Supposed Judgment Day Comes And Goes Without Incident

By Andrea Lucia, CBS 11 News

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Dark clouds hung in the sky and doomsday warnings spread like wildfire leading up to this supposed judgment weekend. But when the clock finally struck 6 p.m., this May 21, 2011, North Texas seemed, well, the same as usual, actually.

California radio preacher Harold Camping, 89, put up 2,000 billboards nationwide proclaiming the Apocalypse was to come Saturday. He used his Family Radio network as a pulpit, drawing thousands of followers nationwide who listened in on his 66 stations.

But for Zachary Moore, the impending rapture was as good a reason as any to celebrate.

“This is the life we have – let’s make the best of it,” he said.

At Cedar Hill State Park, his atheist organization, the DFW Coalition of Reason gathered for a No Rapture Party.

Guests even jokingly set aside a seat for the worldly possessions left behind by a Christian already called up to the heavens.

“The rapture stuff is completely ridiculous – and most people think so,” he said.

But, Camping and his followers took this all very seriously, investing millions of dollars in advertisements this year.

“The Bible Guarantees It,” read the billboards. The Bible, in fact, never specifies a date or time for the return of Christ. In the book of Mark, it reads, “No one knows, not even the angels in Heaven.”

But, the concept of rapture is a fundamental belief of orthodox Christianity tied into the resurrection.

“Christ will descend from heaven. Those who are alive are going to be transformed and called up – which is where the word ‘rapture’ actually comes from,” said Michael Svigel, of the Dallas Theological Seminary.

Svigel said any prediction of when it would occur would come from a fringe group. And, as funny as it may seem, there can be a very tragic side.

“There are people who believe in this who have invested time, money, reputation – and it’s very sad, it’s very sad when people are mislead,” Svigel said.


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  1. tracy says:

    welll lets just face it harold camping is a habituate liar and a false prophet so he is NOT GOD hes a spawn of satan

  2. Trey says:

    Ms. Lucia, the concept of the rapture is not a fundamental belief to Orthodox Christianity. The early Church knew nothing of this type of theology. Please refrain from making such uninformed comments. A simple check on Wiki would have shown you that what you stated as fact is simply not the case.

  3. Sherry Caillier says:

    In fact, not all of us Christians agree on the occurrence of a rapture at all. We know Jesus will return but we do not know when. Even Jesus doesn’t know–only God knows. I think it is sad when people get caught up in predictions. I thank God that He intends to come back at all.

  4. Patti E says:

    I, too, have to disagree with the statement that the concept of “rapture” is fundamental to Orthodox Christianity. Perhaps a little better research is justified before you put all Christians into that camp. The umbrella term “Orthodox Christianity” covers a lot of ground and many churches that consider themselves ‘orthodox” do not at all emphasize “the rapture”. When I was growing up it was considered much more of a Pentecostal / evangelical tenet and was not taught as a keystone of Christian belief. Much more accurate to to say that the “rapture” is fundamental to Evangelical Christianity rather than Orthodox Christianity.
    As for the poor folks who bought into Mr. Camping’s ideology, I pity them. Many gave up their homes and possessions, all for the sake of spreading the words of a false prophet. But please notice that the prophet himself did not give away all of HIS worldly possessions nor go out on the road with them. Nope, he kept the radio empire and all of that money. I call that a sign of a true con man.

  5. Chandra W says:

    I am so glad that man doesn’t have my destiny in the palm of his hands!! Praise God. I wouldn’t want to be disappointed because he thinks he knows the day and the hour when he doesn’t. I believe that God wouldn’t tell man the day because again man would mess that up too!! My niece was horrified due to this man’s claims. I’m just wondering how this affected his congregation…hmmmmmmmm!!

  6. Mike C says:

    I doubt Ms. Lucia even knows what orthodox belief represents, yet here she is writing articles about the practice of religion and misusing the term. In regards to the orthodox rites, both Eastern and Western, none of them believe in the rapture. As far as main-stream Protestant denominations, none of them emphasize the rapture, if they believe in it at all. If we’re talking about the evangelical Protestant sects, then we can talk about the rapture. But those sects are not orthodox and don’t claim to be.

    Is it too much to ask for an article about religion to be written with an understanding of the correct terms?

    A sad commentary on the state of journalism these days.

  7. Guitarjojo says:


  8. George Ritz says:

    The world will be around for a long time to come; the future of mankind is the issue, Camping is a fraud but he is only a small part of the problem, it’s the ignorance of the brainwashed, superstitious louts who buy into this insanity that are to be pitied. Jim and Tammy, Jimmy Swaggart, Robert Tilton, and the rest are all parasites who fed off the tragic stupidity of people who place their “faith” in fairy tales.

  9. oldman 69 says:

    George Ritz-you are so right- religious beliefs are like backsides-everyone has one and they are all different-whoever claims to KNOW what this supposed being who rules everything is going to do is just out to make another quick buck.If this being existed it would have NO use or need for MONEYso when someone asks for cash to save your soul-You are being scammed.poor people-to be so ignorant.

  10. CB says:

    “Supposed Judgment Day Comes And Goes Without Incident”

    File under, “No, Sh-t, Sherlock”

  11. upchkn says:

    I’m still here. Everyone else accounted for?

    What a monkey’s rear. I suppose his “math” is off, again. More likely, HE’S off.

  12. JR Chandler says:

    Personally I think this whole rapture thing is nothing more than another Y2K situation. Just a little less panic involved….

  13. chuckz says:

    This is for sure:
    the day is getting closer.

    fewer people believing.

    more natural disasters

    just waiting for Mr Charisma antichrist to step forward.

    1. chuckz says:

      If you hear of a leader claiming to be from Jacob’s tribe of Dan, the time is near.

      If you think the Bible doesn’t list warning signs, you haven’t read the Bible, or you just want to camp out on one verse.

      A pregnant woman doesn’t know the exact day or hour for her birth, but there will be signs, and birthing pains to go through.

      So the question is: where do you stand and are you willing to take a stand?

  14. vigvee says:

    Id like to know what Bible they get their info from. the Holy Bible makes it very clear that NO MAN will know the day of his coming in advance.

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