NRH Cracking Down On Home-Based Businesses

NORTH RICHLAND HILLS (CBSDFW.COM) – Some neighbors in North Richland Hills are complaining about noise, crowded streets and equipment storage from home businesses.

City leaders have now stepped in to crack down on the problems.

North Richland Hills Mayor Oscar Trevino says home owners are rightfully upset. “We’ve got some neighborhoods where they have panel-trucks that show up and they’re parked there overnight,” he explained.

Residents have contacted the city about a range of issues. “They’re concerned about traffic congestion and just the outside storage and then the look of the neighborhood,” said Trevino.

The North Richland Hills City Council has now imposed strict rules, including fines of up to $2,000 a day against violators.

Trevino says homeowners shouldn’t have to deal with issues that occur in commercial-zoned areas. “You don’t want four lawn mower trailers showing up at your house, or next door to you, at five o’clock in the morning,” he said.

The new rules prohibit outside equipment storage, crowding of streets and, limit the number of vehicles at a home.

  • Hello Kettle, this is pot calling...

    Oh No!! That’s Racist!!!!

  • RussP

    We’ve got the same problem in the city of Carrollton; hopefully the new mayor will get the police and code folks to put a stop to it. It’s mostly lawn service and home repair guys keeping their trucks and trailers at their houses, storing equipment in their garages and having their workers meet at their houses in the morning.

  • RussQ

    Same problem in Arlington neighborhoods. 4 or 5 pickups with basket trailers full of lawn equipment lined up down my street. Going to jefe’s house to get info for the day. These same people will stand around in your yard, will use your garden hose, urinate on the side of people’s houses (because boss doesnt want the ‘workers’ in HIS house), etc… Its an ‘effing mess, and I have the feeling the same response will come from this ‘crackdown’ that it’s unfairly targeting the hispanic workers and/or latino companies. (puke)

  • Uarenotfoolingme

    Same problem in Dallas. Neighborhoods just don’t look the same. Messy. Crowded, congested. Especially when they bring back the trash from their job and put it on the street for bulk pick up. Unslightly. Makes everything look trashy.

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  • C Bauer

    Don’t you miss the good ol’ days when a home-based business was a swinger’s club or an annoying neighbor pushing Amway?

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