Keller ISD Approves Pay-To-Ride School Bus Program

KELLER (CBSDFW.COM) – The Keller ISD school board approved a plan Monday night to make parents pay for students who wish to ride the bus.

Under the plan, parents or guardians will pay $185 a semester for one child to ride the bus and $135 for a second child. Students who get free and reduced lunches will have to pay $100.

“There will be buses,” superintendent James Veitenheimer told parents after initial worries that there wouldn’t be bus service during the school year. “They just won’t be free.”

After initially saying there would be no monthly payment plan, Keller ISD officials said Tuesday that parents could, after all, pay on a month-to-month basis.

For one child to ride the bus for a month, parents would pay $48 and $36 for another child in the same family. Students who qualify for free and reduced lunches can pay $27 a month to ride. For roughly four months, the rate is just $7 more than the flat rate.

According to a release, Keller ISD teamed with technology provider Radiant Systems to create the monthly rate plan. Radiant also developed a “payment portal” that allows parents to pay the fees online.

“We’re excited that we’re going to have a transportation option for students at all, and feel very fortunate that our partners at Durham and Radiant were able to help provide another payment option for our families,” Veitenheimer said in a statement.

Students will now carry identification cards that will track if they have paid the fees, which must be paid up-front.

“Had we known there was not going to be an option to get our kids to school we’d have bought a house right next to the school,” said Jennifer Rosenthal, one of the 100 parents who came to the board meeting Monday.

Buses have always been a necessary part of getting to school for the Rosenthal family. Her children travel two miles to Keller Middle School and just over three miles to Bear Creek Intermediate.

But that’s no longer a guaranteed service: Each year Keller spends between $260 and $360 per student on school bus transportation. District officials say when Keller voters rejected a 13-cent increase in the property tax rate they were left to find other ways of generating money.

During the 2010-2011 school year the district provided about 120 school bus routes. During the next school year, there will be just 72 stops. Routes will be released Thursday.

But, there will still be 40 routes for special needs children, which a state mandate.

Though the pay-to-ride plan went forward, the district said it would help low-income families find ways to pay for the service through non-profits like the Keller ISD Education Foundation.

The pay-to-ride plan would affect some 7,000 Keller students who live more than two miles from school. District officials anticipate the new school bus system will save the district about $2 million. With the savings – and more state dollars than expected – the district hopes to rehire teachers it planned on firing.

At least two other North Texas school districts, Burleson and Northwest ISD, are also looking at pay-to-ride systems.

Keller ISD schools reconvene August 22.


One Comment

  1. te says:

    Like the NATIONAL ENQUIRER journalism!!! “North Texas Students”. Why don’t they just say Keller students. And yes, I also think children definitely need more exercise!! Parents also need to set an example and get out and walk!

    1. ronl11 says:

      When I was a kid I had to walk 5 miles, or hitch hike, or ride a bike. If I had to I ran and could get there in like 45 minutes. You did stay fit, and it helped conditioning for wrestling season.,

      I would think riding a bike is pretty simple though. You would get th4re faster than the bus would.

      1. cem says:

        I walked too or my mom or dad paid for the gas to take me. They had the mistaken idea that it was their responsibility. They worked, didn’t sleep until 12:00 noon and felt it was a privilege for me to have an education and didn’t expect the government to bus me.

    2. Waylon says:

      Maybe instead of charging for a bus ride they could charge for extracurricular activities such as football and band. Also charge more for high school drivers to park at the school.

    3. someonewhocares says:

      In today’s world I would not allow children to walk to school even a block with lack of law enforcement and the over abundant amount of sexual preditors out there…just go look on your state website and see how many REGISTERED offenders are in KISD and then think about the ones that are not registered…enough said…have a great school year!

  2. SV says:

    Not to be a naysayer, but most routes are if the child is over 2miles from the school. While that may not sound like much when you’re a first grader, that could be a bit overwhelming

    1. Jimmy says:

      Maybe counties should be required to BALANCE their budgets just like their stat……oops, wait a minute. Just like the US Gover………..uhhhhhhh. Nevermind.

    2. Sylena says:

      Even the kids who live NEXT door to my school get a bus. I totally agree with making them pay. I will pay for my daughter (she will only use the bus in the afternoon), and I’m glad this is happening. The more people that understand the government CAN’T and shouldn’t control every facet of your life, the better. As for pedifiles, the more kids/parents out there, the less likely they’ll be able to grab a kid inconspicuously.

    3. TM says:

      Agreed! It is not a safe walk because there are not sidewalks and it is across a large dangerous road. I will be driving my elementary kids. Yes highschool students can walk! Small kids cant. The schools in Keller are garbage now. Time to move!

  3. Curtis Mahagony says:

    yes… have them walk to school with all of these crazy drivers in DFW…..

    6 years ago in my senior year of highschool, I walked home once or twice. It was about 6 miles one way.

    i can understand if people live right next to the school, they should walk, but kids shouldnt be walking too far by themselves in this day and age.

    Also, keller should be fine, I read an article on a teachers website that stated that the state restored the budget to 97% of what it was before the cuts. SPORTS should be cut, they are fun and all, but they do not educate

    1. Tom says:

      Yep, the “neighborhood” school died YEARS ago… now it’s ride a bus, parent’s drop you off, ride a bike (if you are brave) or walk-a-long-way.

      1. Frank says:

        Yep, study after study has shown that “neighborhood” schools do a better job educating the kids. But that doesn’t build empires. So we create large central schools and then, oh my gosh, we need a transportation department to get the little darlings to school. Cut the busses.

    2. Greg says:

      Maybe they should look to Wisconsin for results on how to get out of the red and into the black.

    3. Michael says:

      That’s not true at all, I hate sports… but I have to say you can learn A LOT from sporting events. Strategy and communication towards a common goal. It can indeed be a very important part of social skills which can matter just as much as conventional education.

      Although, Sports should be cut before kids get denied a trip to school… this is a no brainer, it’s just that statement about sports not educating… it’s just not true.

  4. John R. says:

    Keller ISD needs a dose of reality. They have known for years that these budget issues were comig. Next year is going to be worse (or so the projections show). I suspect that a court will rule in favor of the kids being asked to walk. I agree with the sports cuts. Let the kids and their families who want to participate in sports pay for it. Keller needs to lose a couple dozen or more of their adminstrators and other non-teachers (with large saleries).

    1. Jace says:

      Nothing wrong with paying for the school bus. Prior to the welfare society kids paid for the bus, but they used city buses and got a discount. Pay for your transporation to school and your boooks (and you can get a partial refund at the ned of the year if you return the books in good conditin)>

      If you can afford cabloe, cell phones, pS 3, SUVs, mini vans, HDTV, $100 sneakers you can pay for the school bus and books. When you pay for it, you value it. Long past time to get priorities in order and do necessities first. Pay for what you sue.

      1. Big Dog says:

        Nothing wrong except people already pay for the school buses, it is called taxes. Why is it that people get taxed to death for services and then get charged for the services when politicians can’t manage the money?

        This is similar to what happened with Social Security. They took the money, spent it, and now there is no money to pay for the benefits people paid for (unless we allow them to borrow it from another country).

        Stop allowing politicians to mismanage our money and force them to do things right.

    2. AustinTXRed says:

      According to the last TEA snapshot Keller iSD had a fund balance of $38 MILLION. I wonder why that money sits in a bank account instead of being used for things like this.

      1. Brian says:

        Don’t take this as scripture, someone please correct me if I’m only half correct… but from what I understand the district likely received a good portion of that money with requirements that it be used for specific purposes and can’t be reallocated as fiscal needs change.

        Why is it that so many people think a central body can know better what needs to be done when those involved at the local level see what’s needed every day?

      2. AustinTXRed says:

        Actually Brian, you’re not even partly correct.

        Again, according to TEA, the Fund Balance means “The amount of unreserved, undesignated surplus fund balance”

        Maybe if local School Districts didn’t behave like this the State wouldn’t need to have so much oversight over them.

  5. sadiedog says:

    when i grew up in the 60’s we had to pay 1.25 per week for a bus card . we need to start this again . sure would help the budget

  6. frugmom says:

    If I had to pay for my kids to ride a bus I would expect front door pick up and drop off. What are my taxes paying for??

    1. Jace says:

      The builkding, the administrators, books, teachers, janitors, cafeteria workers, heat and air conditioning, electricity, water, etc etc.

    2. Jack says:

      Their education not transportation!!!!

      1. Sheila says:

        Nonsense! Have you ever drawn up a budget for a business, or even a household? All of the expenses are listed, including transportation when appropriate. Unless the persons are spectacularly inefficient (read stupid), transportation has been included.

        I do not live in this school district, but I do live in a school district. My taxes already pay for transportation. If I was required to pay more because of misuse or malfeasance, those responsible would know how furious I was.

        Finally, Jack, these same people are responsible for the pitiable education the kids receive. It sounds like you’re defending them – are you a teacher or administrator?

    3. RONL11 says:

      I live in Alaska in the country, like mot of us and the bus runs to the end of the pavement. Its still 5 miles to the end of the pavement, so you get there however you can, mom, dad, walk, bike, and there is no such thing as snow days, or to cold days. It is still another 16 miles to school from the pavement. Many here home school and are far ahead of the kids that go to public education schools. We can still participate in sports, but here all sports have cost to the players/families. Some regular season games reguires a two day road trip From Nikiski to Valdez is almost 800 miles, to Barrow is a plane ride, to Fairbanks is 560. I just giggle at ya’ll making a big deal aBOUT 2 MILES OR A LITTLE MORE.

      1. SyKo says:

        This isn’t about exercise or the distance, it’s about the safety. You don’t have serial killers, gang members, and heavy traffic going 85mph in Alaska either, now do you? Idiot.

      2. Michael says:

        I can’t reply to SyKo so to keep it in the thread I will reply to RONL11.

        “You don’t have serial killers, gang members, and heavy traffic going 85mph in Alaska either, now do you? Idiot”.

        Robert Hanson. Est 18 victims. Check AMW they have a serial killer as recent as 2009 who hasn’t been caught yet. Also, ALASKA.

        “Gang Violence Turns Anchorage’s Streets Into A Shooting Gallery” June25th ’06.

        The real crux is, people who live out in the woods or what have you do not live in cities. Less people in a confined area = less crime. Also, Alaska is can’t have “snow” days and what have you cuz it’s snowy year round most parts, dark for 6 months in other parts… It’s the exception to the rule. You do have snow days in the city, since transportation isn’t adapted for the snow.

        Context is key. Every situation falls within a certain context. Ignore it and you just look stupid. (Both RONL11 AND SyKo.)

      3. Ankles says:

        Ronl11 that’s funny. I live in AK to and work at a local charter airline and one of our main sources of revenue are the high school teams traveling for games. My very first trip as a flight attendant was taking Seward’s football team to Barrow. A 2 1/2 hour flight after a 2 hour drive into Anchorage. Your right Distances are all a matter of perception.

    4. Evie says:

      Salaries are the largest budget line item in every school district’s budget taking about 75% of total school district costs. The next largest budget line item is Transportation, followed by Facilities and/or Curriculum Support. Due to Federal Government involvement into Public Education the bulk of Salary costs are not teachers but administrators who have to carry out the policies and procedures dictated by the Fed. Curriculum, scheduling, teaching and administering standardized tests has caused school budgets to increase 138% over the past 15 years.

      1. AustinTXRed says:

        And yet, according to TEA in their last Snapshot of Keller ISD, the District had $38 Million worth of “unreserved, undesignated surplus fund balance”

  7. John says:

    I don’t get it. In NH, our high school kids have to pay $100 for a bus pass or $100 for a parking pass to drive to school. Texas High School kids don’t pay anything? Lucky Texas kids.

    1. Tom says:

      Not to ride a school bus, but HS parking fees are HIGH.

    2. Mary Margaret says:

      You have student parking lots??????? We didn’t even have parking lots for the teachers. If it costs $260 to $360 for the bus, give that same amount to those that don’t use the bus. Seems fair enuff.

  8. malcom says:

    we don’t charge illegals for anything why charge our citizens for this?

    1. Tom says:

      Sweet!!! However, the illegal alien has more rights than a citizen, just ask Mexico.

  9. Ollie says:

    The Santa Clara Unified School District in San Jose, CA has been charging for years. It’s crazy…

  10. Fact says:

    Here in california I pay $200.00 a year for each child to ride the bus to school I cant afford it but I go out and make the money I dont bum of the Tax payers. I dont like dead beats.

    1. Jace says:

      Kudos to you. Maybe when your kids get a little older and have a job they can pay part of it. It will benefit them in the long run. But you are doing things the American way.

    2. el barto says:

      In san diego we have also had to pay 600 to 700 per year for each of our kids to ride the bus if we wanted. Needless to say carpools became real popular along with the major traffic at the elementary school. Now they don’t even offer the option if needed for working parents in our area, but do for the closer walking distance neighborhhoods. Even the low income hoods get free service. I saw one of our large buses buses go many miles across town to pick up ONE handicap kid to bring to school, apparently parents can’t bring them to school in their own custom van equipped for this. California is way ahead of you in the F the working citizens department.

      1. CC says:

        My daughter is handicapped and I offered to drive her to and from school as it is only a mile from our house. The school said they would prefer that all of their special education students ride the bus. Just FYI.

      2. Joe Mamma says:

        I really like how you are blaming the handi cap kid for your issues…I respect your choice….NO free rides for that kid through life

    3. Ronald Gosch says:

      You are already bumming off the tax payers who don’t have kids and still have to pay.

  11. Chris Smith says:

    So what happened to the tax money that was supposed to cover the bussing expenses? Probably found its way into a lobbyist’s pocket. Thanks to all the corrupt politicians these days funneling money thier own pockets, citizens are being charged for services they have already paid for with thier taxes. I surely will be glad that I’m not a politician when the revolution happens.

    1. AustinTXRed says:

      Don’t look at the lobbyists, look at the administrators. For instance, Keller ISD’s superintendent makes $225K a year in base salary, not including benefits. The District spends 49% of all of it’s revenue on administrative costs, not instruction. The District isn’t poor, it’s just corrupt.

    2. donk says:

      Its called Robin Hood! Taxpayers pay in to the state, and only get a portion back. This year, state returned even less…TEA is corruption..ILLEGAL yet its Texas Law. Thank Ann Richards.

  12. Cogiito says:

    Such a deal! You mean it might become their responsibility to go to and return from school for their free education, and the taxpayer may not have to pick up the tab?

    Will wonders never cease!

    1. Jim says:

      Just curious, why do I have to pay school taxes if I do not (and will not) have children. Is it that socialist thing?

      1. Jim2 says:

        Just curious, who paid the taxes for you to go to school?

      2. kadja1 says:

        Who will pay for your social security and medicare?

      3. AustinTXRed says:

        @ Jim, at the very least presumably, his parents.

      4. jack says:

        @Jim2 and @kayja1 . Have you even considered that Jim’s PARENTS paid for his education???? I have a son in private school , I pay for it. ME, I do. SO I pay twice. AND have you ever considered that maybe JIM is taking care of his own retirement and DOESNT WANT the piddley pathetic amount that the would be returned to him. JUST CONSIDER IT JIM2 and KAYJA1!!!!

  13. Joel says:

    You all seem to be forgetting that we’re spending $700 billion on 3 wars that are not helping us at all, while our education system is going down the drain. Texas cut only $7.8 billion to education, and its DESTROYING the Middle Class.

    Last year, more money was spent on the Air Condition of the tents in Afganistan, than NASA’s entire budget.

  14. Whites only pies says:

    This is what makes me mad.We are going to be paying more for govt and getting less. This is the stuff of revolutions.

    1. washington says:

      don’t worry Americans are too fat, lazy, and addicted to their internet, tv, video games, etc. to be bothered with revolutions.

      1. C Bauer says:

        You are totally correct. Apathy is the pus-filled boil that is America now.

  15. FedUp! says:

    Residents pay school tax with transportation already allocated into their budgets. I’d like to know how much. If parents decide to provide their own transportation, that tax allotment needs to be reimbursed to them! Also, the time is long overdue for parents of special needs children to pay more taxes than those parents of kids who do not require special needs! That includes transportation. Resources utilized on special needs kids are enormous!!!!!!

  16. Emma says:

    I thought it was state mandated to provide school buses for students living 2+ miles from school. Thus I think it’s a mistype that students living farther would have to pay — I believe it’s students living CLOSER than 2 miles would have to pay in order to ride the bus. I think Southlake has been doing that for a couple of years now.

  17. LadyTexan says:

    will they take the LoneStar Card also ???

  18. Kelly says:

    The plural of the word student is students not student’s. This is basic grammar taught at the elementary school level.

    1. Ts Ep says:

      It is getting to be a MUCH bigger problem. Stick an apostrophe in ANY word that ends with “S.” Where are English teachers? Where are the ones that have a clue? And why do people these days think that TXTing is proper grammar? U no wut im sayinnn?

      1. C Bauer says:

        Welcome to public education. This is why home-schooled students smoke those ISD flunkies all the time in standardized tests.

  19. Mike says:

    Its about time. Its also time to start charging a modest tuition fee as well. I don’t have any kids in school, yet I pay the same property tax as a neighbor that has three kids in school. Its time to set school tax at a base rate, then charge then add a charge for each kid that’s in school. There are about 5 million students in Texas schools…even just a $100 fee per student would bring in nearly $500 million dollars. If these kids could walk around with the latest electronic gizmos and cellphones, the parents can fork out $100. Cut off free education to illegals also…that’s another big savings. Enough is enough already.

    1. Julia Westart says:

      Yes, why do we provide free education to illegals – do they actually have a right to it? As a teacher, I can also attest that these illegals who receive “free” education show up to school with no supplies – and the classroom teachers have to buy their pencils, crayons, glue and whatnot from our own pockets. Very discouraging.

    2. Alan says:

      I have never considered this angle before – you make a really great point, especially when you consider the money parents spend on the gizmos you mentioned. Of course they would come out in droves for the next school board meeting and complain about it, while they shovel $4,000 worth of MacDonalds into their kids throats every year.

    3. jason says:

      Those kids grow up and pay for the social security and medicare benefits you will (hopefully) receive. We used to have 5 workers to every person drawing on the system, that ratio has been going down. It works like a ponzi scheme; we need more kids or to let in more legals to keep it going.

    4. Sheila says:

      I assure you there’s nothing free about a public education. I pay dearly through taxes and fees. In addition, each year the school requests numerous items to share, such as sanitizer, paper towels, etc. To top it off, they ask for a “voluntary” donation of $30.00 per kid. They ask for more throughout the year, and don’t even get me started on the fundraisers.

      It literally costs a thousand dollars per kid, on top of the taxes, and you suggest a tuition fee, as well? The education my son receives in our county is abysmal. I have to re-teach him at the end of the day, correct the numerous mistakes his teacher makes. I’m done with the lousy, uneducated public school teachers and their academic malpractice. A tuition fee? Let’s see if you can find ten kids per class who can even spell “tuition”.

    5. AustinTXRed says:

      You do realize that your taxes pay for public schools right? So you want parents to pay even more in addition to that because School Districts can’t provide an education with their plentiful resources?

      The idea that Public Education needs more money is ridiculous. If we had open transparency we’d be able to figure out very quickly how much waste their is in our system, starting with Superintendents.

  20. TS Ep says:

    I’m wondering where the writer of this article went to school. Poor grammar and punctuation. Really, “student’s” in the first sentence? What’s the apostrophe for?
    Come on….English 101.

    1. rjm2238 says:

      Where do you see that? It is not in the article I’m looking at.
      Rich in New Mexico.

      1. Ts Ep says:

        It’s been changed. Apparently the editors check stories AFTER they go out, not before.

  21. Frank says:

    California has been doing this for years already…….welcome to the new reality.

  22. James says:

    I wonder how much the Keller School District Administration is getting paid?
    We have the “Robin Hood” Plan in Texas where Rich School Districts get robbed of Their Taxes and it is given to Poorer Districts….Where is all that money going in Keller Hmmmm?

    1. AustinTXRed says:

      The Superintendent makes $225K a year in base salary alone, and 49% of all money is spent on administration.

      1. C Bauer says:

        Here’s a solution. Fire the superintendent, cut the admin fat, send a wake up call, and hire admins at 65% of what was being paid before. Hire people with PASSION, not greed and laziness.

  23. Rod says:

    I live in Keller, and they have been charging to ride the bus for years if you live within 2 or 3 miles of the school. I believe we had to pay around $160 per semster last year. This is probably just coming out because of a nasty fight over tax increases. The city is trying to ram a big tax increase through “for the kids”. The teachers at Keller schools have been scaring our kids with budget cut talk since the middle of last year. It has been pretty pathetic.

  24. Ryan Mouk says:

    Glad we live in a country where we prioritize illegal immigrants and foreign wars over the safety and prosperity of our school systems. You Go Texas.

  25. NowYouKnow says:

    Well, for starters, they are going back to school a month earlier than needed. Cut back on the long holidays at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Start school in mid September like the good old days when kids learned the important stuff as well. Why run the air conditioning for that extra month of August?

  26. theresa says:

    Our school district charges ~$600+ / year.

  27. Davey Crockett says:

    You anti sports nuts are pathetic. I guess you missed the little piece of information that athletics get NO TAX PAYER dollars. They are, gasp, SELF FUNDED. That’s right you mental midgets, sports PAY FOR THEMSELVES! How can that be? Well, they have fund raisers, get advertisers, & charge user fees (also known as tickets) to those attending events. In other words, THEY WORK FOR IT! Novel concept, but it works 100% of the time when implimented.

    But so as to make sure that we are being good little socialists and are “spreading the wealth”, football gives the vast majority of it’s earnings to all the other little sports who can’t support themselves. So just like you morons who rail against the rich, football is labeled as the bad guy. You know what? Get rid of it. Yea, and then when you precious little child can’t play soccer or swim or run track or any number of other sports due to lack of funds, you’ll be wondering why you bit the hand that fed you. Football is the engine that drives the rest of the programs and instead of crying that “football gets everything”, you should be thanking them for letting you TAKE some of their earnings. Ungrateful weasels.

    I say charge kids for books,to ride the bus, to eat, to get a bathroom pass, a parking pass, a locker and anything else you can think of. What are they gonna do? Go to a private school? Yea, right. If you want to make a difference in your educational budget, then get rid of at least 1/2 of your administrators and then replace the remaining overpaid and underworking administrators with lower wage earners who can do the job just as well.

    1. Keller Taxpayer says:

      Interesting that KISD administrators have touted the millions in budget cuts they had made to the athletic programs. If those programs were self funded, how did they save by making cuts? According to news media, KISD provided 7 football teams for each high school, with associated coaching staff and supplies. It is highly doubtful all of those were self funded.

  28. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:

    Just another reason to get your children out of the degenerate government camps that are run by the incompetents known as public school teachers.


  29. bubba says:


    1. Rose says:

      It is awesome! Homeschool Rocks!

  30. Law2001 says:

    People who use the service should pay for the service. The service must be voluntary and not paid for by taking money from others who don’t use the service. We would expect as the number of bus riders decrease the price increase. We would also expect free market competition to arise. We should also prevent government from creating unnecessary regulations which would be designed only to oppress their private market competition instead of real safety regulations.

    Separation of government and business!
    School vouchers and free choice!

  31. kimdi01 says:

    Just how much is in the 2011-12 Keller Independent School District budget for football and the athletic departments? How much is in the 2011-12 Keller Independent School District for their administrative staff: superintendents, assistants, etc?
    If the Keller Independent School District really tried, they could come up with the money for the bus system.

  32. bucko says:

    let’m walk to school or let the parents move closer to town… The walk will be good for the general health and the move to town will cut down on urban sprawl…. Even Al Gore would be proud!!!

  33. Keller Taxpayer says:

    The bigger question the media continually fails to ask the Keller ISD administration is, how did they get in this mess? If you look at state revenue vs expense reports for school districts in the area, Keller ISD revenue vs expense was way out of line compared to adjoining and nearby districts. Keller residents already paid the highest school tax rate in the area and this free spending administration expected voters to pay even more in a poor economy. The revenue hits should not have been a surprise to such highly paid administrators. They simply expected the voters to bail them out again. KISD spending priorities have been out of control for years and the voters finally told them “enough!!”. The news media has just repeated the KISD administration line through the whole debate while little coverage has been given to the arguments of citizens who opposed higher taxes.

    1. donk says:

      Its called Robin Hood! Taxpayers pay in to the state, and only get a portion back. This year, state returned even less…TEA is corruption..ILLEGAL yet its Texas Law. Thank Ann Richards. Actually The TEA (UNION) is destroying education.

  34. James anderson says:

    How about cutting teacher pay. They are overpaid for what they do.

    1. Tom says:

      Good luck getting anyone to work as a teacher in this state. We already have a hard enough time attracting good ones and they don’t get paid well (see other states) and you want their pay cut? Stop listening to your right-wing radio and look around.

      1. DDD says:

        Are you daft, James? The admins are overpaid, NOT the teachers!

  35. Robert DeBeaux says:

    Well what do you know, can’t afford to take illegals to school any more? so we will ALL continue to pay the price.
    Stop educating the WORLD with my tax dollars, then coming back to me for more because you are too stupid to realize that my wallet is not a bottomless money bag.
    how stupid are these people? You budget could be significantly cut if the illegal students were culled out of the school student body.
    This is AMERICA, and all students should be here legally. Stop the pansy cry baby attitude. Get OUT OF MY COUNTRY AND MY WALLET.

  36. washington says:

    How about cutting that $225000 salary of the superintendent?

    Just a $50000 cut would pay for almost 200 students assuming it costs $360 each to bus them. Sure he isn’t the only one at the top living high off the hog either.

  37. Bruce_Almty says:

    School bus service should NOT be offered to students living within 5 miles (or 10 or sum such distance) of school, less special needs students. Parents can either drive their kids or they can walk/ride a bike/skateboard etc.

  38. Paying for services from school districts used to be called austerity. A word forgotten by people today

  39. SandyfromMO says:

    If you go to a private school there is not bus transportation. It is called relying on yourself and not the government.

    1. Tom says:

      Good for you. Want a pat on the back? Ever think of what other people may need a bus for (i.e. work, can’t get kids there on time, etc.). Stop thinking about YOURSELF and go back to sipping your wine…

      1. Notrichbuttrying says:

        My kids go to private school. I drive them, work full time, take my lunch at 3 so I can pick them up and go back to work. We don’t have cable, we don’t eat out, and we don’t have money for things like sipping wine. What we do have is better educated kids who don’t have to put up with the monkey-business of public school.

      2. Tom says:

        notrcih- NOT EVERYONE IS IN THE SAME BOAT! Besides, private schools are no guarantee for anything. It still comes down to the parents! Mine were educated in an affluent public school and are dong really well (not to mention they went to 2 MAJOR UNIVERSITIES). I didn’t have to pay a dime out of my pocket. So please spare me the woe is me nonsense to get them educated when all you had to was MOVE!

      3. Tom (2) says:

        notrcih- NOT EVERYONE IS IN THE SAME BOAT! Besides, private schools are no guarantee for anything. It still comes down to the parents! Mine were educated in an affluent public school and are dong really well (not to mention they went to 2 MAJOR UNIVERSITIES). I didn’t have to pay a dime out of my pocket. So please spare me the woe is me nonsense to get them educated when all you had to was MOVE!

  40. George W says:

    The whole state of Texas has gone to the dogs under Al Gore’s former campaign manager. (Yes, that’s right.) Texas now ranks near the bottom when it comes to education, but the number of sanctuary cities has proliferated. Nice job, Governor. How’s that Bilderberg membership working out for you? We know you’re going to run for President, considering you were handpicked by the globalist elites way back when — and they’re might choosey when it comes to deciding who they can trust to push their agenda.

  41. keith says:

    How dumb…..its amazing that schools will do this, yet keep the athletic budget in tact. No different than down here in austin where the city manager (you can have him back ft worth!) has wanted to cut emergency services budget, but refuses to cut the $16 mil deal to build an unneeded boardwalk along the downtown lake. Not to mention his huge administration staff that he brought with him from Ft Worth who make well over $100k each…..there is no reality in any city administrators

  42. Chronovisor says:

    Here’s a thought….how about making it ILLEGAL for ILLEGALS to attend schools OUR taxes pay for! But I wouldn’te expect a p/c district like KISD do anything like that, just bill the stupid US taxpayer

  43. Guest says:

    I hated walking/riding my bike to school when I was a kid. My dad told me that if I worked hard and saved my money I could buy a car when I was 15 and drive to school… or just ride my bike till I graduated. I worked and saved my money.
    High school was only 1 1/2 miles from home and since this was before bussing… the school had no need for busses, yet. The choice was up to the family not the government. That changed when the bussing started.

  44. Keller Taxpaying-gal says:

    As a Keller, Texas tax-payer and long time resident, I would like to set the record straight. We have the second highest yearlySchool District budget in the state of Texas. We are a small community by comparison, however our Adminstrators are pitiching a hissy fit because the voters said NO to increased School Taxes a month ago. KISD get over it. Come to the conclusion that we are all in this together! We are all suffering, all cutting back, and some of us are looking for jobs! Deal with it! Just like we, the tax payers and citizens of Keller are. Except for the fact we are not whining about it, we just get the facts, and go to the polls on Election Day.

    1. Huh? says:

      Second highest school district budget in the state? Where in the world did you get that information?

  45. Tom says:

    For those of us that came from the North, it’s really amusing to us how education is just not held in high regards and it’s no surprise that anyone that wants to be a teacher leaves the state because of the insanity that goes on. I’m sorry some of us came from places where coaches made only 5-7,000 per season coaching football and question your whole ‘Friday Night Lights” culture and funding. School buses are are a must there are ways the State can fund them. But since services suck in this State because our Governor doesn’t see the need to improve them since he wants to carry the company line for Republicans, well, then I can’t say I’m surprised that so many of you are clueless on funding, education, and anything else that orbits outside of Texas…

    1. jrdrop says:

      Serious question: If so many residents of Texas are “clueless on funding, education, and anything else that orbits outside of Texas”, why do you live there?

      1. Tom says:

        Because my company FORCED me to move here. I would have never moved and would have preferred to live back in Michigan….

  46. Reality Check says:

    So, based on a 10 month school year that would be between 26 and 36 dollars per student? So, equivalent to one half a cable bill, or one third a cell bill, or less than a WIii game, or one movie for two, – wow. Not a hardship at all. Pay for what you use foks. This is just the start. Get used to something new for most – taking responsiblity for themselves.

    1. Sheila says:

      Taking responsibility? Nobody pays for anything for my family or me; we pay, we take responsibility. We’re taxed to death. Tell me: doesn’t it irritate you to pay for something for which you’ve already paid? Or do you regularly pay twice for something. If so, please contact me, as I can find something to sell you – twice.

  47. Cowgirl Up says:

    Ridiculous. All these ISD’s that took stimulus funds and gave teachers raises and hired more teachers were creating this day for themselves. Those stimulus funds were a one time lump sum that DC gave out. It wasn’t going to be there after 2010 – so raising salaries permanently was not a bright move.

  48. CafFiend says:

    I can’t believe this is “News”. They’ve been doing it here and across the country for years.

    1. C Bauer says:

      So why does that make it acceptable? School taxes are for things like BUSES, not quarter-million-dollar salaries. Where does it end? “Well, der dee der, I don’t know where my taxes are goin’, but everyone else is paying for lunches, buses, books, and now tuition to public schools! Uuuhhhh… everyone else in the country is doin’ it! Uh, huh!”. You drooling moron.

  49. malcom says:

    how’s that liberalism and socialism working for you hard working American citizens? are you still in love with democrats ant their party of theivery? Don’t think it will stop here, ohh nooo., they are just getting started. So if you know a democrat blame them for all this BS the country is in.

  50. Whitey says:

    They already do this here in Boston…$300 per kid.

    1. TSA says:

      Who gives a sh!t? Does that make it right? Go back to Southie, you Irish bum.

  51. rena says:

    Too many DEAD HEADS in the system!! I’ve witnessed first hand the waste not to mention the stupidity of 2 KISD schools. Cut central admin, cut the number of teachers…but noooooo they want to intimidate parents, I guess it’s time to home school my kids!!!

  52. Pat says:

    Why not just cancel the school buses and have the parents transport their children to school. Or maybe they could buy a bicycle… what a novel idea. 🙂

  53. jwright says:

    Get used to it. This is already happening in Colorado Springs, CO, where I live. We have to pay $2 per day per kid per roundtrip. And the service is worse: much, much fewer stops; kids having to switch buses to get to their final destination. It’s crazy. We’re paying for the privilege of our kids having worse bus service.

    1. sara says:

      Then why don’t you drive them yourself? I drive both of my kids and have zero problems and zero cost – aside from gas money.

  54. comprof says:

    I agree with Tom concerning priority of cuts but, on the other hand, why should I pay for someone else’s kid to ride to school?

  55. captain says:

    keller has grown by leaps and bounds. property taxes are ridiculously high. not to mention several large companies have moved offices into keller city limits *options clearing corporation is one that i know of offhand.*
    so there is some clear financial mismanagement going on in that city.
    maybe there needs to be some pointless jobs and fat cut from that city staff? god forbid.
    they already get a more than fair tax stream. this is public data.

    the logic city/state/federal governments use is a conundrum.
    ‘economy bad? folks hurting? ..let’s raise taxes in any way possible to pay for our jobs!’. paying for a public school bus = tax increase. since we already pay taxes to cover school bus costs.

    it’s the same thing the police departments in north texas have been doing.
    ‘economy bad? folks hurting? ..let’s write more tickets to save our jobs!’.

    and it’s sad how badly that Keller ISD teachers have been telling their financial woes to our children. no shame.

    there is a problem though here that is not being discussed. the onslaught of illegals who have overrun the north texas school systems. they pay no property taxes, they get free ‘everything’, and they all ride the bus. so even if keller tries to charge for bus rides, they won’t be paying for it.

  56. Mike in Keller says:

    The main reason my wife and I moved to Keller was because of the schools. Keller made a decision to invest in their school infrastructure and it built a very strong community which attracted us. The entire area benefits from strong schools, the kids that go through the programs are more likely to return the investment made in them back to the community. Everyone benefits- yes, even those without children paying the higher property taxes.

    We made a conscious decision to vote to increase the tax rate (which worked out to about $200 a year for a $200K household) which would have been a local tax where the money stays local – we would have taken care of ourselves.

    Instead, those opposed to any tax increase at all because of all the federal overspending fiascos had their way. Now the budget gap will be filled from state dollars which is turn filled from federal grants:

    So instead of paying that extra 200 dollars we’ve just heaped on more federal debt which is already well into the tens of thousands of dollar per household.

    For those complaining that the property taxes are too high and the teachers are paid too much, feel free to live elsewhere, make the market decision to take your money and tax dollars elsewhere – there are plenty of communities to choose from with parents and teachers who don’t care about their students. Those cities are easy to find, just look for the higher crime rates.

    1. AustinTXRed says:

      This is just so incredibly misguided.

      So when your kids ask you for money do you just give it to them, no questions asked as well?

      KISD isn’t responsible with money and haven’t been for years, and instead of forcing them to look hard at their budgets you just want to keep giving them whatever they want so they don’t have to make tough decisions. This is exactly how we got into this mess in the first place, no transparency or accountability in the system because of people like you who don’t even attempt to look past what the overpaid administrators say.

      1. Mike in Keller says:

        No, I’m willing to pay slightly more to keep the same level of schools.

        Keller schools have had the task of building new facilities in the middle of the economic malaise. The things that attract people to Keller are what has caused it to be so successful.

        And yes, if my kids’ lunch which was $2 has increased by 2 cents, I’ll gladly give them the extra money 🙂

        But never mind on this, the U.S. government has stepped in to solve all the problems, all the money worries have pushed off to the next generation.

      2. AustinTXRed says:

        No, you’re an enabler to the failed Education System in Texas.

        By all means, let’s keep throwing money at the problems like we have for the past 5 decades, and then not care at all about how it’s being spent or if we’re getting results for the extra investment. Great idea that has definitely allowed our education system to improve to be one of the best in the world….

        Your kids will love you when they’re teenagers 😉

  57. Charles says:

    I bet the UNIONS got the annual raises with no Cuts there

    1. Tom says:

      Guess, what… the Texas teachers don;t have union protection like teachers in the North and nowhere near the power. Yet another clueless person… when are some of you going to realize that you can’t have it all and not pay for it??? Keep cutting taxes because that sure did work.

      1. Chaz54 says:

        Tom, cutting taxes did work Look at the history of spending to GDP and look at overall levels of debt.
        Think first big boy

      2. AustinTXRed says:

        Teachers do have a Union in Texas, it’s just not a requirement because fortunately Texas is a right-to-work state.

        The problem isn’t taxes, it’s spending.

      3. donk says:

        Its called Robin Hood! Taxpayers pay in to the state, and only get a portion back. This year, state returned even less…TEA (union!) is pure corruption..ILLEGAL yet its Texas Law. Thank Ann Richards.

  58. Theosebes Goodfellow says:

    What a bunch of woosies! When I was a kid we had to walk 12 miles to school. in the snow, uphill both ways on our knees through broken glass! You talk about tough, man, that was tough.

    Seriously though, I’ll ask the question one more time: What is the government doing in the school business? If you want to get your kid a good education, buy it. If not, shut up and take you lumps OR get the government OUT of the school business and make it stop taking your money for a sub-standard product over which you have little control.

  59. cm says:

    thanks, DEMOCRATS, for killing neighborhood schools.

  60. Madeline says:

    I certainly hope they don’t provide bus service to the sports teams. Also, there’s nothing wrong with playing football on Thursday, Friday and Saturday afternoons. That’s the way we did it when I was in school in Chicago. Multiple public schools shared a Chicago Park District field on Thursday, Friday and Saturday afternoons while the Catholic League used the field on Sunday. I imagine the district would save lot of money on not using the lights. There are many ways to save money without charing for bus in many areas where there are no sidewalks for the kids to walk. I challenge the KISD board to walk to one of their schools on the side of a two lane highway on a dark morning. They won’t do it.

  61. Annie says:

    Knock off all of the free or reduced-price lunches and more than eough money will be available for school buses. For years the public has been exploited by the welfare parasites who like to complain because they cannot feed their children. If you cannot feed them, you do not need them! There are plenty of’ adoptive parents available. It’s well past time to drain the welfare swamp and let people survive or not. That would be up to the individual, not the taxpayers.

  62. Lee says:

    Here’s a thought. Why not just do away with busing altogether. Would save MILILIONS of dollars for all School Districts nation wide.

    1. Sheila says:

      We’re already paying for them. Will we get a tax decrease?

  63. Lee Larabee says:

    Here’s a thought. Do away with School Busing nationwide. Would save Millions, if not Billions, of tax dollars. I say…..let the parents get ’em to school!

  64. bobolo says:

    Superintendent Veitenheimer needs to go away….far, far, away. He is still making a huge salary (200k plus) and wants to tax the life out of the rest of us. I’m still waiting for him to take a pay cut. Keller ISD has brought this upon themselves by not controlling the greediness and corruption within its administration

  65. Eyeball says:

    Using the money they save to hire more teachers is BS. They should return the savings to the public by reducing their school tax rate.

  66. txgranny says:

    It’s up to parents to get the kids to and from school. It was great while it lasted but Elvis has left the building. It’s a new day. Can’t you just ‘feel’ the adventure? The new day? Step lively people!

  67. tomcat2 says:

    Fire 80% of all coaches at all levels starting with the AD.

  68. Double Dipping says:

    Double-dipping has gotten so freakingly hellish.

  69. Johanna Wise says:

    Great 😦 this is going to set a very bad precedent. We’re moving into a bus route next month – different ISD – and are very low income. I just pray to god that we don’t have to get charged to get to school. Always walked so far.

  70. DL says:

    We never had buses in California when I was growing up. Those who lived to far took the city bus. Twice a day it stopped at the middle school and the high school. Once in the morning and once after school. Worked just fine and those who needed it payed for it. It is an unnecessary tax expense that isn’t used or needed by all students. I agree using to money to rehire teachers is probably not the best use for the savings. Do what Wisconsin did and make teachers work a full day. Seems to have solved many of their budget problems.

  71. CJ says:

    Two 3 words…

    Home School Education


    Education Tax Refund

  72. Jean Deux says:

    my school district tried to do this to my family, so i went and asked what percentage of kids rode for free, it was 60%!, and most all were illegal aliens! so i told the board president that i am not paying $6k/yr in property taxes and another big chunk in income taxes for illegal aliens to get free rides while i have to pay for my kids. We set up a carpool and took a bunch of paying kids off the bus. our country is going to hell, and we are paying for it. damn we are stupid!!!!

  73. kadja1 says:

    I smell a lawsuit. Tax funding is already provided for this because those at an economic disadvantage will not be able to ride. I would like to know where this kickback money will go to since this is already taxpayer funded in every state…I say if they want to save money, they shouldn’t bleed the families ANY MORE. Administrators need to fire the extra secretaries and assistants and do their own work! They also need to quit driving cars PROVIDED for THEM if the kids are having to pay for the damned bus–period! IN fact fire the administrators who draw too much $$$ and get some fresh blood in there with new ideas.

  74. kadja1 says:

    People who prey on children are loving this article. Those who walk will be in danger in that area.

  75. dee says:

    let the lazy parents drive their kids to school. many of us managed to drop off and pick up our children at their schools and work as well. and we did not consider asking the school district to pay our gas and car depreciation costs.

    i am sure these moms can make it to the hair salon or gym via car. i hate suburbs. in a real city, these parents would melt away, whining as they went.

  76. Rose says:

    This is a great idea! Glad to see they are going to charge. Makes me proud to live in the Keller ISD. They should also charge for all the extra curricular activities, sports, etc. It would reduce taxes. I can understand free education to a point but all the extra fluff, busing, reduced lunches, sports programs, etc should be paid for by the parents. It would lower taxes.

    1. Sheila says:

      If you think your taxes would be lower, you must be the product of the American public education system.

    2. sara says:

      I totally agree. In our area Football is the sport that is sponsored and kids have to pay next to nothing. Have your kid in band and you will pay tons, because there isn’t as much funding.

  77. keith says:

    When I was in Jr High in North Dakota we had to pay for the bus to get to school. This is nothing new. Most parents that live within 5 miles of the school usually have to make arrangements with jobs residuals to get kids to school before starting work and set up after school schedules for kids to be at school or a friend’s home until they can be picked up.

  78. Robert Vandagriff says:

    Is the Keller ISD Administration “the school” or are the attending children “the school”. Are the buses for bringing “the school” together. Then the budget should provide for that first. Who would need the administration without the student body? Has Keller ISD lost sight of the central issue?

  79. Bing says:

    Wow. Does this mean that people that use a service have to pay for it. Go imagine

  80. WillieG says:

    Get the schools out of the transportation business and back into education. Let a private enterprise company fill the need and let the parents pay them if the kids need to ride to school. Free enterprise and maybe better service….

  81. Chaz54 says:

    Goodness, I wonder how the balance sheets would look in Texas, and for that matter, in all states if we made the parents of students enrolling in a school show that they are in that state legally and havve the right to an education?? I would have to say that this would not be a story at all.

  82. Sheena says:

    We walked to school. No big deal. If we were lucky, parents or older sibs gave us a ride. It was almost as far to walk to the bus stop as it was to walk to school. Stop with the peas and broccoli, get some exercise.

  83. Texasbil says:

    Good idea. I don’t think my school taxes should be raised so the illegal alien down the road can have free transportation for his kids to ride to school. They should charge for lunches also and quit raising my taxes every year.

  84. Chaz54 says:


    Pretty simple math.

  85. Not Chicken Little says:

    But I’m sure they would never ever consider cutting salaries or positions from their bloated administrative bureaucracies…

    Why is it that when I was growing up you basically had one principal, one secretary, one janitor, and then the teachers for each school – and most of us got a good education and can still to this day read and write and comprehend and compose with ease, and even do math in our heads – but now they graduate illiterates who can do none of those things?

    1. 2sister says:

      I agree that some kids who graduate don’t seem to get the things you mentioned, but some do. Some of the children who have trouble with those things might have learning disabilities or an intellectual disability. In the past that population was neglected when it came to education. Some kids now days come from environments where parents don’t care if their kids succeed.

      We do need to realize, however, that kids are taught more things than they were in years past, and at a younger age.

  86. madaboutit says:

    Welcome to my world! We are paying too, and it isn’t like we can walk, we are 30 miles away and i work more than 60 lies the opposite direction. Yes I could move, if I could sell my house and then I could live in one of the worst cities in California! NO thanks!

    See here for the letter of explanation….

  87. Helloseekers says:

    And why shouldn’t there be a fee?

  88. Mike Alright says:

    The reason the state(s) have so little money is they need to fund the jails. In which the prison population has increased so much because of all the modern day feminized nanny-state laws we now have. The USA is bankrupt.

  89. mcnertny says:

    Does this mean the end of forced busing?

  90. Hank Warren says:

    No money for school buses but plenty of money to support endless Wars for Israel, it all started nearly a decade ago under a false flag attack.
    9/11 and Israel, here:

  91. Roberto says:

    In New Mexico we have thousand of miles of rural bus routes that serve very few people who live on ranches. A charge like this makes sense for people who live so far away. Or they could cut the bus routes and the parents could drive their kids to school.

  92. tgc says:

    Please…is anyone really stupid enough to believe they are going to charge the families of kids on free and reduced lunch program $100 to ride the bus. Come on, if the state is feeding their kids, you can bet that $100 fee will be dropped! That is just another tax on the middle class.

  93. sean patriot says:

    And where is exactly is our tax money going again?

  94. Tired O. Taxes says:

    This is nothing more than the school district firing back at the parents who voted down another tax increase. Say no to the tax increase? Fine, we’ll start charging for bus service! Pay us now or pay us later! As for the 4+ million the state gave us, we’ll need it to rehire the strength and conditioning coaches for our athletes, and the many assistants needed for each and every teacher, ’cause God knows we can’t live without them. KISD is not about the child they are about the teacher, and have been for some time. Like my boss tells me in corporate America. If the job’s not what you want it to be…find another one! P.S To save a few million bucks, maybe future schools should consider NOT building huge AA Center type auditoriums and Dallas Cowboy type athletic facilities, with state of the art broadcast, weight training, and sound systems. Maybe that money should be used for teachers and transportation instead. Just a rational thought from a parent who has to live within a budget..

  95. Yirmin Snipe says:

    I’ve always believed that school’s shouldn’t be in the transportation business at all. Sell off all the buses to private companies and let those companies charge a fee for a bus service to and from the school. The amount of money spent on buses, barns to store buses in, drivers and mechanics just to move kids to and from school is astounding.

    And sometimes you have someone build a house 3 miles away from anything, guess what a bus now has to waste a gallon of diesel ($4) each school day to get that kid… why should everyone in the school district pay because someone decided to build a house away from a school? They shouldn’t. Everyone that builds or buys a house needs to consider how far they are from the places they need to go to… if you don’t have any kids then fine, live on the edge of the city, but if you plan on having kids in school you need to plan on that and pick a better location.

    1. Duh, LOSING says:

      The buses ARE private companies, genius. Ever see those “Durham” buses everywhere?

      1. Yirmin Snipe says:

        No… in most areas of the country where the have “school buses” they are not owned by private companies they are owned by the school district and operated by the school district.

  96. sirandrew says:

    Why school bus for kids that less than a mile away
    I am dating myself but I walked a mile and a half and took me a little over 20 minutes.
    They can twiiter or talk on the phone to bass the time away while walking.

  97. Capitalist says:

    Maybe if they have to pay, they will start respecting the bus services. I am a teacher and most of the students see school and school services as an entitlement. I think kids should also pay for thier books and sell them back similar to college. This would make them respect them as well. Right now everything is given to them and many destroy it. Books come back ripped up, foul language written all over them, and many don’t bome back at all. This entitlement society is breaking our country and destryoing our children.

    1. sara says:

      Our kids don’t even use the books anymore. I would hate to pay for something like that.

  98. The Realist says:

    This is a perfect example of “the chickens coming home to roost” regarding government waste. We hear about the trillions regarding the federal government, the debate over the debt ceiling, etc., but all this has foundations everywhere, including the state and local levels. When a police officer closes down a children’s lemonade stand because they don’t have a $185 permit, that costs more money in man hours and processing than the permit is worth, plus come on, it’s a kid’s lemonade stand! When it takes FOUR employees from the TSA to lift a wheelchair-bound 94-year-old woman for a security search at the airport, those three employees doing that extra work costs money. Those are real examples, by the way. I even got a newsletter in the mail the other day in full color on heavy stock with a glossy finish from my ISD, and the first thing I wondered was why they’re still spending money on something NOBODY READS, especially when there’s a budget crisis?!

    Don’t worry, folks. There won’t be any schools running in 10 years anyway, the way things are going. Welcome to hope and change!

  99. C B says:

    This is a perfect example of “the chickens coming home to roost” regarding government waste. We hear about the trillions regarding the federal government, the debate over the debt ceiling, etc., but all this has foundations everywhere, including the state and local levels. When a police officer closes down a children’s lemonade stand because they don’t have a $185 permit, that costs more money in man hours and processing than the permit is worth, plus come on, it’s a kid’s lemonade stand! When it takes FOUR employees from the TSA to lift a wheelchair-bound 94-year-old woman for a security search at the airport, those three employees doing that extra work costs money. Those are real examples, by the way. I even got a newsletter in the mail the other day in full color on heavy stock with a glossy finish from my ISD, and the first thing I wondered was why they’re still spending money on something NOBODY READS, especially when there’s a budget crisis?!

    Don’t worry, folks. There won’t be any schools running in 10 years anyway, the way things are going. Welcome to hope and change!

  100. ZekWoo says:

    Sounds like a pretty good idea to me dude.

  101. Mike says:

    Tax dollars should go to education, NOT transportation and a free lunch, etc. I’m amazed at parents who sit in their SUVs with little Johnny/Mary when it’s cool out or there is a slight drizzle while waiting for a school bus! Pay for it lady… Yes, I also agree with having parents pay for transportation if your kid is in the band, on the football team,etc. The purpose of school is education and if I have to pay tax dollars to educate these kids then that’s what those dollars should be doing… Parents ==> You had them, you pay for them!

  102. Ralph Chapman says:

    The district needs to call the Leavenworth Kansas school district. They have had a bus fee for years. When I lived their the cost was $30 per month if you wanted to ride the school bus.

    1. C Bauer says:

      “When I lived THEIR…” Classic. Did you attend said Leavenworth ISD schools? Hayseed.

  103. PBdove says:

    Vacaville, CA (Northern CA) already charges kids for the bus. The school my kids go to charge to play sports, and yes you pay for the special event buses. If you want to ride, you pay, or would you prefer someone else pays?

  104. mike says:

    Ridiculous!!! Not one of the ignorant bureaucrats in any office every propose cutting the million dollar a year salaries of the superintendents. Not one politician has ever proposed cutting their salaries or tremendously costly benefits.

    The morons in all level of government insist that the citizens do with less, so they can have more. Texas has the highest property tax rates of any state, If these fools continue to tax and waste there will come a time when they will be forced to flee the country as People begin to open their eyes to the fraud, and self serving ba$*$)(# that think they have their own little piggy banks to enrich themselves.

    if the government can;t deliver on the promises made for justifying any cent of our tax dollars..then they are not representative of the people and should be tarred and feathered in the town square.

    Who needs some bozo’s drawing 7 figure salaries telling citizens that they need to “pay more: especially since its already been paid for?

  105. mike says:

    tar and feather every member of the school board for taking the money for the children and paying themselves enormous salaries.

    Fire them all, since they can’t manage a budget..these idiots couldn’t manage a postal store much less something as important as our childrens education..

  106. Justin says:

    I agree with it and you know what else I suggest. I think they school should only be paid for your kids schooling only after they’ve proven they learned something. Same for bus rides. If your kids don’t learn anything the patents shouldn’t owe the school a dime.

    And I also agree with if you’d make kids walk their butts to school we wouldn’t have an obesity problem.

  107. crystalinwi says:

    What’s new???? My father had to pay to ride the school bus when he became a high schooler (no longer walking to the neighborhood/section school) – this was 1944 – there is nothing new under the sun. Most kids could pay – some, like my mother-in-law, still walked to school or hitched rides because they were too poor or wouldn’t pay – she was 3 miles from the school – 1950’s. Not sure when our districted stopped this pay to ride the bus policy, probably 1960’s, but, if you can’t afford something, it has to go – who is going to pay for all of these things (freebies)?

  108. Idiocracy is upon us! says:

    Hey, I make really good money, but I’m looking for a new job. I’d like a pay raise! Making $225K to mismanage a school district sounds really cool! PRETTY PLEASE!

  109. Boogie Mann says:

    Somewhere in the past taxes were raised on a continuing basis to provide school bus service. But the money was used for some other “high-minded” project without permission of the tax payers. Then, when the money runs out, the call goes out to punish the same people again. It’s just that the present generation doesn’t remember when and how it was done to the previous generation. So now they get to pay double for bus service or risk being called racist, mean-spirited hate mongers. Of course, the model for all such scams is the Social Security system.

  110. Chad BS says:

    I don’t live in Keller ISD, but I do live in another North Texas ISD that is in the same boat as Keller. Of the 1100 school districts in this State there are 41 that are required to pay into the “Robin Hood” plan. Plano ISD has paid over $1 billion dollars into the “Robin Hood” plan over the last 20 years – thats what happens to your transportation dollars. I am not saying that there is no room for improvement in handling the districts finances, but if you are one of the 41 districts paying into the “Robin Hood” plan, you end up having to “creatively finance” things like busing and other non-educational programs.

  111. Johnson says:

    I would sue if the bus has to take a longer route to achieve busing for racial goals (increasing the costs unnecessarly). Those people there need to have a house cleaning next election!

  112. mike in Denver says:

    I already pay 50 cents per ride for my kids in Douglas County Colorado. I often do wonder how they manage the budget because we should not be paying for our kids to ride the school bus.

  113. johncs says:

    D49 in Colorado Springs has a pay-to-ride school bus program starting this year. I am quite a few miles from the school and have four kids to bus. I still have to drive the kids almost a mile to the bus stop due to being on a busy country road.

  114. Art Lipman says:

    I suggest that the Keller ISD school board be required to pay for the space they meet in and any equipment they use or supplies consumed in the conduct of their official duties. Everyone should pay their fair share.

  115. rb says:

    This is sad and where I live they are now charging $300/student. It start at $150 a few years ago, and now it’s $300. The city just says there isn’t enough money. But they sure find money to give themselves raises!!.

  116. Relentless Traveler says:

    This is an EXCELLENT idea. Perhaps it will catch on here in Maine where property taxes are through the roof.

  117. Michael Gauthier says:

    How many blacks do you think will will have to pay? None. The white people will be the only ones that will have to pay.

  118. debbie hale says:

    I bet the people that don’t want to pay have no problem shelling out money for cokes and candy after school. Nothing makes me madder that following a bus home and they stop at every single house even if kids are getting off at houses that are right next door to each other. Why not pick up and drop off at several central location and after that it’s up to the parents to get the kids home.

  119. John Q Dallas says:

    Keller ISD can now spend that money on legal fees. They are in violation of State and Federal law. Students more than 2 miles away must have free busing available. The Federal government pays for those free meals already and they must be provided to low income students free. Expecting young kids with various physical issues to be able to function and learn after walking 2 miles triggers ADA issues also. Expect all to get a note from their doctors (and lawyers).

  120. rbblum says:

    Whether readers are interested in following Keller ISD’s pursuit of fiscal issues or Beaumont ISD acting stupidly, additional reliable sources of information are available: Americans for Prosperity in Texas; Education News . org; Voice of the Taxpayer and the Red Apple Project.

    Of course there are likely to be other quality sources to act on . . . but the first consideration is to know the sources, access the sources, use the sources AND encourage others to pursue due diligence.

  121. Segeny says:

    And the parents cannot drive them or carpool because ……………………….? Less of Nanny taking care of the kiddos and more of the parents doing so please.

  122. pete says:

    Beware this is a future trend. Paying for every line item. Eventually we will be paying tuition for public schools. Instead of extorting families for every public privialge that we already pay for through taxes, why not force a balanced budget or incentives to reduce the budget. I was talking to a UPS driver and he mention how busy he was dilivering packages to the schools at the end of the fiscal year. Apparently, they must purchase whatever they can at the end of the fiscal year to make their budget. The day after the trash cans are full of the meaningless purchases. Go figure. local state and federal government at work. What a horrible system. You would never see a private sector company spend all its money to make a budget so they can increase their budget for next year.

  123. Ralph Engelhardt says:

    I’d pay for the bus ride if I were to get a reduction on my school taxes that are already include my paying for the bus ride. Make it $500 per semester and I’ll take an equal amount off of my school taxes. This way I’ll know just what I’m paying for.

  124. Rick McDaniel says:

    That’s just fine. It s time for parents to finally pay some of the true costs of educating their kids. At least this method doesn’t make home owners who have no kids in schools, pay for that.

    I am tired of paying for other people’s kids, when I don’t have any.

    Those who are unhappy, are free to stop having kids, they can’t support.

    1. johncs says:

      My kids don’t want to pay for your social security, medicare, or for your piece of the national defense. stop breathing if you are unhappy about it.

  125. Juana says:

    Shouldn’t have voted the THIRTEEN CENT tax down and they wouldn’t be worrying about this!!

  126. Steve Jones says:

    Keller ISD operates much like the Federal Government. Spend and tax. The bus tax is actually a method of retaliation on the taxpayers who voted not to raise taxes. The district is overloaded with unneeded layers of administrators and nice to have programs that need to be cut. It would help if they actually cared about students instead of building comfortable nests of salaries and benefits.

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Comments are closed.

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