Domino’s Sued After North Texas Deliveryman’s Death

FORT WORTH (AP) – Domino’s is being sued by the widow of a North Texas employee who died a year after being robbed and beaten with a baseball bat by teens who lured the deliveryman to a vacant house.

According to Fort Worth police, three teenagers called in a bogus order to Domino’s Pizza, giving the address of a vacant home on Bessie Street. The address was previously the home of one of the attackers. The teens then beat Fred Rein with an aluminum baseball bat before stealing pizzas and $20.

The lawsuit alleges the company failed to follow safety procedures. Attorney Geno Borchardt says the teens used a prepaid cellphone to place the phony order, and Domino’s had never delivered pizza to the address before.

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram says the lawsuit filed Monday seeks “all damages” available under state law to Fred’s widow, Jackie — plus exemplary and punitive damages.

The beating left Fred with brain damage and fractures to his face. He remained hospitalized for months after the October 2009 attack. Jackie is certain that his death was caused by the injuries that he sustained.

A Domino’s spokesman says the company doesn’t comment on lawsuits but is saddened by the loss.

The three teens were charged as juveniles, pleaded guilty to aggravated robbery and were sentenced.

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One Comment

  1. Cole Younger says:

    Why are these delivery men not armed ?this is the real world

    1. CHL says:

      Because that isn’t ANY company’s policy, dumba$$. Should be, but isn’t.

      1. Cole Younger says:

        policys are made to be broken befor I retired mycompant said no weapons allowed ,but i always had mine very near

      2. Cole Younger says:

        excuse my typeing

      3. DWI says:

        I hope you shoot better than you type, rummie.

  2. Some says:

    I wonder if Domino’s (and the other pizza places) prohibit it at the workplace? Not only that…but if a self-defense shoot went bad, a “victim” might be able to sue the pizza company too for “allowing” their delivery drivers to carry concealed.

  3. Steve says:

    Yeah, it’s prohibited and more than likely for the exact reason you just said. This is indeed the real world Cole, where profits and liability outweigh human life by a large margin.

    1. Bob Loblaw says:

      Sadly, it’s a real world where $20.00 will often outweigh human life. I love guns and gun ownership rights, but having an armed delivery driver force is probably not the right answer. Not only would you need an immense amount of training, it would be largely worthless against attacks like this. (A surprise attack with a baseball bat.)

  4. DDT says:

    I don’t know if these youths are still incarcerated, but if they’re in an adult population, I hope someone from The Aryan Brotherhood or the Mexican Mafia shanks the hell out of these little faygs.

  5. Pauly says:

    I was a Pizza guy with Domino’s back in college in the area and unfortunately these situations do happen. Drivers are trained to call ahead 100% of the time, but how realistic is that for 50+ deliveries a night?

    Sounds like the corporation should have taken care of his family after this tragedy a little bit better to avoid the ugly lawsuit.

    1. Cole Younger says:

      they only care about the money not the employes

  6. Cole Younger says:

    I live in Dallas and I have had to pull my weapon 3 times never used it yet, but i would if needed ..Big D is full of crime

  7. Cole Younger says:

    I know a pizza delivery man he carries his weapon all the time

  8. Gumby Rules says:

    For two years I delivered for MOE (Mark of Excellence, the parent for Domino’s in FW). We were told not to carry a weapon, even a knife. We were told to give them the pizza and the $$ and run away and call 911. We were also told not to get out of our vehicle if we didn’t think we were safe.

    I had a delivery once that they wanted me to go inside a fence to deliver to a side door. I refused to enter the gate and they called the owner when I got to the house and the owner met me outside at the gate.

    My rule, as I told them, robbers can have the pizza and $$, but all bets were off if they tried to put their hands on me.

  9. NiteNurse says:

    i really hope that Domino’s at least compensated this poor man’s family for all the medical bills, lost income, and funeral costs. I am pretty sure if they had then there wouldn’t be a lawsuit.

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