Drunken Driver Kills Bystander In Richardson, Wounds Another

screen shot 2011 06 19 at 5 50 25 pm Drunken Driver Kills Bystander In Richardson, Wounds Another

Louis Daitch, 29, is charged with intoxication manslaughter and intoxication assault after he lost control of his car and hit two civilians, killing one. (Credit: Richardson PD)

RICHARDSON (CBSDFW.COM) – A 29-year-old man was arrested Saturday for intoxication manslaughter and intoxication assault after he lost control of his truck and hit two pedestrians, killing one.

A Richardson Police Department spokesman said Louis Daitch, 29, was driving westbound in the 500 block of West Arapaho Road around 7:42 p.m. Saturday “at an unsafe speed” when he lost control of his truck and drove into an adjacent parking lot, hitting Geraldine Pulejo, 62 and Barbara Benson, 68.

Pulejo died from her injuries while Benson was treated and released from the hospital. Daitch didn’t require medical attention, and police determined at the scene that he was under the influence and arrested him.

Daitch is booked at the Richardson City Jail with a $60,000 bond.


One Comment

  1. 2sister says:

    I don’t agree with what he did. They need stricter jail sentences for drunk driving.

    Asking that they give him the death penalty, however, is pointless. That’ is very unlikely to ever happen

  2. Diane Walker says:

    He took away a wonderful, beautiful woman who was a
    wife,mother, and grandmother. Now her family are suffering. At least he is alive. God please be with her family.

  3. NiteNurse says:

    “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” I am sure NONE of you who are judging this fellow have driven after having a few drinks. A drink is a drink and NO ONE should drive even after ONE drink.

    1. Lou C. Fihr says:

      Shut up, moron.

      1. Jeff D Johnson says:

        WOW! What a brillant and well thought out reply. You must be part of MENSA.

      2. Lou C. Fihr says:

        Actually I am. I tested and was accepted in 1986. I have an IQ of 157. You don’t have to write a Dostoyevsky novel to get a point across. Moron.

      3. LBJ says:

        So, you get your point across by calling folks moron? Do you find that this approach works in most cases or you tend to get ignored – a lot?

  4. FedUpTxn says:

    Wow! This guy has priors for theft, unlicensed weapons, multiple drug counts, and more. Lock him up and throw away the key! If this is a “nice guy”, I’m the Wizard of Oz!

  5. Brandon Young says:

    this gopher kid is 20 year old kid with anger problems she need to keep her comments to her self she should keep her comments to herself

    1. Ralph Benjamin says:

      Are you drunk? Were you drunk the entire time you wrote each one of these replies? These were some of the most painful things I have ever read.. Lou C. Fihr.. i usualy do not comment and instead enjoy “lurking” but I felt compelled to chime in to agree with your last post that outlines your fear for the future. Haha

  6. sybil12505 says:

    I have known louis since we were teenagers. I will make no excuses for him. The court will punish him as seen fit by Dallas county law. This punishment along with his guilt are necessary to ensure he never does this again. People stop demeaning his character. No one ever thinks this will ever happen to them. Many of us have made similar poor decisions, we just didn’t kill some one. My heart and prayers go out to the victims family and Louis’s as well. Let this be a lesson… Never drink and drive!!

  7. Stormi Roberts says:

    Brandon Young you just need to be quite yes Luis may be ur BEST FRIEND and all n he may be a good person.. But A GOOD PERSON SHOULD KNOW BETTER THAN TO GET BEHIND THE WHEEL OF THE CAR WHILE BEING THAT DRUNK.. He has always a ragging alcoholic every since I have known him and I first meet him when I was 9 or 10 yrs old.. And for you to defend him is just wrong on ur part.. You sit there n say that he didnt leave the scene but two seconds later that he didnt realize whaT HE DID until he was back on the road.. It shouldn’t matter the fact of the matter is he was drunk enough to have hit not one but two older ladies, killing one.. He shouldnt have been behind the wheel of the truck being that drunk.. And for you to sit there n defend him by saying he was at the wrong place at the wrong time, is just stupid.. If he were to have hit n killed either your mom or grandmother you wouldnt be so quick to defend him and I know you wouldnt.. You say that he feels bad for what he did and he called you crying about the fact that he killed her,, BUT sorry isn’t enough.. He took someones life.. He has a 5 yr old lil boy who he is a single father to shoudnt he be a better role model and teach his son that it is not ok to drive drunk.. I’m sorry but I think he needs to sit in jail for a long time for what he did.. It is soooooo sad that you are getting mad about what other people are saying on here it’s not ur place to judge what anyone is writting the only ppl that should be able to say any thing about what is eing wrote is the family of the poor woman who lost her life because of LUIS”S drunken stupidness..

    1. Donald says:

      I totally agree for what you are saying! I knew Gerraldine personally and she was an amazing grandmaw to my best friend. I looked at her as one of my own grandmaws, i just can’t believe she’s gone. Mainly i can’t believe that she was killed by someones stupid mistake. I hope he does sit in jail, for a long time. I don’t feel bad for him, mainly because i was at the hospital and watched that family grieve for there grandmaw, mom and friend. I am still grieving for her loss.

    2. Dylan says:

      it was also in a parking lot not a street, so he needs to be locked up for good

  8. Jason P says:

    I’m sure he was a great guy to some and not so great to others, just like any other person on this planet. However, everyone should look at it this way, if it was your grandmother, mom, friend, sister, etc you would want him to go to jail for the remainder of his life. In short, if Ghandi, the pope, or Jesus Christ himself ran over my loved one I’d want them to sit the rest of their life in prison. I would spare them the chair based on the fact that it was an accident. However, this accident took a life.

    1. Ralph Benjamin says:

      great post.

  9. gopher says:

    Katy why dont you stay on subject, instead criticizing what others have to say. Yeah my family lent him that money because he needed help. And when i say family i mean my father and mother, before you get on here and say anything, why dont you Stop, take a second and THINK before you speak on something you have no idea about. Thank you sweetie and have a nice day.

    1. Katy says:

      Hey sweetie, I do know about the subject. I knew Louis and if you and your family did too then you should have known better then to “LEND” $1400 dollars to him and first wasn’t it to “HOLD ON TO”??? Why don’t you get your story straight and stay on subject cause last I read it didn’t say “MAN ARRESTED FOR NOT PAYING BACK FAMILY $1400 DOLLARS” yea speaking of IRRELEVANT think before YOU speak. EYOOOOO… Have a nice day honey!

      1. gopher says:

        I will have a nice day, laughing at you!

      2. katy says:

        lol the feeling is mutual …

      3. katy says:

        Nothing relevant to say, what a surprise Gopher… I’m sure you laugh a lot at people. That’s what dumb people do when they don’t have an intelligent response.

  10. Trish Mckool says:

    Hey hey hey people my God. NONE of you have the right to pass judgement on anybody! Louis made a HORRIBLE decision as im sure some of u have also. My prayers go out to the families on BOTH sides of the spectrum. He has an adorable 5 yr old boy that is soooo smart that will not have his father in his life and if u knew him u would also know that boys mother is no where around either so not only did it take a good woman away from her family it also put an innocent young child in an unknown situation with an unknown future. All the trash talk about him putting date rape drugs in girls drinks is just plain RIDICULOUS!!!!! He has been around my family for goin on 20 yrs now. Even with an admitted crush on me he never tried anything like that. As far as his criminal history…. That has nothing to do with this case specifically and anyone that knows him knows he is not the person that he used to be. He made a horrible decision and will get the punishment the courts deem necessary for the crime he committed, but this is not a trash talking session. My prayers go out to BOTH FAMILIES!!!!!!!!

    1. joe says:

      Gerry was my mom and this SOB killed my mom. The most he can get is 20 years for my killing my mom and 10 years for injuring her friend. He’ll be less than 50 years old when he gets out of jail so he’ll still have a relationship with his son. My mom is gone forever.

      1. Trish Mckool says:

        Look… I understand your pain. More than you know. i know what its like to not have ur parent FOREVER and I also know what its like to lose someone you dearly love to a drunk driver. Know how long that man got… 6 months no probation. I know ur pain more than most ppl on this post. And even if he does get 20 yrs for “Killing your mom” ( I see it as sending her to the heavenly father and taking her out of her misery) and 10 yrs for injuring her friend then thats still 30 yrs. he will be 59 by that time, And those are not max sentences but sentences with good behavior… Not likely to be that little by the time its all said n done. Those are recommended. I hate to break it to u like this but I am a realist. Your mother was taken right at the moment she was meant to be taken. If she wasnt meant to be gone she wouldnt be… And if it wasnt Louis it would have been someone else. Its all a part of GODs ultimate plan and no matter how mad you get there isnt a damn thing you can do about it. Im not saying all this because I know him personally. Im saying this as someone thats disappointed by his actions and has also been thru the pain of losing a loved one to a drunk diver. I know he did not intentionally do this. Thats just not his Character… So please. dont pass judgement! You are not free of sin and in Gods eyes every sin is equal. Dont pass judgement because the same judgement will be made upon u at the gates.

      2. Stormi Roberts says:

        So Trish I understand That you told Brandon that u called me n went off on me for wut I wrote on here but I really dont see how thats even possible if you dont know me or my phone number.. And that you said that I took back everything I wrote on here.. But please tell me why in GOD”S name I would do that when everything I wrote was true!! Luis has always drank to much and that IS A FACT it’s not a LIE.. He used to run around with a pitcher of beer n drink out it like it was a cup.. I have lots of pics to prove it too.. And further more he shouldn’t have gotten behind the wheel of his truck being that intoxicated.. He has a lil boy that he needs to worry about.. And him doing something that stupid and killing an old lady plus injuring her friend is just wrong.. Yes I do feel like he deserves wut ever sentence the judge gives him. Like they say if you do the crime you do the time.. It doesn’t matter if it was her time to go or not .. Her life was still taken due to him being so drunk and driving when he shouldnt have drove.. I am sorry that his son doesnt have his daddy in his life right now, BUT there is also a family who doesnt have their mom, wife, and grandmother anymore.. So if you think I’M SO WRONG FOR WRITTING WUT I WROTE THEN OH FREAKING WELL CUZ WUT I WROTE WAS TRUE.. He was my sister n my friend as well, and the last time I checked you don’t know me so you really have no place to say anything about what I wrote.. And the next time you go running around telling Brandon Young that you did called me n went off on me make sure it’s true cuz he obviously has a big mouth that he likes to run.. Thank you and have a great day..

  11. My 2 cents says:

    None of this would of happened if he had been drinking milk and riding his bicycle.

    1. Lou C. Fihr says:

      “It’s so damn hot… milk was a bad choice.” – Ron Burgundy

  12. Gopher says:

    So im not intelligent because I choose not to respond to your immature comments? All I did is simply state my opinion, and you chose to take to take it to another level. As for Louis, he is a great father, I will not say any different.And I do pray for both families as well, but I do not condone his actions, or the way he goes about things. Im just glad his son was not in the car at the time.

  13. Guy is a Murderer says:

    He is a disgusting murderer! Gerri will never see her grandchildren grow up and her sons and daughter will mourn her death forever. Her daughter is my dear friend, she will never recover from this sensless loss.

  14. Charna rice says:

    What a shame a good person’s life gone because of someone wasted! God bless her soul rest in peace and she is in good hands. My sympathy and deepest condolences goes out to anna and her family.

  15. Michael W says:

    I do not see anyone talking about how to prevent this from happening again. I see people speeding along Arapaho all the time, Campbell too, and not to even mention the red light runners. Driving too fast on that stretch of road is never acceptable. If you’re in a car with someone doing this, the responsibility falls on YOU to hold them accountable. This is not Fast and Furious: Richardson. If you see it and have a cell phone, PULL OVER and report speeders and red light runners.

  16. No Name says:

    I know Louis and he has a beautiful son that I will continually pray for. I am also praying for the victim’s family. Such a horrible tragedy. I met Louis when he was making small efforts to be sober but, he is an addict and needed to make more of an effort for his son and he didn’t. I pray that this opens his eyes to know his son needs a better example. It breaks my heart for his son. I am by no means trying to minimize his awful mistake in the death of another person. I just hope his son is taken care of. This is heartbreaking for both sides and I don’t mean for him….I mean for the victim and her family and also a 5 year old boy that now has no parents.

    1. Trish says:


  17. Noneya says:

    Lots of people are mourning these tragic events, that of the woman who died, the woman who survived, and the loss of a father and friend. My heart goes out to the families involved and the friends who feel the need to defend those that they love. Dont we have anything bettter to do than to spread rumors around about a person who cannot defend themself? Come on people. This is so sad, and reading these comments only makes it worse!

  18. Canan says:

    I pray for both innocent ladies’ families. Rest assured there is no place in Heaven for murderers. Redemption and born again does not exist. An eye for an eye. Eternal damnation he will pay.

  19. full of sorrow says:

    Well, the whole situation is very sad. The family obviously is suffering from a great loss. I too knew Louis. He has a very kind heart but has always lived his life in a careless manner. I pray that his young son will be well taken care of and my condolences go out to Geraldine’s family.

  20. Richardson Girl says:

    Gerry’s soul was laid to rest today. She is now with the good Lord! The Pulejo family is such an amazing family. The outpour of love and support that was seen today was incredible.
    I have such ill words and thoughts for the idiot that caused this tragedy. He deserves no sympathy. NONE! NONE! NONE! NONE!

  21. Ashley B. says:

    This is a horrible trajedy! I know him as well and he truly is a good person…he just doesn’t/hasn’t made the best decisions. Some of us get lost along the way. And the results of ones bad choices lay harsher than anothers. His son IS a victim in all of this too! There’s no time lapse in a father/son relationship that goes unwritten. Knowing Lewis doesn’t take away from the sympathy of loss for the victims family and friends. I can only imagine what an amazing woman she was and it’s more than a horrible shame. In fact, I don’t even see words fit to describe or explain the depth of what’s happened here. And regardless of how definite everyone’s loss is, it’s Lewis who has this death on his hands from here until forever! And it’s apparent that he didn’t run! Who can know how unreal it must of felt? I believe in the end, after all the wrong decisions he made that day, that he made at least one right. My condolences to everyone impacted by this horrible accident. I hope forgiveness will be found and then given. As for all of you who keep making comments about grammer and matters unspecific to this event are petty and heartless. You are no better than what you speak of.

  22. joe says:

    All I know is that my family wouldn’t be suffering right now had he not made a CONSCIOUS DECISION to get behind the wheel of his truck and proceed to kill my mother.

    1. ashley b. says:

      You’re more than right Joe! I’m extremely sorry for your loss! Nobody should ever have to suffer thru an event such as this! I hope you all can find a way to cope! Again, I’m so sorry!

      1. joe says:

        Thank you Ashley. It is a tragedy for all parties involved.. I know that my mom is in a better place and that does comfort me somewhat.

        It’s truly sad how many people make a conscious decision to get behind the wheel of their vehicle after drinking and then proceed to injure or kill someone.. Another one died today in Dallas because of a drunk driver.

  23. Rev. Rhea says:

    It’s so tough on everyone. We grieve for the victim and her family. We grieve for the fatherless child now and Louis’ family. Louis’ mom is beyond grief as we can imagine the victim’s immediate family are for her.

    I think a lot of us deal with our anger, shock and grief by venting onto the perp. I’m sad for him. We all know he did wrong. He loved his son and will likely never see him grow up. I’m equally sad for the victim and her family. And I’m equally sad for Louis’ mom, siblings, and grandparents. Don’t know what will happen to the child, but I suppose an adoption would be in order as the grandmother isn’t in the kind of shape to raise him. The mother of the child is long out of the picture.

    It’s tragic all the way around for everyone. It’s heartwrenchingly sickening for everyone involved. I can only continue sending them all prayers to have some measure of peace.

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