Bush To Host Wounded Veterans Golf Tournament

DALLAS (AP) – Former President George W. Bush will host a two-day golf tournament in October for members of the U.S. military wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan.

His presidential center announced the “Warrior Open” in a statement issued Wednesday. The statement says the 36-hole competition will be held at Las Colinas Country Club in the Dallas suburb of Irving Oct. 10-11.

Applications for the tournament must be submitted by July 15. Qualifications include sustaining serious injury in the war on terror.

In April, Bush joined people wounded while serving in Iraq and Afghanistan on a three-day mountain bike ride in West Texas.

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One Comment

  1. jake34 says:

    I’m surprised he can even face these brave men and women. Of course the man has no conscience.

    1. ABN MI LTC says:

      Jake you are a snake. This Great President is extremely emotional about his soldiers. Did you seen him running with a double amputee around the White House grounds? Have you seen him cry when he sees these brave veterans?

      Get over it. He is a class act and WAY above the current one.

  2. texas heartland says:

    My son served in the military and overseas, during the “Bush Years” and I am SO PROUD. I am proud of my son and proud of President Bush for doing something so difficult as to send these young people into harms way to protect our country. God bless them all and especially George Bush!!!

    1. tnpitgal says:

      I am so sorry for your Loss. Especially since it was so unnessary. May u always see, the Sun Rise; and Set…

  3. jake34 says:

    I am also proud of these young men and women who so valiantly served. But you are wrong – it was not to protect our country, it was at “W’s” folly – at least as far as Iraq goes.

    bin Laden, who was supposed to be in Afghanistan turned out to be in Pakistan the entire last term of W’s administration. But W had already discounted and publicly down-graded the importance of locating him.

  4. Todd says:

    Bush has some nerve! He is the reason these men and women were wounded in the first place.He should be ashamed of himself.

  5. Trey T says:

    texas heartland-Only stupid people would be proud of Bush for starting false wars.Bush did nothing to protect America in either war he just made more enemies.Once Bush is arrested for war crimes lets see how proud you are of this traitor.

  6. tnpitgal says:

    What an A-Hole! Haven’t we enough War Widows and Widowers? And Children Without because of this A-Hole? And he’s still allowed to parade around…When will it sink in to that “bought”; that he never was a President?

  7. NiteNurse says:

    It’s real easy to send soldiers into battle when you have a daddy who got you into the National Guard and you barely showed up for duty or like Cheney got several deferments. While I am proud that there are men and women willing to serve for any reason I am not proud of Bush who sent them to be killed or maimed. The only thing that would make me feel different is for Jenna or Barbara to join up and serve in the military. Vice President Biden has a son serving.

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