By J.D. Miles, CBS 11 News

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – An eight-year-old boy was seriously injured after he slammed his miniature 4-wheel vehicle into a parked car Sunday in northwest Dallas.

Jose Perez was operating a gas-powered ATV, also known as a pocket 4-wheeler.

“I was really worried because he was, like, one of my best friends,” said Dennilson Wvelle, an 11-year-old neighbor. “It sounded like an explosion of dynamite.”

Perez broke his arm, two of his fingers and has several stitches because of cuts on his face. After a brief stay at the Children’s Medical Center, the boy is back home with his family recovering.

But they warn other parents about the dangers of a vehicle they no longer consider to be a child’s toy.

State law requires anyone riding an ATV to be wearing a helmet, but the Perez family said they didn’t know it applied to the much smaller versions.

“They brought him inside and then they called the ambulance,” said Estefania De Leon, the victim’s sister. “I thought it was bad.”

The family has gotten rid of the vehicle and doesn’t plan to buy another one.