Applicants Line Up In Dallas County For Housing Vouchers

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Dallas County is doing something Thursday that it hasn’t done in a while. The county is accepting applications for housing vouchers.

People started getting in line Wednesday night; showing just how desperate some of them are to get help.

Before daybreak the line, outside the Ellis Davis Field House ran down South Polk in Dallas.

County staffers didn’t begin accepting applications until 8 a.m. The opening of the doors caused a virtual stampede as hundreds of people suddenly sprinted toward the building and a few pushing to the front.

Some suffered minor scrapes and bloodied knees in falls and at least one pregnant woman was reportedly trampled.

This is the first time in five years that Dallas County has accepted applications. But, those applying are still likely facing a minimum two-year wait to get the federally funded assistance, also called Section 8.

The vouchers pay a portion of applicants’ rent, based on household income.

This past May, when the Dallas Housing Authority opened its waiting list for the first time in five years there were more than 21,000 applicants.

Emily Trube reporting for 1080 KRLD

Some of the requirements for those applying include –

• Applicants may live in any county
• Must apply in person
• Income requirements
• Photo id
• Undergo a criminal background check

Those wanting to apply can live in any county; but, must apply in person at the Ellis Davis Field House.

Applications for the vouchers will be accepted Thursday between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.


One Comment

  1. Hemroidious says:

    Wow, I saw a lot of nice cars there. Do they get vouchers for them also?

    1. AC says:

      What amazed me was how fast some people were moving, determined, focused and “doing what it took to “get the job done” very impressed. Too bad those jazzed up could not focus that hard on either getting a job, or working at the job they do have that detemined.

  2. joe says:

    And what part of the news cast told you they didn’t have jobs? Your assumptions? Just because they were there during working hours? If I have to do something during the day like go to the doctor, I take time off. And what does the size of their rears have to do with it? (BTW smart boy, it’s “pursue”.)

    1. larry says:

      right. and how does “darrell” know they aren’t looking? What a fricken tool “darrell” is.

      1. darrell says:

        yes larry, with your infinite intelligence and wisdom, im sure you are correct. must be nice to be you 🙂

    2. darrell says:

      thank you joe, i shall pursue efforts to spell better in the future. perhaps you should apply and get on a list for section 8 housing as i have. then perhaps you will realize who gets the housing. as a disabled army verteran recieving a very small disability check i have been passed over for 2 years because i recieve an income. my disability prevents me from going out in the world to take a job. which i would love to do. i know who gets the housing.

      1. martha says:

        You’re sitting at home using a computer, you can sit in an office and use one.

  3. darrell says:

    when i have wheeled myself into the human resource office, one of the first questions that needs to be answered is “where will i be able to plug in my noisy 40 pound oxygen generator”? even though i do have some unassited mobility, as long as my air hose is long enough, others seem to trip over it, it gets tangled in equipment, etc. can you get the picture? an office job just isnt going to work im afraid. i had that when i got this disability, tried very hard to maintain it afterwards. just didnt work.

    1. darrell says:

      for “joe’s” sake, let me correctly spell “assisted”. sorry joe!

    2. kim says:

      you sound bitter………..sorry for all that happend to you and thank you for serving or country. But being angry at the people you helped to protect,come on now, we can do wayyyy better than that. We are as a whole in TROUBLE so be supportive of people trying to do what they can in this scary world.

  4. TIRED OF THIS says:

    Rick Perry is shouting about all the jobs in texas on his tour but he is not telling the world that they are minimum wage jobs. You have to work two just to make it. Everything is going up, utilities, food, medicine, housing etc., I wish I could get a voucher. My pay rate was just cut this week, and now they cutting down my vacation. I feel like I am working for an company out of India. This is an American, US based company who states they are trying to stay competitive and cut corners. They have instructed the clients how to save money by cutting the piece work from 2 to 1, regardless that it will take me the same amount of time to complete the 2 pieces of work and only get paid for one. Now cutting my rate. I can’t stand it.

  5. G. Leach says:

    Darrell, believe me you do not want these people for neighbors anyway.

  6. RussP says:

    People need to learn to live within their means and accept the fact that most of the available work in this country (especially for those with fewer skills) is going to be the lower paying, labor jobs that this country was originally built on. Obviously there are enough of them to support the 25 million illegal immigrants in this country. It’s time for US citizens to fill them instead and quit reaching into the tax payer’s pocket.

    1. Tired of this says:

      People are living within their means, they have no choice. Even college graduates are working jobs that pay $11.00 hrly because they can’t find a job but at least they are working. I know its my brother who was layed off and for two years couldn’t find a job, and is currently in school for another degree, but had to find a job before his unemployment ended. We are being paid lower wages but everything else is going up, when will that stop??????

      1. RussP says:

        No one should be complaining about an $11 an hour job as their first work out of college, that’s not a bad starting wage. Most people start their careers at or near minimum wage and work their way up as their skills and experience build. People have gotten too used to over paid jobs from when the economy was very good and a minimally skilled union factory worker could make $35 and hour plus benefits or someone with an almost meaningless degree could make $80 an hour at some .com job. Reality has kicked in and most of that is gone and won’t be coming back.

  7. Really Tired says:

    I work for a non-profit and there are folks who come into my office every day that would be willing to do any kind of work, but because there is no mass transit they have no way to get anywhere except to walk and some of them do walk to work at Burger King. That job does not pay for rent & utilities. I had a man in my office last week that used to make $30 an hour and he saved, but lost that job in March and at this time he is working at Burger King and grateful thta he has that job, but he doesn’t make enough to cover basics like rent & utilities, much less food. He said his one saving grace is that he can at least have one meal a day at work, Where does it end? This stuff has been going on too long. I have never seen the need so great and because of this and folks losing their jobs, they are not giving to the non-profits like they did before. So it just goes on and on and there doesn’t seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel. I really don’t know what is going to happen. Right now I have a job, but that could change in a heart beat and then my disabled husband, who collects Social Security (maybe), and I will be on the street and we will join the throngs already there.

  8. C Bauer says:

    Unbelievable. Most of these folks looked able-bodied enough to do wind sprints early in the AM, but they can’t work? Give me a break. It’s not the economy, either. Most of these people, and I know this from a friend of mine who’s a social worker, scam the government their whole lives. It’s generational, also. The new generation is taught by the old how to scam the government, never work, and live off the backs of the rest of the hard-working taxpayers. The first thing we need to do to control our out of control spending is to severely cut back (NOT eliminate) these programs. I feel sorry for the small amount of folks who really do need these programs, and are vilified with the rest of the worthless freeloaders.

    1. Mcees says:

      Scam the government? To so call scam the government only means you’re scamming yourself. Government handouts forever is only a ticket to nowhere. So don’t trip over yourself thinking anyone is getting away with getting all this free help from the you tax payers, because it only hurts the one getting it over the long haul. At the same time, just hope you’re not on the other end of the receiving line needing help. It could happen.

      1. RussP says:

        A ticket to nowhere? Yes. But some people are perfectly contented to contribute nothing and take all they can get and many pass this same mentallity on to their kids. The government enabling these folks doesn’t help. Every city, county and state is having budget shortfalls; how about handing these folks a shovel or broom to do some public work if they want to recieve public benefits?

      2. C Bauer says:

        Mcees, I hope to never have to have that assistance, but it is there for people who really need it. That’s what’s so upsetting. A ticket to nowhere is right, but the welfare cheats don’t mind going nowhere in life, as long as the government enabler is paying what needs to be paid. You should see the scams going on – the bartering, the flat out lying, etc. Some of these people actually have money at the end of the day through the intricate cheat systems they’ve perfected over the years.

  9. Buck Wheat says:


    1. Alfalfa says:

      LOL! Oh, I loves me some free!

  10. sadiedog says:

    i thought is was a jwp prayer service

    1. Buck Wheat says:

      LOL! Best comment of the day so far!

  11. Mcees says:

    First of all since you think that you know so much about what goes on in the Black community,then you would know that fifty years ago a majority of blacks took care of themselves and had a two parent household, just like they had done for decades and decades before. Talk about how to fix the White community and the Whites on the welfare rolls before you spout off about Blacks being on welfare. If you can fix the reasons why Whites are on the program and in prison and get THAT fixed, then you can FIX the ills in the Black community. Take care of your own problems first, then all others will follow suit. All the bickering and hatefulness you have for poor Blacks will not change your payment of tax dollars that help them and your own kind. Therefore, get over it, cause you can’t do anything about the situation, because if you could have, these online conversations wouldn’t be taking place right now, so they will keep talking on cell phones and smoking I don’t know what color you are, but my message remains the same, since you want to bring up the ills in the Black community. Either you understand what I’m saying or you don’t, either way I’m through.

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