Local SPCA Details The Horrors Of Puppy Mills

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – When you see a wire pen in a parking lot and a sign advertising cute little puppies for sale, do you ever stop to ask the seller where they got all of those animals? You should, animal cruelty experts have said, because it can help combat a major pet adoption concern.

The pups could be the product of a puppy mill, a place where hundreds of breeding dogs are caged for their entire lives and forced to live in crowded and filthy conditions with no access to specialized care.

Members of the SPCA, who routinely rescue and care for these ailing dogs and their sick offspring, came together on Friday to educate the public about puppy mills, and what you can do to help stop them before more dogs are hurt.

“I’ve seen dogs missing limbs, ears, eyes, tails,” said Maura Davies with the SPCA. “Some dogs missing a jaw, their entire bottom jaw, so they’re unable to eat. I’ll have nightmares for the rest of my life because of the conditions I’ve seen.”

Still, the SPCA members said that hundreds of North Texas families adopt their adorable dogs from deplorable conditions. SPCA president James Bias said, “It’s usually someone who has no idea they’ve just purchased a puppy from a puppy mill.”

“Some people think registration papers means they’re coming from a good source,” Bias added. “But that doesn’t mean anything.”

The SPCA is now encouraging everyone to take the puppy pledge, and learn how to spot a puppy mill. “The warning signs? Breeder won’t let them on a property,” Bias said, telling the key to finding a possible puppy mill.

People are also encouraged to learn more about animal cruelty laws in Texas, and report any suspected puppy mills to the police or the SPCA. “We don’t know the numbers,” Bias said. “We suspect hundreds of mills breeding 100 or more litters per year. Need to report it.”

A new law starting in October will require breeders to have a license if they have more 12 or more breeding females on their property. The SPCA hopes that this law is just one step toward shutting down puppy mills across Texas.

“It’s overwhelming how horrific it is,” said Davies.


One Comment

  1. Yo Mamma says:

    2 words.
    Don’t care

    1. RussP says:

      Then don’t waste your time reading it or commenting. Furtunately there are a lot of people who do care about how animals who are given no choice are treated at the hands of supposedly intelligent humans.

    2. Susan Winters says:

      lots of words here, no one cares about someone called yo momma

  2. NiteNurse says:

    Get your dog from a dog rescue or a city shelter. The dogs will be vacinated, checked by a vet, and fixed for less then what you would pay for a puppy mill dog.

  3. upchkn says:

    I’ll second that, NiteNurse! They also seem to be more grateful. Both my dogs are rescue dogs, and they are healthy and balanced.

  4. Hemroidious says:

    Bless them. they seem to know how lucky they are. I have two angels.

  5. Wilson 1911 says:

    If they are seized by the SPCA aren’t they going to sell them?

    I think people should find a breeder of quality dogs to buy from.

    1. NiteNurse says:

      No, the SPCA will try to have them adopted. The ones that are sick will try to be rehabilated but if that isn’t possible then they will be euthanized. All dogs from shelters are always fixed prior to release to their new families. The cost of adoption covers their surgery and their vacinations.
      BTY, many people don’t know what it takes to be a quality breeder and buy from someone who states they are. If you feel you really really need a pure bred dog please do your homework and get ready to pay dearly.

      1. Wilson 1911 says:

        The people I have met that are quality breeders and hold and watch for show, all vetting done by the vet prior to letting them go, they may not be “baby puppies” though, have been quite reasonalbe and very caring. You can give it to the vet or you can give it to them and they don’t always break even on what they have spent but they are very careful about who gets what they don’t want, most, if not all have contracts to spay and neuter when they are older and they do not allow them to be bred.

        ADOPT? not SELL? I think if money changes hands, its sold! and why do they think they should have the right to sell when the owners didn’t?

        People need to take responsibility for what they choose I think.

  6. Jesse Davis says:

    haha ! too funny

  7. West Texas Gram says:

    I know several people that got dogs from rescue and SPCA and they had heart worms and they spent thousands of dollars to get them treated. They weren’t even checked before leaving the rescue. If you want to get a dog from a rescue that is fine, but personally I want a dog that comes from a person that I can meet and know how it has been treated. I love to help shelters, but would NEVER get a dog from them. They treat the animal worse than any breeder I have met!

  8. Cindy Smith says:

    If a dog has no jaw and can’t eat, how is it alive! This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard! Please check your facts! You have fallen into the HSUS/PETA/SPCA web! Why don’t you spend your time on abused and hungry children. Get your priorities straight!

    1. 2sister says:

      it probably was dead or near death. They probably had to put it to sleep. I agree that taking care of abused and hungry children is more important, but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t also take care of the animals that God gives us. Also, many people who abuse or neglect animals also do this with people.

  9. Wilson 1911 says:

    I see here this says a law goes into effect in October. No laws take effect in October, laws take effect either immediately or September 1 in this state unless they have other things that need to be done and take longer.

    1. 2sister says:

      It might be taking place in October, because the state law making session took longer than usual. They had to call a special session.

      1. Wilson 1911 says:

        I think we should go look that up, the special session shouldn’t have anything to do with that if it took place in the regular session.

      2. 2sister says:

        I tried to look it up, and couldn’t find a date.

      3. Wilson 1911 says:

        I looked at it, and do not see anything about OCTOBER in it. Its not fully written yet (rules yet to be made)…..It refers to Sept 1, 2011 but with a committee yet to be appointed and rules yet to be made, that is not something I see happening on Sept 1. It finally says next year, but not October.

  10. NiteNurse says:

    I guess I’m weird. I think of my dogs as companions (friends) instead of livestock. Like kids I am responsible for their health and well being. If I do a poor job of it then I should for the health and safety of the animal have it taken away from me.

    1. Wilson 1911 says:

      I think of mine as friends too, but they are not HUMAN friends, they are animals and therefore livestock? and they do need special treatment, not as human, but as ANIMALS. It is cruel to not recognize that!

  11. Dilly says:

    No jaw? How does the pup nurse, much less live it until it is old enough to eat solid food???

    What a load…..

    SPCA sell dogs, they can’t compete with purebred dog breeders so they lobby to pass restrictive laws to make it harder for legitimate breeders them to do business.

    If someone whats a mutt from SPCA that is their right, likewise if someone wants to buy a purebred dog with authentic breed history they should be able to buy that dog without all the radical animal rights BS attached.

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