Extreme Toll Violators Heated Topic At NTTA Board Meeting

NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) – The board of the North Texas Tollway Authority (NTTA) wants to get tough on toll road drivers who owe the agency tens of thousands of dollars individually.

Earlier this week CBSDFW.COM reported that toll violators owe the NTTA more than $1,000,000. Of that amount, one unidentified driver owes the NTTA more than $120,000 in tolls and fees.

While board chairman Victor Vandergriff admits there is little that can be done to keep the violators off toll roads, he wants Texans to know who is ‘robbing’ the system.

“I’d like some discussion about what we can do to be more public, as to either who those violators are or how we elicit more…. I don’t think anybody has sympathy for those scofflaws at that level. They don’t like the fee necessarily but they have no sympathy,” said Vandergriff.

During the meeting, board member Kenneth Barr said he is fed up. “I think the message that needs to go out is that were getting serious about these people who are not paying these tolls and we’re gonna use every vehicle that’s available.”

NTTA Executive Director Allen Clemson says the agency has technology on its side since a photo, with day and time recorded, is taken every time someone goes through a toll stand. The board is considering tracking the patterns of the most serious violators.

“Once we establish that pattern, then we can have DPS out there to talk to them,” said Clemson.

The NTTA hopes to have a firm plan of action by next month.

Currently, there are warrants out for the arrest of toll violators who have ignored invoices and court appearances.


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  1. NTTA says:

    QUOTE “$120,000 in tolls and fees”

    ok… lets break this down shall we.

    The tolls, the actual cost to the tollway, I am sure dont exceed a thousand dollars.

    The fees, are probably about 118,000 dollars.

    AND thats the problem with the NTTA, they charge outragous fees, worse then any bank or credit card company…and they are self rightious in this decsion.

    A toll is a toll. you want your money, put people back out there and I will use the toll road..the last thing I need is some made up $1000. fee for a 1.50 I did not pay.

  2. Craig says:

    Thank you Republican Party for all the robbing and stealing that you do. This wouldn’t be happening if there was a fair and balanced toll way that is working for the people who use it. The fees always far outweigh the actual tolls to use the corporate criminals toll roads that they paid for with tax payer money.The best solution would be to never use a toll way because you are just being ripped off by the clowns that are running our government.

    1. mike says:

      hEY IDIOT! The world did nt go to hell until DUMBocrats took over1 Are you paying attention!!?? Also the tollway IS NOT afiiliated with any Gov ..democrat or republican..you re a sheep and you re stupid!

      1. Joe says:

        Mike, The world went to Hell Under BOTH Dems and Pubs.
        They are one in the same party, both rotten and corrupt. If it has taken you this long to figure that out, then foolishness is spreading more rapidly than can be stopped.
        Get a brain and become a Libertarian.

    2. Joe says:

      That’s the truth, Craig.. Corporate theft must be stopped.

  3. Vicky says:

    The problem is with the agency itself. We received our toll bill and my husband misplaced it. So, he sent them a payment of $10 (he knew that it was too much but he wanted to make sure that he paid everything we owed). A few weeks later he receives a refund check for $10.00 and then a bill for $8.00 (our toll plus late fees) with a notice that if we didn’t pay it by a certain date that our new bill would be $130 because of collection fees. So we ended up being charged late fees on our toll because of some internal error they had. This is why I prefer to stay away from Dallas and the suburbs of Dallas, the idiocracy is insane!!

  4. mike says:

    There was also a bill passed weeks ago that the NTTA can only charge ONE late fee PER BILL..Thats 25$ ..however these crooks are STILL charging 25$ per toll as a late fee. They also send to a collection agency after one week ! I ve decided NOT to pay at all..If they can blatantly rob people and get away with it..I WONT PAY MY BILL!

  5. Tom Smith says:

    Hey Vicky, I have seen the same thing. Overpaying on other bills can lead to the same thing.

    Bureuracracy at its worst.
    And do not even ask me about convenient fees for fees which are really taxes.
    I am surprised they do not charge us to breath.
    I am sure that there would be a convenience fee based on how clean the air is in a particular area.

    1. Joe says:

      Tolls are theft and highways have been paid for multiple times over with gasoline taxes.

  6. Tom Smith says:


  7. mike says:

    Sorry NTTA but DPS MUST have a reason to pull someone over! Its NOT their job to ‘talk to me’ ! Go to hell! And your so called advanced technology DOES NOT track out of state plates! How advanced is that!!!!???

  8. mike says:


    1. jjackson says:

      over priced as it is now anyway

  9. pbear says:

    Do what they do in other states, don’t let these people register their vehicles til all violations/tolls are paid.

  10. -Midland, TX says:

    It’s ridiculous! They charged me about $3.50 each time (which is about right) I took the toll road during the February ice storm. I didn’t have a tag yet, cause I had just moved there when the storm hit. I got a bill later that had 15 “administrative fees” $25 dollars EACH + “late fees” totaling $500 in all. I just take Preston all the way up to northwest highway now.

    P.S. Craig, you are exactly the kind of person I don’t want living in Texas. Naive child.

  11. Bill says:

    Ha Ha Ha,

    I love all the righteous indignation about “robbing” the system. What about how the NTTA is robbing Texans. Did you know for a few more cents a gallon in fuel taxes we wouldn’t need to have any toll road.

    Anyone know where I can get license plate concealing device so I can cruise down toll road for free?

  12. mike says:

    The system NTTA uses for billing is created to entrapp us into owing money! If they were nt billing wrong and charging outlandish fees it would nt be happening! Please note; They recently passed a LAW that the NTTA CANNOT CHARGE 25 $ PER TOLL..ITS 25$ PER BILL..And they are STILL ILLEGALLY charging for EVERY toll. Secondly the DPS threat is worthless..its not their job to ‘talk to me ‘ about tolls..They DO NOT own or work for NTTA therefore to stop me and question me is ILLEGAL!!!!!!!!!!!!! I guess the low life DPS will do what they did to the one lady that they falsely accused of being drunk..they will smash our faces into concrete barriers and GET AWAY WITH IT! I say take shoe polish and write derogetory things about NTTA as you drive across Dallas! Stand up Dallas boycott the worthless tollway..Time yourself on tollway and then on normal route..the tollway IS NOT faster!

  13. NTTA SUCKS says:

    They are robbing us blind. For 150.00 in tolls, my bill is 2,000. Robbery.

    1. RAchel says:

      Robbery is right! They are talking about cracking down. Someone needs to crack down on them!

  14. RAchel says:

    The NTTA are the crooks. The giant bill probably came from not paying it on time and the NTTA charged an outlandish late fee. And the NTTA is hired by the government.

  15. Doh says:

    The NTTA are the real thieves and the people who started these damn tool roads.

  16. Duh says:

    I’m sure the road has already paid for itself. Now stop charging you freakn crooks!

  17. Larry Payne says:

    We pay when we receive one of their billings…..then a couple days later we receive another of their billings so we, like good little citizens, pay THAT bill, then a week later we receive a past due notice for one of the tolls in one of the bills and one of the tolls in the other bill. So we pay those two tolls again (plus the $25 X 2 “late fees”). Then, a week later we get ANOTHER bill………………THIS IS STUPIDITY at it’s ultimate.
    We now refuse to drive on any of their roads.

  18. Texan says:

    Tollroads are for people who can afford to pay for the convenience. Service roads are for people who can’t. Tollroads are not part of your Constitutional rights. You can change the TV or radio if you don’t like what’s on…why not change your driving habits if you don’t want to pay the fees? Oh btw driving is a privilege not a Constitutional right.

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