Richardson Hit-And-Run Driver Turns Herself In

By Matt Goodman, CBSDFW.COM

RICHARDSON (CBSDFW.COM) – A 62-year-old woman turned herself in to Richardson Police Tuesday, five days after she allegedly hit and dragged a 12-year-old boy with her SUV and drove away from the scene, a police spokesman said.

Elaine Burbridge, 62, is charged with failing to stop and render aid. She turned herself in alongside her lawyer Tuesday.

According to Richardson Police, Devin Byrd, 12, was struck by a driver in an SUV while riding a go-cart on the sidewalk near Heights Park along Floyd Road. The driver blew through the T-shaped intersection, hopped a nearby curb and hit the boy before striking a tree and fleeing the scene.

“Instead of making a 90-degree turn, she made about a 45-degree turn and then jumped up onto the curb line and over the cross/sidewalk and hit the child,” Richardson Police spokesman Sgt. Kevin Perlich said last week.

The SUV dragged the child and the go-kart several feet and sped away without stopping to help, Perlich said.

Richardson Police located Burbridge’s SUV in front of her home one day after the hit-and-run and began gathering evidence in the case. A search warrant was secured, and the vehicle impounded and searched Friday.

Perlich said last week that he believed the driver knew the child had been hit.

“The woman continued to proceed through the park, on the grass, was able then to I guess gain control of her vehicle, turn it around and that’s when she would have driven past the child and the go-cart,” Perlich said.

Byrd’s skull was fractured in the hit-and-run. He had to undergo emergency surgery and is recovering at Children’s Medical Center.


One Comment

  1. teri says:

    Hang her high……

    1. Get A Life says:

      Didn’t you leave the same remark on WFAA?

      1. RR Worker says:

        So what? She still ought to be hung, only I’d hang her so the tips of her toes just barely touched the ground on the front lawn of the court house in full sun and then forget about her.

      2. BDK says:

        Who cares? Lots of people visit various news sites.

      3. Choderus says:

        Right, BDK, and he was trying to draw a parallel between that and his username. Lots of people DO troll around several comment boards unable to hold in their biases, mainly because no one in the world would read their blog if they bothered having one.

        And if all you can come with is the same three words for your posts on each board, not only do you need a life, you need an imagination! I mean, good lord, do you use that same brain to figure out your vacation every year and plan something fun to do each weekend?

    2. 2sister says:

      II agree that what she is accused of doing is terrible. If it turns out that she was driving the car, she needs to be prosecuted to the fullest. Comments like, “Hang her high”, however are unnecessary and vengeful.

      1. RR Worker says:

        A big Bronx razzberry to you to.

      2. Patton's Wad says:

        Oh shut up, liberal.

      3. Patton's Wad says:

        I meant that for 2sister.

    3. Ian says:

      She instantly guilty and death to her huh? I bet you change your tune when one of your family members does this. You are so cold and callous, I bet your spouse hates sleeping with you. Stike a nerve? You did too. Maybe we should blame the Dept. of Transportation for not regulaly testing the elderly’s driving skills. Instead of her personally. Maybe she was trying to get to the doctor. Do yo know? Every HATEFUL comment I’ve read comes from a conservative. Jesus would be proud of your statement. I don’t think he’d feel the same.

      1. Kramer K. Kramer says:

        SHE instantly guilty. STIKE a nerve. LOL! Well, hello dere! I seez youz juss learned to type!

  2. David LaRue says:

    She should get a prison sentence, she committed a felony and then even as police impounded her vehicle she still would not own up to her crime.

  3. Sandy says:

    Why does she get to “turn herself in?” Why is this woman getting special treatment? She should have been arrested IMMEDIATELY! Like anyone else would have been. Disgusting! Bet she’ll get probation, too.

    1. Mr Black says:

      I agree. As soon as she walked inot the station with her attorney, the police should have grabbed her by her scrawny neck, thank the attorney for bringing her in and throw her into her cell to await trail.

      1. Sandy says:

        Yep. This IS NOT about making a small mistake and he who is without sin. A witness got her lisc plate number, the boy’s friend and turned it into police. 62 is not old at all, this is irresponsible and callous. She left a child she hit in the street! Are we kidding here? There IS NO excuse for this, I’m sorry. Being a christian and having a loving God, does not resolve us of the consequences of our actions. I mean come on. Adam and Eve and anyone else had to suffer consequences and so should she. God forgiving her has nothing to do with her being responsible.

  4. sara says:

    Is it her age? I have seen plenty of older people who drive awful. There is no excuse for leaving after hitting the child though.

    1. jennifer says:

      How old are you? 62 isn’t old.

    2. Ian says:

      She’s probably going blind, low on insulin, nobody at home in better condition to drive her, on the way to the doctor, or any plethra of things challenging the elderly. And in her possibly senial mindframe, probably either didn’t realize what just happened, or panicked when she realized what she had done and would be considered temporarily insane. She deserves to be tried, but FAIRLY. I doubt the kid’s parents wondered why she left, and when it sinks in, SHE’ll feel even worse. If we show her compassion, she may let what happened into her heart, and punish herself way more than society would. i doub t the kid’s parents want her to die-Patton’s Wad…


      1. sandy says:

        I don’t want her to die, but if guilty she needs to go to jail like anyone else, no excuses. I would expect to and accept it if I did it. There is no excuse for her leaving…NONE. God forgives us, but holds us responsible, she is no different. I don’t care how old she is. She knew what she was doing. She knew enough to go get an attorney.

      2. Ian says:

        There is no excuse for leaving if we don’t care what caused her to do it. I don’t think anyone would say there is EVER a reason enough to leave a kid in the street you just hit with your car. We should hold her responsible, but to accurately and properly adjudicate her, we need to know what caused her to act this way so we can help her not make this mistake again. Whether it be through corrective thinking, or by preventing her by jailing her. For life or death row, whatever the courts decide, not us.
        I doubt she knew what she was doing when she hit the kid. And she panicked after it happened. THEN she had the sense to get an attorney. I’m not saying we should put a priority on the reason for her mistake over the consequence of her mistake, just take into account her motivation and mentality/mind set when the courts judge her. She made a HUGE mistake, but I’m not going to have the self righteousness to hold her responsible without knowing her or the situation. Maybe her husband died and she was going to get help. Then it is just a big mistake and a snowball effect ont he accident, that she may have not meant to do. Hopefully she has remorse for her actions.
        But Sandy, you have no idea what her reasons were for leaving and if you want to assume that responsibility, you and the good lord can hash that out…

      3. Sandy says:

        I’m not coming from a place of self-righteousness, I have made my share of huge mistakes. It was have to be a REALLY good excuse to leave a child in the street after you hit them or anybody, for that matter. And if she was mentally impaired, she had no business driving in the first place, especially if she had a condition that may render her incapable of having all of her faculties. I am VERY interested in what would cause ANYONE to leave a helpless person they just hit, in the street. She needs to be held responsible regardless of her “situation”. Because she had no business driving if she was aware of a problem that would make it dangerous for her to do so. I passed out 1 time, during a pregnancy, while driving…my license was restricted ( the consequences) until such time as I could prove I was no danger to others…which I did. But I had not previously been having fainting spells, if I had, I wouldn’t have been on the road. It’s one thing to not know, it’s another to know and if she was aware, there is a price to be paid. She had enough presence of mind to run off, though, is all I know. So how “impaired” could she have been. Seriously…

  5. Nikki says:

    This is so sickening to hear. I feel absolutely no sympathy for this woman, to hit a child and then make the conscious decision to leave, she is not human but a monster. As crazy as this might sound, this is when the laws of ‘eye for a eye” should be taken into consideration.

    1. Ian says:

      How do you know she made th conscious decision to leave? Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. We don’t know what made her act like this, but why assume she is a monster. Maybe she just made a BIG mistake and she has yet to realize it. She deserves to be tried innocent until PROVEN guilty in this great nation ruled by law/constitution.

      1. Nikki says:

        Ian, you are absolutely right, and I agree with what you said, Our God is a fair and just God, and I am far from without sin. It just hurt to read something like this, so I apologize, thank you.

  6. Nikki says:

    Also Ian, as I begin to think about what you wrote, I realized that any of us could have been put in that situation, and the things we would have experienced. Although I can not for one second imagine leaving a child, I know everyone has different ideas or thoughts. I prayed and God for forgiveness, and I prayed to never be put in a situation like that. I know that is something you’d live with for the rest of your life. Thank you again for your comment response.

    1. Ian says:

      Your reply is brimming with integrity and I amd proud to have interacted with you! You have changed my attitude for the day and have helped me to feel better about the public, if even for a minute. I never meant ot directly challenge you, but I have done the same to many other comments. I have no ill intenttion, but when a good man looks the other way, he is not turning the other cheek, but yet his entire attention. After reading most of the responses I had to take a stand. Thank you for response and willingness to have integrity, I am proud to be a fellow human of yours.

      1. Nikki says:

        And you have had the exact same impression on me.

  7. Choderus says:

    She was probably drunk. That’s why she didn’t stop. But as far as you c-s’ers and your lame stale ol’ “hang ’em high” comments, remember–there has only been ONE allegedly perfect person ever on Earth–it ain’t you numbnuts and I don’t believe the story about the first one anyway.

  8. NiteNurse says:

    Why does a judge allow a white lady who nearly killed a little boy and then left the scene of the accident to make bail? She needs to be left in jail until trial. It might teach others a lesson that hit and run drivers are not going to get it easy.

    1. Choderus says:

      Dwayne Goodrich was free on bail for two years after killing those Good Samaritans on I-35 and he is black. What’s your point?

      1. NiteNurse says:

        I bet more white people get bail more easily then black dude!

      2. Choderus says:

        Puh-leaz…it’s all about the money…the money…the mun-eee.

  9. Ana says:

    On the new last night, her lawyer says she may have a neurological condition, possibly epilepsy. And doctors are testing her to see if this is the case. However, the story says she turned around and would have driven past the boy. So even if she din’t know what was happening while it was happening, wouldn’t she have seen the aftermath and realized what HAD happened? I think so.

    I hope the little boy recovers quickly and fully. This is really sad.

    1. Sandy says:

      Being epileptic does not really seem like the type of thing that would just “come up” at 62 years old. If she suspected she was having ANY problem she should not have been driving. I’d really like to see all of the story come out, because I suspect any possible impairment was known by her. 62 year old women aren’t usually strangers to the Drs. office. It appears she had awareness to me. She was not seemingly thinking about the boy, but herself. I just have a problem with making excuses for this. I really want to know her reason for running away and not helping this child.

      1. Sandy says:

        Oh yeah, I forgot, she was holding a dog in her lap. Maybe THAT was the problem. Makes me even less sympathetic….that is just stupid!

      2. TheNiteNurse says:

        I am pretty sure she’ll get a little old lady who is sick and impaired pass by the courts. A slap on the hand and a suspended license is probably going to be the extent of her punishment!

  10. Margaret A says:

    Excuse me!!! I am 66 Healthy walk 3 miles a day. You all are Sooo misguided to be calling her Elderly. 90 is Elderly. Look Around 62 has never been elderly whatever her problem Devin is mutilated and in Grave condition So her attorney says she has a history of black out spells She has no Right to drive Very poor choice Another family is DEVASTED due to her poor choice. There are taxied buses dart lots of options. If and obviously she is a danger to others She Still Chose To Drive Driving is a privilege and a responsibility that she willingly abused.

    1. Susie says:

      AMEN!! If she had ANY “history” of black outs, she SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN DRIVING. And, all this talk of 62 being elderly shows that most comments are coming from fairly young people. Some people are impaired at a much younger age while many others have no impairment at age 70 and above.

    2. A. Brady says:

      totally agree!

  11. Ami Jo Brady says:

    i met the parents and family of this poor boy at the hospital over the weekend and from what could see thet are being very strong for him. i want every brain scan known to man to be done to that lady and prove to me that she had a seizsure and if she does suffer this illness and it was truly new news to all of her doctors and herself then she should never be behind the wheel again and if there is no proof of an illness and she just left theat poor boy for dead then she doesnt deserve to see the light of day again

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