NTTA Toll Rates Increase On July 1

NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Get ready to dig a little deeper when you drive on a North Texas toll road. The North Texas Tollway Authority is instituting a toll rate increase on July 1.

NTTA officials say the increase of .8 cents (less than one cent per mile) is to relieve congestion, maintain quality roads and keep the keep the NTTA “financially viable”.

The NTTA follows a schedule that requires toll rates be increased every other July. The price jump will increases rates from 14.5 cents per mile to 15.3 cents per mile.

The increase is even bigger for ZipCash customers, who pay 50 percent more than TollTag customers.

The NTTA serves Collin, Dallas, Denton and Tarrant counties and oversee roadways including the Dallas North Tollway, President George Bush Turnpike and Sam Rayburn Tollway.


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  1. Alex McNeill says:

    Thank You, NTTA! By showing the new and previous cost per mile I am able to calculate how much I have been saving by not using the tollroad. Great Job!!

  2. RESimpson says:

    How are any of those “reasons” justified?

    When I take toll roads it’s already because they’re LESS CONGESTED than the interstates (and wasn’t that the point of building them to begin with? To ease congestion on OTHER roads?)

    Road upkeep? Taxpayers are already paying for that for that when TXDot is part of the repair process. So we’re paying for it twice?

    “Financial Viability”. Call it profit and be done. They’ve already done away with a significant portion of their workforce by getting rid of toll takers. Who’s “cost of living” increase are we paying for that those salaries aren’t covering.

    The 635 tunnel being built seems to not have any concerns over any of these points. They’re slated to charge way more per mile than this – so apparently they’re unconcerned with either congestion relief or financial viability.

  3. BDK says:

    How exactly does raising the toll relieve congestion, unless the NTTA wants less drivers to drive on it?

    1. BT says:

      Less drivers (eliminate the poor) + higher tolls = same income

  4. Deeleeh says:

    How exactly does raising the tolls relieve congestion?

    1. BT says:

      Weaving out the poor!

  5. BT says:

    Thank You Rick Perry and all the idiots that voted for him !

    1. sweetpunk00 says:

      What exactly does Rick Perry have to do with what the NTTA does? He’s the state Govornor not the damn Toll police.

      1. BT says:

        This is how he decidied to fund our highway.
        Keep up!

      2. HH says:

        NTTA is a private enterprise, genius. It isn’t a government operation collecting money for Texas highways.

      3. BT says:

        I hope you all know that Cintra(a European(Spanish) company is going to be tolling you to death over the next few year. You won’t be able to move in Dallas/Ft. Worth without paying a toll.

  6. Mandi Gotcher says:

    If you happen to live in Frisco or Little Elm there is no Freeway Alternative. It’s either stop lights or getting reemed by the NTTA. Pretty much they say bend over, and we say “more please!” let me see if I can explain exactly how much I care if the NTTA is financially viable- oh wait I can’t. Two Birds up for the NTTA on this one.

    1. sweetpunk00 says:

      I guess i’m bending over with you Mandi. I’m in Aubrey, there is no alternative for me unless I want a 2.5 hour commute. So frustrating.

  7. C Bauer says:

    Thank you so much for this story! I promised myself that I would terminate my NTTA account 3 months ago. Now I am going to their web site to do so now.

    1. jim says:

      Sure you are…

  8. Cee Jay says:

    Why can’t the NTTA just start collecting from the idiots that drive for free on the toll roads?

  9. Behind the Times says:

    The Mavs won the Finals!

    1. MYK says:

      Yes the mavs and the refs won the finals

  10. MYK says:

    Easy fix here. Don’t use them if you are going to complian. Ntta knows that their toll roads will always stay full. Thanks why they raise prices every two years. I don’t care how much they increase. I will always use them because it’s soooooo much quicker to get around dfw. Just bend over and pay the price and SHUT UP. I thought you texans likeD everything BIGGER. LOL

  11. Kp says:

    The toll road is a choice,you can always drive on the roads you pay taxes on,and stop at every light. You don’t have to drive on the toll road it’s called a luxury,and trust me the employees aren’t getting a dime from any toll raise,but you can’t rest a sure the big wigs are.

  12. Kp says:

    Correction…. You can rest a sure the big wigs are making more money,the low life employees won’t get a raise for two years,but have to deal with the threats and being cursed out by customers daily,and management could care less…

  13. jim says:

    Then maybe they should have went to school to become MAGAGEMENT or one of those BIG WIGS. They should just be happy to have a job.

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