Cluck Not Tweeting, And Wants Account Gone

By Matt Thomas, NewsRadio 1080 KRLD

ARLINGTON (CBSDFW.COM) – A Twitter account has the attention of the mayor of Arlington, but Cluck is not Tweeting, and wants the account gone.

Although it is labeled a parody account, Arlington Mayor Robert Cluck is fighting to get the Fake-Robert Cluck or @Mayor_Cluck account taken off Twitter because it uses his official city picture.

Cluck says he doesn’t want people getting confused.

KRLD’s Matt Thomas Reports:

The account hasn’t posted anything that outlandish, and Arlington police say no crime’s been committed, but the city says it is monitoring the account.

Cluck admits he has not intention of getting on social networks, saying phone calls and e-mails are still his style. Still, he says he want the @Mayor_Cluck account gone.


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  1. Kevin says:

    And this is important and newsworthy why?

  2. NiteNurse says:

    It’s important for the leaders of today to embrace the new forms of communication. The younger generation no longer just picks up the phone or emails, they text, twitter, or facebook.To be a leader today you have to be fluent and all forms of communication in order to get your message across. Grandpappy Cluck and Slow Mo Perry need to advance with the times in order to be effective leaders.

    1. Dr. Sarcasm says:

      They also need to get their hands out of the pockets of the special interests to be effective leaders. Not saying that either one mentioned does that, mind you. *COUGH*

  3. Dr. Sarcasm says:

    “Cluck admits he has not intention…”

    NO intention. Is anyone in journalism literate anymore?

  4. Dr. Sarcasm says:

    Nice to see the city will be monitoring a Twitter account. Perhaps they should be monitoring their crime rate, especially since there seems to be a rise in homicides this year. Oh, sorry, I forgot I was talking about mindless bureaucratic drones.

    1. NiteNurse says:

      The last few mayors of Arlington have all been senior citizens and view the mayor job as something to do in their “golden years”. Unfortunately Arlington has changed so much in the last few years and we really need some engernetic leaders who are ready to tackle our toughest problems.

      1. Dr. Sarcasm says:

        Amen to that! I totally agree. It’s almost like a hobby to them at that point. “Hey, I want to play mayor!”

  5. Legal Eagle says:

    Cluck has no grounds.

    1) He’s a public figure. The rules are different for public figures than the rest of us in regards to defamation, using ones image, parody, etc.
    2) The account is labeled as a parody. Read Hustler Magazine v. Falwell for a great example of this.
    3) See points 1 and 2.

    The only possible trouble the person who made the account can get into is copyright infringement. If the photographer owns the rights to the image, or if it belongs to a company like Getty Images, then a possible civil suit can be brought forth on those violations only.

  6. Legal Eagle says:

    Sorry. The mention of the lawsuit should have been a separate line. The “ad” in that case wasn’t even labeled as a parody, and Hustler still got away with it!

    1. Legal Eagle says:

      My bad. It was labeled as a parody as well. Just read the case again and saw the “ad”.

  7. Ad Guy says:

    If The Richards Group and Chick-fil-a were smart, they’d buy that @Mayor_Cluck account and create a new ad campaign character.

  8. Coretta says:


  9. NiteNurse says:

    But you know I bet by mentioning it in the press he just gave birth to 100s of fake Robert Cluck Twitter accounts!

  10. kimfeilgood says:

    read what Brian Cuban dot com has to say…robert-cluck-wants-the-internet-to-stop-saying-mean-things-about-him/ and then read my comments on Mayor Cluck.

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