Wise County Sheriff Bans Photos Of Animals At Shelter

DECATUR (CBSDFW.COM) – You can visit, you just can’t take photographs to remember it by at the Wise County animal shelter.

Sheriff David Walker has banned photographs of dogs, cats and any other animals at the facility in a move designed to keep unflattering photos of the animals from making their way onto the Internet.

“It makes them look like they’re in jail,” Sgt. Asa Mosely said Tuesday.

Rescue groups regularly take photos and post them on email lists and Facebook pages in order to find interest in animals beyond county lines.

But Mosely said some of the photos were leading to complaint calls and unwarranted criticism on social networking sites.

The sheriff made the decision, Mosely said, for shelter staff to take all the photos and then encourage groups to repost them if they wanted to.

That’s an unacceptable option for Melinda Feickert.

As a liaison for Shelter to Rescue, a group that finds certain breeds inside shelters and gets them to larger rescue groups, she has rescued three to four dogs a day from the shelter before the photo ban.

Now she said she is lucky to find interest in one a day.

She said pictures aren’t updated regularly, and there aren’t enough to garner interest from prospective adopters.

“If we can’t take pictures of it, they can’t see that it’s healthy, can’t see it’s a good acting dog,” she said.

Mosely said the shelter wants to work with rescues and just convinced the county commission to officially waive the $25 adoption fee for the groups.

He would not release numbers on how many animals come in each month and how many are adopted and euthanized, saying there is no running tally of the numbers.

But he estimated 500 dogs came in during the last three months, and about 25 percent were adopted.


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  1. Lisa Gilmore says:

    This is ridiculous. Volunteers taking pictures and posting them on Facebook saves lifes. Wise County is one of the worst as far as enthanesia rates, but instead of lowering the rates with networking animals, he prefers to not let volunteers take pictures. His excuse of why he won’t let pictures be taken didn’t even make sense…

  2. ShameOnSheriff says:

    Dear Sgt. Mosely they are in jail and many get the death sentence from the sounds of it.
    Pictures do help in getting people to adopt them no matter how unflattering the picture is.
    Those who complain have no reason to, they can adopt them if they think it’s so bad and as for those posts on sites you’ll find them all over the net on all kinds of topics so just get use to a society that is full of such people. Don’t take it personal, unless you see they are right and then change things but don’t hide things.
    Due to public funds being used to kill these animals with, you should have a complete record of how many are killed in order to prove your not skimming funds from the public. Plus it tells them exactly how big of a problem not having cheap spay/neuter is causing them.

  3. Kristine Zwiefel Huebner says:

    The volunteers never posted unflattering pictures, and certainly never made them look like they are in JAIL…which they are! Their decision has drastically slashed interest in the poor Wise County animals! Asa needs to put beaurocracy aside, swallow his pride and do what is right! I live in Ohio, and am an avid animal “crossposter” on FB. I help with animals all over the country, but more than 80% of my networking is the Wise County Animals! Why? I guess it’s because the animals there need all of the help they can get with the red tape that has been put in place. The largest shelter in the country, in Manhattan, puts out a “To be destroyed tomorrow” list every night. You would be amazed at how that tugs on peoples’ hearts and how that motivates people to be there in the morning before they open, to rescue animals from certain death. It works, PERIOD! The folks at wise county won’t even let us know who was euthanized and who was adopted. They are fearful of threats. There are stupid people everywhere, in every city, and if they don’t like something, they will call and complain, with a few “choice words”. It happens in every kill shelter across the nation. They should learn to just roll their eyes and do their job, which is to save animals, and what they are doing is not working very well. They would rather more animals be killed than saved, that is what it seems with how they run the place. Look at what works at other shelters, and take notes, and apply them. The animals have only YOU to depend on!

  4. unknown says:

    Normal bureaucracy, especially not uncommon for Wise County. Does this mean the animals that have been abused or that may not be photogenic will be ignored and killed instead? I think if CBS spends a little more time following the practices and excuses from most of the cities in and around Metroplex, they’ll find that the overall concern for the well being of animals in the shelter, doesn’t go far beyond those who work there and have to face these animals on a daily basis. Fort Worth, Irving and Arlington are prime examples of that, the exceptions are the small ones like Carrollton, where the people who do the job are involved and they are completely transparent as well as willing to work with most if not all rescues. This is definitely a story that shouldn’t end in Wise County.

  5. Andrea Maunder says:

    The Sheriff is despicable! He might as well be saying ” We just need to get rid of all these damn animals and have less to Deal With “. This is SOOO Upsetting to me I can hardly Stand It!! The Sheriff needs To Be Done With!

  6. Ester says:

    This is ridiculous. The photo’s allow people to see the animals so they can be adopted. This man just wants everybody to turn a blind eye and not know of all the horrible things going on in the shelters. And so by the way these poor animals are in jail.

  7. Donna Cannon Jett says:

    Sounds like Sheriff David Walker wants all the animals killed. And yes they are in jail Sgt Asa Mosely. More like on death row. I’ve been in on trying to save animals, sharing them, offering to transport. What is going on at the shelter you’re trying to hide? Here’s hoping your time as Sheriff will be short!

  8. LAURA KEY says:


  9. Is this Legal? says:

    I want to know the legality of this ban? Does the sheriff’s office really have the authority to ban a person taking photographs at a shelter?

    1. Kathy Thompson says:

      I don’t think so. I did encounter a situation like this at one time and I remember that it is not legal for anyone to retalliate against volunteers who take photos of animals in shelters. I don’t think it’s just a Colorado law, and I wouldn’t begin to know where to look. Sorry I can’t be more helpful…..

    2. Jennifer Newman says:


  10. RussP says:

    Sounds like a bad idea to me just having the sheriff in charge of the animal shelter and this decision shows he is incapable of the job. Anything that helps get the animals adopted out should be welcomed and encouraged.

  11. RussP says:


    Here’s the link to all the commisoners emails. Let’s let them know how we feel about the sheriif’s decision.

    1. Brian says:

      I have emailed the Judge, Commisioners, Attorneys and Justices and cc’d the Sheriff. He’s responded to me asking why I was so hostile when I said I didn’t want to discuss the issue with him as I didn’t want to get into a protracted email argument. He thinks that’s hostile? I urge everyone to write emails and letters. He told me that he asn’t going to let pictures be taken of animals that aren’t “adoptable.”
      I spend some time every week advocating for animals in shelters and I just think the Sheriff’s office should be willing to work more closely with the rescue groups. It’s in everyones best interst to adopt as many animals out as possible and a 75% kill rate is unacceptable.
      For the record, I don’t live in Texas, but I have worked there. I think the shelter issues in this country are a national issue. We euthanize far too many healthy dogs and cats and we can do better as a society if we oull together.

      1. Brian says:

        I apologize for any typos. My eyesight isn’t what it used to be and I occasionally miss things!

  12. Isa for animals says:

    Doesnt our tax money pay for this moron’s salary????? Get him out! We dont need stupid people making stupid rules! And I thought the intake numbers were public information, and legally need to be kept!!!!

  13. Mary E says:

    So you’re killing 75% of the animals you take in and you think that’s fine and your biggest problem is unflattering photographs? I hope the taxpayers of your county have a few issues with this.

  14. Sue Little says:

    This is representative of the problems many rescuers and shelter walkers face on a daily basis. I would prefer animals have pictures taken outside of the kennel too and to have a more flattering photograph but that is not always possible and the truth is, there are thousands of animals all across this nation taken in kennels. That is better than no photograph at all!!!! And yes, he should be keeping statistics on the animals! It has been proven that for every $1 spent on low or no cost s/n initiatives, it saves animal control $10 in cost. Tell the taxpayers of Wise County that. A lot can be gleaned from what a county or city thinks of their animals by what department is in charge of them. Public Health~a health threat. Sanitation~yep, you got it TRASH! And I agree, Sheriff’s Department. They are on death row!

  15. Jim Hoadley says:

    Isn’t the shelter a publicly funded facility?
    If the sheriff is in charge, does he consider the animals subjects of active criminal investigations?
    From a legal standing, does this policy being put in place violate the Constitution?
    Sounds like it is time for some local folks to file a law suit against the sheriff, his department and the county, the monies gained from said suit then applied to better facilities and capabilities for the shelter.

    1. LOLmyFACE says:

      I was thinking the same exact thing. The Sheriff has absolutely no right to create laws. Thsi would be an easy one.

  16. Lynne Parker says:

    “It makes them look like they’re in jail,” Sgt. Asa Mosely said Tuesday.

    That’s because they are in jail, you tool. And with a 75% kill rate, they are on death row. You really need to move on to another job where you can’t inflict damage, something like a parking meter reader.

  17. Lil Johnson says:

    If we care, let’s make a plan as a community. Hold a meeting for those who care to get involved, work with the shelters, build a better system utilizing resources. Build up this shelter’s volunteer program to be able to take pictures and distribute to rescue groups. I live in New Orleans but would support locals there in doing something for our animals. Set a time and a place and get going. Kansas City’s system may be a good place to start to get an idea of how shelters work together and how to leverage community resources.

  18. Donna Hayles Price says:

    Dear Jason Allen,
    PLEASE don’t stop. There is more to the story. Dig for it. Talk to the shelter volunteers – or FORMER volunteers, people in the community and area who have tried to help. This is much deeper than photos, or lack thereof. This sheriff doesn’t WANT volunteers or community involvement. Why?

  19. Name Withheld says:

    I agree. The problems at Wise County Shelter extend far beyond this latest debacle. When the other ACO was there, many people attempted to talk to the sheriff about the deplorable conditions at the shelter and the shelter’s tolerance of cruelty to animals in the community. Now we know why there was such an astounding lack of response.

    Many caring people came forward to do all they could to help and were met with nothing but resistance. For a time, those people were grudgingly allowed to help, with the caveat that they were not and could not be called “volunteers,” because the shelter uses trustees for that.

    Even PETA’s cruelty division was involved earlier in the year and this sheriff flatly lied to them. With all the transgressions these officials have committed over the course of time, the banning of photos seems like a small drop in the bucket. The shelter BELONGS to the people of Wise County, the same people who pay this man’s salary, which makes his arrogance all the more reprehensible.

    The Wise County Animal Shelter is a public entity and as such should be accountable and mostly transparent.

  20. Tom Hool says:

    What a bunch of losers — Next thing you know the excuse will be that we don’t have the time to take the pictures cause “Were catchin bad guys”. Stick to doughnut patrol and leave the animal control to someone that can take a possible negative comment and will do anything to get the information out to save the lives of the animals.

  21. LOLmyFACE says:

    A Sheriff does not have the authority to create laws. It is really that simple!

  22. CB Butler says:

    Could someone please try to contact one of the Boston Terrier rescue units in Ft. Worth!!! Wise County has a Boston in their shelter and the rescue will pick it up. I am with one of the groups in Dallas but have had a very serious heart attack and can no longer (or at this time) get involved with picking him up. I have contacted Dallas but am afraid he will be put down before anyone can get there.
    I hope Wise County will review what they are doing and do their job which is to try and get these animals adopted. It is very upsetting.

  23. RuthAnn Jones says:

    Since the sheriff would only have some authority over a publicly funded animal control, usually they are under the public health department not law enforcement, he should be able to provide statistics on intake, releases, and euthanasia. He is not required to know this information, but it is usually required that is be collected and released to the public upon request..

  24. Michelle Kays says:

    Unfortunately this is a common complaint of shelter staff…..they don’t want it to look like they are doing what they are doing which is taking in unwanted animals (not their fault it’s their job since so many people discard their pets), storing them in kennels, and then euthanizing them when they run out of space. Unfortunately people calling shelters and giving them the third degree is what causes these kind of stupid reactions. Animal control is just that…….that is all they have to answer for, not adoptions. So this makes his job that much easier. There are wonderful shelters out there where the staff actually plays an active role in finding homes for the animals in their care and not just because it makes their numbers look good…..but because they really do care. But you can’t make someone care.

  25. Anonymous says:

    The drugs used for euthanasia are schedule II drugs and every drop is required to be logged. That shelter was shut down by Dept of State Health Services a few years back and I was told it was one of the few that this has happened to (at that point in time). Wise County is corrupt in many ways, I’ve had the pleasure of seeing it first hand. The issues with the animal shelter are the tip of the iceberg. Every official at every level seems to be in someone’s pocket. It’s a giant house of cards just begging to be knocked down.

  26. ShameOnSheriff says:

    Well Sheriff if you have read all the comments, you have learned more about the net.
    It is not easy to be nice when a life hangs in the balance and your taking a chance for that life to find a home away by not posting pictures.
    Put your pride aside because it is not more important than life, even the life of an animal. If there are problems in your shelter then be a real man and fix them, but don’t take away the chance of an animal from being adopted.
    People the real problem here is a lack of cheap s/n outside of major cities and then those who just won’t pay for it even when it is cheaper. So it is your vets (making hi bucks on s/n) and people who won’t pay for cheap spay/neuter who are behind this slaughter box, not the sherriff or shelters. If the animals where left to run loose they could spread rabies, become a pain (fighting your animals, dumpster diving), etc. So the real push should be for making laws that cheap s/n is everywhere and unless you find a home yourself for those you breed you must pay for the s/n. You will still have animals at shelters, yet not in the amounts there are today. We should not s/n to the point of extinction, yet end puppy mills and only family raised animals can produce offspring.

  27. Dianne Anthony says:

    This is so sad. We want to make them look as good as possible, though they are in jail. How can we find homes if they can’t be seen! Workers do not have time or inclination to take and update photos. Please allow volunteers to continue to save these animals.

  28. Dianne Crossposter says:

    This is so sad. We want to make them look as good as possible, though they are in jail. How can we find homes if they can’t be seen! Workers do not have time or inclination to take and update photos. Please allow volunteers to continue to save these animals.

  29. Jim Hoadley says:

    Is he going to institute a similar policy for taking pictures or video of his deputies out working in public? Ask Rodney King or any of the people who have suffered abuse at the hands of law enforcement if they think that policy is fair, right or legal.
    The county I live in had a county deputy animal control officer shoot and kill a small family pet in front of witnesses including the children of the owners. The witnesses ALL said the little dog was loose, yes, but not being aggresive but rather that the cop just got frustrated because the dog wouldn’t get close enough to capture him when if he had just left him alone the dog would have gone over to the owners and gone home.
    Some small slap on the hand for the deputy and a little local news coverage for a day was all that resulted. The sheriff told the news that the deputy was acting within department policy.

  30. Carla J Sensintaffar says:

    Another clueless county employee. Aren’t there minimum educational requirements to be a sheriff? Apparently not. If this loser was voted into his position, he needs to be voted out. 25% adoption rate. Woopee, how about the other 75%, what happened to them?

  31. Fred says:

    Sheriff Buford T Moron.

  32. Animal says:

    Just sent the story to CNN, hope they pick it up and spread the word. Would love to see this sheriff working at a gas station!

    1. jb says:

      Yay!!! Maybe we need to follow deputies and take pictures of THEM!

  33. Stephanie says:

    So you are saying the Wise County Animal Shelter would rather EUTHANIZE animals than have them rescued?!!! Social networking has been a huge success for shelters. It gets them out and rescued. Social networking SAVES LIVES!!! This is ridiculous!

  34. Tia Strickler-wood says:

    I have no words!! this is the most asinine decision I have ever heard!!! What exactly is Wise county hiding? I find that those who close themselves off from any efforts are usually hiding something

  35. Shauna Armstrong says:

    I don’t think a county sheriff has the legal authority to trump federal law, namely the 1st Amendment. The sheriff seeks to censor what the public and potential rescues see in order to make at least a partially informed decision and commitment. The sheriff will see how dramatically adoptions will fall without free access to “expression” and information. I would think a simple injunction from the county court should set things straight again. Good luck.

    1. Betty Patschke says:

      How very sad, that our animals are being lost in wise county because of a sheriff that wants to look good. Apparently he does not care about animals getting rescued.
      Another sad day when an offivial, or gov employee dictates who and who we cant save. I personally dont like seeing the animals fixing to be killed, cuz I cant save them all. But there are thousands out there tha cant help, so i accept it and actually appreciate the humane side of the folks doing the pictures and trying. All my animals are rescues,

  36. Patricia Rivera says:

    I have to say it seems that the sheriff cares more about how he feels than getting the dogs rescued! The solution is simple….set up an area outside of the pens to photograph the dogs. Could the sheriff be trying to hide something?

  37. Gina Worley says:

    I am wandering what they have to hide; I wander if they get a percentage of each death, or are they sending them to science labs. I wander if the AACP would like to check in on this????????????????????

  38. Sig says:

    If people are too lazy to go down to the shelters themselves and opt to sit on the couch shopping on the internet for them, they don’t deserve an animal. A 25 dollar adoption fee is not too much considering the cost to keep a stray at the facility. I have a dog. It was not a shelter dog. She came to us in our yard, a walking skeleton. We nursed her through her liquid, bloody stool phase, the initial cost of caring for her. Was waaaay more than 25 bucks, plus the hundred dollars for shots and spay… and a year and a half later is a beautiful dog.

    1. unknown says:

      youre exactly right. also how many people here that are criticizing are driving out to decatur to offer the extra manpower and time needed to get these animals adopted, fostered, or even presented in the manner the sheriff is requesting?
      they cover a huge rural area and deal with everything from livestock to a pet turtle. they are understaffed and im positive the sheriffs dept. would love any volunteer help. i have family out there and i have seen a deputy have to respond to an animal call, so it cant be compared to city shelter with more help from the community and monetary support.
      they could be going behind peoples back and painting a pretty picture like ft worth does.

      1. Name Withhels says:

        To “unknown” — The answer to your question is A LOT. A lot of people were driving back and forth to Decatur and bending over backwards to help. Along with them, there were many dedicated “volunteers” who were not allowed to truly do all they could to help because they were thwarted at every turn and constantly reminded that Wise County Animal Shelter does not have/want volunteers because they use trustees. All these people were donating vast amounts of time, effort, and energy. Their efforts were always met with great resistance and sometimes outright hostility.

        I don’t know what you are referring to by Fort Worth does, but there are NO pretty pictures in space-based animal shelters in Texas. And Sig, I wasn’t couch shopping when I saw a photo reposted by a friend on Facebook of a doomed dog in Wise County. That dog, who would have been long dead by now if I hadn’t seen this particular photo, is laying beside me right now, living the good life.

        I applaud your efforts to defend what sounds like it must be one of your own local county offices, but this picture issue is just one small part of a much larger uglier picture. If there is a lack of what can’t-be-called “volunteers” (because of the trustee situation) and other people driving in from all over the metroplex, it’s because there’s only so long that people can be expected to throw themselves into a brick wall.

    2. Rachel Gaines says:

      Unfortunate that this person does not understand online animal advocacy and how prevalent it is with thousands upon thousands of people online every night trying to save these animals by circulating their story and picture. I agree that someone should be able to take care of a pet they adopt… unfortunately that has nothing to do with allowing photos of the pet… two separate issues.

    3. Sharon says:

      Not everyone who goes online looking through various shelters for dogs (or cats) is too lazy to go to their local shelter. I looked at ours when I was looking for a dog for Mom; however, she wanted a particular breed (a Bearded Collie) and wanted it to come from a rescue or shelter. Do you have ANY idea how hard it is to find a dog like that in that situation at all? I literally looked EVERYWHERE! I even expanded the search to SIMILAR breeds, which is how I found the dog I brought home for myself. Soon afterward I found a dog for her, MUCH closer (though still hours away) than the dog I brought home. As for my cat, we were looking for a Siamese, and though they’re common cats (relatively speaking), there were none in our local shelters. Siamese because I have had them in the past and knew that a Siamese female cat would be the best bet as a friend for the male cat I have. Though he’s neutered, it does make a difference. What I found was his soul mate at a shelter a couple of hours away- it’s like they’ve been together all their lives. What made me decide to bring my dog home was her eyes, and the sweet soul I saw there. That’s something no one can see if those pictures aren’t taken. There was someone driving in from Chicago the next day to get another dog, which is not uncommon these days thanks to the internet. Putting these animals online saves lives. Laziness has nothing to do with it.

    4. Concerned says:

      Shelters that have photos on line and on facebook have ~80% adoption rate. Shelters that do not – like this one – are much lower. If you read the article about 25%. That means that there is an uncessary murder of about 55% of the animals they take in. That’s more than half of them.

      The biggest concern I have is what is really going on at this place. It’s far more costly to put the animals down and dispose of the bodies than it is to have them adopted.


  39. Gary DiNardo says:

    Is this sheriff still eating flesh? How else could he have come up with an idea like this? It’s what the scientists have been saying for years; that the hormones and drug residues found in our meat is causing genetic mutations in humans.

  40. tess says:

    hnnnn. Sounds like somebody just stepped in a pile of dog ….. Going to have to work hard to get this off your boots Sheriff! Looks to me like there might just be something going on in Wise County and it goes deeper than just taking photos of prospective pets. Sounds like you boys are not doing things they way they are suppose to be done. Guilty dogs bark the loudest……. Someone is going to pick this up and run with it. Your voters aren’t seeing or hearing the whole story hoss! I would say it’s time to unloose the media!!

  41. Dianne Richards says:

    This is a very ignorant decision on behalf of Wise County officals. I don’t know who runs the shelter but they do not need to be there if they suggested this because they have no heart or intention of doing anything with these animals besides putting them down. Julie Banks of the NY City animal shelter has no heart either. The citizens are demanding she be fired.There are too many of us out there who love these little animals who did not ask to be born.this won’t stop here!

  42. Sheila Wilson says:

    I agree with the majority here…What are you trying to hide Mr Wise County Sheriff?

    Sig…..that is an un-educated opinion. In this day and time Social Media is one of the best tools to get abandoned or lost animals adopted, reclaimed or rescued. Animals are adopted and rehomed to people states (miles and miles) away from the shelter they are in all because of a picture and story they saw of FB or some other version of Social Media. The photos and stories entice people from all over the world to send donations assisting with needy animals medical bills. All of this because someone has volunteered to take that picture and write a story on FB or other sites like it, Apparently you don’t understand how rescue works at all. I am glad you took the time to nurse your found dog back to health I am sure she will give you years of joy…..when you look at her remember the ones that weren’t so lucky. Something as simple as a picture and a paragraph could have saved them!!

  43. Jennifer says:

    This man is an elected official and residents have the power to remove him from office. Locals also have to power to force change in local government by organizing and making your voices heard. Contact the sheriff’s superiors and continue to move up the food chain. Be polite and persistent and don’t take “no” for an answer. Also, someone might want to point out to him that the motto he has posted on his web page is hypocritical and the name of his newsletter is down-right tacky and makes him look like an ignorant yahoo.

  44. Tami Carlos says:

    He HAS to know how many are euthanized. You have to keep a log each time you use the medication because it’s strickly controled. Unless they aren’t compliant…

  45. Susan E. says:

    What a misinformed individual. The only chance these dogs have is for Shelters to work WITH rescue groups and volunteers, not against them. What a shame. The Humane society of North Texas works very closely with volunteer groups to get pictures of their animals posted. If they are buried, people are not going to find them. He needs to go take a look at Seagoville, a shelter that had a story done about them not too long ago and all the work they have done with the goal of becoming a no kill shelter. Is his an elected position? If so, I’ll help anyone in Wise County who will run against him.

  46. Kimberely says:

    They are in jail and they do not deserve to be treated like this because some heartless human gave up on them. They have a right to live and we are their voices. They are depending and counting on us to save them. Get over yourself.

  47. Darlene Simmons says:

    Is he insane? It’s time to talk to the Governor! I will be writing, emailing , & calling! How About You!

  48. Rachel Gaines says:

    Is he a loon? Does he not understand that in today’s world a photo is what saves these animals? He’s obviously not “in the know” about how online animal advocacy works and needs to get into the 21st century. A shame he is ok with being so ignorant.

  49. Sharon says:

    Apparently the powers that be don’t care if the pets in that shelter die, which is EXACTLY what’s going to happen if those pictures aren’t posted. I adopted 2 of my pets from neighboring states whose pictures were posted on the internet. That would have been IMPOSSIBLE if I had never been able to see a picture of either of them first. I would have needed to know that they were both healthy. It was my dog’s picture that caused me to bring her home in the first place, since I was actually assisting my mother in finding a dog and had no intention of getting another dog myself. With my cat, we looked at MANY online before we found one whose personality seemed to match our own cat- again, it was judged from her picture. WE WERE RIGHT ABOUT HER, TOO!

    If you can’t see a picture of these animals, they are going to die. Whoever made this decision is either a heartless creep, or just plain ignorant. Either way, It’s certain they don’t care if these poor animals die. SHAME ON THEM!

  50. Susan Miller says:

    I adopted a dog from our local shelter because a dedicated volunteer posted its picture on Facebook. Wise county sheriff is not very wise. But then, it’s almost always easier to cop an attitude than to do the right thing.

  51. Celeste Keenan says:

    That’s the worst excuse I have ever heard in my life. How does it make them look unflattering?

  52. Judith James Contreras says:

    Don’t they understand what we do on facebook? We are trying to save lives! There is nothing more unflattering than an innocent animal losing it’s life.

  53. Donna says:


  54. Janet says:

    I don’t trust any law enforcement person making decisions about an animal shelter….They like to shoot dogs too much…..They are probably the ones using the dogs for target practice when their time is up…..What abominable weasels they are to do this to these poor defenseless animals…..They don’t want their lives saved….They want them all to die!

  55. Barb says:

    Has anyone contacted the State Attorney General’s office? This idiot has to report to someone. If he thinks pictures of shelter animals behind bars look bad for his dept, I wonder how it’ll look for his department when animal rescue people get a hold of this and spread it all over Facebook. ( ie. Subway/BET Michael Vick Sportsman of the Year) Smells like some kind of corruption there to me. There’s something this jerk is hiding.

  56. Barb says:

    Please everyone share this all over Facebook!!

  57. Dani says:

    What a horrible, self-serving decision. Sheriff Walker should be ashamed of himself. I hope he realizes that now the blood of many animals will be on HIS hands. And I wish he’d lose sleep because of it, like many animal advocates will. If you are ashamed of the conditions at your shelter, Sheriff Walker, then clean it up. But hiding it from the public is cowardly and downright unethical.

  58. ShameOnSheriff says:

    Wonder how many complaint calls and criticism on social networking sites he has gotten now.
    Wonder how many pictures the shelter staff have taken and gotten groups to repost them?
    Doesn’t matter who really takes the pictures as long as they get posted, if the person is capable of taking a good picture which not every one is able to.
    So has anyone checked out if they are taking pictures for others to post?

  59. Sharon says:

    I am wondering what the Sheriff is trying to hide…maybe some dog fighting with money being made, animal cruelty by sadistic deputies,??!!! No accusations, just wondering. The ASPCA and Humane Society along with the Judges in Wise County need to get involved NOW!!! Hope the people of Wise County are listening to this and react at election time; he needs to be voted out…..makes you wonder what is happening to the inmates too.

  60. Sue Healy says:

    This is the most asinine thing I have ever heard. What does this joker have against animals being adopted? Maybe he should volunteer at the shelter and be party to several euthanasias, that why he can see what not having a visual picture of the animals there does to the population if they can’t be seen by people that don’t have access to visit the shelter. A pure waste of animal lives!!!!!!!

  61. Marilyn Fawcett Benavides says:

    How ironic…..”Wise” County has an IDIOT for a sheriff!! ANY EXPOSURE FOR THESE ANIMALS SHOULD BE WELCOMED…..AND WE ALL KNOW THAT CITY AND GOVERNMENT WORKERS DON’T HAVE THE SAME DRIVE/COMPASSION AS ANIMAL LOVERS, RESCUES, AND ALL OF US ON FACEBOOK WHO WORK TO NETWORK THESE POOR CREATURES. If the Sheriff doesn’t like the negative feedback, then maybe he should be looking at the POOR CONDITIONS in the shelter that CAUSE the negative feedback 🙂

  62. Chris Greeley says:

    “Makes them look like they are in jail” Well, yeah, they are! What’s the difference? Oh yes, they did not do anything to get there except be abandoned, abused and un-wanted. If you don’t like the way the pics look get involved and take them yourself! Networking pictures of the dogs saves lives! I know, I fell in love with a dog in NYC this week because I saw her picture and I’m getting her tonight, in Massachusetts. And if your shelter is filthy, shame on you!

  63. RussP says:

    Just did a link to this page and sent it to the four county commisioners. Thought they’d like to see what is being said about their sheriff and his policies.

  64. Concerned says:

    This was the reply we got….

    We are taking photos and will continue. We also have a
    > new web site being constructed that will be a good tool. Feel free to
    > contact me directly. We are basically not wanting to allow people to
    > run around the shelter because of liability reasons.
    A good friend of ours who does rescue work in other places says rescue groups routinely sign waivers, releases, etc. to cover the liability so… We’re back to squre one…

    Since it costs about $200 to euthanize and dispose of a dog legally, what is the financail benefit to refusing to accomodate rescue groups who can get them adopted out for much less money?


  65. broos viviane says:


    Well Sheriff if you have read all the comments, you have learned more about the net.
    It is not easy to be nice when a life hangs in the balance and your taking a chance for that life to find a home away by not posting pictures.
    Put your pride aside because it is not more important than life, even the life of an animal. If there are problems in your shelter then be a real man and fix them, but don’t take away the chance of an animal from being adopted.
    People the real problem here is a lack of cheap s/n outside of major cities and then those who just won’t pay for it even when it is cheaper. So it is your vets (making hi bucks on s/n) and people who won’t pay for cheap spay/neuter who are behind this slaughter box, not the sherriff or shelters. If the animals where left to run loose they could spread rabies, become a pain (fighting your animals, dumpster diving), etc. So the real push should be for making laws that cheap s/n is everywhere and unless you find a home yourself for those you breed you must pay for the s/n. You will still have animals at shelters, yet not in the amounts there are today. We should not s/n to the point of extinction, yet end puppy mills and only family raised animals can produce offspring.

  66. Robin Wantland says:

    A picture on Petfinder is exactly how I found Miss Sadie, my beautiful Beagle. She was with a rescue group in an adjacent county about 50 miles away. Without her picture, I never would have found her. The rescue took her because she had been picked up more than once and taken to a shelter, and she was living on borrowed time. The rescue group kept her for almost three months before we adopted her. Sadie is the best dog in the world, and she seems to be so grateful to have a permanent home and family, along with another Beagle and two Chihuahuas.
    Banning pictures was a big mistake, in my opinion. For people who don’t like pictures of animals that are less than a perfect image, then my advice is just don’t look. Unfortunately, it’s a cruel world and helpless animals are frequent victims. That’s the reality of it.

  67. Concerned About Animals says:

    The reply from Sherrif that we got was that they don’t want the rescue groups there for “liablity reasons”. Apparently, it’s too dangerous for the resecue groups.

    If it’s too dangerous for rescue groups, how is it that that it’s safe enough for the general public to come in and adopt pets?

    If it’s too dangerous for the rescue groups, how is it that it’s safe enough for the prisioners from the jail to work there? Aren’t there laws in place to prevent prisoners from being forced to work in dangerous situations>

    if it’s too dangerous for the rescue groups, how is it that there aren’t some OSHA regulations that apply to the employees?

  68. Thinker says:

    People who work with animals often take rabies shots to prevent getting it, thus vets and shelter people often take them. The length of time an animal has to be watched to make sure it isn’t infected is not met by how long shelters hold them. So yes a few adopted animals have come up rabid and everyone who came into contact with it had to get shots. Rare, but it happens no matter where you get an animal from. While it is a good program for prisoners to work with animals, they should also be protected by getting the rabies shots which in themselves are not full proof and have harmed some people who got them.
    I’m not sure how many rescue groups take the precautions of getting such shots, yet since they are around the animals more than the regular adopting public it puts them at more risk of not only that but getting bites, etc.
    Thus as long as good pictures are taken by who the sheriff assigns to do it, then it doesn’t matter does it? It only matters if they and the sheriff do not fulfill getting the job done and releasing the pictures. That is if saving lives and not saving rescuers ego is what this is all about. A good rescuer will not care as long as the end results are the same. The big rant should come if this sheriff doesn’t live up to his words.

Comments are closed.

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