Teachers Unions Begin Email Flood Over Budget Cuts

AUSTIN (CBSDFW.COM) – Fort Worth teachers may be frozen out of one of the most important days in the legislature’s special session to address funding issues.

The teachers have to be in class Monday for an unscheduled work day to make up for days lost during snow and ice storms during Super Bowl week.

Monday is also the same day teachers plan to rally in Austin and the Texas Senate could address school funding bills.  The Fort Worth teachers association, the United Educators Association, is urging the teachers to use electronic means to have their voices heard.

So teachers are flooding the inboxes of Texas legislators in a last ditch effort to avoid a $4 billion cut in education spending.

Steven Pool with the Fort Worth United Educators Association is one of those organizing the attempt to persuade legislators to spare education when cutting the budget. He is planning rallies when teachers are out of school next week. But they’ve got an electronic game plan in place right now.

“Back in the day it was always hand writing a letter, or picking up a phone and using a rotary dial to get down to Austin,” said Pool. “Right now it’s easy to compose an email, hit send and make sure your voice is heard.”

Facing stiff opposition to derailing the state’s plans to cut and reform education spending, State Senator Wendy Davis (D – Fort Worth) sees these emails as her best hope at turning the tide on education cuts, but she still needs a groundswell of teacher support.

“Unfortunately, our teachers are still teaching through the end of this week,” Sen. Davis said. “But I expect we will be seeing a lot from them after that.

With time working against them, organizations are now pushing to flood legislative email boxes. The groups have posted information so no matter where their members are they know who their representatives are and how to contact them. They’ve even planned a virtual town-hall meeting to allow teachers direct access to Davis.

The UEA and other teachers associations have crafted an online quick alert system they are now putting into play. Pool said they have been working on the system for six months.

“It’s very much an uphill battle,” Pool said. “Right now we’re standing at about a four billion dollar loss to public schools across the state of Texas. So the more phone calls the more emails people can send it’s important for our legislators to hear.”

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  • Reeper

    Great warning, now I’ll bombard my representatives to get laws in place to prevent public servants from joining unions. It’s no more right for taxpayers money to pay for public servants to be in unions than it is for our military to be prohibited from joining a union. With the internet your days of unions being needed to unite people are long gone.
    Exactly how much does the teachers union in Texas take in for the same amount of time there will be a $4 billion shortage of payments for them? Add in the same amount made by all administrators and spent on sports and you will have a very news worthy story told. Wonder if that total will be way over $4 billion.

    • Barb in N. tx


  • Lori Green

    Do the teachers not know how to do the math? There is no money. If they take it from the rainy day fund this year, we will be in the same position this year. Maybe they need to flood the e-mails of the superintendents who make millions in salary and bonuses.

    • Barb in N. tx

      NAME ONE TEXAS SUPERINTENDENT WHO MAKES ‘MILLIONS’ IN SALARY AND BONUSES. As for no money, they had money for Jerry Jones SB 309 allocated $31.2 million to the Arlington area for cowboy stadium events. Already law and 04/29/2011 E Effective immediately. So if you don’t live in Arlington, where the benefits. For those of you who don’t know…Arlington TAXPAYERS paid a lot for that stadium, and they DON’T own it either.

      • RussP

        Lori said superintendents (plural); all it takes is two Hinajosas and with salary and benefits, you’ve pretty much hit the million mark. Now multiply that across the state. I think county school districts would be a good idea. Still pretty local control but a whole lot less administrative costs than we have now.

  • darrell

    you want to solve the state budget problems? its real simple. close the border, deport illegal insurgents and their kids. gets them off the government dole, both federal and state. who do you think pays for 2 meals a day, afterschool programs, etc, etc. the texas budget does.

    • YRofTexas

      Agreed. When my family came to Texas in 1966, my parents had to pay for Kindergarten for my brother. They didn’t have Pre-K at that time, either. We did it; no problem! Lunches? I paid for my 35 cent per day lunch by drying dishes back in the cafeteria at the age of 8. Child labor law violation? Not for something like that. It irked me at the time that a kid named ‘George’, because he was a ‘guy’ operated the sprayer on the dishes. I wanted to do that! But because I was a girl….

      @ Barb in N.tx…I do agree with you on this – this subsidizing of the ‘Poorinaire’ Jerry Jones is a crock. I shed no tears for him. He makes more $ in a single day than I will make in a lifetime. I want to puke when I hear his name.

  • RussP

    Trim the waste (I’m sure there is a lot of it in adminstrative costs) and get back to teaching grades 1 -12 and a lot of the shortages go away. The law requires the tax payers to provide a free education, not preschool, meals, sports and bands and all the other non essentials that cost a lot of money. We are already taxed on the local, state and federal level for schools yet the money keeps coming up short. When our home incomes run out, it’s time to spend less; it should be the same for schools and government.

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  • Joe

    Texas does not have Teachers unions ! If they did they wouldnt be allowed to strike. They have two associations that lobby the legislature just like TDCJ employees . The further away you get from metropolitan areas the smaller the pay scale. The state minimum is 27,000

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