Dr. Michael Eric Dyson To Give Keynote Speech During Price Rally

By Matt Goodman & Sharrie Williams, CBSDFW.COM

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – On Sunday, supporters will meet to rally around and defend Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price, who is the subject of a large-scale, much-publicized probe by the FBI.

One of those supporters is storied author and professor Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, a longtime friend to Price who said he refuses to let the commissioner’s “character be besmirched in the court of public opinion.”

“We have something to say as well,” the Georgetown University sociology professor said. “This is not the John Wiley Price we know and we’re going to speak about the John Wiley Price that we know.”

Listen to the full Dr. Michael Eric Dyson Interview with CBS 11’s Sharrie Williams

According to federal search warrants, the FBI has cast a wide net on Price, requesting information pertaining to his relationship with Democratic state Senator Royce West, documents related to a number of large-scale companies and organizations, as well as bank records, any cash on hand that’s more than $500 and computer data.

The warrants are looking for evidence linking Price to bribery, money laundering theft and tax evasion.

But the outspoken commissioner – known among supporters as Our Man Downtown – has not been formally accused of any wrongdoing.

Dyson said he feels the investigation and subsequent news coverage has cast a poor light on Price. He said he hopes to further convince the community to “give Price his due process.”

“We must not try him in the court of public opinion,” he said. “These allegations smell fishy and seem awfully suspicious, both their timing and the way in which Commissioner Price is being targeted.”

Dyson said he sympathizes with Price’s plight because of similar experiences he’s seen friends go through, such as former Philadelphia Mayor John Street, who was the subject – but not the target – of a City Hall corruption probe. Street was never charged with any wrongdoing.

“You don’t have to be a controversial black leader. Look at the President of the United States of America, who is as centrist as they come, yet this man has been subjected to a relentless campaign to discredit him,” Dyson said. “I think that this is a similar sort of campaign.”

The Justice For John Community Rally For Justice is held Sunday at 4:30 p.m. at the St. Luke Community United Methodist Church at 5710 East RL Thornton Freeway in Oak Cliff.

Dyson, who will fly in Sunday from Washington D.C., is the keynote speaker. This is the second rally supporters have organized for Price.

The first, on July 6, brought about 150 people to the Kirkwood Temple CME Church in southern Dallas.


One Comment

  1. Peggy says:

    Maybe if JWP would stop behaving like the back end of a donkey he would not have to worry about his public opinion and investigations. If anyone else acted like he has (over the years) they would have already been kicked out of office, investigated and in the pokey.

    Really, for a man who like to think he is so wonderful telling white people to go to hell, breaking windshield wipers on cars, and the like…..really GROW UP.

    I am still curious what he does for a living (besides stick his foot in his mouth) and where he gets all those cars, etc. Taxpayers? Shady deals? Let us know if he has a legitimate business.

    Actually, I am sorry it took this to get him to shut his yap…..ahhhhhhh so nice.

  2. NiteNurse says:

    Jeez! No wonder why nothing productive gets done in Dallas! It’s a freakin 3 ring circus!

    1. Old Money S-Kicker says:

      No kidding. Have you ever heard those City Council meetings broadcast live on WRR 101.1? Talk about a 3-ring circus! Thank God I live in FW. Dallas is a fetid, maggot-filled toilet.

  3. Chris Freyer says:

    Looks like some of the black clergy have re-written the Bible to shape how their friend (JWP) is perceived. Take a good look at the message you’re sending out to the young people of your community. You want them to be double minded like yourselves? Quit using the pulpit to push your agenda.

  4. ColorBlind says:

    Only one who sheds a poor light on JRP is JRP himself along with his foul mouth and views. No matter what race you are we all have those we should be ashamed of and he is in that league via his own choice. I no more respect him than I do a member of the KKK or Nazi Party, blind hatefullness never gets my respect nor should it of any good human being.
    As for the investigation I do hope they find something just to get his sorry hide away from the public light, yet some of his colleagues of all colors need to go the same way also. What brought Enron down was not a racial investigation, and I doubt this one is either. He is innocent until proven guilty and if found guilty I want him to go down with the max.

  5. HooDatIS? says:


  6. Hemroidious says:

    They must be JWP’s paid consultants too.

  7. Rick McDaniel says:

    Certain communities protect their own, even when they know, they may be protecting someone guilty of criminal activity.

    That very aspect of community behavior, is what holds those communities back, makes them unacceptable to others, and creates friction and confrontation in society.

    Yet, they still don’t get it.


      I couldn’t have said it better myself.

  8. Hemroidious says:

    Commissioner Price, soon to known among supporters as Our Man in Prison.

  9. Hoo says:

    I’ve heard about John Wiley, but I’ve never heard of Dyson. What’s made him famous in someone’s mind?

  10. Love My Dyson says:

    Oh, I thought it was Sir James Dyson, the inventor of the Dyson vacuum. I was going to bring my DC28 Animal to the event for him to sign! Never heard of this other clown.

  11. Pam Thomas says:

    Seriously people! The FBI just happened to draw John Wileys name out of the hat and woke up one morning and said – “hey let’s go after this guy”. The FBI must definitely have a reason to be investigating this idiot! It goes to show how gullible people are to believe he’s done nothing wrong.. As they say “Stupid Never Takes a Day Off”.

  12. sh says:

    “This is not the John Wiley Price we know…,”

    Well, I guess you haven’t paid much attention for the past twenty years.

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