Vandals Destroy American Flags In Richardson

RICHARDSON (CBSDFW.COM)  Patriotism runs deep in the Canyon Creek subdivision of Richardson. During 4th of July week, nearly 1200 flags line the streets in the neighborhood. But after the work of some vandals, Old Glory is a bit tattered and torn. “There’s vandalism and then there’s this type of vandalism,” says neighbor, Dennis Stewart.

Richardson police say vandals ripped out and tore up 53 flags. “It probably should anger every American,” Stewart added. “This is our country’s symbol and I just can’t imagine somebody doing this.”

Since 2008, the July 4th flags have been put up by the local Rotary Club, the Boys and Girls Scouts and the neighborhood association. The poles are ten-feet high and the attached flags are three feet by five feet.

Several flags were dumped by the vandals on Diane Dees front porch. “I thought it was terrible. I just can’t believe that somebody would do that to our country’s flag,” Dees said.

Police are still searching for the vandals. The remaining flags that were not damaged will remain standing through this weekend.


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  1. Will I Am says:

    Juang, You have done a real job on this country. When the push comes, welcome to America.

  2. Jeff Bacon says:

    It amazes me the outright disregard for the symbol of the United States. It has been burned, spit upon, walked on, worn as clothing, even made into towels so we can wipe our rears. This symbol that represents the blood, sweat and tears of generations of Americans who have fought to keep us free. Yet this freedom is abused by those with no respect for things decent, for things good and pure. Wouldn”t it be wonderful if we as a people would demonstrate the respect that these generations of heros deserve by standing, respecting and saluting (that goes for Mr. Obama) this basic symbol of our once great nation, a symbol known around the world and respected by that same world.

    1. nobody knows says:

      Yet our country still stands. Remarkable isn’t it?

  3. Mike says:

    These people, no matter their nationality, are true pieces of human s**t. They all deserve deportation to a third world country. All of them.

  4. Badbadreporterbad says:

    Because patriotism = waving a flag around. Grow up, your articles are childish rubbish spoonfed to the sheep.

    1. AC says:

      I agree, its just a freakin flag… a symbol that meant something thousands of years ago in battle, now its just a symbol to validate and gauge youe hate level for others. i,e, confederate flag…

      1. RealTexan says:

        If you think it’s just a tattered old symbol with no meaning, AC, I suggest you go over to any military base and try and take theirs…. Or better yet, try to take mine. The only reason I can think of that it has no meaning to you is because you have no loyalty to anything or anyone but yourself. I fly the American flag, the Texas flag and the Confederate flag, not out of hate, but out of respect for my forefathers who gave their lives that I may live in such a great country… Any time you have doubts about this country, please, PLEASE go anywhere else and see how well you do there… I’ll even help ya pack and take ya to the airport.

      2. Mike Martin says:

        Your attitude reeks of a spoiled child who had his spoon taken away when he found out that life had demands.
        You don’t like this flag? Move elsewhere, ingrate.

    2. BDK says:

      It means so little to you because apparently you weren’t taught to respect anything.

  5. te says:

    Everyone should serve their country in one form or another. Then they would really learn to appreciative just how fortunate we are. I do not put up with disrespect to the United States of America. Hopefully no one will pull this in front of me.

  6. PhiloPhool says:

    How dare the Rotary Club et al be such a racest group by putting out only the American Flgas. There are now enough hispanics (legal and illegeal) in this country their rights must be respected and the flag representing their national orginal (The Mexican Flag) MUST NOW BE DISPLAYED AALONG WITH THE flag of america. Proff oft his is everywhere you go-Spanish spoken here, puth one for English, Push Two for Spanish how many TV channels are all spanish, etc.,that this is now a dual country america and Mexico)

    1. Ed Ball says:

      you cant be serious!!! The 4th of July is America’s birthday, so why should another flag be flown? I will respect hispanic rights when the respect is due, but 4th of July is American not hispanic….Get over it, and stop shoving your ethnicity down our throats..By the way, my anglo a-s is married to a latina…..

      1. :) says:

        of course only the american flag should be flown here in the u.s. specially on the 4th of July. Its our country’s birthday. Everyone here should respect it just as we should respect someone else’s as well. Respect is the key people, respect one another, no matter what country you come from. Respect goes a long way and respect can make a difference.

    2. Mike Martin says:

      Dingbat. It was hard enough to decipher your attempt at written English: how much worse it must be to hear you trying to speak it.

    3. Shayne Quisenberry says:

      Its the fourth of july not cinco de mayo you misguided HATER Go back to mexico then if thats how you feel!

  7. You People Are Idiots says:

    What makes you morons think that Mexican people did this? It was high school kids– white high school kids.
    Most Mexican people are not the diabolical geniuses you make them out to be. They go to work, pick up some take out (would you believe the stores make them pay taxes?!?) and come home every night!
    All you bigots need to get an effing grip.

    1. FranklySpeaking says:

      A lot of the illegal ones don’t pay federal taxes or in some cases state tax. Is it their fault? No. It’s our fault for allowing it to happen. A lot of people have misguided anger, so they blame them. IF things are to change, we must change the laws. Hate wont get anyone anywhere.

    2. BillyBob says:

      If you’re convinced of this, you need to visit the county lockup and the state pens. You’ve been cooped up too long, Jose.

    3. Shayne Quisenberry says:

      stupid punks probaly brainwashed by teachers that america is bad obama good!

  8. Land says:

    The American flag was destroyed when Bush and Obama legalized torture and spying on Americans without a warrant.

    But go ahead and make yourselves feel better by buying American flags made in China.

  9. NiteNurse says:

    More then likely it was a bunch of bored and drunk teenagers with no supervision causing all this! Please everyone keep an eye on your demon seeds during the summer PLEASE!

  10. SJPring says:

    My flags were stolen this morning, taken down the street and thrown in the dirt. I have cried, prayed, and still feel no relief. Only a disrespectful, terriorist would do this. And, Yes, this is terrorism. I felt very terrorized by this. Our forefathers fought for the right to fly this flag. I am absolutely disheartened at today’s behavior. My heart goes out to Canyon Creek and your community, as I know exactly how you feel..To the hatemongers- I will pray for you. You have no soul or respect for anyone or anything but your false sense of superiority and self. I dont care who did this, I hope the Police find them and the court throws the book at them. I can only hope they are charged with terriorism. If I catch them, only God will be able to help them..

  11. FedUpTxn says:

    Richardson, like Garland, is now over-run with illegals from south of the border who have no respect for any law or any citizen. Is this such a big surprise? With Republicans spreading so much Obama hate, enraging everyone over what are mostly lies and total disrespect for our country’s leader, such things will increase in time. Respect, dignity, morality, honor, work ethic, have all been replaced in this “me first” self-gratifying society.

  12. Rae says:

    You need to back to your history teacher and get a refund. You didn’t learn anything! Surely there is something in your life or from your family that is sacred to you. We value the flag and what it stands for. The blood, sweat and tears of our forefathers and their ultimate sacrifice to make us a free country is what the flag stands for. Poop on you! Only cowards do this kind of thing under cover of darkness

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