Toll Violators Owe NTTA More Than $1,000,000

NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Some North Texas toll road users have been ignoring the bills they get in the mail.

The North Texas Tollway Authority (NTTA) is owed more than $1,200,000 by just a handful of violators.

According to NTTA spokesman Michael Rey, extreme violators are an imposition on the state and other paying customers. “Ninety-two percent of NTTA customers pay in a timely manner. When they’re on the tollway, when they’re on the President George Bush Turnpike they want the person next to them to be paying as well.”

Due to privacy concerns the NTTA cannot publish the names or license plates of violators, but Reys says one person has driven on various toll roads thousands of times and never paid. That person owes the NTTA more than $120,000 in tolls and fees.

In most cases the lack of payment is not due to billing errors. “We may be getting them at their correct address and they see the notifications and they decide that they’re not gonna pay,” explained Reys. “It’s just delaying the inevitable. It’s not the smart way to go, certainly.”

Rey says one of the problems with collection is that the NTTA cannot stop anyone from driving on the toll roads.

Other Texas toll authorities, like the one in Harris County, can stop people from renewing their vehicle registration or driver’s license if they owe outstanding tolls. The NTTA tried to get the same authority from the legislature this past session but was denied.

For now, the only recourse the NTTA has to collect outstanding tolls and fees is to take the violator to court.


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  1. Marie Hughey says:

    The NTTA should have something in place stop people from renewing their vehicle registration or driver’s license if they owe outstanding tolls. If the NTTA was denied this authority once, they should try again and again. It’s not fair to all the other Toll drivers that either have a tolltag in place or pay their bill on time.

  2. Rockie says:

    Maybe they need to put the Toll Booths back in. Easier and they get their money then. No is going to pay $150.00 or $600.00 or whatever for not pay a toll of $1.50

    1. Gumby Rules says:

      Toll of $1.50?

      Which toll road(s) do you travel. Most are less than $1.00 now.

      1. randy says:

        All of the main tolls are over $1.50. The $25.00 a day “administration fee” they are trying to charge per toll is ridiculous and should be illegal… If you even overlook a $10 bill from them you get a second bill for $300, but they will settle for $200. It says clearly on the bill to not try and just pay the $10… Thieves.. The Dallas North Tollway is paid for. The tolls were supposed to end, but instead increased and we were told for upkeep and new toll roads. Thieves.

  3. sadiedog says:

    this is easy . if they more than 1,000 dollars in fine’s stop them and impound their cars . wasn’t that easy ???

  4. fred says:

    This is “price” actual “cost” to tollway is probably closer to $10,000.00

  5. te says:

    If the fine is not collected, guess what? You are only going to have more violators. This is not rocket science…….

  6. Rick McDaniel says:

    One has to suspect that is a result of citizens feeling they have already paid, to use the roads, with their taxes, and that they should not pay yet again, to use the roads, with tolls.

  7. Craig says:

    Better yet everyone should stop using the tollways and demand that they stop gouging people with outrageous fines.

  8. Nervous Nellie says:


  9. heywood says:

    I work for a vehicle leasing company… the NTTA is full of morons… we constantly are having to call them and give them names and address of violators due to the fact that they keep sending US the notices.. we send them the contracts of the leases!.. they completely ignore them and keep sending us the bills.. we arent responsible for the charges and further more alert them as to WHO is and they still don’t go after them.. i bet of the $1,200,000 we have about $10,000 of it and its all bogus!.. they are disorganized and its ridiculous!

  10. darrell says:

    confiscate their homes, personal vehicles, retirement plans. sterelize their children. life in prison without chance of parole. after about a dozen cases end this way, money not even owed will come in.

  11. The Tucan 1 says:

    NTAA is not organized at all. I do not use the toll system very often but when I do I receive a bill from NTAA for using Zip Cash. Fine I don’t have a problem paying it. The only thing that I ask is that I receive a timely bill for those charges. For example the last bill I received in July had charges for June and I believe 1 for July but it also had charges (2) from April of this year. How the hell did they not bill me for April until July? NTAA needs to go back to the drawing board and figure this out again.

  12. Jennifer Young says:

    How about those of us who DID pay the toll but the machine didn’t accept it for what ever reason. I was charged fees and fines and when I tried to explain what happened and I could tell them exactly which booth it was it didn’t matter at all. I used the same booth several times during a visit to Dallas to see my father in the hospital. I proposed that they see how many of the violations occurred in that lane/booth. No response from the crooks except that I owed them money. Next time, Im stopping my car in traffic and bringing it to the attention to the sleepy attendant in the booth.

  13. Joshua says:

    Wow. I just got a bill from NTTA today for $1000. When I had my wallet stolen, I’d cancelled my credit cards, and I racked up some tolls before I updated my credit card information. Not sure why the deficient tolls weren’t paid at that time (4 months ago). I called in to see what was going on, and they let me pay the tolls and waived the punitive administrative fees. The tolls were $28. Makes you wonder how legitimate the $1.2M number is.

    1. darrell says:

      looking at the figures you posted, 2.8% of your bill was actual toll charges. equated to the 1.2 million dollar claim the actual tolls would be $33,600
      thats a lot of penalties being charged.

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