Legislature Gives OK For I-35E Toll Lanes From Dallas To Denton

NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Get ready to pay to drive on Interstate-35E, between I-635/LBJ Freeway to Denton. The state legislature has given the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) the power to make some of the lanes in I-35E toll lanes.

Essentially TxDOT would partner with private companies to pay for expanding the roadway. For decades, the expansion has seemed out of reach because of the $4 billion price tag.

“I-35E [expansion] has been planned for 20 years but we’ve never been able to get over the financial hurdle,” said Rider Scott with the Dallas Regional Mobility Coalition.

Scott says the expansion is overdue and there is no other way to pay for the project. “The legislature has approved sweeping legislation in Senate Bill 1420 that will allow the Texas Department of Transportation to allow ‘congestion priced managed lanes’ to bring private equity to build that project, long needed.”

According to Scott, the toll lanes would pay for the road and benefit divers. “Two managed lanes will be available, in the middle, for drivers if they so choose,” he explained. “They will be guaranteed the right to travel at 50 mph which during peak rush periods can be a boon to many of our drivers.”

The toll road option would basically mean that private companies, looking to invest in the growing and relatively safe toll road market, would put up the money for the expansion. In turn, they would recoup their money from the collected tolls.

The plan would include four free lanes, in each direction and new lanes on the access road.

The new authority would go into effect in September and Scott says they hope to start asking for bids very soon after that.


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  1. YRofTexas says:

    Isn’t this like copying the State of New Jersey?
    As I recall, EVERYWHERE ya go, they have toll roads.
    The working poor – again – have to carry the load or drive on the side roads.
    I’ve been doing that lately; the average $40 per month of tolls is effecting my budgets (thanks to gas price hikes!).
    Why didn’t they ask us FIRST?
    (Like they did with the Trans-Texas Corridor…getting public feed-back before proceeding)

  2. Coretta says:


  3. Faraz says:

    So that’s 10,958,904.1 cars in 1 year.
    Assuming an average of 25000 cars pass every day from 635 to Denton, this should get paid off in approx. 438 days (almost a year and a half)

    I wanna see how long they keep that toll there to fill up their pockets!!!!

  4. Reeper says:

    Pass a law to where all toll roads can only exist for as long as it takes to make their money back with 1% more interest than they could make if they kept the money in a savings account. Along with the fact all must keep all the free lanes they currently have if made on existing roads. Add also all the money they take from fees which are suppose to fund such projects must be listed on an internet site so we know exactly how they are spending what they have and prove they lack such funds to fund expansion projects. More people means more money coming in to those funds, yet it only is enough to repair roads with?

  5. Livid says:

    Awesome! I go out of my way to save money and STAY AWAY FROM TOLLS and now there will be no way around it. Guess I am going to staying home alot more and or moving. This is no way to help businesses around the area in this recession.

  6. Todd says:

    The more toll lanes the bigger the kickbacks Slick Rick gets!

  7. Russ says:

    Some people just don’t get it. Would YOU invest in something if you could only make 1% profit?? Come on. And it’s not a tax on poor people. There are alternate routes. This is the way government should work. You pay for things you use, not the ones you don’t.

    Be happy. Most states have a 3% income tax or higher. If you make $40,000, that’s $1200 a year you save living here.

  8. PhD Willie says:

    Alternate routes, Russ?? Someone in Carrollton isn’t going to go 15 – 20 miles west to use I35W; taking FM423 through The Colony isn’t practical; and, FM2499 dumps out onto a two-lane road. What “alternate routes” are you using?

    1. YRofTexas says:

      2 Points to the Doc!
      When you live next to a tollway, its nuts to drive a mile one way or the other in order to use a side-road.
      @ Russ, don’t even talk about the STATE TAXES scenario! Texas is a Sovereign state, not annexed, but thru treaty joined the US of A.
      I’ll stand on the Capital steps in protest if Gov Rick or the Texas Legislature DARES to force us to ingest a state tax!
      Its bad enough that former gov Ann Richards PROMISED that the sales tax would only go up for a ‘little while’, and today, she’s dead and gone, but that sales tax never returned to it’s ‘pre-Ann’ rate!

  9. Reeper says:

    No Russ I wouldn’t put my money into something that would only make 1% profit but read what I wrote, that’s 1% over what they would make keeping it where they are currently making it at thus it’s 1% over what they are currently making. Not much unless they are investing a huge sum like Jerry World did in Arlington.
    If you want government to work this way then you make these toll roads elsewhere and not on roads that we have already built and paid for. Hope one is planned to go right throw your home so you can get a fair price for your home, yeah right like they would pay you a fair price. You take the alternative route, not us.

  10. Reeper says:


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