Prayer Rally Held For John Wiley Price

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – At Kirkwood Temple CME Church, more than 150 people gathered to pray for and show support for Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price a week after the FBI executed search warrants at Price’s office and home.

Pastor Jerry Christian organized the service, and insisted it wasn’t a political rally.
“It’s about praying… It’s supporting John Wiley Price – he’s been such an influential part of our community and done great things.”

But once the program began, the mood on the pulpit changed.  Reverend Frederick Haynes of Friendship Baptist Church, one of the area’s largest churches, railed against the FBI’s investigation.  “Is it not amazing that last week as we inaugurated a new administration, something was going on down by way of gestapo-like tactics, which gave birth to a witch-hunt that presumed guilt.”

But former U.S. Attorney Richard Roper, who spearheaded the recent public corruption investigation at Dallas City Hall, says during these kinds of investigations, the FBI consults with the U.S. Justice Department.  “The FBI doesn’t have authority to investigate a corruption case of this magnitude on a whim. They have certain protocols that require supervisory approval.”

Kathryn Mitchell says she can’t speak to Commissioner Price, but in general, she belives African-American leaders are scrutinzed more heavily than whites.  “I think they’re targets, but all over the county.”

During the service, pastors urged the community not only to support Commissioner Price, but all elected leaders.

An FBI spokeswoman declined comment tonight.

Commissioner Price was invited, but did not attend.  People at the church handed out flyers promoting another rally for Price on July 16.


One Comment

  1. geoff says:

    I say he needs to be in jail . I’ve have tought this for years. I hope they trow the book at him!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Clarke says:

    I thought it was illegal as far as the IRS is concerned for a church that gets tax breaks as a religion to get involved in political rally. I believe that the IRS should investigate the tax shelter status for churches which abuse this practice.

  3. largo says:

    These are the same morons who keep voting the most crooked man in Texas back into office again and again. They need to shut up and take their filthy race card home with them. Price is guilty as hell. Look at his recent wins: all massive landslides. I know he’s buying votes and bribing voters.

  4. Richard says:

    Ya, I’m parying too. I hope thay hyang Price. He has been dirty for a long time.

    1. noobamain2012 says:

      I am with Richard, praying they put him away. And for the lady who posted that black leaders are watched more than white leaders… maybe so but it is because there is an extremely higher number of black public officials who have committed criminal acts, than their white counterparts. You commit the crime, you do the time.

      DUH-wayne Carraway needs to be next….

  5. eldavoooo says:

    You is all WHITE so all y’all can go to HELL!!! Leave Brotha’ Price ALONE!! He aint done nuthin”!!!




  6. 2sister says:

    I don’t know if Mr. Price is guilty or not of what they are investigating. The fact that he has done some good, however, would not excuse him doing something illegal. Also, sometimes it’s hard to believe that someone we know or care about can be guilty of a crime. I understand, because I know some people that have done some very illegal things. I didn’t want to believe it about them, but unfortunately it was true. If it is found that Mr. Price did anything illegal, denying it would not be good or right.

  7. te says:

    I just have to laugh whenever I read that the Black Community rallies and then ALWAYS throws in the race card. Black people will never be accepted as equals as long as this practice is continued. This only reinforces insecurity….

  8. BornFreeAmerican says:

    This is no witch-hunt! This is KARMA finally coming back to get him! Where were all of you when he called the speakers in his court,”All you white people can go to hell”!?? That was reverse racism! John Wiley Price thinks he’s above the law, that the rules don’t apply to him, It’s pure KARMA and John Wiley is reaping his just rewards!!

  9. BornFreeAmerican says:

    If they really cared about the “hood”, then why is the “hood” still the “hood”?

  10. Buck Wheat says:

    Well, hello dere, Lawd. We seez dat dem dere blue-eyed devils be framin’ Misser Price over here. Now lookie here, Lawd, weez want justice to be served fo’ John Wiley Price. In Jeebus name!

  11. Tired Of it says:

    Any church that allows this kind of meeting should lose their non-profit status. I hope he gets the justice he deserves. His living high on the hog has come back to bite him in the butt, He had to know at some point someone was going to investigate. He has always felt he was above the law and those laws only exist for everyone else. Time reconsider that opinion John Wiley.

  12. Rick McDaniel says:

    It’s always surprising, when people act like they don’t believe someone could possibly have done wrong, when there’s obviously signs of wealth, that aren’t compatible, with what someone actually earns.

  13. les says:

    can’t we just wait and see if the man has done anything wrong ?? i don’t believe that people should start throwing the race card and there god at this time !!! the fbi is not going to back off . this only serves to continue to divide our community .

  14. Hemroidious says:

    Now, what we have here, is a failure to communicate. We see JWP as a greedy, unethical, thieving crook. The black community, however, sees him as Robin Hood type. To them he is stealing from whitey and giving back some of it to the black community. For instance, when he goes to church, he may slip the pastor a little “extra” for doing gods work. Gods work includes getting his flock to march downtown or hold prayer vigils like this. You’ve heard of Trickle Down Economics, well, the black community calls it Matrickulatin Down Economics. JWP is good at matrickulatin. I have known this for many years because I watched a lot of Amos n Andy when I was young.

  15. Hemroidious says:

    We should have a Prayer Rally For Willy Nelson too.

  16. Jeff Bacon says:

    Shame on you for throwing the intermidable race card. Don’t you realize that everytime you throw that in the mix, it only further imbeds the racial divide. White folk as a rule try too bend over backwards to accomadate Political Correctness. It is time for Whites and Blacks and Browns and whatever flavor you choose to align yourself with, to knock off the “race card non sense.” The reality is that it is getting old and we are tired of it, as long as you keep throwing that same old must “cad” into the conversation, you are going to get what you are currently getting, no help, no respect and certainly no trust.

  17. Hemroidious says:

    Can we all please just have a kwanza moment?………..There, feel better?

  18. darrell says:

    i wasnt raised a racist, wasnt a raciest in the army either. but as i have observed the world around me these last 20 years it seems obvious that i must be a racist. after all, the hispanic and black peoples tell me im a racist every chance they get. they constantly reinforce it just for the sake of doing it. surely all of these fine examples of human tolerance cant be wrong can they? so i guess its true. they say im a racist so i must be one. so since they say i am; i hope price goest to prision for the rest of his worthless black life.

    i hope ive lived up too your expectations since you have made me a racist.

  19. AC says:

    Please..people… PRAY for me that I can get a safe with over 100,000.00 dollars in it at one of my homes…

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