DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – A Springtown man is out of surgery and recovering after falling 55 feet into a hole at a Carrollton worksite Wednesday.

The family of Zach Rogan says he came through surgery well, but may have more nerve damage than previously anticipated.

Rogan’s older brother, Josh says Zach can move all of his extremities, but has a serious and long road of recovery before him.

Josh says Rogan recently graduated from the Weatherford College fire academy, and that his training may have been what saved him. “He basically went down in a recliner position with his legs out in front of him and his arms and elbows out to the side to slow his decent so he wouldn’t free fall.”

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Zach Rogan At Weatherford College Fire Academy

Josh says Zach showed great strength as he fell down the hole at the construction site. The 20-year-old was at his summer job drilling holes for Texas Shafts, Inc. when he accidentally stumbled into the deep hole.

Rogan was rescued by a Carrollton firefighter who was lowered into the hole after spending nearly an hour and a half at the bottom of the it. Both were pulled back up covered in dirt, but alive and safe.

“He remembers everything from going into the hole to being down there and holding himself up off the bottom of the hole because it hurt too bad to sit. He held himself up with his arms because of the broken back. He couldn’t sit. There was too much pain.”

To say he’s lucky to be alive may be a common expression, but Josh says there is nothing common about Wednesday’s extraordinary turn of events. “Knowing how far he had fallen and knowing that is definitely a fatal height to fall from; we’re all lucky that he’s alive.”

Doctors at Parkland Hospital inserted two metal rods and several pins into Rogan’s back.

The family is extremely thankful for the prayers offered up on his behalf and ask that people continue to pray as it could take months of rehabilitation before Zach will be able to walk again.

The government agency OSHA is looking into what caused the accident and spent Thursday interviewing witnesses.