DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – It’s the movie event of the season and an end to an era for Harry Potter fans. Two hours from the premier of the final installment and some peole have already gotten to see “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two.”

A comic book dealer bought out one of the Theatres and gave fans a chance to buy admission to their special event for $13, a lucky number for a lot of Harry Potter fans.

One of the theatres at the Studio Movie Grill on I-75 and Royal Lane was full of Harry Potter fans who sat spellbound through the big screen trailer for the long awaited, epic finale.

“I’ve been like flooding the internet with excitement all week like ‘I can’t wait to see it. Can’t wait to see it.'”said Christina Gardner.

Gardner, a 20-year-old professional illustrator, was prepared to wait six hours until the after midnight showing when she was handed free tickets to the 8 o’clock special event premiere courtesy of Keith’s Comics.

“Just to get the opportunity to see it early is like HA! I don’t even have words,” Gardner said.

While the series has its fans, Harry Potter has been more than just a movie character for Gardner.  “On a personal level the books really, aaaah!, move me.  Like they inspire me to be or try to be a better person,” Gardner said.

Though many fans grew up with Harry, Gardner only began to find him charming when she became a teenager.  “About the past six years. ‘Got into it a little late but hard core fan all the same,” Gardner said.

But once a fan, always a fan. “I just love Harry and I just wish I could be as honest and pure as the trio,” she said.

The movie is 2 hours and 10 minutes long. Critics have already said they liked it, fans are expected to as well.