Texas Senate Approves Raising Speed Limits To 75MPH

AUSTIN (AP) – Texas drivers may soon be going faster.

The state Senate has approved raising highway speed limits to 75 miles per hour in some areas and doing away with slower nighttime limits.

Most non-urban state highways in Texas have limits of 70 miles per and can be as low as 55 at night.

Texas in one of the few states with different limits for urban and rural areas and the only state with lower nighttime speeds.

The bill approved Monday allows the state to do safety studies to determine if boosting speeds will be reasonable in some areas.

The bill also allows trucks to travel at the same speed as cars.

The bill now goes to Governor Rick Perry for his consideration.

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One Comment

  1. grumpy says:

    Most cars see their best gas mileage at 55 so I gues we are not worried about the priice of gas or our dependency on foreigh oil since we are going to be guzzling lost of it. I guess I will quit driving because I am not comfortable driving at those speeds and anyone that wants their teenage driver traveling at these speeds or even being on the same road as drivers driving that fast ANYWHERE is crazy

    1. Bill Little says:

      BS. cars are now built to be most efficient at higher speeds. Cars in the seventies didn’t have overdrive transmissions like they do now.

      1. Rob says:

        What ever you really think your car is going to better mileage at that you are really full of it.

    2. joba says:

      Now, would this be in a 4, 5 or 61x speed transmission vehicle?, Fuel efficiency is all about keeping your rev count as low as possible so please come again.

      1. Mark E says:

        Went with friend on cross-country road trip back to college in from seeing relatives in Dallas back to Louisville, Kentucky in mid-1990s.

        We took his 1992 Mustang GT 5.0 (5 speed)………most of trip in 5th gear on I I-30 & I-40 to Nashville, then up I-65. What a great drive. We got over 30 miles per gallon in his Mustang that barely did over 1500 RPMs in 5th at 65-70 miles per hour.

    3. Bill M says:

      I learned to drive when the speed limit was 75. In a land yacht no less. Not a problem.

    4. kc says:

      Well make sure you get your butt out of the left lane!

    5. ybmuger says:

      NO GRUMPY, you are wrong. I just traveled to vegas and back. Drove 80 on I-10 in west texas as far as I could till the limit was droped back to 70. I got 24.1 mpg in a Lincoln towncar, the big 2000 model. That was all hiway driving. 55 only increases the time spent on the road.

    6. NG says:

      Grumpy people really dont care about the price of gas because they are in a hurry to get nowhere fast.they will drive the 75 and not worry about the amount of gas they use.

  2. grumpy2 says:

    then get in the slow lane were you belong

  3. Crazy Driver says:

    Yeah, that is scary fast.

    1. Bill Little says:

      Been on any of the Interstate hwy’s lately? 75 will get you run over.

      1. Crazy Driver says:

        You obviously have difficulty grasping the concept of sarcasm.

  4. William Reneau says:

    75 miles per hour is rediculous !
    If you want to get there sooner leave earlier!

    1. Bill Little says:

      It’s already 75 west of Odessa on !20

  5. Beetle Juice says:

    Why is everybody in such an all fired hurry ? The country is going nowhere fast. Slow down,save lives, and gas.

  6. chris says:

    I hope they do raise it to 75. I drive between Dallas and Shreveport a lot and normally do between 80 and 85 and approach 90. Those people who are saying its crazy fast are nuts. I’ll run you off the road.

  7. Glenn says:

    Now lets go to work on the Seat Belt Laws….

  8. kc says:

    get your ass out of the left lane on highway 75… stay to the right and let left lane be 75mph for passing! People in LA drive this fast or faster without any problems. the difference is they know and understand non written driving rule!

    1. KBW says:


  9. kc says:

    The question is why do these slow drivers not move out of the left lane and not block other drivers. Why do drivers here in Dallas like to drive in packs!!!!?????

  10. carolina says:

    …not a good idea letting big trucks drive as fast though…

    1. Crazy Driver says:

      That is an idiotic statement. One of the major causes of accidents is speed differential; if all vehicles are driving the same speed they are less likely to run into one another.

      1. duh says:

        On caused by Crazy Driver(s). It’s always some !@#hole driving 55mph in the left lane right next to another person going 55mph. Driving in clumps irritates the heck out of me and is scarier than going 90mph. If there’s a mishap with a car in the clump, not matter what speed, at least another vehicle gets involved. or driving so slow on a long and winding boring road at what seems like 10 mph, and falling asleep while driving in a clump! It’s a texas thing, I love texas, but I don’t understand. How can you have “unwritten” driving customs when there has never been any standardized driver’s training.

  11. bourneblogger says:

    Such a bad idea… Are there not enough accidents on the roads?… Texas drivers are maniacs and are not safe enough drivers to have their limits raised… And contrary to popular belief, on this blog anyways, newer cars do not get better gas mileage at 75mph… The average speed for max fuel consumption is still 57-61 mph…

    1. Crazy Driver says:

      And from where did that information come?

    2. bingo says:

      Thats sb, I’ve performed actual tests and on my vehicle, the optimum gas mileage is at 74 mph. Thats on a 2003 6-cylinder. Now I performed the same test onmy wifes 2006, her optimum gas mileage is at 71 mph (she has a 4 cylinder))

    3. bourneblogger says:

      My car is a 2011 and has a digital mpg display… My fuel consumption is higher at cruise control speeds of 70+ by 16+ mpg compared to when I did cruise control at 60… And this is a 2011…

  12. Pleasehelp says:

    Please help this man http://www.shaynesgift.org

  13. Rennspor1 says:

    This makes my bimmer happy 🙂 slower than 75MPH on modern well maintained highways is just so slow. Of course we all need to stay super alert whilst driving and keep our cars well maintaIned, my car has amazing brakes, which I even upgraded further with Motul RBF600, Stoptech performance pads and EBC slotted rotors for wonderful fade free performance, for the track also. I am deciding on my next set of tires, probably PZERO RFs, or the new Michelin Pilot Super Sports, so handling and stopping is not a problem, even at near 150MPH(on the track of course).

    1. tooslow says:

      Couldn’t agree more. Which is safer; driving at 65mph on a long and winding road in the middle of the night with no traffic and only so-so alert, or driving 75mph where you must be fully alert and less-likely to fall asleep!

  14. Grace says:

    The faster you go, the more gas you use. Period. I predict horrific accidents due to the fact that a LOT of people will not drive over 55 mph (I’m not one of them) and that’s going to cause huge problems…I’m old enough to remember when this was tried before, and they ended up lowering it for safety reasons AND TO SAVE GAS.

    1. tooslow says:

      There are horrific accidents now while the speed limit is 55mph. I don’t think it’s the speed when it comes to HIGHWAY driving, I think it’s more the driving-skill that prevents accidents when it comes to HIGHWAY driving. Now business and residential streets, that’s a different story. Some of the speed limits on the business streets may be higher than needed, but again it’s the driver’s skillset in my opinion. and they do have the “slow” lane on most highways.

      1. RussP says:

        A recent test in Massachusets took about 4000 licensed drivers aged 25 to 65 and gave them the same written and driving test they took to get their licenses. 95% failed. Most drivers get a license in their teens by only getting 70% on a basic skills test and then drive the rest of their lives on that same license doing nothing to improve or even mantain their skills and knowledge. Most can’t even drive safely at 60, 75mph will be way above what they can handle, especially when something unexpected happens.

  15. RussP says:

    Sorry, that should have read 90% failed.

    1. tooslow says:

      I’m ok with re-certification on the written test whenever a license is renewed. Things change.

  16. Just Facts says:

    Nothing like having some facts to muddy up the dumb comments:

  17. Stella Hodges says:

    Has anyone ever really calculated how mych you really save by driving slower? it still cost you just as much to fill a 20 gallon tank. I DID! It cost me $77.80 to fill my tank on Friday and I drove for one week at 55 mph, I filled up again on Friday, 20 gallons! the same time and it cost me $77.80 the only thing it got me was later to work and nearly blown off the road by faster drivers, not to mention the obscene jestures.,

  18. Just Facts says:

    I suspect not many get optimal efficiency above 55 mph.

  19. Anthony says:

    Its already 70mph whats another 5mph I don’t think it will make that much difference.

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