NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) – The board of the North Texas Tollway Authority (NTTA) wants to get tough on toll road drivers who owe the agency tens of thousands of dollars individually.

Earlier this week CBSDFW.COM reported that toll violators owe the NTTA more than $1,000,000. Of that amount, one unidentified driver owes the NTTA more than $120,000 in tolls and fees.

While board chairman Victor Vandergriff admits there is little that can be done to keep the violators off toll roads, he wants Texans to know who is ‘robbing’ the system.

“I’d like some discussion about what we can do to be more public, as to either who those violators are or how we elicit more…. I don’t think anybody has sympathy for those scofflaws at that level. They don’t like the fee necessarily but they have no sympathy,” said Vandergriff.

During the meeting, board member Kenneth Barr said he is fed up. “I think the message that needs to go out is that were getting serious about these people who are not paying these tolls and we’re gonna use every vehicle that’s available.”

NTTA Executive Director Allen Clemson says the agency has technology on its side since a photo, with day and time recorded, is taken every time someone goes through a toll stand. The board is considering tracking the patterns of the most serious violators.

“Once we establish that pattern, then we can have DPS out there to talk to them,” said Clemson.

The NTTA hopes to have a firm plan of action by next month.

Currently, there are warrants out for the arrest of toll violators who have ignored invoices and court appearances.