what party they are. And he’s got great hair,” Limbaugh said. “You are not going to be elected president unless you’ve got at least a 10-inch part in your hair.”

Speaking to reporters after a speech Thursday on turning Austin into a high-tech center, Perry said he would not be distracted by the buzz.

“I’m standing where I’m standing, and we’ve got a legislative session that is substantially more important to the people of the state of Texas and to me to get distracted by any talk, whether it’s what you would call flattering or what I would call maybe not so flattering,” Perry said. “The people of the state of Texas want us to be focused on getting a budget.”

Texas lawmakers have been struggling to tackle a $27 billion budget deficit to maintain the current level of state services. The Republican-controlled House and Senate have slashed billions, but are still trying to reach a deal on education spending.

Perry said the state must live within its means and has rejected proposals to spend more than $3.2 billion from the state’s Rainy Day Fund, or to raise taxes. The legislative session ends May 30.

Despite the apparent lack of interest in a presidential bid, Perry issued an unusual statement on foreign policy Thursday, criticizing President Barack Obama’s speech on the Middle East.

“President Obama’s speech today continues a misguided policy of alienating our traditional allies, in this case Israel, one of our strongest partners in the war on terror. As someone who has visited Israel numerous times, I know that that it is impracticable to revert to the 1967 lines,” Perry said. “President Obama is asking our Israeli friends to give up too much security and territory as a prelude to a renewed peace process.”

The statement was part of a chorus of criticism coming from actual and potential Republican presidential candidates.

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  • Todd

    Yeah too busy taking bribes and kickbacks. The worst gov ever(except for Bush).

    • Jesse

      You know nothing. Bush was a great Governor.

      • Ted

        hahaha how funny.He was a bad president and gov.and a war criminal

  • d

    There’s a reason he’s reelected time after time

    • Ted

      bribes and fixing the ballot boxes.

  • KeithStone

    I’ll take Perry over Hussain Obama any day.

    • Tim

      most racist would.

  • Kim Dar

    Rick Perry would definitely NOT win a presidential race and we would be stuck with Obama again. Perry is not viewed in a good light by anyone in the rest of the USA, only those who keep voting his no good ### in time after time. We get poorer and he gets richer. I just wonder exactly who greases his back pocket. The rest of the country thinks he is an idiot, whiney, crybaby that says Texas doesn’t need anything from the Feds and then turns around and asks for help and whines when he is turned down. He hasn’t learned not to bite the hand of the one who you may need help from.

    • KiethStone

      Oh, yes, he can and will. Better get out your crying towels Liberals.

    • Pam

      you will be “stuck” with Obama either way.I love you racist on here but what do I expect from Texans

  • Tom

    I’ll admit that all Texans are a bit restless to downright worried when the Legislature is in session! Our homes, cattle and women aren’t safe during those 140 days! This session is even worse than any previous one I remember! They might pass a law where everyone has to carry a gun, even in the shower! Too bad they can’t get worked up over school funding or some other useful issue. I would say that Perry is plenty busy, but only for a couple more weeks, then Katie bar the door!

  • Hemroidious

    Speaking of Hussain Obama. His meeting with Netanyahu showed how unrealistic Obama’s view of the is. No mas Obama.

    • Hemroidious

      meant to say, view of the world is.

    • Sean

      really creap? Your Bush said the same thing moron. Israel is a terrorist state.

  • oldman69

    thank goodness -we sure as heck wouldn,t want to send another Texas governor to Washington-look what the last one did=-what a couple of bozos.

  • KiethStone

    Poor liberals, no clue. They can only go back to bashing Bush and name calling. Never argue with idiots, they just drag you down to their level then beat you with experience.

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