Visiting the Dallas Farmers Market

By Lauren Kimmel
produce laurenkimmel Visiting the Dallas Farmers Market

(Photo: Produce) credit: Lauren Kimmel

Dallas Farmers Market
1010 S. Pearl Expressway, Dallas, Texas
Hours: Open Daily: 8 a.m. – 6 p.m.
(214) 670-5880

Do you ever wonder where your food actually comes from? Despite how it may appear, Albertsons and Kroger employees aren’t picking herbs out of the garden out back with cute little sunhats on. No no, that produce travels far and wide to get to those crates and bins we frantically grab our fruit out of.

flowers laurenkimmel 1 Visiting the Dallas Farmers Market

(Photo: Flowers) credit: Lauren Kimmel

The good news is there are places where we actually see where our produce comes from. You can shake hands with the farmers who grew it. You can sample the mangos and the tomatoes until you find the one that your taste buds desire. The Dallas Farmers Market offers a food experience that you just can’t get at the grocery store. You can peruse the aisles of local vendors at your own pace, sampling and learning about the produce in front of you. You don’t have to worry about getting sprayed by those grocery store misters or finding bananas that were picked 5 days too soon.

I have had some of the best cantaloupe in my life from one of the stands at the Farmers Market. I wouldn’t have gotten through the third trimester of my pregnancy if it weren’t for their delectable, giant seedless watermelons and perfectly ripe mangoes. My baby tried honeydew melon for the first time on one of our visits. Whenever we are in the mood for some really good steaks, we head over to their meat market and pick up some top of the line beef. The Dallas Farmers Market is close to my heart and my cravings!

When planning your trip to the Dallas Farmers Market I have two words for you: come hungry. Between the samples you will over-indulge on, the fresh tamales you will have to grab for lunch, and the snowcones you can’t pass up on your way out, you will definitely leave with a full (and happy) belly. There are just too many options and varieties of foods to not try a little of everything. And the prices? Great! Although they aren’t much cheaper than the big chain grocers, you are getting higher quality products and supporting our local farmers and businesses.

Food is not the only thing you will find at the Dallas Farmers Market. There is a fantastic Garden Center right across the street that could take any yard from drab to fab. You will also find plenty or local crafters and artists selling their loot inside one of the pavilions. This is a great place to pick up gifts for loved ones. How much more special is it to buy something handcrafted than picking up the latest DVD?

The next time you are picking up ingredients for a big cook-out, or just stocking up for meal planning, head to The Dallas Farmers Market for a great experience and to support our local farmers. You might just leave with some awesome produce and a greater appreciation for food. And don’t forget to try the watermelon!

Lauren Kimmel is the Co-Founder of Dallas Moms Blog, a great resource for moms looking to connect to other moms, learn and laugh about motherhood, and discover all that Dallas has to offer. She is a wife to a musician and a mother to a bouncing baby boy.


One Comment

  1. C Bauer says:

    I haven’t been in many years. When I went, I saw “farmers” with boxes of produce from Mexico, so I left. Fayetteville Farmers Market in Fayetteville, AR is what I’m used to. There’s one like that in Grapevine that has LOCALLY-raised produce, but finding something like that around here is rare.

    1. Lauren Kimmel says:

      One of the pavilions is actualy Local Farmers and the other ones are just selling generic produce. There is a great, even more locally run Farmers Market over in White Rock-happens twice a month right by the Green Spot. Sounds like you might like that better. It’s not huge but it is a fun place.

  2. Larousse Gastronomique says:

    “You can shake hands with the farmers who grew it. You can sample the mangos…”

    LOL. MANGOES grown by LOCAL FARMERS in TEXAS? That’s hilarious. Do you have any idea what you’re even writing about? Can someone hire a REAL foodie to write about food? This pedantic article is an obvious plug for a second-rate farmers market, written by someone with no real experience in the culinary world.

    1. Ms. M says:

      I read the article and I didn’t get the idea that the writer was trying to imply the mangoes were grown in Texas. This article is obviously written to be read by the average reader, in layman’s terms, not by some uppity food critic.

      1. Larousse Gastronomique says:

        I’m not an uppity food critic. I’m a CHEF.

  3. Heather P says:

    I’ve never been but it sounds like a fun place. I don’t really care where the fruit comes from; it would just be a fun experience! It seems like the previous commenter would be more pleased reading the Food & Drink section. An author for the travel section doesn’t have to be a foodie to write about food.

    1. P. T. Barnum says:

      You don’t care where the fruit comes from?! “Oh, it’s a fun experience! I want to stand in the heat, talking to swindlers and paying three times the price for the same exact produce I can get at WAL-MART! Yes, but it’s the EXPERIENCE!” Dolt. Sap. Moron.

    2. Duh says:

      Really? To write about travel, you have to know something about traveling, right? Same rule applies if you’re writing about a place to buy FOOD. The real question is, did Mrs. Kimmel have to spend money out of her fledgling blog’s marketing budget to get her “article” on CBS 11’s web site?

  4. FedUpTxn says:

    Farmer’s Market used to be a good deal and well worth the drive from Richardson. But it has become over-run with unethical people who speak little or no English and don’t care about quality. I stopped going for this reason.

  5. fishstick says:

    Yup. It’s like when you use to go to a Flea market and find good deals. Farmers Market is like Canton, tx. No real deals just the Artsy Fartsy trying to scalp you.

  6. clk says:

    i went saturday and found some amazing produce. reminded me how food is SUPPOSED to taste. im just an average person who got excited about cooking again after my trip there.

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