‘Lawless’ Lantana Pushing For Police

LANTANA (CBSDFW.COM) – Tucked away in Denton County, Lantana is known for its quaintness.  “It’s a very family oriented community,” says Shane Allen “It’s a nice golfing community.”

Allen is a businessman and says he moved his family to Lantana 8 years ago.  He’s seen a lot of growth, but one thing’s missing he says and that’s law enforcement.  “Right now it’s lawless.  It is if you look at it that way,” describes Allen.

Lantana is in an unincorporated part of the county.  The Denton County Sheriff’s Department provides some enforcement, but with close to 900 miles in the county to patrol, they can mostly only make emergency calls.

If you are pulled over in Lantana for speeding or any other traffic violation, the ticket is as worthless in the eyes of the law because the roads aren’t owned by the county.  “Currently Denton County does police patrols for crime prevention, but not traffic enforcement,” says County Commissioner Andy Eads.

If there are emergencies in Lantana, the sheriff’s office responds on a priority basis, but some homeowners think that the response times are usually slower.

Commissioner Eads pushed for a bill which would include traffic enforcement.  It’s now waiting on the Governor’s signature.  “It’s a life safety issue,” says Commissioner Eads.

While the governor is expected to sign the legislation, there’s still two more hurdles.  50 percent of residents would need to sign a petition, and they’d have to get commissioner’s approval.

For residents like Allen, they just want the same rights as homeowners in any other city.  He says Lantana is growing and so are its needs.  “I would just like to be rest assured that traffic laws are enforced,” says Allen.


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  1. John says:

    This sounds more like one commissioner’s crusade than a public outcry. Getting the approval of 50% of the residents should be the first step, not the last.

    1. Allen says:

      The first step is educating residents, giving them an opportunity to respond respectfully, fully aware of the law.

      1. CTG says:

        There is a lot more information that was omitted by the reporter. We’re discussing this issue on our local Lantana website here: http://www.crosstimbersgazette.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=7711

  2. fred says:

    Texas needs “state police” That are funded and report to Austin Any local city or county can take care of their own, and if there is no one to do that, then the State Police step in with a post with a few deputys. Oh, and the State patrol always has the trump card with investigations over local law enfocement agencys; . This should also weed out a good chunk of the corrupt good ole boy network and the wrongly convicted.

    1. Allen says:

      True on state police enforcing state laws but Highway Patrol aren’t going to cruise one freshwater district that doesn’t have dedicated patrol, they are going to patrol major highways more likely. What people don’t understand about unincorporated districts, there is only county law enforcement limited to what they can enforce on roads that are not county owned, i.e., unincorporated districts.

  3. waf_98 says:

    The story’s author states “If you are pulled over in Lantana for speeding or any other traffic violation …” thus implying that being pulled over is a distinct possibility and does happen. Yet, if it’s true that traffic tickets for offenses in Lantana are “worthless in the eyes of the law,” and if “Denton County does police patrols for crime prevention, but not traffic enforcement,” then who is it that is occasionally pulling people over and issuing traffic tickets?

  4. bodegabayjoan says:

    “It’s a nice golfing community”…….So…this quiet little haven for golfers wants the rest of us to foot the bill for their growth?
    Incorporate and pay your own d@#% way you arrogant slackers!!!

    1. Mo says:

      go eat a banana you idiot

  5. JDWatson says:

    So these people move to an unincorporated area and then complain that they don’t receive police services on par with residents in incorporated cities? Do you think the ranchers and farmers out in rural areas of the country get much, if any, traffic enforcement from county deputies on the much more heavily travelled farm roads that wind through those areas? Hint, the answer is no. If you want the type of services you find in cities, then you need to move to a city.

  6. Donna Sayles-Corbin says:

    This town needs to get together and hire somebody instead of thinking they will be covered by the county for free. Seems they’re trying to avoid coming out of their pockets. Hiring someone should be easy.

  7. Richard Gardner says:

    I’m sorry I’m from one of those”liberal” places you all hate. You know the ones, where government is the problem! Like POLICE! They are part of government you know.

  8. lynette says:

    yea this is a smart article. lets publicize the fact that in this city you can pretty much get away with anything, so that some crazy deranged psycho killer/child molester can come in and have a field day. awesome.

  9. Frank says:

    Sounds like a perfect place to live.

  10. Mrs. O says:

    I agree with Frank. What’s up with dude wanting to have traffic laws enforced? Gee people is there any part of your life you don’t want the government running? Doesn’t sound like REAL CRIME is an issue. Get a life.

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