Fish Mystery Solved For Keller Residents

KELLER (CBSDFW.COM) – A shallow, narrow neighborhood lake cuts through the Highland Oaks subdivision in Keller. It attracts kids with fishing poles in the summertime, and wildlife on the banks. But it turned from lively to lethal in just one night recently.

“They said really, they’re dead. There’s piles and piles and piles of them and I came over and the whole pond was just covered and they were all just going down there,” says resident Lindsey Malone.

Fish, big and small littered the lake. “The smell of death was unbelievable,” said Malone.

What concerned residents even more was no one appeared to have an answer to what happened. Game wardens, environmental quality commissioner and city environmental services–no one knew.

“We want to know that the water’s clean and safe and really just that the kids, the dog, anybody can go near it.”

On Friday, the subdivision’s management company said an attempt to kill something else in the water may have played a part. Algae had exploded in the extreme hot temperatures, and an effort to control it suddenly with chemicals, may have caused oxygen levels to change, water to turn over, and fish and shellfish to die.

“Oh it was a surprise. And we got our lake company to come out right away and they told us it was water turnover from hot temperatures to cold temperatures,” said HOA board member Betty Nguyen.

The homeowners association had the fish cleaned up, and said there’s no danger to any other wildlife or anyone in the neighborhood.


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  1. d. smith says:

    man always thinks he knows better, fill it full of chemicals kill everything in the pond and then tell everyone how safe it is….yeah you betcha

  2. k.cozzo says:

    Ah, that awful algae was messing up our beautiful pond. Idiots- if they had just waited, the algae bloom would have gone away

  3. Legolas2112 says:

    And yesterday I saw you standing by the river,
    And weren’t those tears that filled your eyes?
    And all the fish that lay in dirty water dying,
    Had they got you hypnotized?
    (Led Zeppelin – That’s The Way)

  4. xNtx says:

    Algae is the oxygen system in a pond. Photosynthesis. Take out too much of the algae, the fish will sufficate. They weren’t poisoned.

    Biology 101. Algae (a plant) require CO2 for photosythesis, and give off O2 as its respiration byproduct. Bacteria, fish, etc. use the O2 for respiration, and give off CO2 as their byproduct. Kill all the algae and plants in the pond, you shut off the O2 supply for the fish.

  5. MsM says:

    What a bunch of dumba$$ses. They should’ve consultedwith professionals before they did what they did. Just makes me sick!

  6. Greenspey says:

    Biology 201 – decomposing organic matter consumes oxygen.
    When algae blooms die off quickly, the decomposing matter consumes the levels of dissolved oxygen in water. Over a few days, this is what would have killed the fish, not the reduction in oxygen being produced.

    It’s also true that some algae blooms become so large that the oxygen produced in the daytime could not keep up with the oxygen consumed in the night (all plants do this).

  7. CCC says:

    Someone should sue the HOA for once. Just sayin’.

  8. Grahawk says:

    Lake turnovers are common during hot weather (summer), understand this.

    1. CVS says:

      Did you read the part about the algaecide, genius?

  9. jerry says:

    HOA due is put in good use. That why I will never live in a neighborhood with HOA. Another government scam. HOA is in with the city. So the city will hire less code enforcement office .

    1. C Bauer says:

      HOAs are private businesses, usually owned by large real estate management corporations, not the government. A scam nonetheless, though.

  10. Question says:

    Humanlogy 000
    Standing non-flowing water in the heat will grow algae.
    Even in heat, locations with waterfalls or water circulation do not grow this type algae, plus it puts oxygen back into the water on top of being very eye appealing.
    Which would you rather pay for, someone to make a mistake like this and waste fish life plus harm your kids fun or putting in water circulation run off a small windmill or solar panels?
    Fish can surface for oxygen and people can skim the algae away, so why be lazy and resort to chemicals?

  11. P. Price says:

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could all buy a bag of “Arrogant-Homeowners-Association-Be-Gone” from the hardware store and get rid of them–quickly and overnight??!

  12. steve says:

    The individuals involved in making the fish kill decision should be answering to the Game Warden’s office

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