John Wiley Price Associate Claims To Have Found Camera In Backyard

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – The defense attorneys for Commissioner John Wiley Price and associate Daphne Fain are concerned about a possible surveillance camera Fain claims to have seen in her backyard but failed to retrieve.

Billy Ravkind, Price’s lead attorney, hasn’t seen the camera but said Fain told him and her attorney that the camera was found high in the crook of a tree near her backyard garage.

She didn’t remove it, she said, but a day later someone else had.

So who put it there?

“It’s either got to be the government or the media; those are the only two I can think of,” he said. “If I had to take a guess, I didn’t get punished if I was wrong, I would guess it was the government.”

Fain’s lawyer, Tom Mills, said it was a small, box-like camera and he is horrified Fain didn’t retrieve it so it could be examined.

Fain, Price and political consultant Kathy Nealy all had search warrants served on them last month in connection with an FBI probe of alleged money laundering, bribery, and tax evasion.

No one has been charged.

Still, Ravkind worries about where the investigation might be going.

“I’m concerned about electronic surveillance or wiretap,” he said.

Matt Orwig, a former U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Texas, agrees that Ravkind should be concerned.

“I’d be surprised if there’s not a wiretap involved in this case,” he said.

He points out legal electronic surveillance was done in the Don Hill, Dallas City Hall probe and adds, “That’s an extraordinary step in an investigation and needs to be supported by ‘probable cause.’”

Ravkind stopped short of outright accusing federal investigators. Still, he said, “ I’m probably hoping it is the government, because it’s really a major screw-up. Major.”

The Dallas FBI won’t comment on the ongoing investigation. Neither will the U.S. Attorney’s office. Ravkind claims he personally knows the FBI officials conducting the investigation.

“I happen to know the people involved but that wouldn’t be what I know about them,” He said. “But I’ve been wrong before.”


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  1. Loyd says:

    If everything that could be observed is totally above the law, why the concern? My only question would be the legality of such surveillance with proper court orders. If everything Ms. Fain does is legal then there should be no concern. It sounds more to me like the defense starting a campaign to put a blemish on the law enforcement and prosecution investigation just to create sympathy for Ms. fain. As intelligent as Ms. Fain is, there is no way to convince me that if she noticed a camera in the tree in her back yard or alley that she would not have called her attorney, authorities, or someone to remove it and find the persons responsible or at least filed a complaint. I am very doubtful that there was a camera in the tree. Too easy to claim something after the doors are starting to close. Very fishy is this claim.

    1. Bennie says:

      It’s a thing called trespassing and invasion of privacy but the federal government seems to be above the law sometimes. If this is true and a camera was actually placed on their property, it should be illegal but you never know when it comes to the government and the courts interpretation of the law. If it is indeed deemed illegal then any evidence gathered using that camera would be inadmissible in court. If it were me and I had seen a camera in the tree, I would have taken photos of the camera and its location and then would have called the police. I guarantee that if the FBI had placed that camera there and she took it, they would come asking for it. This is similar to a case where the FBI had an innocent guy under surveillance and placed a GPS tracking device under his car while his car was in his driveway and when he discovered and removed it, they came knocking on his door asking for it back.

    2. HooDatIS? says:

      ms fain is not a legal eagle she flys real low and dirty
      i hope they both go to jail mr wiley price and ms vain fain

  2. darrell says:

    this is a very smart move by Fain. other than her word there is no proof the camera actually existed. however, it lays the base groundwork to challenge any photo or video evidence that may be introduced later should any of this go to trial.

  3. FatLadySinging says:

    I’m LOL picturing all the co-conspirators who are climbing the trees in their backyards righ now looking for cameras.

  4. Really Tired says:

    If you believe this bunk I have some ocena front property in Nebraska to sell you. Come on Billy!!!!

  5. JWP = BS says:

    This would be the same attorney that would call in the fact that an officer didn’t remember something exactly and that it be thrown out of court. People are at most 20% accurate, but in this case white lie comes to mind.

  6. Texas says:

    Innocent until proven guilty!!!!! Or is it different because he is a black man and a former Black Panther???? Give the truth a chance to come out before you hang him!!!!!!

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