Dallas Boy Scouts Losing United Way Funding

By Jason Allen, CBS 11 News

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – The United Way of Dallas is expected to announce funding recipients Wednesday morning that, for the first time in decades, will not include groups like the Boy Scouts and the Volunteer Center of North Texas.

Both groups told CBS 11 they were among as many as 20 organizations informed they did not meet new critera, and would not be among those which received grants.

The Volunteer Center will miss out on $250,000, about six percent of its budget.

The Boy Scout Circle 10 Council, which covers 11 North Texas counties, expects to miss out on up to $290,000. That number could grow closer to $500,000 because the Boy Scouts won’t be included on the United Way’s fall fundraising drive.

Boy Scout CEO Pat Currie, whose group had relied on United Way funding for 60 to 70 years, said the organization will have to look to the community to make up the shortfall.

“We did see that it was going to be somewhat of a difficult fit with their goals and objectives but we did believe that ScoutReach program in particular did fit,” he said Tuesday from a national scouting conference in California.

The ScoutReach program emphasizes urban and rural scouting.

The United Way has new criteria for funding that went into effect this year. Instead of funding only specific partner groups, the application process was opened up to all non-profits. Programs had to fit into one of three designated focus areas of education, income and health.

A United Way spokesman said there were more than 300 applicants and volunteer groups spent more than 17,000 hours reviewing applications and performing site visits.

The new criteria for funding was designed so donors could see a more immediate impact from their money. United Way CEO Gary Godsey said Tuesday the organization had worked with groups on understanding the new criteria and tried to prepare them for the possibility they may not meet the new standards.

Some, he said, are already working to refine their programs to better meet the new standards and could reapply when the process for 2012 funding opens in August.

Still, many organizations were caught off guard by the move.  Big Brothers Big Sisters of North Texas CEO Charles Pierson & President Donald Carty sent CBS 11 a statement Wednesday stating:

“We are greatly disappointed to learn that Big Brothers Big Sisters has been declined funding by the United Way.  Big Brothers Big Sisters was one of the original 19 agencies that created the Community Chest in Dallas that became our United Way. We have been well aware of their changes in funding criteria, and we believe that our educational programming fit those criteria well.  While our proven model of one-to-one mentoring has not changed, our educational programming surrounding our Little Steps Big Futures program is helping children stay in school, improve their academic performance, advance to the next grade level and seek post-secondary educational opportunities.  We are proud that our community recognizes the significance of the impact that we are making in changing the lives of children for the better, forever.

“The impact of this $200,000 shortfall in our budget will require us to look at new funding avenues to assist the more than 2,000 children currently waiting for a Big Brother or Big Sister in Greater Dallas. It’s unfortunate that funding for a proven program with such a tremendously positive and lengthy track record of changing the lives of Dallas children would be eliminated by the United Way.

Several other organizations that traditionally receive money from United Way, including the Salvation Army, are expecting that not all of their grant applications will be approved.

The United Way executive committee approved the full list of funding applications in a meeting Wednesday.  They sent a release explaining the move Wednesday afternoon, including a list of the groups that will now be receiving funding. 

>>Click here to read the full United Way Grants Announcement<<


One Comment

  1. Tim says:

    The Boys Scouts have a office in Irving worth millions yet they beg for money?They need to be shut down anyway.

    1. Bill M says:

      Youi have NO clue. Many of our greatest leaders and thinkers were Boy Scouts.

    2. mike says:

      and with people like you…here lies the problem. You could have used scouts in your life obviously…it improves kids and adults and is a really great program. Might have improved you…maybe.

      Mike…eagle scout

    3. Scott says:

      I suggest you volunteer your time with a Iocal scout troop. You would learn a lot about how scouting teaches character development, physical and social skills, self-esteem, and community service. I’m proud to say that both my sons are Eagle scouts

    4. Drew, Esq. says:

      Tim –

      While I don’t agree that the Scouts should be shutdown, I am glad to see United Way finally pull the purse strings closed on them. I was a cub scout and boy scout for 10 years – an Eagle Scout, by the end. And, as much good as I took from that program and as much good as I saw it do for others, I was appalled at the stance they took in their efforts to exclude gay scouts. (For those who don’t know, they basically had to avow that bigotry and exclusion were part of their core values.)

      If they can’t be inclusive, then let them raise their own money. I, for one, stopped all donation – to BSA or to United Way – years ago.


      1. don says:

        Good for them ………… I was a scout too and gays don’t fit the principals of the boy scouts. You expect then to comprise their values to accomodate the gays but not the other way around. Your just Pi**ed becaused the political blackmail didn’t work with the scouts.

    5. don says:

      Why because their not Q….R friendly?

  2. Brian Archimbaud says:

    tim, UW funding is not a handout…the BSA was one of 5 organizations who created the United Way…also, their office in Irving is the national office and receives(d) no funds from UW. Know what you are talking about before you run off at the mouth.

  3. lee says:

    how much are the ceo,s of united way,, this is not a fund raising org. it is a rip-off org., ,,,,, brian maybe you need to read ,, before you open your hole up

    1. Bill M says:

      Perhaps you should think before you write. The story is about lost funding to the Boy Scouts, a worthy institution, not the salary of the CEO.

  4. lee says:

    united way ceo,, 1 million plus salary,, anyone who gives to this org. is a fool ,, check the percentages of money used to operate,, then actually what is used to help people

    1. don n dallas says:

      My guess is that you have never donated money to the Boysoucts. Your just like the people who receive welfare and demand to vote more benefits for themselves. Maybe you should strive to be a CEO of somthing and earn a big salary too.

  5. David Stover says:

    The United way and their overpayed staff will be loosing my funding.

    1. joel says:

      I seriously doubt you ever gave anything to the united way.

      1. clwest says:

        I doubt YOU ever helped an old lady across the street…or anything else in the nature of giving

  6. Proud American says:

    God Bless the Boy Scouts of America. An istitution that has developed the character and patriotism in men all over this country. We need more men with morals and values, than organizations that pour money in to special interest groups.

    1. fred says:

      the scouts ARE a special intrest group. They hate gays and those that dont believe in THEIR god.

      what does being an educated young man about life, have to do with others agenda’s??

      1. don n dallas says:

        I was a Scout and a leader, we didn’t have to HATE anyone to disagree with them. Why should the Scouts comprise their values …….. that’s just the Liberals idea of Political Correctness. Some people still have values and your not going to blackmail them or shame them into your idea of Liberalism …… just don’t worship our God and Join some other organazition that believes in your godless ideals and leave ours alone.

  7. Engrpat says:

    I will not donate to the UW, my donation will go straight to the Boy Scouts.

    1. joel says:

      I seriously doubt you ever gave anything.

  8. Bob Abell says:

    My main contributions are always earmarked for the Boy Scouts of America and the Salvation Army. These are wonderful organizations. The Salvation Army helped me find my brother-in-law in Vietnam when the Red Cross refused to help. He had been reported killed.They had him on the telephone talking to my wife within hours. I am also an Eagle Scout. I will volunteer to raise money directly for these organizations. Please, please, anyone reading this reply, please redirect your donations to these fine organizations. Thankyou for reading this reply, Bob Abell

  9. Rick says:

    I guess we all know now just donate directly to the BSA I will be giving MORE money now. but it’s for a great group.

  10. Past Supporter says:

    Seems United Way not so United. Boy Scouts support core beliefs and I will support them. Good bye United Way.

  11. ProudSupporter says:

    Scouting is a wonderful organization that builds strong, compassionate, independent citizens. Fund raising is easy. Have a few bake sales at school. Throw a carnival with lots of entertainment, family events are always a big winner. Ask parents to chip in $10 per schout for an event, most are willing and able. Time to be creative!

  12. DB says:

    Tim, you give new meaning to “egotistical boob”.

  13. G Green says:

    I have not given to the United Way for years. They are a middle man for charities that is bloated and which uses warpped politically correct judgement to allocate funds. They have had a long time political issue with the scouts on several issues. I have choosen instead to redirect funding to the scouts directly. No need for their percentage to come off the top to this organization or any others. Send your money directly to the organizations rather than through the middleman.

    The scouting organization is a worthwhile organization that teaches skills and helps young boys grow up to be responsible men. A very worthy organization to give to and support. Why the UW would have a problem with them is beyond comprehension.

    BTW Tim, how many buildings does the united way have to play middleman?

  14. LL says:

    The United Way will never get another penny from me.

  15. fred says:

    I was a scout. It was perfect for me and molded me into a good husband, father and citizen. I have two boys that will NOT be joining the scouts, because they are a “cult” that does exclude others based on thier beliefs, and not the contribution to mankind others can offer.

  16. srd says:

    I stopped giving to the United Way years ago. I give my money directly to the Boy Scouts and Big Brothers and Sisters.

  17. J Michael says:

    Until the Boy Scouts are open to all boys regardless of sexual orientation and religion, this move by United Way is a very wise one. And, I am a former Eagle Scout.

  18. Jon says:

    Are people reading the artilce? It states, “The United Way has new criteria for funding that went into effect this year. Instead of funding only specific partner groups, the application process was opened up to all non-profits. Programs had to fit into one of three designated focus areas of education, income and health.” Even the rep, from the Scouts said they knew it would be harder to fit into the new design.

    Is it possible that in this new process, which it seems is competitive and open to all organizations in the community, other’s did a better job at making a case for funds??

  19. RussP says:

    As just a bit of advice regarding the subjest of the United Way or any group that asks for donations, always look at how much they actually use for what their cause supposedly is. Some, like World Wildlife, do a great job (over 80%). Others seem to spend most of the money collected trying to collect more money.

  20. planores says:

    Perhaps they just got tired of giving money to people like Douglas S. Smith Jr. (National Director of Program Boy Scouts of America) so he could watch and distribute Child Porn from the BSA Corp headquarters.

  21. don n dallas says:

    The United Way is a Liberal Organization that will not hesitate to punish you if you disagree with them ……… I’m going to give my money directly to BSA and Salvation Army. No more wasteful filtering my money.

  22. Andy says:

    I don’t feel sorry for any of these organizations that didn’t receive funding. It is their responsibility to make sure they meet the criteria and standards set by the UW. If you want free money, wouldn’t you do everything in your power to make sure you follow all guide lines and criteria to ensure you get that money???

    Nice to see the “GOOD OLD BOY” system failing. This should NOT reflect in a negative way towards the United Way at ALL! These agencies have an entire year to prepare their applications. I have an idea…why don’t they hire someone that will ensure it gets done properly????

  23. Harold K. says:

    The question which needs to be asked is whether the UW asked its donors through a general survey where they would like to see their donations go. It is my understanding that a survey was done of a sampling of residents, not donors exclusively.I also find it interesting that this UW seems to have come up with the same plan, process and results that other UW’s in very different areas of the country came up with. It also appears that the UW is attempting to follow a community foundation type model while at the same time pouring more funding into in-house UW programs. Doesn’t that border on a conflict of interest?

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