High Absenteeism Forces Texas House To Adjourn

AUSTIN (CBSDFW.COM) – Despite needing to pass several important bills during the Special Legislative Session, dozens of state lawmakers decided to start their weekend early. Faced with a high number of absentee members the Texas House adjourned without doing any business Friday.

There are 100 House members needed to have a quorum.

With the lost workday, House Speaker Joe Strauss says a lot of work will have to be packed next week. “On Monday, it is the chairs intent to take up all of the bills on items eligible for consideration,” said Straus.

That, however, may be easier said than done. A conference committee must still be appointed to deal with the windstorm bill and there still haven’t been votes on the TSA ‘groping’ bill or the sanctuary cities bill.

Straus still has high expectations for work on Monday. “If there’s legislation on the house calendar the chair intends to take that up as well,” he said.

But with no initial votes on so many bills and tightening time constraints, it’s looking like there will be a second special session needed to deal with the issues.

The Special Session ends next Wednesday.


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  1. Kim Dar says:

    And how much is that going to cost the Texas payers? We work on deadlines all the time and if we miss deadlines, we are out on the street looking for another job. I think some of them needt o be looking for another job and that includes the one at the top who is flitting all over the country showing folks just what an idiot we have have the running the government of Texas. I would also like to know who is paying for Perry to flit all over the country with his entrouage?

  2. ilvrw says:

    We need to see a roll call. I would like to have this published so citizens can contact the legislators who felt like Friday was a good “skip day”. Maybe they need to hear from some teens who didn’t graduate on time because they participated in Senior Skip Day.

    1. JayJenson says:

      Who was gone? List their names. They’re vacationing early on my dime.
      Joe Straus is dodging HB 79…He just won’t say NO to sanctuary cities. He’ll just let it die, that way he doesn’t have to face the voters ire! Vote this low life out, people.
      We might include the yo-yo’s taking an extra Holiday.

  3. Z says:

    Guess it’s time for some new lawmakers. If I did not go into work on a day I was supposed to, it would be thought that I decided to quit. So all of the ones that didn’t show up should be considered out of a position and no longer drawing their salary.

    1. Z says:

      And on a separate note:
      Why does my post have links that I did not put in?

  4. RussP says:

    Good to know our representatives take their job of representing us in Austin so seriously. I guess there’s a special on tubing in New Braunfels.

  5. Mekhong Kurt says:

    Wonderful. They couldn’t get the business of the state done during regular session — in part because of the Governor’s mabuse of power by placing non-emergency items in the “emergency” column — and NOW they take a day off?

    What’s wrong with having Texas Rangers round up absent members and to bring them to the session — in handcuffs and chains, if need be?

  6. Tim says:

    needing to pass several important bills ? Nothing this special session passed was important.Perry just likes wasting money and flying all over the country pretending to be a presidential hopeful.

    1. jarrel says:

      Nothing important! Read the Frickin’ News

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