Victim Of Death Row Inmate Suing To Save Attacker’s Life

AUSTIN (CBSDFW.COM) – Less than a week before a convicted killer is scheduled for execution, one of his victim’s is suing the governor in effort to save the life of the man who tried to take his.

“Please do the right thing, save a human life, please,” Rais Bhuiyan said from the steps of the Travis County Courthouse, Thursday.

Bhuiyan, a devote Muslim, begged for mercy for Mark Stroman, a death row inmate who shot him in 2001, leaving him partially blind.

“Please, listen to my request and lower Mark’s punishment from death to life in prison,” he said, “If the Governor of Texas and the Board of Pardons and Parole can listen to the victims when they want revenge, why can they not listen when the victims are asking for mercy?”

Stroman was convicted of killing an Islamic man in the months following the September 11, 2001 attacks, but according to police, he also killed a second man and shot Bhuiyan, who was working at a convenience store in Pleasant Grove.
All the victims were from India and Pakistan.

“September 11th did a horrible thing not just to the U.S. but to the world, this is a time we can take a new narrative, a narrative of forgiveness, compassion, tolerance and healing,” Bhuiyan said. “I never hated him, I was never angry at him, rather I understand what he did was out of ignorance.”

Stroman is schedule to die by lethal injection on July 20.  In a last ditch effort to stop the execution, Bhuiyan is suing Governor Rick Perry and other state officials.

According to the lawsuit, Bhuiyan claims Perry violated his rights as a crime victim by ignoring his requests to meet with Stroman for mediation.

“I strongly believe Mark Stroman is a different person,” he said, “I believe if Mark is given a chance to live, he will become a spokesperson in raising awareness for hate crimes.”

In an interview with CBS 11 last week, Stroman said he was a changed man and apologized for the pain he caused.

“There is a lesson of forgiveness for him to step forward, after I tried to take his life. For him to try to save mine, that states volumes.”

“He is another human being like me, and if given the chance I would definitely give him a hug to show him I have nothing against him at this moment,” Bhuiyan said, “I forgave Mark Stroman several years back. Let’s break the cycle of hate and violence.”


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  1. stephanie says:

    Whatt about the families of those he killed, don’t they deserve justice too?

    1. Carolyne says:

      The other families are supporting what Bhuiyan is trying to do and they all oppose the execution. Further info can be found here:

    2. Mark Harvey says:

      The Mr. Bhuiyan and the families directly affected are seeking a Humane form of justice.

  2. te says:

    Come on we do not need someone dictating how our laws should be interpreted!!

    1. DFW says:

      Yeah, leave that to the politicians and lawyers. They know what’s best.

  3. jan says:

    this is odd, idian people are not notorius for revenge killings we know this , they will kill their own family before they will someone elses, and that has to be due to some kind of religious degradation by a monk or buddist or somthing, idian people are far people they are kind people, they love to hug you and tell you its ok.. if your hurt very compassionate people, they have no fear., they dont like their women marrying or dating other races , see the movie mississpipi masala, with denzel in it where he married an idian lady and all hell broke loose they draw the line at that type of thing.. but they are good forgiving people, an american would never ask this request exspecially whites nooooo

    1. Grahawk says:

      Jan, your spelling and racist remarks says it all….Fail!

    2. Hicks Are God's Clowns says:

      EXSPECIALLY?! Shut up, you one-toothed, Moon Pie eating hayseed!

      1. Time For An Intervention says:

        Drinking and hitting the pipe a wee bit early, aren’t we, Jan?

    3. Ana says:


      I’m Indian. No one in our family has any issue with mixed race relations. Maybe generations ago, they did. Times have changed. Mississippi Masala does not represent the whole culture, not even half of it. My brother-in-law is American, my husband is American. My cousin’s husband is Chinese and her brother lives with his American girlfriend. But I appreciate what you’re saying about us being kind people. We are. And so are many Muslims I know.

  4. RR Worker says:

    Who checked the content of this story? Punctuation and bad spelling is everywhere. …one of his victim’s is suing….apostrophes don’t pluralize words, they show possession, you know, as in “His victim’s car was found across town”. Then there’s “a devote muslim” What? I think it’s “a devout muslim”, but who knows. These articles are really getting bad gramatically.

    1. C Bauer says:

      They must be recruiting people from BELO. WFAA is the worst. Errors daily. CBS 11 used to be almost flawless daily, now, it’s almost as bad as

  5. HooDatIS? says:

    SO SAD

  6. Texan says:

    This is Texas…we believe in God, Country and Guns. If you aren’t from around here I can only say, Love it or LEAVE IT! God Bless the United States of America and all it’s people. All others are welcome as long as you leave eventually.

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