By Tom Fornelli, CBS Sports

(CBS SPORTS) – While Ohio State may be the current center of the NCAA violations universe, the wife of former Texas quarterback Colt McCoy may have caused some problems for Texas on Tuesday afternoon. Rachel McCoy called into Colin Cowherd’s show on ESPN Radio on Tuesday and then started talking about Texas football players being offered things for free while in Austin. Thankfully, SB Nation was kind enough to transcribe the key parts for us.

People in Texas are just being friendly and they don’t mean anything by it at all. They don’t realize most of the time it is a violation. Texas is very clear with their players … You cannot expect 19- to 20-year-old men to not accept free stuff while they’re in college … There’s no way that college kids can really, honestly say no to all this stuff … It’s hard for a lot of these guys to even know … I saw so many of his teammates who maybe didn’t have some of that self-control to be able to say no to somebody. It’s hard because you’ve got adults who you respect who you think will know what’s right and what’s wrong … You do what adults say; that’s how you’re taught. So you have adults offering things, promising the world, doing all this stuff: we’re taught to go along with that. That’s the respectful thing to do. It’s interesting to see adults really putting kids in these positions where they’re taught to agree and go along and respect.”

Now that excerpt is far from Rachel McCoy’s words in their entirety. After listening to the entire conversation I’m of the opinion that there really isn’t much here. While McCoy talks about people in Austin offering things to Texas players, she never actually says that any of her husband’s teammates accepted anything. She just talks about how hard it would be for kids to say no to such minor things like free dinners.

So while some people may try to make more out of what McCoy said about Texas football, I’m rather confident that nothing she described during her radio appearance doesn’t take place on college campuses everyday throughout the country. It’s certainly nothing that I think the NCAA needs to worry about, as they’ve got some bigger fish to fry at the moment.