Dallas Hit & Run Driver Kills Woman Crossing Street In Wheelchair

 DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Dallas police say a woman in a wheelchair has died after a hit-and-run traffic accident.

The accident happened around 3 a.m. on Columbia Avenue, near Interstate-30 and Munger.

The name of the 57-year-old disabled woman has not been released. “She was actually in a motorized wheelchair, attempting the cross the street,” explained Corporal Kevin Janse with the Dallas Police Department. “Unfortunately she was not in a marked crosswalk. She was crossing in the middle of the street.”

Corporal Janse says investigators have no eyewitnesses or evidence and are looking for help. “We’re reaching out to the public in hopes that someone saw something, heard something, knows someone that confessed to this, and is willing to come forward and help us put some closure to this offense,” he said.

Apparently several witnesses heard what they thought was a traffic accident. When they went to investigate they found the woman lying on the ground.

The search continues for the hit and run driver.

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  1. Dawn says:

    I’m always afraid of this for myself & friends in wheelchairs. Regardless of being in a crosswalk intersection or not, driver’s hardly pay attention to pedestrians at there and the “WALK” sign. Many times, I’m waiting to cross and the driver “beside me” to my left side is busy talking on the cell phone AND LOOKING to their Left, ready to TURN Right… and right smack into me as I step/roll off the curb. I’ve made it a habit to make contact with driver and let them know which direction I’m walking across. I’ve had several friends injured and killed from crossing street. This is so terribly sad, more so because driver didn’t care to stop and render aid to another human being. Very sad, indeed

    1. Cheryl Cheney Fox says:

      I definitely pay more attention to a crosswalk than someone just walking across the street anywhere. While this is a sad story, the woman should have gone to the corner and used the crosswalk! How do we know, it isn’t in the article, if she crossed around a bend or hill or whatever?? we don’t. I am amazed at how many folks walking or otherwise who cut through the middle of the street many with multiple lanes. I pray for the woman and her loved ones.

  2. YRofTexas says:

    This note is addressed to THE PERSON(s) WHO HIT THIS WOMAN

    We know you WILL be reading up on ANY ARTICLES about this accident….

    I IMPLORE you to have the DECENCY to TALK to your PRIEST, PASTOR, FAMILY MEMBER and/or Member of Law Enforcement and step up to do the moral and ethical thing to do.

    This woman is someone’s daughter, friend, and perhaps even mother. She has VALUE as a person. She may have made poor judgement to cross the street at the wrong spot at the wrong time, but that does not JUSTIFY you’re running off in a panic.

    The police will do their due-diligence. They will collect data that can connect you. If you take the step to turn yourself in, it will have influence! And you will remember what you did, many years from now; it will haunt you if you have any shred of humanity about you…and we know you do!

    Submit to God; go to Him in prayer…then do the right thing…turn yourself in!

    1. fred says:

      YR – but it was gods will that this happen, quit trying to impose your will on the driver.

      1. YRofTexas says:

        God ALLOWED it to happen. He did not WILL it to happen.
        “Impose your will on the driver”…say WHAT? LOL
        You’re funny Fred.
        Was it you, Fred?

  3. just me says:

    YR of Texas***Do you really think this will do any good? I think not. The person that did this has no feelings for life or he would have stopped and helped, or at least called 911. If he/she was drunk or under the influence, then the more reson for that person not to stop. If he DOES have a conscous, he will spill his guts to someone he thinks is close to him, and they will probably notify authorities. Let’s hope it the latter.

    1. YRofTexas says:

      We do not know what is in the heart of others. All we can do is reach out to them, and hope. We do not know what is going on in their world(s) right now, what compelled them to drive on, what stopped them from turning around to render aid.

      We all instinctively know right from wrong. It is character that drives the person to do the RIGHT thing.

      I am still hopeful and waiting new positive updates on this situation.

    2. 2sister says:

      Just me, some people do turn themselves in after doing something like this.

  4. just a thought says:

    around 3 a.m
    she was not in a marked crosswalk.
    was crossing in the middle of the street
    no eyewitnesses or evidence
    Truth is no one knows what happened, but let’s no crucify the driver quite yet. I am in NO WAY CONDONING the person have fled the scene but seriously? I’m sorry to point out but the lady in the wheel chair is NOT a victim. 3am, middle of the street, on munger mind you, trying to cross in a wheel chair?? I have seen many near misses and accidents from the window at my office because of people carelessly crossing the street on NW HWY, near the Harry Hines/I35 exchange. I’m sorry but many who avoid hitting the pedestrian have gotten in to car wrecks themselves over this type behavior.
    I do hope the driver gets caught or turns him/herself in but I don’t think they are entirely to blame in this. Many accidents could be avoided… Munger is a pretty curvy street and has many blind spots, a little common sense could have saved this woman’s life…. carelessness is carelessness no matter in what form you put it.

    1. 2sister says:

      Just a thought, I would like to know more about the woman before pointing fingers at her. My great -grandma used to wander away from her nursing home. One time she walked to a near by movie theater. She had dementia and had no idea that she could be in danger.

  5. Lauri says:

    There is no excuse for not stopping to render aid and the driver should be punished SEVERELY for that because prompt help may have saved the lady’s life. This is an unfortunate reminder that jaywalking is illegal FOR A REASON!! I wish I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard someone say ‘pedestrians always have the right of way’. This is NOT TRUE and it’s even worse when they raise their children to believe it and the child ends up getting hit by a car. I have had many near misses where I almost hit WHOLE FAMILIES (usually NOT American) that are crossing the street illegally…and it’s SO SCARY!!

    1. just a thought says:

      exactly, I have seen those near misses and yes, whole families, women with babies in strollers, risking everything just to avoiding walking an extra 50ft to the crosswalk. I even had some one tell me (as we both witnessed someone almost get hit) they didn’t wouldn’t care if they got hit t because the US government would pay anyway, “that is what welfare and medicaid” are for. that’s why we came here if we can’t make it the government will support us.”
      I was fuming mad at her statement and thought to myself, wow, I would never risk my kids (or my baby in a stroller) to try and get paid or to appease my laziness… I’d be the proverbial momma bear that gets between the hunter and my cub, and I taught my kids to cross the street at crosswalks watching for careless drivers… because you may not be distracted but they may be…
      (and yeah, I had a few scares myself where even if they do see you, they march on ahead…and it is very scary)

  6. Guido says:

    To Just a thought…

    You r missing the point…fault matters NOT here. The woman was hit…go back and help her…PERIOD.

  7. stacy says:

    This person deserved to die, because the Dallas Police will not arrest Mexicans, because they are here illegally and help the local businesses prosper and pay taxes with low wage illegal employees.

    1. Ms. M says:

      Uhhhhh….I think you forgot to take you meds today.

  8. JOY says:


  9. KiethStone says:

    She be lookin for dat crack.

    1. Martin says:

      Why didn’t you just sell her some of yours?? Or better yet, be a good guy and GIVE it to her.
      Yours is the stupidest post of all the stupid ones- you know who you are.

      1. KiethStone says:

        thank you.

  10. seeandbesafe.com says:

    Words can not explain the pain and intense agony that this woman’s family must be going through. It matters not why she was out that time of morning or why she was by herself. The point is a life was taken and it could have been avoided! As a wheelchair user myself, I know full well the importance of making myself visible to oncoming traffic particularly during low visibility hours. However, this driver must have been callous, negligent and in total disregard for the pedestrian traffic. Failure to stop and render aid on the part of the driver is an egregious and horrific misdeed.

    Let us all vow to do better than this driver. Let us vow to respect and cherish one another’s humanity, one another’s right to life, one another’s right to be acknowledged and recognized as a living, breathing, sentient being with a God-given right to life.

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