New Details Released In FBI’s Investigation Into John Wiley Price

By Jack Fink & L.P. Phillips,

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – We have a better idea where the feds are headed in their investigation of Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price.

The search warrants executed at Price’s house and at his county office mention big companies and at least one other powerful politician, State Senator Royce West.

The search warrants request any and all documents pertaining to Senator West – an influential and powerful state lawmaker.

It’s the first time West’s name has surfaced officially during the investigation.  Senator West said in a statement any projects he and Price worked on can “meet and withstand public scrutiny.”

KRLD’s L.P. Phillips Reports

The FBI was also looking for information related to Price’s annual Kwanzaa Fest celebration, and some of its sponsors, such as American Airlines.

Price’s attorney, Billy Ravkind, says it’s a broad search.  He says he’s asked his client very direct questions.  “I said ‘John have you ever accepted a bribe?’  He said ‘Bill I have never accepted a bribe.’  I said ‘okay, now, I start looking for – is it true?’  That’s what I’m doing right now.”

Also included in the documents, several businessmen accused of pressuring a South Dallas County developer involved in the Inland Port project and logistics hub – a major warehouse and distribution center.

Two prominent businessmen associated with port and their firm are mentioned in the warrant.

The warrant says the FBI searched for bank records, large amounts of cash, jewelry and computer data.

Agents also searched for information involving Price’s numerous vehicles, land dealings, and a birthday fundraiser.

An American Airlines spokesman says he couldn’t talk about specific investigations, but that it does regularly comply with law enforcement requests.


One Comment

  1. Gumby Rules says:

    It is all racial, at least that is what some people are saying.

    1. Hemroidious says:

      The FBI doesn’t investigate because of race Gumby. Get your head out of your…

    2. Gregg Orange says:

      Mwahahahahahaha! Smoke marijuana! Start your mornings off with a big “blunt!” Mwahahahahahaha! Whoooop whoooop whoooop! Hey! Alright! Heeeeeeyyyyy! Yes, come on! Gabba gabba!

  2. Peggy says:

    Well we will see if PRice gets bitten in the butt….I have ofter wondered where he gets all of the stuff he has acquired…..if it is legal, fine, if the taxpayers footed the bill….it is not.

  3. 2sister says:

    I don’t know if he is guilty or innocent of the crime that they are looking into. If he is guilty, he needs to be prosecuted.

    Also, please leave disgusting comments out of this. I don’t really think it’s racist, but I don’t have to leave disgusting and rude comments to express that opinion.

    1. 2sister says:

      I mean I don’t think that their investigation is racist.

  4. Hemroidious says:

    Can we all please just have a kwanza moment?………..There, feel better?

  5. Harleywideglide says:

    It’s very unlikely that an FBI investigation is racist. If anything, they would shy away from investigating a black or other “suppressed” race given the current environment of race in this country.

    Rather than having rallies for JWP and calling the investigation Gestapo as some have, let’s just wait and see the EVIDENCE before declaring innocense or guilt.

  6. Harleywideglide says:

    Excuse me, it should be “innocence.”

  7. Officer Buckingham says:

    Bill C. did you not know that your ignorant tIL IS COLORED. Grow TFU

  8. Officer Buckingham says:

    Bill C, did you not know that your ignorant tail is COLORED. Grow TFU

  9. Officer Buckingham says:

    Stop passing judgment on others. Anything done in the dark will come to light.

  10. 2sister says:

    There is no need to cuss or use euphemisms that represent cuss words. There is also no reason to spew hate. Nobody has to cuss or spew hate to express an opinion. It can be done with tact and civilly.

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