Airport Hijinks No Laughing Matter For Board Member

DFW AIRPORT (CBSDFW.COM) – A new video making the rounds of the Internet shows two guys goofing around after hours at DFW International Airport.

What concerns some is that no one seems to do anything to stop them.

It’s meant to be funny, but not everyone is laughing.

For most travelers, airports aren’t really a fun place. But the video, posted Monday to the video sharing website Vimeo, shows two guys having some fun late at night in an empty terminal.

Photographer Joe Ayala and friend Larry Chen say they were stranded after their connecting flight out of DFW was cancelled. So they made a go of it — racing wheelchairs and doing stuff some travelers only dream of doing.

It was all under the watchful eye of DFW’s security cameras, but there is no sign of airport police.

CBS 11 showed the video to Taylor O’Donovan, who was catching a flight to Detroit. “I can’t believe there wasn’t some kind of security or someone walking around at all to even see that.”

Aviation security experts who have seen the video say it doesn’t show any major security concerns because the two guys were ticketed passengers who had already been screened by the TSA.

DFW airport board member Betty Culbreath says while it may have been a prank, it sent the wrong message. “It’s not funny. It’s not going to happen again as far as I’m concerned. It should not have happened because it gives the perception the airport is sitting out there unguarded and that’s why I was concerned, and am still concerned.”

At one point in the video, one of the men enters the kitchen of Pappadeux’s Restaurant in Terminal E and pours himself what appears to be beer.

Airport spokesman David Magana says the men didn’t have permission to be in there. He acknowledges the video raises questions of how well the airport secures businesses, and says they are looking into it.

Traveler Frank Myers wasn’t amused either. “If this were all staged on a set, I’d be laughing right now. That’s staged in a public arena, and they’re costing money for us travelers, and I don’t care for it at all.”

The airport says it’s too soon to determine whether they’ll file criminal charges against the men.

A spokesman for TSA says he hadn’t seen the video, and couldn’t comment.

CBS 11 tried contacting Ayala & Chen for this story, as well as the operator of the restaurant, but were unable to reach them.

American Airlines, the airline that runs most of the gates the men were playing around at, declined comment.


One Comment

  1. CG says:

    Seriously? Get over it, they should be made to pay restitution for the beer, then AA should pay them for having to send the night in the airport. When I was kid, I did the same thing at DFW, having wheelchair races, running through the terminal and sleeping behind customer service counters.

  2. Cygnet says:

    Interesting. Apparently Mr. Ayala and Mr. Chin are adults since they don’t seem to be traveling with a parent or guardian (although they should have been).

    Their “funny” video just underlines the unhappily narcissistic personality disorder of Misters Ayala and Chin. It is sad to see physically adult men acting like very badly behaved small pre-school children.

    Despite the possibility the equipment was damaged in their rampage, and that they trashed a restroom, and that they are shown breaking and entering, and stealing, the real bottom line of this sad little tale is that if they could do these things without being apprehended, what could a terrorist do? The possibilities are limited only by ones imagination.

    One more very good reason to stay out of airports.

    1. r martin says:

      Additionally, it is sad to see physically adult men post such trivial complaints on a blog. Whining and complaining about the possible loss of 8 oz of beer and some wet tissue paper like a little kid in a sand box.

      So do you know that they didn’t leave a dollar on the bar? Do you know that they didn’t clean up the bathroom to hide their tracks?

      I’m 43 years old and I think that this is hilarious. People need to lighten up in this world. You only get one try at life, and sitting around complaining and whining about what everyone else is doing or not doing is not living. it’s dying.

      1. Mama says:

        Agreed! This was hilarious!

      2. SHEILA says:

        this was HILARIOUS!

      3. BOIZ says:

        When is the last time you bought a beer in an airport? $1?? More like $8..

      4. Alain Bonnemaison says:

        Hilarious indeed.. Just boys being boys. Big deal. People need to get over themselves. Most of us have forgotten how to have fun.

        Now If you excuse me, I am going to go slide escalators at my local airport.

      5. Alan says:

        @r martin, I couldn’t agree more with your comments. People seem so eager to get their panties in a wad about anything that is unusual or eccentric, no matter how harmless. LIghten up, people! This is not a police state, (or wasn’t before 9/11) and having fun is not against the law.

      6. Pete Yorn says:

        Big government must have been on a union break or in one of its domestic citizen army drills. Hahahahahaha. This video is fantastic.

      7. msv says:

        hey man I totally agree with you!! it must be our age cuz i am 43 also and I found it funny as hell people do have to lighten up there are a lot bigger issues to be uptight about.

      8. John says:

        Yeah, you’re right. It would be hilarious if they came to your house and trashed it and stole from you. We’d all get a kick out of it…of course they’d leave you a dollar, so it would all be ok. You effing idiot.

      9. Kist Miass says:

        Did they go to your house John, no they didn’t so shut up. Boys will be boys no matter how old they are. I’m 47 and still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up and god willing I never will….

      10. matt says:

        What’s the crime? (I mean other than stealing a beer.)

      11. I may be a birther but at least I'm not a forger says:

        I agree this is very funny. Much better than the junk that get passed off as funny to TV these days.

      12. chow says:

        You steal a dime or a million dollars makes no difference in the eye of the law nor in the eyes of God. Stealing is stealing. But that’s not even the problem here it’s the breaking and entering of a private establishment.

      13. joe dirt says:

        This is ridiculous! All you whiners saying they “trashed” the airport. How? Where? Two little foam balls or spit balls in the bathroom? You consider that trashed? For all you know, they could have cleaned up after themselves. Get a life. If I was stuck in an airport for an entire night, I would hope I could have this much fun.

      14. guido says:

        Let’s not forget it was someone else’s duty to lock their stuff up. While it might be wrong to steal, chalk it up to a harmless prank you martinets. And lock your stupid kitchen if you don’t want uninvited guests, airport Pappadeux. I’ve been locked up in the foreign arrivals section of the Saint Petersburg airport in Russia after being detained for not having a visa. I got drunk with a German businessman who had a bottle of Absolut, wandered the terminal all night, and harassed the luxury lounge for food and newspapers. You find your fun when and where you can.

      15. Bob says:

        This was great, not only did they have fun, but what great cinematography… this really cracked me…. I agree, we should all have a good laugh EVERY day…. even more than that, at every opportunity!

        To those old fuddy-duds that just can’t seem lighten up, enjoy your life, it will be over way too soon…. enjoy! btw, I’m 59

      16. iAlejandro says:

        I keep cracking up when I watch the part where they are making sounds on the microphone and pounding on the keyboard, lol.

    2. Stan says:

      Please tell me you weren’t serious, Cygent. If so, then get over yourself. These are two guys making the best of a situation. If DFW and AA doesn’t want these things to happen then maybe they should honor the contract they have with their passengers by not cancelling the flight. Obviously it was not a weather related cancellation or there would have been more passengers in there.

      But I am sure people who are able to ride their high horses about the country aren’t concerned about such pedestrian issues.

      1. John says:

        Phucking morons on here today. Must be democrats who are used to getting everything for free anyway. A flgith being cancelled is reason to break laws. No wonder our country is such poor shape. Stay in the ghetto and collect your “free” stuff. We keep you fed in those cages, so you don’t comre out and mingle with the responsible adults.

      2. r martin says:

        Don’t call me a moron, John. Insults, belittlement, and contempt for your fellow man. No wonder our country is in such poor shape.

        And the next time you are exceeding the speed limit, please call a cop and report yourself.

      3. Johns Subconscious says:

        You are a strange man sir.

      4. Cream Marx says:

        John is a teablogger

    3. JB says:

      Seriously? This is your comment? BTW – most airlines allow unaccompanied children as young as age 12. Regardless, these kids look like late HS or college and appear to be having a blast – given a bad situation. If you never goofed around at this age, I feel sorry for your sad life. As for the beer? Restaurants should lock their doors. Playing with equipment? Airline agents should keep the equipment secure. Oh, please look up the definition for a “narcissistic personality disorder”. Their behavior is not anywhere close to this.

      1. GAlanJag says:

        Goofing around is one thing. I had no problem with what they did up to the point of theft. They stole the beer from that restaurant. Theft is theft and it is against the law. The law does not get suspended if you happen to have your flight cancelled. What if everyone whose flights got cancelled acted this way? No one would want to fly, that’s what. If you wish to be dealt with as though you are an adult then freakin act like an adult.

      2. John says:

        It would be hilarious if some “young” people came and stole everything “not secure” from your home or yard. I’m sure you’d feel the same way about their “goofing around.” God Americans are idiots.

      3. Garrett says:

        John, you need a beer buddy. Was it bad what they did? Yeah. Is it the end of the world? Not really…. the airport didn’t seem to concerned about what they were doing at the time anyway. At least it brings to light a security issue they have at DFW. Hell maybe the airport should pay them for the enlightenment. There are bigger things to get fired up about.

      4. Canof Sand says:

        “There are bigger things to get fired up about.”
        Such as the fact that so many people don’t even answer similar to you did (“Yeah”) to the question “Was it bad what they did?” Too many of us are raising yet another generation of “grown children” instead of adults.

    4. astralweeks says:

      Leave Cygnet alone. He’s that old guy with pants pulled up to here, nose hair down to here, and regularly screams, “You kids get off my lawn or I’ll turn to the hose on you!”

    5. Davo says:

      I’m a 53 year old white male and Cygnet you sound just like my father. And the only fun thing I can say about him, is now he’s dead.
      Dude, that video was funny.
      You can stay home and suck lemons and complain.

      1. zaire67 says:

        Now we know why the 100 days of summer is when the most idiots die.

    6. S. Finley says:

      All I can say is, “Whaaaaaa!” The airport got caught with its pants down. And people want to villainize these two guys for having a little fun at the expense of those who do nothing but constantly pilfer hard earned money from the American people. I have no sympathy for these people. God Bless these guys. A little irreverence looks like just what the doctor ordered.

    7. Johnny Socko says:

      Lighten up, Cygnet. Get a life. You would absolutely do this if you had the chance. Unless, of course you’re one of those religious nincompoops who thinks everything and everyone is horrible (unless you’re born again).

      Lighten up. Have some fun!

    8. Votarus4 says:

      American Airlines owes me hundreds, and has flat-out robbed me many times.
      Buying a beer in a terminal – what 8-12 bucks now? And that’s not robbery?
      Security cameras cover this terminal, but no one covered the cameras! How much are THOSE employees costing American’s with their salaries for not doing their job?
      Rampage? A bit extreme. Trashed restroom? Inflammatory synopsis based on semi-truth.
      So let me try : Misters Ayala and Chin are whistleblowers and should be nominated for a Congressional Medal of Honor.

    9. John says:

      What?! These are democrat journalists…not even…they’re photographers lol…a real asset to our country. But anyway, they’re entitled “journalists.” They can do whatever they want. Didn’t you know that?

      1. none says:

        Good god. You are a royal pain in the ass… laugh a little… f*ck your wife..

    10. Michael says:

      Oh lord get over yourself, you people have no sense of humor these days. They were trapped in the airport, they didn’t break into the airport, it was the airport’s fault for not seeing two passengers were stranded in there.

      As hard as it is for you to believe this, they didn’t damage anything, it’s not breaking and entering if they’re not breaking in, trespassing would be more likely, but even then, what would happen if you walked into a kitchen during business hours of a restaurant? Asked to leave? Or would anyone say anything at all? I may agree with the stealing part, he should have left five bucks for the drink itself. Also, they cleaned up the bathroom after.

      I’m sure you would have been sitting in the airport cursing the airport and airline and threw a temper tantrum the next day.

    11. Anthony says:

      “One more very good reason to stay out of airports.”
      Yes. Fun. Fun is a very good reason to stay out of airports. Look, if a couple of guys acting like goofballs is enough to keep you locked away in your bomb shelter, then so much the better. The world is a dangerous place, but is the world worth protecting if it isn’t full of joy and discovery?

    12. What A Silly Silly Man says:

      @Cygnet, yes, I agree with you. Stay away from any and all airports. Nobody wants a hysterical, angry exaggerator in their town. Also, please be sure to report ANY and ALL persons you know, including your own children, who 1) download music or movies off of the Internet; 2) re-post photos they found online on their Facebook or Twitter; 3) cross an empty street when the sign still says “Don’t Walk,” because chances are they’re breaking the law.

    13. What a Silly, Silly Man says:

      Also, it’s Chen, sweetheart. Does every Asian-looking man look like a “Mr. Chin” to you? If I were as overheated and paranoid as you are, I’d have you arrested for committing a hate crime.

    14. Beastin says:

      Your ridiculous. Just reading your comment makes me lose faith in our race. Besides drinking the beer (which looks a little staged to me anyway), i don’t see anything harmful. So get your panties out of a wad, and just enjoy the video

    15. jack says:

      oh boo hoo get a life

  3. r martin says:

    Please – this is hilarious! Only the insecure cannot find the humor in this.

    As for the guy complaining in the video: What cost to the traveling public was there? A beer? Pappadeux spills that much beer every hour.
    Please – move on people. when did the US become a place where people can’t enjoy themselves? jeez – what a bunch of grumps. shoot yourself and get it over with.

    1. Gumby Rules says:

      “when did the US become a place where people can’t enjoy themselves? ”


      When GWB started warrantless wiretaps and the TSA took over screening duties at the airports. Betcha many feel extra safe now after watching this video.

      1. Scratch says:

        Sorry Gumby, this has nothing whatsoever to with Bush or wiretaps. Maybe you could try dropping some Palin spam in here for better effect.

      2. Gumby Rules Ass says:

        When OBAMA continued warrantless wiretaps and the TSA took over screening duties at the airports. Betcha many feel extra safe now after watching this video.

      3. Jokey Joe! says:

        Hmm who has let the Patriot Act be renewed twice in office? Extended tax cuts? Has started another war? Oh yeah.. Obama. Make sure you point out that those warrentless wiretaps aren’t over.

      4. Lazybum says:

        Gumby-you are wasting precious oxygen. Please resign from the human race. What a moron!

      5. Dave Shaffer says:

        It started long before Bush, Gumby. But I reckon you weren’t paying attention.

        As far as the video goes, I think it’s a hoot.So they lifted a beer? Who wouldn’t (except maybe Gumby)? I hope to see more like it.

      6. kevin says:

        We stopped having fun ever since the loosiers that have nothing else to think about came out of the woodwork. These are the same few who would give away our freedoms just so they can feel empowered. They have no respect for themselves cause they have no job and no future in life. Basically people should take the attitude of “I don’t care what you think or say, just stay out of otheres business.

      7. Floyd DaBarber says:

        What further proof do we need that the security at the airport screening stations is nothing more than theater…. truth is that our airports are wide open still. Now having said that — these guys did a great job and only a mook would spend time trying to find something illegal about it.

      8. Diane Emmerich says:

        Another idiot with BDS (Bush derangement syndrome) …Racing wheelchairs isn’t jihad and the restaurant should have secured it’s entrance. All the airport sttores have those metal gates they pull down. obviously someone forgot. Take your meds Gumby.

      9. The_Edge says:

        Wow, BDS at Stage 10. Nearly terminal and headed for hospice soon.

    2. Pat says:


    3. In Dallas says:

      Agreed! People worry about the stupidest sh-t when there are real problems in the world.

    4. In Dallas says:

      Agreed! People worry about the stupidest sh-t when there are real problems in the world.

    5. Willy says:

      American Airlines….What great FREE advertising for American Airlines. They should give these guys a job doing their advertising because I near peed myself laughing. I have spent many hours in DFW surrounded by far too many grumpy travelers. I would sooner be in the company of these two fun guys and I am old enough to be their father.

      1. Joe says:

        I agree Willy, these two boys were just having a little fun while they waited. If anything they should be getting vouchers for AA not having flight for them to catch. I would not be afraid to travel with them along any day. You boys enjoy just really exposed the flaws in too much government and they are now embarrassed because of it… thats why they will try to make an example out of you.

      2. Michael L says:

        Agreed. Hey, official complainers: switch to decaf, and get a life. Probably the only two guys that actually ENJOYED being at DFW that day—-no thanks to TSA…

      3. Kirk says:

        hell ya, willy!

        i tip my hat to you and your down-to-earth sensibility.

        when did life become one giant string of opportunities to hate others for having a good time, amusing themselves, or merely making the best of a really bad situation?

        we young at heart will surely outlive those who don’t see the humor in this video, and our lives will be much more fulfilling and fun.

    6. Jax says:

      I agree, hahahahaha, this is way too funny, people should untwist thier panties & have a little fun in life…it’s too short to be so serious….Ask the joker….

  4. TU MADRE says:

    Please, all of yous would have done the same as young men. To criticize them, is to criticize yourselves. So please, you have fun, you HAVE fun. Now if someone says to stop, you stop. They were not tresspassing. The restaurant was obviously open if they got in. Honestly, I think we have bigger problems with other “narcissists” in government, getting paid to do illegal stuff with our money. So please.

    1. Brad Skidmore says:

      Exactly! Nail on HEAD!

    2. Marbran says:

      At least they had the presence of mind to record and post it! Bravo to the both!

      We used to enjoy creative expressions such as their’s. Today, we are expected to fear everyone, and to ‘report all suspicious activity.’

      Did they clean up their messes? Did they break anything? If not, then give them a round of applause, because the video is enjoyable.

    3. sleepyzZ says:

      It was all good until someone started taking product. Shoplifting is shoplifting.

  5. Morgan says:

    This is the most useless story of 2011. Please go back to covering “Weiner-Gate” and I will go back to watching Al-Jazeera.

  6. JC says:

    GOOD FOR THEM!!!!! They had some serious “guts” to do that. Why shouldnt they – the TSA would be molesting them again if they leave the airport and possibly lose their ticket. IT WAS A CONNECTING FLIGHT FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. If any flight should be good to go it should be the connecting one but no, i got canceled. they should be able to sue for damages related to their time and paid per diem for housing and food and transportation. Instead they get nothing. GOOD FOR THEM!

  7. Neff Conner says:

    Full video is here: “Stuck”

  8. Ben Dover says:

    This is proof positive that the TSA must increase the groping.

    1. Phil McAvity says:

      And the through the clothes photography….don’t forget the photography.

      1. Bawney Fwank says:

        Did somebody say cavity?

  9. Jim says:

    Those guys are AWESOME!!! They are my new heroes.

    1. Veganman says:

      I agree! Well shot, great editing, good handle on direction. This video does not look amateur at all, so if this is indeed legit……..BRILLIANT!

      1. Brian says:

        These guys aren’t amateurs. The shoot photos and video for Formula Drift (Pro Drift Series in the US). They have thousands of dollars of gear at their disposal in just that one backpack. I met them briefly at the Formula Drift event this year. Check out his other videos on Vimeo and you’ll see what kind of work they do.

      2. Lily Ng says:

        That shot of the wheelchair behind the spokes of the other chair? Pure genius. The overhead angles of the escalator while he’s spinning on his back? These guys are very, very talented.

    2. Willy says:

      These guys rule…. and I am 60 years old and don’t find humor in much of anything since Barry the Waste got into office. It is OK if he plays golf or shoots baskets every day instead of fixing anything, but it’s a major crime when a couple of young guys have fun without causing any damage or hurting anyone. Go figure.

  10. Bob says:

    Part of the way through the video the page auto-refreshed and started from the beginning. There’s no reason for that and it’s EXTREMELY annoying.

    1. epicrecipe says:

      Yeah, I hate that trend in online news. It disrupts consumption of their content just so they can artificially boost the number of ad views.

  11. Roger says:

    At least they were not the victims of a scam put on by the woman (DFW employee) who stands at the cab waiting area to assist with getting you a cab. I was there in April this year, got stranded for an overnighter, with her help and a cab driver who could barley speak english I was relieved of $41 for a $28 dollar cab ride to the motel that I was going to stay at for the night. Twenty eight dollars was what I had to pay the following day for the trip from the motel to the airport.

  12. GeeWhiz says:

    If you have ever been at DFW late at night it is like a ghost town. I think this was just fun. It’s boring just sitting there waiting for a cancelled flight. So now you say we have to be like zombies at the airport. With all the hassles we go through to fly now why not smile some?

  13. dump28usn says:

    Aw come on, lighten up for goodness sake. This was just two guys goofing off while waiting for their flight.

  14. Sharon says:

    “it gives the perception the airport is sitting out there unguarded”…..

    of course, that should have read, “…it confirms that the airport is sitting out there unguarded….”

    1. intelligent being says:

      The airport is guarded. The two men were cleared through TSA. We all probably have this devious little child part of us that would like to play with wheelchairs, goof off on the escalators, and, oh wow, sneak a beer from a bar. We do not know where cameras are located. We do not know how many are patroling a very large building structure (might have been off somewhere busy checking to make sure doors are locked and no little hidden packages stashed in dark corners, gosh!) I sincerely doubt these guys did anything they filmed without taking a serious look around for any walking security first that might actually tell them to stop. Seriously, the only “danger” in security was the fact that they had access to back kitchen area of the restaurant and potentially knives that could get on planes. Thank you for exposing that one detail. Go hurt yourself with the other dumb stuff in the video. And, yes, it was funny to watch.

  15. meh says:

    Sorry chuck norris, i have found jew heroes!

  16. Bruce says:

    No one was hurt and no property was damaged. There was no breach of security. Who cares what they did in an empty terminal? Seriously haven’t the people running airports more important matters to concern themselves with.

    1. Gumby Rules says:

      Obviously so. Didn’t you see the janitor with the vacuum just stare at them and then return to his work?

  17. guardsix says:

    Pretty darn funny. Lighten up folks. You should be more upset about being searched and harrassed by TSA goons.

  18. pepper says:

    The vid is funny by itself.

    From the standpoint of tax payer im wondering what a terrorist could do with all this unsecured free time- it would be a bad deal- Im sure that thought is what has everyone’s whitey tighties in a wod.

    1. James - Longdrycreek Ranch, Texas Panhandle says:

      Please remember these two men or a terrorist on the loose have been screened by TSA. Janet is proud of TSA and her handiwork.

    2. jenny says:

      Pepper…just to let you in on a little secret…the only terrorists you need to fear are the terrorists in Washington, whom have hijacked our freedoms in exchange for corporate-wealth…to the point they’re in a tizzy over loosing $8 worth of profit in beer and it’s obvious a couple guys got away with having too much FREEDOM in one of their strongholds! What an OUTRAGE! They MUST BE PUNISHED! I’ll tell you…our government needs to hear from ALL of us, lifting these guys UP! They need to hear us LOUD & CLEAR saying, KISS MY A$$, YOU, CORPORATE-MALTHUSIAN-FASCIST-PIGS! They may try to bend our will…but we, the people, will break their back!

  19. Just following orders...sir says:

    Now if you could all just shut the F up, turnout your pockets, sit down and open your smart phones. We’ll be downloading all data in the line to the right and those with wallets the line on the left will be scanning it’s contents shortly. All house keys will be duplicated in a single line just before you board. Thank you for your cooperation. Wispering to his microphone “Officers, get you stun-guns ready and someone notify swat. We have a couple guys that look restless. They may want to get out of line for something.

  20. FNTM says:

    It appears as though the two of them were making the best of a bad situation. Security obviously saw the same thing and probably chuckled at the antics. Why are some of the other bloggers so sour pussed?

  21. TSA=thousands standing around says:

    Laughter and fun at the airoort, The stuff shirts who got their panties all bunged up
    are just doing what they think their boss/people wants them to do.
    Rigid thinking automotaunts.
    These guys had fun, and used a little physics in the process.

  22. John says:

    OMG lighten up. Don’t we have bigger problems? And the “perception that we don’t have security” is from the incompetent TSA, not these guys.

  23. Mannie says:

    it gives the perception the airport is sitting out there unguarded

    That is the real issue. Not the Airport’s actual lack of security. They embarrased The Man – They’re going down.

    Land of the Free

  24. Harold Kint says:

    Very amusing.

    They guy doing a spin on the escalator handrails was funny.

    During a time when these men would much rather be somewhere else, they were ocuopying themselves in a manner that was not anti-social.

    The poster who ranted about narcissistic personality disorder has a future making diamonds out of graphite in their rear end.

    Rather than to let people continue to have access to the airport, I expect the authorities will do something petty and punitive.

    1. Root says:


  25. jenns says:

    I found it entertaining – not happy with the mess in the bathroom (hopefully they were made to clean that up) and they should pay for the beer – but geez – what else are you gonna do – they didn’t hurt anybody or disrupt other passengers

  26. David says:

    I am 47 year old white guy. That was hilarious!

    Those guys are true artists.The photography was excellent, looks top notch. Their sense of humor and their timing are right on. They have a bright future in the creative arts. I would pay to see movies created by them.

    The people who are upset and see no humor in what they did need to get a life… Stop being so serious all of the time…

    There is nothing narcissistic in what those two young men did… The people who were offended by this movie are the ones who are narcissistic. They are the type of people who are so narcissistic that they insist that the TSA grope people just so they can get a false sense of “security”.

  27. JimAroo says:

    Who took the video?

    1. derp says:

      Tripods and/or camera mounts.

      They were coming from an automotive event and had their equipment on them.

  28. dfg sdf says:

    Awesome. I’m glad someone can have the freedom to have fun these days, even if it is probably illegal. Death to Nannyism!

  29. MauiPete says:

    Get over yourselves – it was funny

  30. tedworld says:

    Really? The overwhelming majority of you believe this was some ad hoc production by two guys killing time? Did it ever occur to you that someone had to be behind the camera? This is obviously an ad agency demo or stock for some proposed commercial.

    Get real. Get a sense of humor.

    1. jimbo says:

      now aren’t you the expert on production. no one was behind the camera at anytime. just the two of them. notice the camera never moves unless it was mounted on something. dolt!

    2. jesseian says:

      As Jimbo said, the camera never moves unless only one of them is in the shot, I know both of them personally and yes it was JUST them.

      1. tedworld says:

        You don’t know either one of them and jimbo is a moron

      2. Rachel H. says:

        I know Joe personally as well.
        And they are both professional photographers for Drift event…thus it being in HD…derder

    3. HURDUUR says:

      You’re an idiot.

      They are both known professional photographers. They were coming from an automotive event they were shooting pictures at. They had all their equipment on them as carryon luggage.

      Static position shots were done with a tripod, moving shots involved using mounts to attach the camera.

      Instead of immediately decrying it as fake without having any idea of what you were talking about, you could have taken an extra second to Google their names. You would have easily found other work they have posted before, and you would have noticed that many of the shots in the video match the same type of pictures they take, and that’s because they were using the same equipment (because as stated before, they were coming from an event).

      1. tedworld says:

        shut up stupid. It’s a fake.

  31. Rob Johnson says:

    Listen to all the whiners! What happened to my great state? We used to be cowboys now we are acting like whiny Yankees.

    Please people, try to get a grip on your heritage and stop being such babies.

    1. Canof Sand says:

      So… your heritage is what, a gang of man-children and petty thieves? I see almost no one overreacting to the video. However, I do see a lot of sods with no sense that think petty criminal activity is A-OK if it’s in the name of humor. And don’t tell me making a mess and stealing food/drink isn’t petty criminal activity. I don’t care if they only cost anyone 50 cents, or even if it cost no one anything. That’s not relevant! Right is right and wrong is wrong, no matter how “amusing” wrong is to some people, and don’t tell me it wasn’t really wrong; if you really cared about your heritage (outside of whatever ruffians you might have in the family tree), you’d know the difference and see it’s about principles, not tolerating childish behavior from adults.

  32. Chris says:

    The entire thing looks too professionally done – too well planned out. To get that overhead camera shot when he was spinning on those escalator handrails – someone must have too much time on their hands. An overhead fan was on in the bar which was supposedly closed. Janitors vacuuming & wheeling by and not saying anything… Total setup job. This video will lure the teens and 20 somethings to airports to copycat their antics.

    1. Duh! says:

      That they had a fancy HD camera and too much time on their hands *is* *the* *point* of the video!

    2. durr says:

      It looks professionally done because they are both professional photographers. Professional photographers stranded in an airport.

      They were coming back from shooting an automotive event when they were stranded. They had all their fancy equipment on them because they had it as carry-on for obvious reasons.

      Google their names, the types of shots done in the video matches up with their prior work, because they used all the same stuff.

  33. Freezespray says:

    well shot, and inventive.. They must be quick thinkers to set up and shoot that video.
    DFW should pay them ..this puts the misery of flying in a much better light!

  34. TBone says:

    All of the commenters are missing the point. The concern here is not specifically these men or their actions, but rather the fact that the terminal appears to be unmonitored by security.

    It was only a few months ago that a woman was ra ped late at night in an empty Denver.

    Of course it’s possible for criminal activity to happen anywhere. But one is especially vulnerable in an airport because you can’t carry a weapon.

    Further, it’s important to note that the open restaurant, in addition to leaving beer unattended, may have left knives unattended as well which could easily be concealed and carried onto a flight the next day.

    So please. Stop obsessing over these guys and think about the real dangers this video revealed.

    1. rjm2238 says:

      Always looking at the bright side, eh? You worry about your real dangers, you can worry yourself right into the grave. Ever stop to worry about that?
      Just too much, too much.

  35. @Swissturn says:

    These guys were stranded.. After a flight was canceled.. If there were any concerns about passenger rights or efforts made to accommodate these guys, they would not have been there after hours.. Leave them alone, they are harmless.

    All of the so called ‘concerned citizens’ that are feigning outrage over this are the “real problem’ with today’s society.. Not some guys being watched by cameras after a genital grope or backscatter scan..

    Let Freedom Ring!!

  36. Patrick says:

    Really? A couple of bored guys in an airport trying to make the time pass a little quicker is “news”? They hurt no one, they caused no damage – what seems to be the problem?

    Why not just put up a big sign at every airport that reads –
    “All travelers must sit still and be quiet at all times – you are not allowed to have ANY fun in any way whatsoever until you have left the terminal of your destination airport! WE OWN YOU. – Thank you, TSA.”

    It’s time to abolish the TSA & the DHS and return America to its former position as the beacon of freedom in the world. We’ve become a joke. We are slowly turning into a horrible replica of the now failed Soviet State.

  37. Cam says:

    A “Prank” video is what the article calls it? Has no one paid attention to the composition of the shots… The varying angles, the depth of field, the color balance? This was not shot as a prank, the photographer obviously made a price of art from the boring situation he was placed in by the airline. This is not some thug with a video camera shooting vandalism, etc. This is a professional planning out crazy situations, composing the shots, having fun and shooting it beautifully. Even the audio was good!
    Beautifully shot and funny at the same time! I have been stuck in airports before as well…not fun. I applaud these guys for making it entertaining and making peoiple smile. Well done!
    And a thought for those against this video… I am sure that if American had provided them with a hotel voucher, they would have been sound asleep instead.

  38. Mike00ss says:

    The airport officials wouldn’t be nearly as concerned if it were a bunch of black gangsters tearing up the place and intimidating travelers. Two white guys having some fun and a beer…Yeah a real threat to society…

    1. jimbo says:

      not as white as you thing 😉

    2. imnotracistiswear says:

      but, but… they were two brown guys!

      1. allen says:

        Brown guys?… that’s kinda like white guys… only different.

  39. Flippy says:

    Out-freakin-standing. I think it’s freakin’ hilarious. Please oh please let someone try to bring charges, I would love to represent these boys for free in exchange for a guarantee of a contingency fee for the civil case against the airport.!

  40. fred says:

    As always when big brother can’t explain what happen to their so called security, they do what lackeys do. SHOOT the MESSENGER!

  41. Flippy says:

    And who the f#$k is Betty Culbreath? The murderer of fun?

  42. codecrackx15 says:

    Uh….who cares? So they we were just having some fun. Did they hurt anyone? NO. Did they do anything illegal? NO. This society needs to lighten up and learn how to have fun again.

  43. Robert says:

    This is a great video. People need to chill…it really isn’t that big of a deal.

  44. PhillyKen says:

    Honestly, pretty innocuous stuff. Not scandal-worthy.

    As for the beer, a Sam Adams 1/2 keg retails for $153, or 7 cents per ounce – a 12 ounce pour costs 84 cents. If they left a buck on the bar for a parfait glass of lager, it’s more than covered. The bigger problem is the $7.15 (900%) profit on the beer during normal business hours.

  45. Balloon Boy says:

    So they were stupid enough to film themselves burglarizing a restaurant, stealing beer, and trashing a restroom, and 99% of you think this is the best comedy you’ve ever seen. Amazing.

    1. jimbo says:

      trashing a restroom??? whiskey tango foxtrot???

  46. ScottHB says:

    Criminal charges? These kids were having fun! TSA is the crime here. I’m a frequent traveller and we are NOT made safer by this huge bureaucracy.

  47. mojo says:

    Those who caught the fact that this was a very professional job on the direction, shooting and editing deserve kudos. I want to know who the third person was that was running the camera? Maybe they used some kind of a camera mount that I am not aware of?

    1. mojo says:

      And yes, I know most of it is tripod or shot by one of these two guys. I talking about a camera mount on the wheel chair footage.

      1. asdf says:

        The camera mount for the wheelchair footage was uh.. a camera mount.

        They are two pro photographers that usually shoot cars. They’ve got mounts and whatnot designed to attach to bars and things like rollcages (or wheelchairs). The video is a result of two pro camera guys stranded at an airport.

        Google their names, you’ll come across their sites, and you’ll see the same types of shots because it’s the same equipment (they have their camera stuff as carryon luggage for obvious reasons).

    2. jimbo says:

      camera mount!

  48. Ken says:

    What type of camera and film stock was that? Anyone have any ideas? I thought the whole thing was priceless…beautifully done. In one night these two kids did something that the media couldn’t do in a decade…provide value for time spent viewing.

    Well done!!!

    1. chris says:

      Probably a canon 5d or 7d, beautiful DOF

    2. OMG! says:

      Could have been a GoPro Hero:

  49. MaD dOG says:

    “Aviation security experts who have seen the video say it doesn’t show any major security concerns because the two guys were ticketed passengers who had already been screened by the TSA.”

    Aviation security experts are stupid.

    TSA=Thousands Sexually Assaulted

    1. Bill H says:

      Yeah, the 19 guys who hijacked four planes on 9/11 were ticketed passengers, too.

      1. Gina says:

        You can’t compaire these two guys to 9/11. That’s like compairing a democrat to someone with a high school diploma; it’s just not true.

        The fact that the media is using this as a story; the fact that the airport and eventually the TSA will consider a lawsuit is stupid. What about American for always being late, always overbooking flights and never letting people know when their connector isn’t going to be arriving? I’m in airports – DFW at least 3 times a month, and have been since 2008. I would laugh my arse off if I watched them do this. More power to them.

        The people that can’t take their heads out of their butt for more than a second to see that this was done with no foul intentions, need to grow up.

  50. kcbeach says:

    “It sends the wrong message” that is bureaucrat speak if ever there was such a thing Sounds like the school principal or the Barney Fife cop on the street. You must act like everyone else at all times or you will be dealt with. You will be dealt with!!!

  51. Davo says:

    I’m a 53 year old white male. Airports are the most unfun places these days.
    That video was freak-ing funny. More power to these young men.
    If you didn’t think it was funny, you are one sorry mofo.

  52. eric says:

    To all of you people that think this is wrong … get a sense of humor. These guys were stranded and they made the best of a bad situation. As for the beer, I am pretty sure that the Pappas chain can afford the 8 oz of beer (assuming they did not leave payment on the bar).

    1. Balloon Boy says:

      So, in your world, it’s OK to steal something as long as it isn’t valued over a certain threshold and the owner can absorb the loss. I’ll keep that in mind next time I see your wallet lying around.

      1. rjm2238 says:

        Yep, it is. After all your stealing oxygen every time you breathe and no one has ‘stolen your wallet yet’.
        Good grief.
        See they got me again,
        Rich in New Mexico
        PS: I am reading from the bottom up.

  53. Hank Warren says:

    Useless TSA too busy molesting kids to stop actual criminals, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our rights:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama, vote for Ron Paul.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

  54. HollywoodHick says:

    At the very least, the shot selection is brilliant. In order to get these shots, they were traveling with some serious gear. The picture is of a significant quality, a camera with a variable focal length, and a sophisticated mounting device. My hat is off to these two for their creativity, talent, boldness, and all while not causing anyone any harm–provided you exclude the pride of some security people who were obviously not doing what they were paid to do. Good job boys.

  55. Bill says:

    Staged, with permission. The whole thing is a hoax. And, what’s the name of the third person? The one who was filming the two of them at the beginning?

    1. Bradley Johnson says:

      I believe his name was tripod.

    2. allen says:

      Tripod Johnson

  56. Hondagizmo says:

    These guys were just blowing off steam. I’ve been stranded in an airport before and it sucks. By the time you’ve had the day you invariably have to get stranded in an airport, chances are most people are ANGRY.

    These guys made the best of a bad situation. Plus, where were the airline representatives? Generally if a flight gets canceled or if people are left behind someone is there to help.

    The airport, business and airline each are lucky these guys had a sense of humor – and only one beer. If it had been me, I would have had a case-worth, making angry phone calls to the airline!

    This is most peoples’ airport fantasy – ok, the PG-rated fantasy, but you know what I mean. It’s like having the highway to yourself! Have fun, guys!

  57. Apocalypto says:

    big effin deal! In college we were stranded over night in Houston on the way to Spring Break and did the same stuff. Except we were smoking and throwing footballs in the terminal.

  58. jrobinson says:

    You know, the best way to avoid this? Don’t strand people in airports. Wanna know another way? Have a security force that pays attention. All it would’ve taken was one TSF agent walking over and clearing his throat, and this wouldn’t have happened.

    1. asdfd says:

      But you know… that requires common sense.

  59. GrumpyFan says:

    Having been stranded at more than a couple airports after hours, this doesn’t really shock or surprise me at all. Most of the stores and restaurants in the airports will close around 9 or 10, then the place becomes a ghost town, with very few airport employees or TSA/security around anywhere, especially in the bigger airports. In some places you could get away with much worse and probably get away with it. I was in a terminal recently, and the flight did not depart until after midnight, and there were less than a handful of employees in the area of the gate, but elsewhere there was nobody, not even the TSA.
    I think the airport security personnel/TSA have some questions to answer. They have cameras everywhere, yet apparently nobody was watching them or if there was, they didn’t think what they were doing was of concern. More likely, nobody was watching.

  60. TRE says:

    Love it! Two guys having a ball while at the mercy of the airlines.

    I think others are mad because they’re jealous.

  61. cb says:

    How absolutely pathetic to see all of these people pulling at their chins and somberly intoning that this is no laughing matter. They rolled about a mostly empty building in wheelchairs, and yet the authorities failed to intervene, harumph!

    Get a life, my god. American culture has crawled up its own ass to die.

  62. Todd says:

    Why would airport police interfer with these guys? They had tickets and if they want to goof off while waiting for a flight then who cares as long as they weren’t bothering anyone.

  63. Dong McPeters says:

    “what appears to be a beer”… Wow, what reporting!

  64. Alphaeus R Potter says:

    How doe we no that the boys are not from Iraq or forbide Iran or somewhere??? I do not! want my childrens around any airport that could not keep terorist out of closed areas!! People must stay in the seats wait for the plane and not wonder off around CLOSED partains of the airport. I do not no what city this is in but it dont matter it should be every city in america!!
    Be serious and protect us.

    1. rjm2238 says:

      Hey, Alphaeus,
      You should really spend your time learning how to communicate with folks, not criticize them. You need to lighten up and let go of your irrational fears. We do not, repeat do not have terrorists around every corner. Your fears are a weakness that can be exploited by others, mindless regulation, outlawing of fun behavior etc. Just read some of the comments here to see what a nation of old ‘kill joys’ we have become.
      Toughen up fella and let the young be young and enjoy. HeII I’m getting up there myself and I would have joined in this fun in a heartbeat given the opportunity. You know you may walk outside and get hit by a bus so why not take every moment life has to offer and have a little fun. Live it up for a change, it won’t kill you, you may even enjoy yourself.
      Even if you refuse to enjoy life, please don’t try to deny that pleasure to others. Just mind your business and allow a little levity and living color in an otherwise staid, gray world.
      Rich in New Mexico, again. I’m sorry but I’m really disappointed at the comments of some people who don’t know how to have fun and won’t let anyone else do something just because they, themselves wouldn’t do it. That’s wrong folks and I will try to shut up from here on out lest I become what I’m complaining about!!!

      1. Alphaeus R Potter says:

        It just make me mad cause nobody seems to care about being safe no more. I really dont want to critsize anybody

    2. Don Don says:

      You’re an idiot

  65. mark edward marchiafava says:

    They’re gonna hear from the TSA for sure, going to be made an example

  66. Cribster says:

    Very funny, especially considering it was apparently off the cuff. I never would have thought of using escalator rails to spin around like that. Inventive camera angles and the definition was superb.

    It was all very harmelss. These guys should do some more.

  67. Dong McPeters says:

    So, to everyone up in arms over a “stolen” beer, how do you know they didn’t leave a few bucks behind? Or politely asked the restaurant owner/manager on duty to let them film that bit to make it look like they snuck a beer? Or clean up after themselves in the bathroom?

    I don’t know either, but it’s ALL speculation. Life’s too short, Lighten up!

  68. Bob Wilson says:


    This was very well done.
    Very well done indeed…

  69. rjm2238 says:

    What a bunch of puritanical slobs. Green with envy because a couple of guys are having the fun you wouldn’t dare to have. What has this country come to?
    Some of the overbearing and frankly mean rotten comments directed at a couple guys having a good time here are sad, so sad.
    Why don’t you people get over yourselves and try to remember when you might have enjoyed life, even if just for one minute.
    Go get ’em guys, live your life and don’t let these wimp slobs get you down.
    Yes Sir.
    Rich in New Mexico.

  70. cc423 says:

    “It’s not funny. It’s not going to happen again as far as I’m concerned. It should not have happened because it gives the perception the airport is sitting out there unguarded” Uh… yeah Betty, your perception is a reality in this case.

  71. Frank says:

    Now, because of these two bone heads…the next time your flight gets cancelled, you won’t be allowed to stay at the Airport. Nice going!!

    1. HINGA says:


  72. rjm2238 says:

    Hey Gumby rules,
    I don’t care if you feel safe or not. It is not always about you. I can’t believe you actually blamed former President Bush for your perceived fright here. If you people are intimidated by a couple of guys having a good time, you know what, too darned bad.
    If you ain’t living you’re dying. Me, I’m 60 years old, almost!, and I’m living. I’m with these guys 100%. Reminds me of my younger years and a much better time.
    Rich in New Mexico.

  73. G Bennett says:

    I personally have been stuck in a vast, empty airport terminal late at night and indeed started looking around and thinking of all the fun things to do. I never did them because I didn’t have the guts or was too grown up. Good for these guys! BTW the production value and camera work was excellent.

  74. Bix Dugan says:

    Staged. There’s a third person filming everything. Also they brought along some sort of clamped extendable boom to attach the HD camera to the wheel chair for the shot thru the spokes of the chair & the steady moving shot as he pulls out ahead.

    1. G Bennett says:

      This was definately staged and planned and expertly shot. One of the guys in the video is a photographer, I think a videographer was in the party.

      1. jeremy says:

        had to be, how do you film two guys who are the only to actors, totally staged, probably with permission from the airport, i have never been in an airport when a restaurant is closed with it being unlocked… if i had been when waiting on my 8 hour delayed flight, i would have ate.

      2. asf says:

        Did either of you go to the actual Vimeo page?

        1. They are both professional photographers.
        2. They were both coming from shooting at an automotive event.
        3. They both had all their equipment on them as carryon luggage.
        4. The equipment they had on them was the type you would use for shooting at an automotive event. This includes both tripods, booms, and various mounts so that cameras could be attached to cars.

        Google their names. Their shots in the video, and their prior work will look similar, because they used the same equipment.

  75. BikerBen says:

    These young men appeared to be having entirely too much fun. After their connecting flight was canceled and they were left stranded at DFW airport, they were supposed to sit at attention until another flight was available. The question is: should they be punished or should the airline be punished for cancellng their flight? As one who has spent up to seventeen hours in an airport awaiting a flight, I applaud them for their ingenuity and imagination.

  76. Mark says:

    Wow some people are having a few cognitive problems today. There is either one person in shot, in which case, the other is holding the camera or, where the two are in shot, the camera is obviously placed on a flat surface. No “cameraman” is necessary. If you look at their Vimeo page the video creators are obviously into nice camera equipment. It’s not professional or agency work.

    1. adfasdf says:

      They’re both professional photographers actually.

      That doesn’t change anything though, it just means that they have nicer equipment to play with instead of us having to look at grainy and bouncy cellphone camera footage.

      FWIW, for moving shots like the wheelchair, they were using mounts designed to attach the camera to bars and the like. They were coming from an automotive event, and had all their stuff on them. If you Google their names, you’ll find their other work, and you can see the equipment they use.

      1. Mark says:

        Yes I thought they might be from looking at their equipment, but I only meant that the video was not produced for professional reasons. I think you got what I meant though. Thanks for the camera info.

  77. MWB says:

    After watching the Hockey Riots in Vancouver last night, this is what “social media” has become.

  78. BDK says:

    The airport should be thanking these two men for publicly showing the world about DFW’s gigantic hole in security considering American Airlines, DFW airport and Pappadeux’s don’t seem to be able to do their jobs.

  79. Liberty For All! says:

    That is hilarious! Thank God for the TSA! I guess they were too busy feeling up tourists!

    1. Mark says:

      Ah now I can see what went wrong. Someone told Bush that we need the TSA to feel up terrorists for bombs, and he thought he said “tourists”. 😛

  80. Rainman says:

    These guys are FLIPPIN’ BRILLIANT! The quality of the shots were fantastic. Anyone who doesn’t appreciate this short is nuts! Anyone who is upset is equally nuts. All they did was illustrate how lax security is a DFW.

  81. Wx Foo Jamas says:

    OMG people chill out! Yall taking this terrorist nonsense WAY too seriously. Guys just looking to have some fun, let them be!

  82. dano says:

    It would have been funnier if they were wearing TSA uniforms.

  83. eek says:

    OH PLEASE people.. its a highly produced video.. you can see by the video quality they were not doing this to be dangerous or jerks.. it was done to be a JOKE. get over it already.. about the worst thing I saw was them pouring a beer they didnt pay for and I would be willing to bet someone let them do this.

    Even if no one did.. get over the “Its an airport I need to be paranoid” garbage and let the kids have fun already.

  84. Matterhorn says:

    This is quite obviously staged.

  85. Tom Davidson says:

    “Aviation security experts who have seen the video say it doesn’t show any major security concerns because the two guys were ticketed passengers who had already been screened by the TSA.”
    There are no ‘major security concerns’ only to the aviation security experts, who are unconcerned.
    The message that this video sends is the RIGHT one, and that is that airport security sucks! If it sucks at DFW it probably sucks elsewhere, too! There is more to airport security than just feeling up passengers.
    Security that should have been there to prevent sabotage could also have stopped them from petty theft and criminal mischief.
    The purpose of those security cameras is NOT to catch the last living image of a suicide bomber. Someone needs to be *watching* and taking action when things get out of hand.

    1. jeremy says:

      usually restaurants are closed and locked so i think someone let them in, because it would have had to have been three people, the two actors and a camera man, more then likely an inside job. i would be concerned eating at that establishment now knowing anyone can walk in and touch or do God knows what else to the drinking cups plates utensels, and even stored food. I remember when i was stuck in an airport for 8 hours, everything was locked and closed, any airport that dosent needs to for this very reason, however to expect someone to sit and wait for a delayed plane for hours on end with nothing to do… the airport is just asking for it.

  86. Afterburner says:

    It would have been absolutely perfect for me if only these boys would have videoed putting money on the till for the beer and snack consumed. DFW International Airport management and security are upset because their security was exposed to be what it is, THEATER.

    The boys did us all a favor by spotlighting the absence of security, all it would have taken was for a security patrol to get off their butts and tell ’em to” knock it off guys!” They didn’t appear to be hoodlums, I am sure they would have behaved, but the only thing that I saw that bothered me was that they did not show themselves leaving money on the register for the beer and snack, but it was the lack of monitoring by TSA for crying out loud!, what if they were rapists and your wife was waiting?

  87. ONTIME says:

    Hey TSA are you morons too, your paid to much to let this go and when you leave the store door open the place is going to get hammered……

  88. Hinga says:

    Brown people having fun in an airport? Clearly security isn’t doing its job. If this were decent god fearin white folk it’d be one thing, but 9/11 changed everything. and a wheelchair race is a gateway form of rebellion that eventually leads to planting roadside IEDs.


  89. Ft Inch says:

    Just because an armed policeman isn’t every five feet doesn’t mean one can break laws.

    These two should be banned from all flights for live.

  90. Airman says:

    Apparently these guys did not produce this own their own another camerman was working a camera and it looks toooo professional .

    It was to upset a few people (security) and I predict its intent was to place more restriction at the airport in the near future.

    If you miss your plane (because of this staged act) ,we will not be able to overnite in the terminal as many do now.

    1. asf says:

      You’re an idiot.

      They are both professional photographers coming from shooting an automotive event that were left stranded in an airport. They were bored and blowing off some steam. They had all their equipment on them (which can be seen in some shots).

      Google their names.

  91. Jeremy says:

    this is typically the exact thing i do when board out of my mind waiting for hours on end, no harm done. my last bordom adventure was when shopping for furniture, i waited and waited at the matresses for someone to come assist me, so i started jumping on them, suddenly i have three willing to help me…. “sir, may we help you”…. which i replied “yes, could all three of you get on this bed, one in the doggie style position, i need to make sure this bed can accomidate all my needs that i will be using it for”, what was more pathetic, all three did as directed… i decided to stop playing around after that, because these people seemed to be willing to do anything to make a sale.

  92. Kevin says:

    This is exactly the behavior we have come to expect in the USA. It’s alsothe level of professional behavior we can expect from employees hired to maintain the security of an airport. We barely educate our children, how do you expect them to behave as adults?

  93. Mike says:

    DFW airport board member Betty Culbreath gets all bent out of shape over two guy cutting up in a deserted terminal but she won’t DARE utter ONE WORD of condemnation of the TSA for their all day long sexual attacks on women and children in “her” terminals at DFW Aiport.

    I invite the TSA to sexually abuse Betty Culbreath by shoving a hand down her crotch and under her bra the next time she flies out of DFW so she can experience the joys of secure air-travel like the rest of us commoners.

  94. bweeezy says:

    Fake. Its all in HD. with focus. I call BS.

    1. Not fake, they used one of their Canon DSLRs which records in 1080p HD.

    2. asdf says:

      Not fake. This video is the result of two professional photographers with all their equipment on them, bored and stranded in an airport.

      Google them.

    1. asdf says:

      FREE beer for LARRY & JOE

  95. Chris says:

    I’m convinced… we should double the size of Homeland Security and authorize the TSA to do full cavity searches. That’s the only way I’ll ever fly again…

  96. Dave says:

    These two guys did all travelers a huge service by bringing to light by bringing to light the pathetic late night security in most terminals. This wasn’t Little Rock or Omaha. This was Dallas/Fort Worth, a major metropolitan international airport! As a security professional I have often been left open-mouthed at the lack of security in airport terminals during the off-hours. As a service industry veteran I am appalled that the restaurant in question did not secure their beer taps. There are locks that prevent the taps from being operated or simply turning off the CO2 feed will not allow beer to be dispensed, although the system must then be bled to be sure it is free of room air. Unfortunately, these two guys will probably wind up facing criminal charges to be made an example of when they should be commended for demonstrating the complete lack of security at most, if not all, major airport terminals.

  97. sistaelle says:

    Isn’t this the same airport where a rape happened as employees walked by?
    I think this is the least of their problems.

  98. aubreyfarmer says:

    Much to do about nothing. What I would be more concerned with is what would have happened if a couple of thugs in uniform caught them and they got mouthy. Taser in the head, club blows to the knees and kidneys, night stick jab to the solar plexes. I don’t see the big deal. Boredom brings out a little bit of lunacy in most people. “Boredom tests even the patience of the Gods’

  99. jd says:

    That Pappadeaux is in the A terminal.

  100. Chris says:

    This should be an add for canon, gotta love the 7d. Nice use of a Spider tripod for the wheel chair shots, perfect for light weight rigging. Beautifully shot and edited, great use of nat sound as well. Nice short boys.

  101. George says:

    “it doesn’t show any major security concerns because the two guys were ticketed passengers”

    Right. There was no security violation so why would there be an issue with a security response.

    ” while it may have been a prank, it sent the wrong message. “It’s not funny. It’s not going to happen again as far as I’m concerned. It should not have happened because it gives the perception the airport is sitting out there unguarded and that’s why I was concerned, ”

    Oh, because they were having fun. We have to make sure THAT never happens. You must be kept as miserable as possible during your stranding in order to show that the airport is properly “guarded”? They aren’t “guarding” the airport. They are there to screen out terrorists. So someone having fun must immediately be stopped because it sends the wrong “message”? Right. If someone is having fun then it must be beat down quickly. We are all supposed to be deadly serious the moment we set foot into an airport?

    This is a symptom of a much larger problem. We don’t work for those people, we aren’t subordinate to those people, they work for us. They need to lighten up.

  102. DanielG says:

    lol – Me and some friends did this same thing back in 2000. We didn’t hurt anyone or cause any trouble. I find it funny that today this is a news story I am certain someone lost a job over. From where I sit the terrorists that hit us in 2001 have one. They wanted to interrupt and disturb our way of life. Well it worked.

  103. Rickster says:

    ….and the Oscar goes to………..

  104. Alex Storm says:

    I wish I was there. Would have been fun. As long as they cleaned up whatever they threw in the bathroom (and left $3 for the beer, okay $6 its an airport) I don’t have any problem with this.

    Airports with their over concern and ‘stick-up-butted-ness’ is what made this video entertaining.

  105. Leroy says:

    If people are allowed to run in the airport terminal, the terrorists win.

    Think of the children.

  106. Jason says:

    It’s been done before….a few years ago in Pittsburgh….by a girl no less. Wasn’t an issue then…isn’t an issue now.

  107. Tula May says:

    grrr..Since it is Texas i would say they have a fifty percent chance of getting charged with a felony and a ten percent chance of getting the death penalty…ruff

  108. Brady says:

    People are upset about this. A RAPE occurred in the Denver airport … right in the open terminal later at night … with people walking by. This is neither news, nor shocking. Plenty of people already knew that there is virtually no security during quiet hours at the airport.

  109. dwinge says:

    They are just having fun. They let the little boys in them play. I’ve thought about doing it myself and i am sure if people would get honest they have also. live alittle-no harm done.

  110. LexTerrae says:

    The hijinks of these 2 are hardly give rise to concern – except for their own safety, which is their business and theirs alone as adults. The much more important questions – and the ones that makes the lady right to be concerned – is, “What if the 2 had been up to no good?” . . . and, “Why was the restaurant not locked up?”

    Would you want to be in the same concourse with 2 thugs or druggies, whom they might just as possibly have been? There should have been some CCTV surveillance and a team of security personnel dispatched if, for no other reason, to prevent the cost of a lawsuit being added to every ticket into DFW. Pappadeux need to be far more careful. I think they might have a greater culpability in this than the 2 pranksters.

    BTW, who shot the film?

  111. Julian says:

    Reminds me of this story from a few years back. History, just repeating itself. Dallas doesn’t learn.

    The Dallas Morning News

    May 24, 2003, Saturday

    Some Passengers Raise Concerns over Security at Dallas Love Field

    BYLINE: By Dave Levinthal

    Some passengers at Dallas Love Field are concerned about what they say is lax overnight security at North Texas’ second-largest airport.

    Independent observations indicate that anyone could stroll through open sections of the airport unchallenged during overnight hours. It was possible to sit behind ticket counters, loiter next to bomb-screening equipment, hide behind unguarded concession stands and snap dozens of photographs of the facility.

    “If I was a terrorist, I could have had a picnic,” said Dallas resident David Eastman, who arrived earlier this month at 1:30 a.m. to Love Field on a delayed Delta Connection flight from Atlanta. He never saw a security guard in the public concourse while waiting two hours for a cab.

    “I could have put bombs under every counter to set off when people came here in the morning,” Mr. Eastman said. “It was an open invitation.”

    In response to security concerns, Love Field officials on Friday directed one of the two Dallas Police Department officers on overnight duty at Love Field to patrol the public concourse and baggage areas, said Terry Mitchell, the airport’s assistant director for operations. Officials also told airport janitors and other support workers to look out for suspicious activity.

    “This does concern me,” Mr. Mitchell said of overnight security at Love Field. “Deploying our patrol resources in a different manner should really help us out.”

    Officials say they have no plans to increase overnight security at the airport.

    But Mr. Mitchell said airport officials will meet with the Transportation Security Administration in coming weeks to discuss general airport security. TSA is an arm of the federal Department of Homeland Security responsible for airport security oversight.

    A Dallas Morning News reporter spent three nights this week at Love Field with unfettered access to public baggage and concourse areas. In addition, no airport security officials were seen on the airport terminal access road, even though the reporter circled it at low speeds for nearly an hour.

    Flashing road signs alerted motorists that the national terrorism level now stands at orange, second-highest behind imminent-threat red, and warned them to expect vehicle inspections. But security personnel were not present at temporary barriers erected on the terminal access way.

    The only law enforcement officer observed overnight inside or outside the terminal was the 8-foot-tall Texas Ranger statue perched atop a pedestal in the airport’s public concourse.

    Airport officials say two Dallas police officers normally patrol the airport grounds in vehicles during early morning hours. They are primarily responsible for the perimeter and already-secured areas, such as the tarmac and fenced-off flight gates. A police dispatcher also is on duty at the airport 24 hours a day.

    Officials would not comment on whether surveillance cameras are in the public areas of the airport or about specific security arrangements.

    Love Field all but shuts down between midnight and 5 a.m., when no commercial flights are regularly scheduled to arrive or depart. Its gate areas and federal security checkpoints are shuttered behind metal gates.

    The terminal front door, however, is open 24 hours a day, as are the parking areas.

    “Basically at that hour, you’re no different than any other public building,” Mr. Mitchell said.

    He added that the airport would continue to monitor its security procedures to determine whether changes are warranted.

    Love Field is a public facility, and public areas within it can be monitored only so much, TSA spokesman Brian Turmail said.

    “There’s a reason why there are secure parts of the airport and public parts of an airport,” Mr. Turmail said. “We are confident that security at all airports, including Love Field, is better than it’s ever been.”

    Each morning, before TSA officials open security checkpoints leading to Love Field flight gates, Dallas police sweep the terminal, inspect planes and canvass the airport grounds, he added. The TSA also employs 344 federal screeners at Love Field, though the agency will cut 42 of those positions by September as part of a nationwide restructuring.

    One police officer patrolling an entire airport terminal offers little reassurance to Melissa Bruner, vice president of retirement plan securities for Bank of America.
    Ms. Bruner also flew on the delayed flight this month from Atlanta into Love Field.

    When she arrived in the terminal, she said she was surprised when she didn’t see a single security guard.

    “This is a pretty scary thing with terrorist attacks still taking place all over the world,” said Ms. Bruner, who lives across the Hudson River from New York City in Hoboken, N.J. “I was walking around the place thinking, ‘This is an airport?
    Are you kidding me?’ It was a sitting duck, and I could have done whatever I wanted, left when I wanted and no one would have known for the better.”

    The only airport employee around was a janitor, who didn’t speak much English, said Dallas resident Dorothy Wolchansky, a passenger on the same flight as Ms. Bruner.

    Passengers cannot expect airports to operate like fortresses, said Jennifer Holmes, a professor at the University of Texas at Dallas and author of the book Terrorism and Democratic Stability. And Love Field probably isn’t a prime target for terrorists, she said.

    But Love Field officials must review their security procedures, Ms. Holmes recommended.

    “There’s a problem,” she said. “You need to tighten up access.
    You need to tighten security.”

    Southwest Airlines, Love Field’s primary commercial carrier, has “no issues” with the safety of the airport, spokeswoman Ginger Hardage said. If a Southwest flight arrives later than scheduled, it notifies airport officials and requires its employees to work until passengers leave the plane, Ms. Hardage said.

    “In our 32 years of experience, it’s something that I’m not aware of, or something never brought to our attention,” Ms. Hardage said of Love Field security concerns.

    Delta spokeswoman Katie Connell said safety remains the airline’s chief priority, but she added that she is unaware of any security concerns at Love Field.

    Officials at Continental Airlines, Love Field’s third commercial carrier, referred questions to airport administrators.

    Mr. Eastman and Ms. Wolchansky said they would continue to use Love Field with caution.

    Ms. Bruner, however, said she will never fly into Love Field again.

    “Even if it costs more, I’ll fly into Dallas/Fort Worth International. Heck, I’ll drive before I fly into Love again,” she said. “I just don’t think it’s safe.”

  112. Frank says:

    American AIrlines is already raping passengers with ridiculous fees to cover the bloated costs of unions ‘managing’ their operations. The least they could have done was allow these passengers some time to goof off. As for the guy having a beer, its not going to hurt their revenue considering the amount that airport bars charge in raping their consumers for a glass. Watch how people are raping supermarkets of their profits with coupons by paying for $2000 in groceries with a penny. From Wall Street to main street, everyone is leveraging the system, this prank is just a joke and should simply be taken as such considering this country is being led by an organization which consists of a consensus of children. Therefore attitude reflects leadership and when they look at this they should be taking a good look at themselves.

  113. Joseph L Cooke says:

    TSA was on video doing this:

  114. Ray says:

    Soooo the airport is trying to decide if they’re gonna press charges for…..? Stealing a beer? Damn, at least they didn’t litter. Argue what you want about politics, Americans, theft, race, and what not, I’m pretty sure its quite pointless. Politics and race have absolutely nothing at all to do with this in any way. Honestly, I would have done the same thing in an empty airport (minus STEALING, god forbid). It looks like they had a blast! Since when is it a crime to have fun? Everybody reaaally just needs to lighten up a little bit…..when was the last time you had that much fun in an airport? Or anywhere for that matter?

    I agree, this is hilarious.

  115. JT says:

    You know that everyone interviewed did not have this poor opinion of the men’s demeanor. It appears obvious that the reporting agency here only wants to show one side of this issue. As for DFW pressing charges, good luck with that extradition. Joe, Larry, if DFW Police calls you and wants information, tell them to stick it. For all of you naysayers, including Board Member Culbreath, you stick it also. If you want a terminal in the middle of the night with nobody goofing off, go see your #1 tenant that loves to abuse it’s customers, American Airlines!

  116. Derek says:

    Are you serious? You’re just looking for an excuse to write an article and get attention. I see no harm, no security risks, just a reporter with a deadline and no leads.

  117. Tony Marik says:

    I want to know what kind of HD camera they used. Beautiful photography, guys! Anyone know?

  118. KansasGirl says:

    These our the yuts folks. Can’t wait till I get “farmed” into an old folks home.Oh, that’s right, I won’t make it to the home, I will be eliminated by these upstanding people. Ya gotta love diversity.

  119. violet says:

    I would just like to know what brand Camera they were using.

  120. oookay says:

    Why is this even news? Are they gay? Because their actions merit little to no attention.

  121. Jess says:

    ok this is hilarious. people need to lighten up. it was not a crime, i mean..sure stealing a measly beer, great. so they did one little thing.
    but what else? riding an escalator? nope, that’s legal
    riding in wheelchairs? naah that’s legal too
    playing on equipment that wasn’t monitored? ok so maybe that is not the best thing to do, but definitely not illegal

    get over yourselves, whoever you are who think this is criminal and they should be charged. we live in the 21st century, having fun is allowed nowadays.

  122. Alex says:

    It was funny when that hot girl did it a few years ago but these people clearly don’t belong in the US.

  123. Prion says:

    Oh My Goodness … have you ever seen such badness? I say we should round them up and disembowel them publicly. That would teach a lesson to others who would commit such a serious crime against humanity!

    Weiner – Holder in 2016 … The Support You Can Count On

  124. Anonimous (not the cyber terrorist group) says:

    I don’t see anything illegal or worrying in this video. OK, maybe the guy should pay for the beer, but what else can they charge them with? Racing wheelchairs and doing handstands? Ridiculous non-story.

  125. Dan says:

    Betty Culbreath, are you worried about your job? Get out and enjoy life…try anyway.

  126. msk says:

    And I’m proud to be an American
    Where at least I know I’m….

    Ah, never mind.

  127. Rachel H. says:

    I am so proud to say I personally know Joe Ayala(the guy spinning on the escalator) , went to high school with him and his 2 siblings, and my brother used to drift with him in Drift Evolution in southern Oregon….freaking yes. go Joe!!!

  128. Hendo says:

    To all of you incredible morons who think this is a fake or a setup…you are wrong. I have been great friends with Joe for over 15. Years. We grew up in the rogue valley together. He is a PROFFESIONAL photographer. They have HD cams and pods because they just came from shooting an event. The equipment in those bags are worth more than you are….go Google him and see for yourselves you fools.

    PS…I heart you brown bear

  129. MarkinTexas says:

    Criminal charges? These guys should get a medal and a million dollar reward for showing – proving beyond any doubt at all – that the TSA is a farce. If these guys can go into a restaurant in the airport and pour themselves a beer, what’s to keep a terrorist from bringing 3 ounces of arsenic (or 30 in small bottles in a baggie) into the airport and killing about a thousand people by poisoning those liquor bottles at random?

  130. Chad says:

    “It’s not funny. It’s not going to happen again as far as I’m concerned. It should not have happened because it gives the perception the airport is sitting out there unguarded and that’s why I was concerned, and am still concerned.”

    I agree Betty! I think the guards on duty need to either be forced through a clothes-removing X-ray or sexually assaulted in public while being searched. You seem fine having that done to your passengers in the name of ‘safety’ so perhaps the staff need the same unconstitutional treatment.

  131. Rizzel says:

    It will be messed up if they press any charges! Those guys exposed security holes, and they only charged them a beer….. They actually saved travelers money

    The spinning around on the escalator hand rail is FUNNY. I might try that at an air port, but at no charge to other travelers

  132. Vinnie Bartilucci says:

    Now in a perfect world, they would supoena the airport security camera footage and edit it into the video.

  133. Virginia says:

    Will someone tell Frank Myers to stop being a crotchety old fart and get a sense of humor?

  134. Tom Spann says:

    Good for the two men. This was not a security issue period. The board member has zero authority to do anything with out the full vote of the board. She was grandstanding. The TV station tried to make a big issue out of a fun thing. Why not broadcast more important issues than a couple guys having fun trying to kill time waiting on a flight. They had nothing to do with canceling the flight they had tickets for. Ease up people.Get a life.

  135. Andre says:

    “It’s meant to be funny, but not everyone is laughing”

    Once again, big brother is watching. And there’s always someone who’s offended.

    Did anyone get hurt? No. Stupid stuff like this is what makes life fun. If you can’t appreciate that then I am sorry your life sucks so bad.

    Does the airport look secure? Also no. TSA is just mad because they got caught with their pants down, again. See:

  136. John C says:

    The video is funny. What was done was a harmless prank. What is interesting is that the vast majority of comments are critical of the officiousness of airport security people, fed up with the TSA (mentions to TSA were all negative).

    I think that what this reflects, in part, is the general unhappiness with the total flying experience.

    For my part, I don’t like to fly anymore. I don’t like the TSA hassles, officious flight attendents, waiting on the runway taxiway, missed connections, exhorbitant prices for airport food, losing my luggage, being crammed into ever smaller seats, being gouged for luggage fees, overbooking, damaged luggage, etc. etc.

    BUT we wanted cheap airfares, so we deregulated the airlines. By and large, we got what we asked for … cheap transportation. With an emphasis on cheap.

  137. DJ Icy Mike says:

    So wait, these guys point out major problems in travel security, and THEY’RE GETTING PUNISHED FOR IT?!?!?!

    That’s UNREAL! No harm, no foul. Let them pay for the beer and give them a pat on the back for pointing out major issues in a frankly entertaining and non-threatening way.

  138. RusT says:

    Thank god people still know how to have fun. As for security in airports; just because you don’t see the security, doesn’t mean that they don’t see you. I worked in one for five years and have had security pop up out of the middle of nowhere from some back door that only they can go through many a times just to ask what I was doing.
    Finally, if this is the worst thing that someone did in an airport then the government could can half the TSA agents. I have done and seen far worse than these two did.

  139. Mike says:

    Leave these guys alone, please. Does the world not need a little humor?

  140. Danielle says:

    That’s a great little video, no harm done. But it did seem pretty close to a rip off of the girl in Pittsburgh….I can see the wheelchairs and check-in desks would be props everyone would use if stuck in an airport, but that escalator move was kind of unique, wasn’t it?

    Regardless, everyone who’s gotten worked up about this for any other reason than the inventiveness and sheer joy it shares is a numbskulll – there’s no crime here to prosecute! Get a life!

  141. Dan says:

    @ John and all the others crying foul.
    How is this breaking and entering? The facility clearly was not locked in any way shape or form. You could claim they were trespassing, but the facility is a public facility. Technically they are not breaking any laws. From other sources, it has been stated that they cleaned the bathroom, and put back everything they used in to their proper locations. The beer WAS even paid for. This has NOTHING to do with someone “breaking” in to your house – your house would be locked and is not a public domain. Quit crying.

  142. sooz says:

    Just one problem with the video… it should have been much longer. I could have watched for at least an hour.

  143. Truman Lewis says:

    no harm done – just fun. but they do owe the bar 5 bucks for the drink, sans tip.
    Lifes short live it large. tell those DFW folks get the pickle out of there butt and smile a little.

  144. swerv13 says:

    The DFW chair board named Betty is an illiterate dog fighter. She even mentions it in her blog.
    “I just knew after being sued for $85,000.00 for a dog fight,I could just wait on a Court date instead every time she learns or read another Chapter in her law book I am hit with another set of papers to answer.”


  145. Ronnie Brown says:

    As an ex DFW Airport employee Ive seen worse things at DFW Airport like a family living in one of terminals, they stayed there for about a yr. There use to be women that would stand in the Train stations to sell sex to me or the homeless would sleep in the stations. You can buy illegal drugs at the Airport or stolen Electronics. One morning at 230 am a young girl came from the upper level of Terminal E drunk as hell saying that she had been in the Terminal drinking at a Bar. Homeless ppl living in the Remote North and South parking lots. After 1100pm on certain nights the Airport is a Ghost town, Airport DPS is no where to be found in the Terminals. They can be found at one of the Gas stations located at the North or South ends of the Airport. But if they arent there eating lunch all night long they can be found on the East or West sides of the Airport sitting in their cars talking where there little to no ppl around. So what these guys are doing is no crime. Betty Culbreath should go out the Airport late at night and really see what goes on.

  146. Jay P says:

    Give me a break. Harmless fun from two guys who got stranded after filming the weekend race. Don’t make it out as if they broke the airport.

    I also find it hard to believe that many would think there is a security loophole because of this trivial, yet fantastic video. Its better then wasting time and killing your kids by feeding airport McDs; which is a crime in itself.

  147. Anon says:

    There have been some rumblings in the press about some people at the airport being upset, have you spoken with them?

    LC: We talked with one of the reps from the DFW airport and he was really cool about it.

    JA: He told us that he used to shoot films or something and he appreciated of some of the shots we did. And he showed it to the CEO of the Airport and he really liked it.

    There you go, if the CEO doesn’t give a hoot, you shouldn’t either

  148. Banthescan says:

    Obama is doing everything he can to kill off the airline industry using TSA and bring in high speed rail. It has to do with CO2 emissions. Good to see somebody is having fun at the airport.

  149. David Currier says:


  150. Whitney says:

    I think it’s good that they have exposed how unsecure the airport and the businesses are at night. That’s helpful info I think!

  151. BeenThereDoneThat says:

    Ive done the same in Denver’s airport during an overnight stranding…but I also borrowed an electric cart to take a tour. It was 3 am and nobody at all seemed to care. So, 2 lessons:
    1. All airport security, and the hundreds of billions of tax dollars we pay for it, is a facade. As numerous pilots, GSA auditors, police, and air marshals continuously report, there IS NO real airport security.
    2. Social media (Facebook/Youtube) and the propensity to post videos/photos of every activity that every person undertakes is THE primary tool by which the US “justice” system can be brought to mindlessly bear on any poor sucker who doesn’t stay well inside the right wing conservative lines of behavior that are being written into law by wealthy old white guys every day in legislatures all over the good old USA. Be aware.

  152. Robert Shaver says:

    These were not two guys just fooling around … these were filmmakers. That video was well shot, acted and edited. This little video was as good as many commercials I’ve seen. They had to work very hard to get something that looked that good. Somebody should hire them.

  153. Katey says:

    people are taking this so much more serious than it needs to be. ohgod, two men had some fun in the airport.

    it doesnt make our national security look terrible.

    people just need to get over it.

    we have bigger things to worry about then two men making a video in an airport.

  154. AAdvantage Partners says:

    I was really laughing reading some funny comments. Anyway, thanks for sharing this blog, truly made my day.AAdvantage Partners

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