Airport Hijinks No Laughing Matter For Board Member

DFW AIRPORT (CBSDFW.COM) – A new video making the rounds of the Internet shows two guys goofing around after hours at DFW International Airport.

What concerns some is that no one seems to do anything to stop them.

It’s meant to be funny, but not everyone is laughing.

For most travelers, airports aren’t really a fun place. But the video, posted Monday to the video sharing website Vimeo, shows two guys having some fun late at night in an empty terminal.

Photographer Joe Ayala and friend Larry Chen say they were stranded after their connecting flight out of DFW was cancelled. So they made a go of it — racing wheelchairs and doing stuff some travelers only dream of doing.

It was all under the watchful eye of DFW’s security cameras, but there is no sign of airport police.

CBS 11 showed the video to Taylor O’Donovan, who was catching a flight to Detroit. “I can’t believe there wasn’t some kind of security or someone walking around at all to even see that.”

Aviation security experts who have seen the video say it doesn’t show any major security concerns because the two guys were ticketed passengers who had already been screened by the TSA.

DFW airport board member Betty Culbreath says while it may have been a prank, it sent the wrong message. “It’s not funny. It’s not going to happen again as far as I’m concerned. It should not have happened because it gives the perception the airport is sitting out there unguarded and that’s why I was concerned, and am still concerned.”

At one point in the video, one of the men enters the kitchen of Pappadeux’s Restaurant in Terminal E and pours himself what appears to be beer.

Airport spokesman David Magana says the men didn’t have permission to be in there. He acknowledges the video raises questions of how well the airport secures businesses, and says they are looking into it.

Traveler Frank Myers wasn’t amused either. “If this were all staged on a set, I’d be laughing right now. That’s staged in a public arena, and they’re costing money for us travelers, and I don’t care for it at all.”

The airport says it’s too soon to determine whether they’ll file criminal charges against the men.

A spokesman for TSA says he hadn’t seen the video, and couldn’t comment.

CBS 11 tried contacting Ayala & Chen for this story, as well as the operator of the restaurant, but were unable to reach them.

American Airlines, the airline that runs most of the gates the men were playing around at, declined comment.

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  • CG

    Seriously? Get over it, they should be made to pay restitution for the beer, then AA should pay them for having to send the night in the airport. When I was kid, I did the same thing at DFW, having wheelchair races, running through the terminal and sleeping behind customer service counters.

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    […] the rounds of the Internet shows two guys goofing around after hours at DFW International Airport. More from:… PreviousPost […]

  • Cygnet

    Interesting. Apparently Mr. Ayala and Mr. Chin are adults since they don’t seem to be traveling with a parent or guardian (although they should have been).

    Their “funny” video just underlines the unhappily narcissistic personality disorder of Misters Ayala and Chin. It is sad to see physically adult men acting like very badly behaved small pre-school children.

    Despite the possibility the equipment was damaged in their rampage, and that they trashed a restroom, and that they are shown breaking and entering, and stealing, the real bottom line of this sad little tale is that if they could do these things without being apprehended, what could a terrorist do? The possibilities are limited only by ones imagination.

    One more very good reason to stay out of airports.

    • What A Silly Silly Man

      @Cygnet, yes, I agree with you. Stay away from any and all airports. Nobody wants a hysterical, angry exaggerator in their town. Also, please be sure to report ANY and ALL persons you know, including your own children, who 1) download music or movies off of the Internet; 2) re-post photos they found online on their Facebook or Twitter; 3) cross an empty street when the sign still says “Don’t Walk,” because chances are they’re breaking the law.

    • What a Silly, Silly Man

      Also, it’s Chen, sweetheart. Does every Asian-looking man look like a “Mr. Chin” to you? If I were as overheated and paranoid as you are, I’d have you arrested for committing a hate crime.

    • r martin

      Additionally, it is sad to see physically adult men post such trivial complaints on a blog. Whining and complaining about the possible loss of 8 oz of beer and some wet tissue paper like a little kid in a sand box.

      So do you know that they didn’t leave a dollar on the bar? Do you know that they didn’t clean up the bathroom to hide their tracks?

      I’m 43 years old and I think that this is hilarious. People need to lighten up in this world. You only get one try at life, and sitting around complaining and whining about what everyone else is doing or not doing is not living. it’s dying.

      • guido

        Let’s not forget it was someone else’s duty to lock their stuff up. While it might be wrong to steal, chalk it up to a harmless prank you martinets. And lock your stupid kitchen if you don’t want uninvited guests, airport Pappadeux. I’ve been locked up in the foreign arrivals section of the Saint Petersburg airport in Russia after being detained for not having a visa. I got drunk with a German businessman who had a bottle of Absolut, wandered the terminal all night, and harassed the luxury lounge for food and newspapers. You find your fun when and where you can.

      • joe dirt

        This is ridiculous! All you whiners saying they “trashed” the airport. How? Where? Two little foam balls or spit balls in the bathroom? You consider that trashed? For all you know, they could have cleaned up after themselves. Get a life. If I was stuck in an airport for an entire night, I would hope I could have this much fun.

      • chow

        You steal a dime or a million dollars makes no difference in the eye of the law nor in the eyes of God. Stealing is stealing. But that’s not even the problem here it’s the breaking and entering of a private establishment.

      • I may be a birther but at least I'm not a forger

        I agree this is very funny. Much better than the junk that get passed off as funny to TV these days.

      • Mama

        Agreed! This was hilarious!

      • SHEILA

        this was HILARIOUS!

      • BOIZ

        When is the last time you bought a beer in an airport? $1?? More like $8..

      • Alain Bonnemaison

        Hilarious indeed.. Just boys being boys. Big deal. People need to get over themselves. Most of us have forgotten how to have fun.

        Now If you excuse me, I am going to go slide escalators at my local airport.

      • Alan

        @r martin, I couldn’t agree more with your comments. People seem so eager to get their panties in a wad about anything that is unusual or eccentric, no matter how harmless. LIghten up, people! This is not a police state, (or wasn’t before 9/11) and having fun is not against the law.

      • Pete Yorn

        Big government must have been on a union break or in one of its domestic citizen army drills. Hahahahahaha. This video is fantastic.

      • msv

        hey man I totally agree with you!! it must be our age cuz i am 43 also and I found it funny as hell people do have to lighten up there are a lot bigger issues to be uptight about.

      • John

        Yeah, you’re right. It would be hilarious if they came to your house and trashed it and stole from you. We’d all get a kick out of it…of course they’d leave you a dollar, so it would all be ok. You effing idiot.

      • Kist Miass

        Did they go to your house John, no they didn’t so shut up. Boys will be boys no matter how old they are. I’m 47 and still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up and god willing I never will….

      • matt

        What’s the crime? (I mean other than stealing a beer.)

      • Bob

        This was great, not only did they have fun, but what great cinematography… this really cracked me…. I agree, we should all have a good laugh EVERY day…. even more than that, at every opportunity!

        To those old fuddy-duds that just can’t seem lighten up, enjoy your life, it will be over way too soon…. enjoy! btw, I’m 59

      • iAlejandro

        I keep cracking up when I watch the part where they are making sounds on the microphone and pounding on the keyboard, lol.

    • Stan

      Please tell me you weren’t serious, Cygent. If so, then get over yourself. These are two guys making the best of a situation. If DFW and AA doesn’t want these things to happen then maybe they should honor the contract they have with their passengers by not cancelling the flight. Obviously it was not a weather related cancellation or there would have been more passengers in there.

      But I am sure people who are able to ride their high horses about the country aren’t concerned about such pedestrian issues.

      • Cream Marx

        John is a teablogger

      • John

        Phucking morons on here today. Must be democrats who are used to getting everything for free anyway. A flgith being cancelled is reason to break laws. No wonder our country is such poor shape. Stay in the ghetto and collect your “free” stuff. We keep you fed in those cages, so you don’t comre out and mingle with the responsible adults.

      • r martin

        Don’t call me a moron, John. Insults, belittlement, and contempt for your fellow man. No wonder our country is in such poor shape.

        And the next time you are exceeding the speed limit, please call a cop and report yourself.

      • Johns Subconscious

        You are a strange man sir.

    • JB

      Seriously? This is your comment? BTW – most airlines allow unaccompanied children as young as age 12. Regardless, these kids look like late HS or college and appear to be having a blast – given a bad situation. If you never goofed around at this age, I feel sorry for your sad life. As for the beer? Restaurants should lock their doors. Playing with equipment? Airline agents should keep the equipment secure. Oh, please look up the definition for a “narcissistic personality disorder”. Their behavior is not anywhere close to this.

      • GAlanJag

        Goofing around is one thing. I had no problem with what they did up to the point of theft. They stole the beer from that restaurant. Theft is theft and it is against the law. The law does not get suspended if you happen to have your flight cancelled. What if everyone whose flights got cancelled acted this way? No one would want to fly, that’s what. If you wish to be dealt with as though you are an adult then freakin act like an adult.

      • John

        It would be hilarious if some “young” people came and stole everything “not secure” from your home or yard. I’m sure you’d feel the same way about their “goofing around.” God Americans are idiots.

      • Garrett

        John, you need a beer buddy. Was it bad what they did? Yeah. Is it the end of the world? Not really…. the airport didn’t seem to concerned about what they were doing at the time anyway. At least it brings to light a security issue they have at DFW. Hell maybe the airport should pay them for the enlightenment. There are bigger things to get fired up about.

      • Canof Sand

        “There are bigger things to get fired up about.”
        Such as the fact that so many people don’t even answer similar to you did (“Yeah”) to the question “Was it bad what they did?” Too many of us are raising yet another generation of “grown children” instead of adults.

    • astralweeks

      Leave Cygnet alone. He’s that old guy with pants pulled up to here, nose hair down to here, and regularly screams, “You kids get off my lawn or I’ll turn to the hose on you!”

    • Davo

      I’m a 53 year old white male and Cygnet you sound just like my father. And the only fun thing I can say about him, is now he’s dead.
      Dude, that video was funny.
      You can stay home and suck lemons and complain.

      • zaire67

        Now we know why the 100 days of summer is when the most idiots die.

    • S. Finley

      All I can say is, “Whaaaaaa!” The airport got caught with its pants down. And people want to villainize these two guys for having a little fun at the expense of those who do nothing but constantly pilfer hard earned money from the American people. I have no sympathy for these people. God Bless these guys. A little irreverence looks like just what the doctor ordered.

    • Johnny Socko

      Lighten up, Cygnet. Get a life. You would absolutely do this if you had the chance. Unless, of course you’re one of those religious nincompoops who thinks everything and everyone is horrible (unless you’re born again).

      Lighten up. Have some fun!

    • Votarus4

      American Airlines owes me hundreds, and has flat-out robbed me many times.
      Buying a beer in a terminal – what 8-12 bucks now? And that’s not robbery?
      Security cameras cover this terminal, but no one covered the cameras! How much are THOSE employees costing American’s with their salaries for not doing their job?
      Rampage? A bit extreme. Trashed restroom? Inflammatory synopsis based on semi-truth.
      So let me try : Misters Ayala and Chin are whistleblowers and should be nominated for a Congressional Medal of Honor.

    • John

      What?! These are democrat journalists…not even…they’re photographers lol…a real asset to our country. But anyway, they’re entitled “journalists.” They can do whatever they want. Didn’t you know that?

      • none

        Good god. You are a royal pain in the ass… laugh a little… f*ck your wife..

    • Michael

      Oh lord get over yourself, you people have no sense of humor these days. They were trapped in the airport, they didn’t break into the airport, it was the airport’s fault for not seeing two passengers were stranded in there.

      As hard as it is for you to believe this, they didn’t damage anything, it’s not breaking and entering if they’re not breaking in, trespassing would be more likely, but even then, what would happen if you walked into a kitchen during business hours of a restaurant? Asked to leave? Or would anyone say anything at all? I may agree with the stealing part, he should have left five bucks for the drink itself. Also, they cleaned up the bathroom after.

      I’m sure you would have been sitting in the airport cursing the airport and airline and threw a temper tantrum the next day.

    • Anthony

      “One more very good reason to stay out of airports.”
      Yes. Fun. Fun is a very good reason to stay out of airports. Look, if a couple of guys acting like goofballs is enough to keep you locked away in your bomb shelter, then so much the better. The world is a dangerous place, but is the world worth protecting if it isn’t full of joy and discovery?

    • Beastin

      Your ridiculous. Just reading your comment makes me lose faith in our race. Besides drinking the beer (which looks a little staged to me anyway), i don’t see anything harmful. So get your panties out of a wad, and just enjoy the video

    • jack

      oh boo hoo get a life

  • r martin

    Please – this is hilarious! Only the insecure cannot find the humor in this.

    As for the guy complaining in the video: What cost to the traveling public was there? A beer? Pappadeux spills that much beer every hour.
    Please – move on people. when did the US become a place where people can’t enjoy themselves? jeez – what a bunch of grumps. shoot yourself and get it over with.

    • Gumby Rules

      “when did the US become a place where people can’t enjoy themselves? ”


      When GWB started warrantless wiretaps and the TSA took over screening duties at the airports. Betcha many feel extra safe now after watching this video.

      • Scratch

        Sorry Gumby, this has nothing whatsoever to with Bush or wiretaps. Maybe you could try dropping some Palin spam in here for better effect.

      • Gumby Rules Ass

        When OBAMA continued warrantless wiretaps and the TSA took over screening duties at the airports. Betcha many feel extra safe now after watching this video.

      • Jokey Joe!

        Hmm who has let the Patriot Act be renewed twice in office? Extended tax cuts? Has started another war? Oh yeah.. Obama. Make sure you point out that those warrentless wiretaps aren’t over.

      • Lazybum

        Gumby-you are wasting precious oxygen. Please resign from the human race. What a moron!

      • Dave Shaffer

        It started long before Bush, Gumby. But I reckon you weren’t paying attention.

        As far as the video goes, I think it’s a hoot.So they lifted a beer? Who wouldn’t (except maybe Gumby)? I hope to see more like it.

      • kevin

        We stopped having fun ever since the loosiers that have nothing else to think about came out of the woodwork. These are the same few who would give away our freedoms just so they can feel empowered. They have no respect for themselves cause they have no job and no future in life. Basically people should take the attitude of “I don’t care what you think or say, just stay out of otheres business.

      • Floyd DaBarber

        What further proof do we need that the security at the airport screening stations is nothing more than theater…. truth is that our airports are wide open still. Now having said that — these guys did a great job and only a mook would spend time trying to find something illegal about it.

      • Diane Emmerich

        Another idiot with BDS (Bush derangement syndrome) …Racing wheelchairs isn’t jihad and the restaurant should have secured it’s entrance. All the airport sttores have those metal gates they pull down. obviously someone forgot. Take your meds Gumby.

      • The_Edge

        Wow, BDS at Stage 10. Nearly terminal and headed for hospice soon.

    • Pat


    • In Dallas

      Agreed! People worry about the stupidest sh-t when there are real problems in the world.

    • In Dallas

      Agreed! People worry about the stupidest sh-t when there are real problems in the world.

    • Willy

      American Airlines….What great FREE advertising for American Airlines. They should give these guys a job doing their advertising because I near peed myself laughing. I have spent many hours in DFW surrounded by far too many grumpy travelers. I would sooner be in the company of these two fun guys and I am old enough to be their father.

      • Joe

        I agree Willy, these two boys were just having a little fun while they waited. If anything they should be getting vouchers for AA not having flight for them to catch. I would not be afraid to travel with them along any day. You boys enjoy just really exposed the flaws in too much government and they are now embarrassed because of it… thats why they will try to make an example out of you.

      • Michael L

        Agreed. Hey, official complainers: switch to decaf, and get a life. Probably the only two guys that actually ENJOYED being at DFW that day—-no thanks to TSA…

      • Kirk

        hell ya, willy!

        i tip my hat to you and your down-to-earth sensibility.

        when did life become one giant string of opportunities to hate others for having a good time, amusing themselves, or merely making the best of a really bad situation?

        we young at heart will surely outlive those who don’t see the humor in this video, and our lives will be much more fulfilling and fun.

    • Jax

      I agree, hahahahaha, this is way too funny, people should untwist thier panties & have a little fun in life…it’s too short to be so serious….Ask the joker….


    Please, all of yous would have done the same as young men. To criticize them, is to criticize yourselves. So please, you have fun, you HAVE fun. Now if someone says to stop, you stop. They were not tresspassing. The restaurant was obviously open if they got in. Honestly, I think we have bigger problems with other “narcissists” in government, getting paid to do illegal stuff with our money. So please.

    • Brad Skidmore

      Exactly! Nail on HEAD!

    • Marbran

      At least they had the presence of mind to record and post it! Bravo to the both!

      We used to enjoy creative expressions such as their’s. Today, we are expected to fear everyone, and to ‘report all suspicious activity.’

      Did they clean up their messes? Did they break anything? If not, then give them a round of applause, because the video is enjoyable.

    • sleepyzZ

      It was all good until someone started taking product. Shoplifting is shoplifting.

  • Morgan

    This is the most useless story of 2011. Please go back to covering “Weiner-Gate” and I will go back to watching Al-Jazeera.

  • JC

    GOOD FOR THEM!!!!! They had some serious “guts” to do that. Why shouldnt they – the TSA would be molesting them again if they leave the airport and possibly lose their ticket. IT WAS A CONNECTING FLIGHT FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. If any flight should be good to go it should be the connecting one but no, i got canceled. they should be able to sue for damages related to their time and paid per diem for housing and food and transportation. Instead they get nothing. GOOD FOR THEM!

  • Neff Conner

    Full video is here: “Stuck”

  • Ben Dover

    This is proof positive that the TSA must increase the groping.

    • Phil McAvity

      And the through the clothes photography….don’t forget the photography.

      • Bawney Fwank

        Did somebody say cavity?

  • Jim

    Those guys are AWESOME!!! They are my new heroes.

    • Veganman

      I agree! Well shot, great editing, good handle on direction. This video does not look amateur at all, so if this is indeed legit……..BRILLIANT!

      • Lily Ng

        That shot of the wheelchair behind the spokes of the other chair? Pure genius. The overhead angles of the escalator while he’s spinning on his back? These guys are very, very talented.

      • Brian

        These guys aren’t amateurs. The shoot photos and video for Formula Drift (Pro Drift Series in the US). They have thousands of dollars of gear at their disposal in just that one backpack. I met them briefly at the Formula Drift event this year. Check out his other videos on Vimeo and you’ll see what kind of work they do.

    • Willy

      These guys rule…. and I am 60 years old and don’t find humor in much of anything since Barry the Waste got into office. It is OK if he plays golf or shoots baskets every day instead of fixing anything, but it’s a major crime when a couple of young guys have fun without causing any damage or hurting anyone. Go figure.

  • Bob

    Part of the way through the video the page auto-refreshed and started from the beginning. There’s no reason for that and it’s EXTREMELY annoying.

    • epicrecipe

      Yeah, I hate that trend in online news. It disrupts consumption of their content just so they can artificially boost the number of ad views.

  • Roger

    At least they were not the victims of a scam put on by the woman (DFW employee) who stands at the cab waiting area to assist with getting you a cab. I was there in April this year, got stranded for an overnighter, with her help and a cab driver who could barley speak english I was relieved of $41 for a $28 dollar cab ride to the motel that I was going to stay at for the night. Twenty eight dollars was what I had to pay the following day for the trip from the motel to the airport.

  • GeeWhiz

    If you have ever been at DFW late at night it is like a ghost town. I think this was just fun. It’s boring just sitting there waiting for a cancelled flight. So now you say we have to be like zombies at the airport. With all the hassles we go through to fly now why not smile some?

  • dump28usn

    Aw come on, lighten up for goodness sake. This was just two guys goofing off while waiting for their flight.

  • Sharon

    “it gives the perception the airport is sitting out there unguarded”…..

    of course, that should have read, “…it confirms that the airport is sitting out there unguarded….”

    • intelligent being

      The airport is guarded. The two men were cleared through TSA. We all probably have this devious little child part of us that would like to play with wheelchairs, goof off on the escalators, and, oh wow, sneak a beer from a bar. We do not know where cameras are located. We do not know how many are patroling a very large building structure (might have been off somewhere busy checking to make sure doors are locked and no little hidden packages stashed in dark corners, gosh!) I sincerely doubt these guys did anything they filmed without taking a serious look around for any walking security first that might actually tell them to stop. Seriously, the only “danger” in security was the fact that they had access to back kitchen area of the restaurant and potentially knives that could get on planes. Thank you for exposing that one detail. Go hurt yourself with the other dumb stuff in the video. And, yes, it was funny to watch.

  • meh

    Sorry chuck norris, i have found jew heroes!

  • Bruce

    No one was hurt and no property was damaged. There was no breach of security. Who cares what they did in an empty terminal? Seriously haven’t the people running airports more important matters to concern themselves with.

    • Gumby Rules

      Obviously so. Didn’t you see the janitor with the vacuum just stare at them and then return to his work?

  • guardsix

    Pretty darn funny. Lighten up folks. You should be more upset about being searched and harrassed by TSA goons.

  • pepper

    The vid is funny by itself.

    From the standpoint of tax payer im wondering what a terrorist could do with all this unsecured free time- it would be a bad deal- Im sure that thought is what has everyone’s whitey tighties in a wod.

    • James - Longdrycreek Ranch, Texas Panhandle

      Please remember these two men or a terrorist on the loose have been screened by TSA. Janet is proud of TSA and her handiwork.

    • jenny

      Pepper…just to let you in on a little secret…the only terrorists you need to fear are the terrorists in Washington, whom have hijacked our freedoms in exchange for corporate-wealth…to the point they’re in a tizzy over loosing $8 worth of profit in beer and it’s obvious a couple guys got away with having too much FREEDOM in one of their strongholds! What an OUTRAGE! They MUST BE PUNISHED! I’ll tell you…our government needs to hear from ALL of us, lifting these guys UP! They need to hear us LOUD & CLEAR saying, KISS MY A$$, YOU, CORPORATE-MALTHUSIAN-FASCIST-PIGS! They may try to bend our will…but we, the people, will break their back!

  • Just following orders...sir

    Now if you could all just shut the F up, turnout your pockets, sit down and open your smart phones. We’ll be downloading all data in the line to the right and those with wallets the line on the left will be scanning it’s contents shortly. All house keys will be duplicated in a single line just before you board. Thank you for your cooperation. Wispering to his microphone “Officers, get you stun-guns ready and someone notify swat. We have a couple guys that look restless. They may want to get out of line for something.

  • FNTM

    It appears as though the two of them were making the best of a bad situation. Security obviously saw the same thing and probably chuckled at the antics. Why are some of the other bloggers so sour pussed?

  • TSA=thousands standing around

    Laughter and fun at the airoort, The stuff shirts who got their panties all bunged up
    are just doing what they think their boss/people wants them to do.
    Rigid thinking automotaunts.
    These guys had fun, and used a little physics in the process.

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