DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – People in one North Texas neighborhood are joining forces to bring a new grocery store to their community.

The Lake Highlands neighborhood in Dallas wants to get a Trader Joe’s store. The specialty grocery chain will open its first location in North Texas later this year.

“We just feel like our location and our community would do really well to have them here,” explained Lake Highlands resident Risa Thompson.

Thompson says residents have gathered more than 4,000 petition signatures urging Trader Joe’s to consider putting their new store at the corner of Skillman and Walnut Hill Lane.

“I do believe that this [petition] can make an impact,” said Thompson. “At the end of the day ya know, they’re always gonna look at the numbers and what have you, but what I’ve been told is they will look at the spirit of the community.”

The same German family that runs the Aldi grocery chain owns Trader Joe’s. It’s been a little more than a year since Aldi first opened stores in North Texas.

Petition supporters say the store would be a big boost for the neighborhood. “We feel like it would be a draw for other communities to come to our neck of the woods.”

In all, Trader Joe’s is preparing to open 10 new stores across the state.