1 Vote Needed For SCV Plate Featuring Flag

HOUSTON (AP) – The Sons of Confederate Veterans stands in need of just one vote for approval of a Texas specialty license plate that prominently features the Confederate flag.

The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles license board voted on the request for the SCV plate in April, but it was a tie. One of the nine members was absent, so the board opted to reconsider the request at its June 9 meeting. However, a board member from Houston died June 3, and that meeting did not take place.

A DMV spokeswoman says another vote must now wait until Gov. Rick Perry appoints a new board member, which might not happen until fall.

A mock plate was posted on the DMV’s website in March. Comments were overwhelmingly positive: 186 in favor, 3 against.

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One Comment

  1. NiteNurse says:

    Maybe Governor Ricky will be too busy thinking about being president to sign it.

    1. paul mcclaren says:

      1776–13 sovereign nations SECEDED from the tyrannical english crown. The kind surrendered to 13 SOVEREIGN NATIONS (and not ‘one american nation’). In 1787 delegates were charged with amending the Articles of Confederation. Instead, they (including g wahshington) abolished the Articles and replaced them with a constitution of one gross nation. 1861–15 sovereign states SECEDED from the tyrannical abram linclown. The Confederate Constitution restored states rights; also recognising Almighty God AND his Son Jesus Christ. The battle flag was designed after the St Andrew’s cross of Scotland (Andrew was Jesus’ apostle). Thus, attack on the flag is an attack upon Christianity.
      R E Lee said after the war that the newly created American Empire would sure to be aggressive abroad (ref all u s wars since) and despotic at home (ref current tyrannical rubbish after 150 years).
      I just want my COUNTRY of Mississippi back. Thus, the ONLY solution is: and the envelope please; and the answer is (hint: it is capitalised twice in aforementioned) . . . . . . . . .

      1. ViniVidiDejaVu says:

        Well, you have already seceded from reality and intelligence, so why not go all the way?

  2. J E Lewis says:

    Texas seems to be going backward since Rick Perry has been the Gov. He thinks he is a King of Texans.

  3. bruce_4u2day says:

    Just go find a tea party vote and get it done. Tea Party = the new KKK for the 21st century.

    1. JAH says:

      And just what factual information do you have to make such a racist claim about the Tea Party? That is the root problem of this Country, some people will make a ignorant statement like this and then repeat it many times so that other ignorant people will believe it. Then it all spreads like a infected virus.

      1. Gumby Rules says:

        Sort of like birthers, hmmmm.

    2. C Bauer says:

      Ignoramus, I’ve never heard one racist statement even uttered under breath at any TEA Party functions, and I’ve been to dozens. We’re about lowering taxes (Taxed Enough Already), responsible and minimal government, getting the debt down so your children and grandchildren aren’t saddled with crushing taxes, etc.

    3. arthur says:

      you libs are wanting to rule the world by trashing any one who does not conform to your idiology the TEA PARTY is just trying to save AMERICA grow up no kkk here wouldnt stand for it NAACP really cries wolf who is really predgist? choose sides vote and shut up

  4. 2sister says:

    First, not all white people will whine if this doesn’t pass.
    Second, coloreds is an offensive term and should not be used. The same thing can be said about the term whitey. Even if someone uses one of these terms, you don’t have to respond in kind. Instead, you can just let them know in clean and civil language that their choice of words is offensive. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

    1. Pete says:

      Odd how you didn’t object to the use of the word “redneck”.

  5. Steve_1042 says:

    As a SCV, i find nothing RACIST about history. Brave men died defending what they believed in…. and it had very little to do with slavery here in Texas.

    1. Hitler says:

      Texas sure had a lot of cotton to be harvested back then. Who do you think picked it?

      1. Mark says:

        Funny, I thought you had to be rich to afford slaves. Texans were, by and large, poor, So, I guess since most Texans were poor and did NOT own slaves–then the people who picked a lot of the cotton were–wait for it–THEMSELVES! You do not seriously believe that most Texans supporting the Confederacy were doing it because they wanted to keep slaves they could never afford to buy, do you?

      2. Hitler says:

        The rich only owning slaves is a myth. Slaves were cheap, and if you had only a few acres, only one would do. It wasn’t just the lemonade-sipping bolo-tie wearing plantation owner in the giant Antebellum house who owned slaves.

      3. Janelle Williams says:

        My Great GrandDad and his brothers and they were white !!!

      4. San Gabriel says:

        Hitler (appropriate name, btw), the average wage in 1860 was about $20 per month. The average slave was purchased for between $340 and $1895. So, to buy an old, tired slave, you’d need to spend nearly 1.5 of your yearly salary. You could forge tabout a hard working healthy one.

        You still want to say how cheap they were? Or do you wish to continue making up your own facts as you go?

      5. Hitler says:

        San Gabriel, I must have been off on those figures. Looking at the old bills of sale again, it appears my ancestors must have received a bulk discount on the Negroes, however, the MEXICANS were way cheaper without any discount!

      6. Hitler says:

        San Gabriel, you need to read the Wikipedia article you are referring to a little closer. $1895 is the average weighted global sales price for a sex slave TODAY, with a high of almost $30,000 per annum generated in profit from said sex slave. Slaves back in the 1800s were no more than the high $300’s. My source? http://eh.net/Clio/Conferences/ASSA/Jan_00/rosenbloom.shtml

        You ignorant buffoon.

        Perhaps reading comprehension isn’t your strength?

    2. JB says:

      Actually, a great deal of it had to do with slavery – even here in Texas. My GGG Grandfather was a slaveowner up in Red River County and 2 of his sons (one was my GG Grandfather) fought with the 9th Texas Cavalry and believe me, in their minds it had everything to do with slavery and other related matters.

      1. Pete says:

        Slavery was indeed an underlying factor, but not even remotely a cause. Research the Morrill Tariff. I had countless ancestors fight and not a one owned a slave and they certainly wouldn’t have put their necks on the line for YOUR ancestors.

      2. JB says:

        Pete – the Morrill Tariff had nothing to do with the cause of the Civil War – it was passed after the states that formed the Confederacy had left the Union and it was only part of the continuous disagreement over revenue versus the favorable trade agreement that existed for the south prior to secession. And you are wrong regarding your statement regarding slavery – read the histories of the border conflicts over admitting states as free states versus slave, read the conflict involving California prior to the Civil War, read the many debates over Texas being admitted to the Union and then try to convince anyone that slavery wasn’t at the base of the unrest and conflict. To say otherwise is simply to ignore reality as it existed in the 1830s through to the secession of the southern states.

  6. upchkn says:

    I agree, Steve! This is a legitimate group of veteran’s survivors. Why not let them honor their ancestors contribution to our country…the civil war was not totally about slave/no slave, regardless of what we were taught in school.

  7. Mad Milker says:

    When Texas succeeded from the union, the Texas Confederate Flag flew over Texas….

    it’s part of the Lone Star History and should be proudly put on anything that a true red blood born Texan wants.


    Learn you states history and live with it or….get your asinine self-centered my sh!! don’t stink pu**y little @ out.

  8. Rich says:

    The reason for not allowing the flag is that they can be considered traitors to the Union. And they lost. Why doe we celebrate the confederacy when history has shown it to be a wrong that had to be eliminated from the USA. I am a fifth generation Texan and don’t get the fascination with the confederacy. The confederate flag is used by white power groups as a symbol of racism. It’s time to leave this in the past and move on.

    1. Pete says:

      The KKK is required, by charter, to carry the American flag at its rallies. By your logic, we should ban the display of it, too. What about the cross they burn? Are we to assume now that Christians are hating bigots because they put one on top of their places of worship? Use a little common sense, please.

  9. david says:

    “A mock plate was posted on the DMV’s website in March. Comments were overwhelmingly positive: 186 in favor, 3 against.”

    Majority rules, so get over it.

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