Scorching Saturday At Fort Worth Zoo

By Selena Hernandez, CBS 11 News

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – Triple digit temperatures have become somewhat of a fixture in North Texas. Yet, despite the oppressive heat, many families are still heading outdoors.

“Yeah, 100-degrees, but we’re taking one for the team – for the kids,” father Ben Gray said.

Gray is among the hundreds of families who sweated in out, under the scorching sun, at the Fort Worth Zoo Saturday.

“It’s unbearable,” Jeremy Raines said. “We find the places that are air conditioned to cool off – it’s nice.”

Zoo officials say visitors have been constant, despite the suffocating heat, and families came prepared.

“We’ve been going in all the exhibits – drinking ICEES and just trying to stay in the shade,” Jolene Steel said of trying to keep her three boys, all under three years old, safe from the sun.

The Fort Worth Zoo allows families to bring in their own coolers with drinks and snacks. Many families did just that, to have a constant source of hydration under the baking sun.

Misting stations and trap areas also provided some reprieve from the unrelenting rays. For patrons who needed additional assistance, roving first-aid staff members made their way throughout the 64-acre park.

“Anybody who needs assistance just needs to contact someone at the zoo,” Communications Director Alexis Wilson said. “We’ll bring a first aid station to them, we’re prepared. We have rolling units, we come to them.”

Across the way at Trinity Park – shade, breeze and water were hot commodities for those looking to enjoy the park, without getting burned by the weather.

“We try to stay indoors as much as possible, but the kids get bored – so we come out here and have a good time,” Monica Badillo said.

Doctors say, if you do plan to be outside, make sure you drink plenty of water, before and during your time out in the sun.


One Comment

  1. Davey Dukie says:

    I like Bill. Good comment on the JWP story, also.

  2. NiteNurse says:

    I am constantly amazed when I see parents dragging their really young kids out in this horrible heat. Ya’ll wait till it’s cooler especially with the tiny ones!

  3. Cole Younger says:

    you fools this is texas it is supposed to be hot ,dont like move to another state, we wont miss you

    1. Tivy Antler says:

      I’m from Texas – Hill Country German born and raised – and this heat is dangerous. It IS stupid to bring your little ones out in heat like this, especially since most parents are completely ignorant on hydration rates, sunscreen, etc. If you love this heat so much, get a roofing job. I’m sure a couple of my subs are hiring,

      1. Frank says:

        Your German ancestors would be embarrassed by your comments. I am also a descendant of German immigrants. I grew drinking from a spring. My parents were “ignorant on hydration rates, sunscreen, etc.” I am the youngest of 6 children and we all survived drinking out of stock ponds, windmill barrels, cattle and horse troughs. We ran around all summer with no shoes, no shirts and especially -since it wasn’t invented yet – no sunscreen. We range in age from 87 to 97. Not a single one of us has died from the heat, dehydration or skin cancer.

        Take your kids where you want. If you can take the heat, most likely they can. Obviously don’t be stupid but don’t be a wimp either. You young people (anyone under 60) need to grow a pair.

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