North Texas Police K9 Dies After Being Left In Hot Car

GREENVILLE (CBSDFW.COM) – A K9 officer in Greenville has died.

The Greenville Police Department is grieving over the loss of one of its two police dogs.  Her name was Liberty, but she died trapped in the back of a hot squad car.  Her handler apparently forgot to put her in the police department kennel when he got off work Wednesday afternoon.  “This is a difficult time for the Greenville Police Department,” Chief Dan Busken told CBS 11 News.  And he adds the officer feels terrible.  “He’s devastated, and I don’t know if that term is even strong enough.”

Ironically, the officer, Jeff Gore, created the K-9 unit 11-years ago.  He raised Liberty from a pup.  A bloodhound, she was used for search and rescue, which is why she was kenneled.  The other dog, Ceiko, is a drug sniffing German Shepherd, and goes home with its handler because they get called out at all hours.

Chief Busken says we all suffer from a busy lifestyle and things competing for our attention.  “Whether we’re shuttling kids here or there, whether we’re shuttling animals here or there, we get busy and inadvertently things happen. And there’s times when you have a tragedy like we have here.”

Despite the emotional loss to the department it must still determine whether any laws were broken or city or departmental policies were violated, so investigations along those lines are already underway.

Sometimes Texas courts have ruled a dog’s death in a hot car as cruelty, depending on circumstances, including time of year.  Dallas had its own tragedy in 2004 when a German Shepherd, Queno, was left in a police car.  It has since introduced an alarm system alerting drivers of a hot car, including paging them.

Gore has been put on administrative duties while the issues are sorted out.    His police association released a statement of support, saying the “police family” is hurying.   “Our Association supports our K-9 handler and his family in their time of grief,” it said in part, “and would ask that the public respect his time of grief as well.”

Rose Thornhill has placed 3-thousand animals in the Greenville area through her Yellow Rose Rescue.  “Doing rescues you see it a lot and it’s just a horrible feeling, I’m getting chills just thinking about it.”  She adds, “I don’t really know how you could forget you had one back there, but I guess things happen. He probably feels horrible, I know I would.”

Yellow Rose Rescue can be reached through; by e-mail at; or by telephone at 903.422.5112

  • JimH

    When a citizen assaults a police dog its considered a crime against an officer. Since this officer was obviously negligent how is he not being charged with a crime?

    • Clifford E. Elisary

      Because this happened in Texas Damn fools. Others have been put in Jail for this sort of neglect lets see if the Law in Texas is equal. MY GUESS IS THAT IT IS NOT!!!!!!!

    • Pedro Garza

      Exactly! When a citizen kills a police dog, it is almost as serious as killing a cop. This police officer needs to be prosecuted for negligent homicide. To care so little for a 7 year, highly valued partner, speaks volumes to the officer’s inability to perform his job in an acceptable manner.

      • Animal Farm

        A pig kills a dog and the sheep keep paying his salary.

        When will the charges of animal cruelty be filed against this criminal in uniform?

        How many times has this police department done the same thing with people and gotten away with it?

      • Marcia Reed

        I thought most K9 dogs lived as family members with the handler’s family. Forgot to drop her off at the police kennel? Gimme a break. And the fool that left the dog in the back of the car is credited with “founding” the department’s K9 program. Well, no wonder they spend their off time in a kennel. The man is a moron!!!

      • Scott who employs Cops

        @ CB We will call you because WE PAY YOUR SALARY! DON’T FORGET THAT!

      • Ball

        If I kick or stab a K9 police officer, I will be charged with assaulting a police officer, so will the K9 cop murdering police officer be charged with murdering a police officer?

      • no

        “almost as serious as killing a cop”.

        Are you KIDDING me? People actually *like* dogs.

      • Mike

        Moron alert.

      • Fanny Forbes Franklen

        Another degenerate cop that thinks he’s above the law. They’re stupid, arrogant and worse useless.

      • CB

        @Pedro – You’re an idiot!

      • CB

        @Fanny – Don’t call us then, you knucklehead.

      • James

        Some people need to read the laws. Unlike most states, Texas does not look upon K9’s deaths the same as Police Officer deaths. Therefore it is no where close to the same severity as far as offenses go. I do wish they would change the law to make it as serious as K9’s are exposed to the same (and worse) dangers than human Officers.

    • Cynthia Tebay Burleson

      A police dog is a Police Officer and that officer that left his dog in the car should be charged as such. This is terrible.

    • JP1

      Thinking the same thing

    • In Dallas

      This is despicable. This so-called officer needs to be charged just as anyone would be if they left their dog in a hot car and it died. Completely ridiculous.

      • Varnette

        I agree – laws must be followed by EVERY citizen. However, I think this shows how insane some of the ordinances and laws are. Things happen in real life, and are only considered a crime because some do-gooder wanted a special law. The cop shouldn’t be given any breaks, but maybe the city should get rid of it’s more ridiculous ordinances, or the state – if they make leaving a dog in a hot car a crime.

    • Ed

      When a citizen does this they are arrested and charged. So id this Cop above the law? Is that what you are saying Greenville Police dept.

    • gotatake

      Big difference between a deliberate act and an accident. This comment is a little bit self-righteous, especially for someone who cannot do the critical thinking to figure that out. Do you honestly think a deliberat assault should be treated the same as a memory lapse?

      • Robert C Glass

        If I did it, then it must be on purpose and I will be in trouble, he does it and it is assumed by accident and he is a grieving PO.

      • John Patricio

        If you or I forgot our dog in the car and it died we would still be arrested, accident or not.

      • John Miller

        It’s not a good comparison people are making. You’re right that a deliberate assault is different. However, what you aren’t addressing are two things. First, even if it is not deliberate it is considered animal cruelty and any other citizen would be charged as such, and should be. So should this officer. Second, they are saying he forgot, but how do you forget someone you care about? It talks about him caring so much for the animal and raising it from a pup. If he cared the FIRST thing he would do when he got to the station would be to take the dog out of the car. There’s no excuse. It is animal cruelty plain and simple.

      • CWA worker

        Well then the cop should be charged and he can go before a judge and/or jury and plead his case.
        Just like all the rest of us.
        He is definitely NOT special.

      • momma of 5

        Memory lapse? Really? Normal people sometimes forget their animals in the vehicle and this happens and they get in major trouble. While I feel sorry for the officer he should be treated no differently that a civilian.

      • Dontgotta!

        So Gota? Next time some crackhead mon “has a memory lapse” are you going to standup and say “it’s ok she didn’t mean it. The law is the law, equal protection, equal responsibility, equal punishment.

      • Daisy Healy

        Memory lapse? Oh, please if he has a memory lapse with his parter the dog who works with him. What happens if his memory lapses with a Greenville citizen. I hate to think.

      • DavidInStLouis

        Correct! gotatake.

      • dev

        How do you forget the dog in the car unless you are a complete moron. I have had my dog ten years, and all the other dogs I have had in my family and not one was ever FORGOTTEN in the car.

    • Tim C

      What a complete idiot HE FORGOT. And we trust this moron with a gun? I hope he doesn’t forget he has a gun when he brushes his teeth. I’m sure the union will protect him from anything like they do bad teachers. Give him a desk or put him on poop patrol

    • SC2Pilot

      Exactly right. There is an obvious double standard that comes with the thin blue line. Police officers are never, ever held accountable when they commit crimes. This is a clear case of criminally negligent homicide resulting in the death of a police officer. This bad cop should be in prison.

    • jharry3

      JimH you are right. The K9 cop should be in jail for animal abuse and for killing a police dog. Why should police, of all people, be above the laws they gleefully enforce on the rest of us?
      I saw two cops arresting someone in a shopping center parking lot this weekend because that person left their pet in the car in the sun.
      At a minimun the cop should be charged with the same crime.
      But since cops lobbied the legislature to pass laws putting K9 dogs in the same category as humans those laws should apply.
      Two weeks ago in houston the police sicced a K9 on a person whose girl friend made false accusations against. While the K9 was mauling this guy he hit the dog. 15 minutes later it was determined the girl friend was a liar and the man endd up being released later that day. But then the cops said because he hit the dog during the mistaken arrest they may charge him with assault on a police dog.

    • jharry3

      Jeff Gore – the dog killing cop, gets a paid vacation while he grieves the dog.
      If I left my dog in a car to die my vacation would be in the graybar motel and I would be grieving the loss of my freedom.

  • Elmer

    Where are the animal cruelty charges?
    Fogetfullness is not an excuss for us.

  • JJ

    How can you “forget” . . .that is nearly as hard to understand as how people “forget” that their child was in the car. The dog should not have been left in the car even for a short period of time.Aside from the animal cruely issue, which is obvious, how much did the dog’s training cost taxpayers? I would think thousands of dollars – the officer should be held accountable. He most certainly should never be allowed to have another K-9. I agree with JimH – a police officer should face the same consequences as anyone else.

  • North Texas Police K9 Dies After Being Left In Hot Car — Me and the Chicks

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  • samantha

    notice we are not told the officers name…because animal supporters like myself, would be out in greenville demanding justice…very sad and frustrating story, he better face the same charges a civilian would have faced…

    • RM

      Read it again dopey

    • RussP

      You mean like the civilian parent who leaves their kid in a car to die and usually ends up facing nothing? Yes this is sad and a way to prevent it in the future is necassary but we can’t hold the officer to a higher standard than we do anyone else in the same situation.

      • RussP


        I just googled this and it’s seems about 50/50 with whether the parent is arrested or not but I could not find one case where the parent ended up charged, in court and in jail.

      • lisa

        End up facing nothing? I havent seen that yet. Everyone that i have read about the parent was charged.

      • landlord

        Holding EVERY officer to a higher standard is why they/we are entrusted with the power to “arrest” , the power to sway judges with written reports, and to employ lethal enforce. We have been trained, educated and have sworn an oath pledging that we can always be trusted to exercise sound judgement and ethics.

        As with our actions our written word must be trusted more than any journalistic code could survive with. Our words written to CYA when we err, or written in anger because some street turd spoiled our day results in people being deprived of liberty and subject the the causal indifference/in-inefficiency of our legal system….notice i don’t use civilian as I am not that far gone as to imagine I am an LEO 1st, and then a dad, son, neighbor 2nd …and I never will, nor will I shave my head crew-cut/marine style as I don’t wish to groom my self to send a signal that I am no longer a real person because I need to show that I carry a badge.

        Regular folks notice the need for the young LEO’s of today to wish to project their separation from the people, they adopt dress, mannerisms and grooming styles to show out-loud if you will, that even when off-duty they want you to know they are a LEO. This trait is all to common and shows the growing trend of LEO’s have self-identity and ego issues to deal with.

        These are the most dangerous type of officers ever to join the ranks, they are the reason why the general public are opening their eyes to the image problem as of late.

        To all you young officers or aspiring ones, : Please choose another profession if what you really seek is the exercise of power over others…you know EXACTLY what I am referring to. I have a suggestion: We mandate that a “civilian” shrink monitor every recruit, cadet and rookie on a daily basis when in training and the Academy, and then the 1st 3 months, then weekly for 3 years. The civilian shrink will have the sole discretion to expel the candidate from training due to “physiological concerns” at any point.

        In ten years this enlightened process will bear fruit as the steady flow of unbalanced ego’s will have abated. If the chiefs all over our nation are not working towards this end then we shall soon be trusted by the “civilians” with the same degree of respect afforded to used car salesman, TSA/IRS agents, or worse.

        Oh..and btw…Stop tattooing yourself’s…you walk up to my desk/door with flames & skulls and the like covering your arms then expect me to question your judgement and ability to reason, and consequently, your veracity and fitness to serve.

      • John Patricio

        Russ, you said “we can’t hold the officer to a higher standard”. Yes we can, that dog wasn’t just a dog. It was an Officer!

      • chech

        Actually, we can and should always hold officers to higher standards

        We need laws saying that cops get 2x the max, mandatory, if they are ever caught committing a crime

      • Paul

        What are you talking about? Here in Arizona kids and animals in cars happens a lot, sadly, and they are ALWAYS prosecuted and usually serve prison time.

      • TomK

        Cops ARE civilians, genius.

      • Melissa

        “Civilian” Parent???? Don’t you mean citizen? Obviously you are a LEO, and have forgotten we are citizens of this country, not enemy combatants. It is frightening to think that this officer’s mind is so pre-occupied that he would leave his partner in a hot car to die. I can’t imagine what would happen if he had a suspect in the car! Some actions or inactions are indefensible! Where is the overisight from the department administration? Obviously this officer was very stressed-out and unable to do his duties. Didn’t anyone notice? R.I.P. Liberty.

      • Ken

        To RUSS P:

        Russ I don’t know where you were educated but a Police Officer is to be held to a Higher Standard, in a situation like this.
        Wake up RUSS Obama is NOT going to have a second term.
        Krusty the Klown could run against him, And Win.

      • dev

        @ken – you idiot. this has nothing to do with obama you arrogant christian tool

    • MD

      The second paragraph of the article will give you the officers name. Might want to read before you post. See you in Greenville

      • Cheryl Cheney Fox

        I was wondering how his name was overlooked! Yep, see ya in Greenville..

      • Animal Farm

        It says Officer Michael Vick on my screen.

        Why did Mke Vick go to jail again?

      • CONNECTICUT SSN 042-68-4425

    • michael

      Reread the article. The officer’s name is there.

    • cop killer dog killer

      Jeff Gore

  • Frank

    This is terrible, there should be know excuse for this, i do feel terrible for the officer who left his partner in the car im sure he and the department are going through a rough time, but that does not excuse the officer of some kind of discipline or punishment for his actions this could have easily been a child, god forbid and then we might take this most seriously, I dont know what his punishment should be but it should start with a firing of this careless officer and then go from there, dont brush this under the rug, apology is not enough!!!!!

  • NiteNurse

    This is so very sad. I am sure the officer is devastated beyond belief. These dogs are so very valuable to the officers and the citizens they help protect. It costs thousands of dollars and several years to train these dogs. Maybe a alarm of some sort could be installed when you have to work with the dogs.

    • Daisy Healy

      He has been with this dog how many years and he forgot about the animal? How can this be? Shame on him. I could see if he forgot about him for a few minutes and then came back to get her. Yet to not remember for a period of time? Relieve this officer of his duties or do not let him be responsible for the dogs anymore. Poor dog.

    • ruff1951

      Maybe if this Cop would have used common sense and removed the dog from the car in the first place. Alarms or what ever wouldn’t have to be even an option. Ignorance is no excuse for the law. Obviously this poor dog was only a tool used by this cop, or he wouldn’t have left him in the car to DIE.

  • Jeff D Johnson

    Glad to know we have so many perfect people here.

    • lisa

      It isnt about being perfect but responsible for a life.

      • Concerned for officer

        that officer is under more stress of being RESPONSIBLE for every life in Greenville, Texas

      • Jeff D Johnson

        And people are human. Mistakes happen. Everyone that keeps saying how inexcusable this was need to stop and think about what can happen to the human mind when it is overwhelmed.

      • Beau

        If that’s the case, I pity the citizens of Greenville.

    • Tate

      The bottom line is that there are real world consequences to this man’s ineptitude. His neglect has resulted in the the death of an officer and he should be charged. If he is not charged then this is just another in a litany of cases where the police are above the law.

    • Emlee Lage

      Consequences are a part of life…responsible people know that – children try to avoid consequences but not responsible people – the officer needs to be relieved of duty…he is not responsible enough to serve…

  • Melissa

    “Liberty had had the same handler for more than seven years.”

    How does one forget their “partner” in a hot car if they’ve been together for more than seven years…SAD!!!!

  • Big_Dog

    What a beautiful dog! Such a sad story!

  • CL

    HOW COULD HE “FORGET”… dogs make noise when i leave , or at the least move around…..i hope cruelty charges are filed and that this officer is NEVER allowed to be a K-9 handler ever again….RIP LIBERTY……may justice be done for you if not in this life then the next….

  • oldman69

    sure hope this clown doesn’t have any children with a memory such as his.Animal cruelity charges at the least

  • Washingtonian

    All Police Agencies with K9 Units should be mandated by law to have “HOT DOG” units in their cars. A “HOT DOG” unit keeps the vehicle’s temperature cool when the vehicle is on or off. This should be considered animal neglect. The problem is the Citys and smaller agencies refuse to buy the “HOT DOG” Units for their K9 units, which is ridiculous. The agencies and city’s should not have a choice!

    • RussP

      These are great devices but would not have mattered in this case since the officer thought he had already removed the dog and would have shut the device off. If I understand them correctly, they do not operate 24/7 in the vehicle but only when activated by the handler.

      • Col. John Matrix

        Then “HOT DOG” needs to be revised to where the dog’s collar has a IR chip that automatically activates the system when the dog enters the car, and the system is “UN-OVER-RIDEABLE” while the dog is in the car.

        I agree with “Washingtonian”, it should be Federal Law that any agency using K-9’s must have a “Revised” (with the IR chip I described above) HOT DOG system in every car/vehicle that the K-9 will be transported in, on or off duty. If a “Smaller” community can afford a trained K-9 which can cost over $20,000+ they should be able to afford the safety system to keep them safe, and If that community can’t afford the system, they should be prohibited from having a K-9 until they get the system and it is certified by the Humane Society or ASPCA as properly functioning. I would be for the Federal Gov’t even subsidizing up to 35% percent of the cost of imlementing these Improved HOT DOG system in smaller/poorer communties.

        We have the technology to make such accidents as this virtually impossible to happen, and it really should be utilized! Either take the necessary precautions to prevent such accidents, or stop using K-9’s in police work! If a poor community spends $20K for a dog, don’t you think they would want to spend an extra $3K to protect that investment?!

  • Rick McDaniel

    That was criminal on the part of the officer.

  • Bernadette Kreischer

    first any idiot knows better here in tx, how hot it gets….second…a police officer…really…if that is who is protecting the people, maybe time to retire….there is no excuse …and being a police officer died in a care there should be charges

  • Paul

    I wonder if he was an organ donor? Sounda like at least one local cop is in desperate need of a brain.

  • Remyhound

    I know this officer and yes while it is tragic about what happened to Liberty, yall are condeming him before you have all the facts. It is my understanding that the officer had somekindof emergency situation arise with his family. Liberty was asleep in the car and didnt make any sounds as the officer was signing out early to take care of the emergency, and in his worried state the horriblly tragic ACCIDENT happened!! This officer has dedicated his life to protect citizens, not judge them like you all are doing to him. Let all of the facts comeout and the administration and legal justice system will do the right thing! Until then please remember John8:7 “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone “. 

    Hey bro, if you see this, my heart goes out to you in your time of grief and God bless Liberty, may she rest in peace.

    ML and K9 Remy

    • ZZ


    • Paul

      My friend had a family member with an emergency- he rushed to the hospital and left his cat in the car and it died. He was prosecuted for it. Why is this any different? Please explain how it’s different. Either you believe my friend was wrongly arrested & prosecuted by the police & state, or you believe that the officer is above such laws simply because of his job.

    • jim

      your pathetic making excuses for some sick as/s h/ole you know nothing and you sit and make up lies to protect this filth. I swear people like you are exactly what the new leader of this trashed county want born bred slaves ready to serve the overload no matter what. you are a sorry excuse for a human no spine at all weak to the core disgusting. feeble minded slaves like you make me ill you are a disgusting excuse for an american or a man or woman for that matter slither back to your pond spineless worm.

    • Joe

      Just because it was an accident does not mean it is not a criminal offense. The positive defense of “I had an emergency and forgot about the dog” is not valid. The dog was left in the car, he was responsible for the dog, and thus should be charged with a misdemeanor for the actions that direclty led to the death of his friend. A crime does not always need to be intentional in order to be a crime. Sorry buddy, but your friend is an idiot and needs to be charged and subsequently fired.

    • Melissa J.

      Please remember what all you LEO’s are saying to the citizens who pay your salaries. Next time you go to pull over someone for a traffic violation, or a crime that you see being committed, remember that person might have an “emergency”, or “forgot”, or was under “stress”. Then judge not less ye be judged, officers!

      • Judy

        Melissa, just so you know, MANY more people are let go than given tickets every day for various reasons. Officers accept excuses from citizens every day. If everyone who was stopped for a traffic violation actually received a ticket, that’s all police would be doing all day is writing tickets. Most police let more people go than they actually ticket.

    • James

      Yeah boy, let’s cover for this moron. You can go straight to h el l

    • Scott the CITIZEN

      It is tragic what happened, and I am sure he is devastated. But accident or not officers are not above any law, period! The mindset of our officers in this country has changed drastically. It’s almost like you forgot we are the people who pay your salary.
      It is interesting how people are laying such a back story on behind the accident and personalize the story trying to lessen the end result. You do that because you treat the officer differently because you know him. The irony of that is that was generally the mindset of our officers many years ago towards us “CIVILIANS”… But now we are treated like enemies in our own country. And NO, I have never been arrested or have a record at all. But my eyes are open enough to see a lack of respect on an epidemic level buy our law enforcement.
      The unfortunate bottom line is he murdered a Police dog which is a Class 3 felony.

    • Emlee

      He didn’t have an emergency – he had a busy schedule…big difference…quit making excuses for a slacker…he needs to be off the force if he can’t remember his partner of 7 years…he’s a jerk!!!


      yea ok you and him are the same….so you gona leave your dog in the car too??

  • Primetime Editorials
  • MadHatter

    Cop out was what I just read as a reason for this. Busy life and just forgot, yeah excuse people use with kids all the time. I’m sure the officer feels bad, same as if he left his kid in the car bad. But routines are routines, thus since this was a routine to put it in a kennel it’s done without thinking just like locking your car or home doors is. It was a very expensive dog due to the cost of training so I think it goes farther than just animal cruelty since it’s also a rip off taxpayers money via gross negligence.
    I am not perfect and have made mistakes, but never ever have I made a mistake that got a person/partner killed. Comments said it was a family pet, well no family pet is kept at the departments kennel. Family emergency, my friend I drove to the hospital while my father was dying and no I did not speed or kill anyone on the way, but yes I did arrive to late and I loved him very, very much. If he gets this scatter brained in an emergency, then he needs to hang up his badge. Now tell us why the search and rescue dog was with him, did he forget the call he was just on also?

  • MadHatter

    I am very sure this officer feels bad about what happened and feels the loss. Yet due to the expense he should not just get away with just feeling bad. The only way he should be allowed to stay an officer is if he pays for the training of the next dog out of his own pocket, then he is less likely to forget a partner no matter if it’s 2 or 4 legged or if a personal emergency comes up or not. Even if he resigns he needs to be fined the cost of the dog. We all make mistakes and sometimes we all end up paying for those mistakes for a lifetime and that is what officers that do this need to do via their grief and repayment to the taxpayers. It is not about the money though, it is about the loss of a very valued life.
    Insurance is for accidents and the dog did not die in an accident, thus the officers need to personally pay for it. With that in mind they will be as vigilant with their K9 partner as they are with their weapons in any kind of emergency.
    Dogs ride in the front seat since they are your partner and not a suspect or criminal which makes them harder to forget even asleep or not making a sound.
    Baby on board on the sign out sheet along with location of partner.
    They also go home with you at night and never put in a kennel unless it is in your home. Absolutely no excuse to leave them in a kennel at the police department if your their handler.

    • Diane

      Training of these dogs is intensive and expensive. If this police officer had misplaced or damaged equipment of this value, there would be administrative and probable financial consequences. The fact that this ‘equipment’ was a living, breathing thing only makes it worse. And while I can appreciate the officer made a mistake, law enforcement regularly tickets, arrests or charges people for unintentional acts. Ignorance or absence of malice is no excuse for thousands of people int he court system today. Gore should be reprimanded officially and charged for the cost of purchasing another dog for the force in Greenville.

  • MadHatter

    VIP I love animals like others who have posted do, yet I realize police K-9’s are a lot different from the average pet. I have never been for training a dog to go in and do a mans job, yet search and rescue is an area I agree with using them or sniffing out things. Training them to attack though is where I disagree with their use for the sake of people and the dog.
    I realize how hot it is outside and if the officer had been out walking with the dog even after cooling off in the car your brain cells do not recover from being baked so fast, thus when a family problem came in maybe you could forget what you had been doing the past hour or so, not me since I’ve been through a lot of crisis but we are all different. So yes all the details of what happened are not in this article, thus none of us need to jump the gun since we don’t have all the facts.
    If I had done something like this even without a fine I would pay the taxpayers back to get another search and rescue dog trained ASAP no matter if it took years to pay back the expense. I would also want all the solutions I posted set up to prevent it from happening to anyone else and would still want to work with the dogs. Younger right after an animal died I would get another one since so many needed homes and it helped lift the other animals and my spirits. Now I can’t afford as many, nor haul food I am not replacing them until I get their numbers and sizes down. Makes life harder on us during the grieving process, but time does heal it. Even when we make mistakes or have accidents we must pay our dues and get right back in the saddle if you can stand to do so which some can and some can’t.

  • otisblotis

    Maybe an accident, but he still did it; just like Dallas cop who ran down the kid on a bike. he got 3 days leave then a promotion.

    Cops should be proud to be held to a higher standard, but they just get a pass.

    Double standard is NO standard.

    this 2 legged waste of oxygen needs to face a jury.

  • pat

    How could he forget. This makes me sick

  • marlene osentoski

    The fact this officer forgot is NOT an excuse for the negligence the caused his partners death. I am certainly not perfect either but never has my actions caused the death of another. This K9 depended on his partner to care for him and I’m sure he wondered as he was dying where his beloved partner was. What a horrible way for a HERO to die. This officer shoulod be brought up on the same charges a civilian would merit if they killed a K9, This was a police officer killed by neglect in the line of duty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • WaveBye

    No one is any more upset about hearing what happened to Liberty than I am since animals are my life, yet just on a few facts you have tried and convicted someone which is not what justice or Liberty is all about.
    Now some mind reader is trying to say what Liberty was thinking right before death, well dear mind reader you lack knowing anything about dogs. Sure Liberty was maybe thinking where the partner was, but a dog loves everyone in their lives to their last breath. How do I know this? Because I have held the paws of several of my dear ones as they where put to sleep. Because as a child over 50 years ago one was put into a kennel for 2 weeks while we went on vaction and it had starved itself to death thinking we where never coming back. See back then they wouldn’t take it to a vet or call long distance in order to save a dogs life. So no dogs who love their partners do not have mean thoughts in their last moments, they go out loving them just as much as they ever did. Thus unlike you, Liberty would want no harm to come to her partner over this or over anything.

    • Beau

      Oh, STFU!

      • WaveBye

        KMA and no I will not when it comes to the lives of animals. Your name doesn’t turn up much worth honoring your request since your comments have not pretained to Liberty.

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