White Settlement Apartment Complex Fighting Air Conditioning Problems… Again

WHITE SETTLEMENT (CBSDFW.COM) – On a hot 95 degree Thursday afternoon Sharon Petty tries to get comfortable inside her apartment.  “It feels like I’m burning,” says Petty who lives at the Legacy Apartments in White Settlement “I would say it’s about 90 in here.”

Sharon says she’s been literally sweating it out for three months now.  She says she’ll have a bit of air conditioning, but then nothing.  “I get cold rags or I get in the cold shower and that’s how I cool off,” says Petty as she cools down on another hot day.

What bothers her even more is in the heat she can’t control her asthma and her coughing has gotten worse.  “It’s the heat not being able to cool off enough,” explains Petty as she starts a breathing treatment.

The White Settlement Fire Marshall stopped by to see for himself after CBS 11 notified him of the problems at the complex.  The same complex had air conditioning problems last summer and electrical problems the year before that.  “It’s hot in here I can feel it,” says Fire Marshall Lt. R.J. Schwartz “Her apartment was 91 degrees her AC was blowing at approximately 85 degrees.”

Last week the property manager sent a letter to residents saying the chiller would be down.  Then on Wednesday another letter was sent saying they were still working on it.

A heating & air conditioning company was on property while a CBS 11 crew was there on Thursday,  but for some it’s just too late.

“It is stifling hot,” Eddie Garcia says holding his 2-year-old daughter.  Garcia was forced to buy several window units, but says it’s still too hot inside his apartment.  He’s now moving out.  “We can’t afford to stay here with all the money we’ve put into it and not have air,” explains Garcia.

The Fire Marshall says the property management has until Friday morning to fix the AC units, and that if it’s not fixed by then they could be citated.


One Comment

  1. benjamin9000 says:

    “if it’s not fixed by then they could be citated.”

    The word is CITED not CITATED. Can anyone here speak English?

    1. GrammarNazi666 says:

      Its not about speaking English its about spelling things correctly, If your going to complain about something be correct in your complaints.

  2. misty says:

    I live in the legacy apartments and have for over a year now. I was here through last years heat stroke. The new manager has done everything in her power to fix all the problems at hand. We are not alone in this, she is not sitting up in a ice box somewhere while we all sit and sweat she is right a long side of us. Sad part is most if not all of the people that have called the news out have not contacted the office, emergency maintenance or the manager at all about the issues they are having. One person can not please everyone in one day specially when they dont know whats going on cause no one will call in for a work order. I am personally am happy with living here they are old apartments so they will not work like the newer ones.

  3. P.M. Stoeppleman says:

    I disagree with Misty. The office HAS been contacted many times. And this isn’t the 1st time the fire marshall AND the city code people. My son & grandson live there and they both have asthma. In one day my grandson had three asthma attacks. Across from them a little boy had to have a ambulance called for him because the heat is causing epilectic seizures. And good for the people that can move out. But there are many, many more that just can’t afford it. Someone needs to MAKE the owners fix this and fix it correctly. Don’t just use a maintenance man. Call an HVAC person to get it fixed and fixed correctly! If I could, I would move my son & his family in with me, but I live out of state. Isn’t there SOMEONE who cares about these many, many, MANY people?

  4. RussP says:

    I understand this is very uncomfortable and may be in violation of current housing rules but this is Texas with its high summer temps and until air conditioning started to become the norm about 50 years ago, people survived here quite well. If the property management has the folks out there trying to fix the problem as the article states, open a window, turn on a fan and relax.

  5. ck says:

    Its intresting to see the point of view of “well im ok so why should I care about anyone else” like RussP exhibits above. To set an example RussP, why dont you shut off your ac and open your windows and doors and shows us just how easy it is to bear 90 degree temperatures all day. $20 says youre one of those famous texas libertarians. To me, youre just another guy with balls shoved down his throat

    1. RussP says:

      I’m in an industry where a large part of my work is done outside in heat, cold, rain or whatever else Texas has to throw at us. Also, most of my leisure activities also find me out in the heat, whether motorcycling (no AC there) or scuba diving (granted it’s cool under water but hell when you come out between dives). And send me the $20, I’m a gun toting republican with the balls to put my name on my post. What girls school did you go to “ck”?

    2. RussP says:

      Just checked the temperature in the warehouse I’m in. 91 with the doors open and exhaust fans on. Does that meet your “well I’m OK” standard CK?

  6. Misty says:

    I’m sorry but I personally do not care if someone who is not even in TX disagrees with me or not. I also agree the owners should have to replace it but the manager is not the owner and she is doing her best to work for everyone with what he has. The mantance people have been out all night making sure the chiller stays running plus they are back out fixing the ones inside apartment today to. Has any thought about the fact of how old the apartments are and how old the chiller it’s self is too? Most of the people crying over it have not even contacted the right people to fix it. IF THERE IS A PROBLEM CONTACT THE OFFICE!!!!! Don’t sit round and hope they can read ur minds thats not in their job disciption !!! I have to say I am sorry for the children I have 3 small ones myself. When the manager has known of times when the ac was going to be down she has sent out notices and she has stuck by her word. She is working her butt of for us while living in the same enviement. Everyone needs to take a chill pill that may help cool them off!!

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