Warrant Issued For Texan Who Bagged Big Gator

AUSTIN (AP) – A monster 880-pound alligator that was a Dallas lawyer’s prize catch last month is now evidence in an investigation that has resulted in four arrest warrants.

Texas Parks and Wildlife spokesman Mike Cox said Wednesday that 42-year-old Levi McCathern and his three fishing and hunting guides were charged with taking wildlife on private property without the landowner’s permission.

A man who owns land on the Trinity River in Leon County told state game wardens that a large alligator had been killed on his property without his consent on June 11 and a second, smaller ‘gator was taken the day before.

Game wardens seized a 13-foot-1-inch alligator and a near 9-foot alligator.

Violators of the Class A misdemeanor face a maximum $4,000 fine and/or one year in jail.

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One Comment

  1. Vida says:

    Good! Why in the world do these people think they are something special for shooting a large animal that was harming no one! This should not be allowed, what a cowardly prize!

    1. Casey says:

      They’re usually hunted with air filled spears…a little tougher than pulling a trigger.

  2. Glenn says:

    Navigable water rule should trump that as long as the gator was not sunning himself on the land owners land. The trinity flows all the way to the gulf, so it should be navigable water and you have the right to be there as long as you dont anchor to their land. But I am sure they parked there to load it.

    1. Me says:

      There should be flood plain on each side of the river also. Private property does not go to the water line I think. I know the Brazos is like that.

  3. Saul H says:

    Who cares…

    1. AC says:

      The Gator and his family

  4. Country Girl says:

    Vida do you comprehend that an animal that size is eating other live animals? So yes, it may have been doing grave harm even to humans, pets and other wild life. But come on, suing a lawyer is like spitting in the wind! Who thinks this land owner is gonna win anything and why is he worried about a dead gator?

    1. brutie says:

      yeah idiot it’s called the food chain.

  5. Patriotic Girl says:

    I don’t think he owns the waterway. Just the land. So how can he sue, or have warrants issued. Sounds like a power play to me.

  6. possim says:

    The big question is, did he own the gator? If he did, did he have all the right permits to own a wild, dangerous reptile? If he did not have a permit then why is he suing, oh thats right cause he can. Stop suing, it hurts the justice system. Lets put criminals in jail instead.

  7. jennie says:

    There is the act of portage of navigable waters. All boats and fisherman do have the right to go on private property if there is an obstruction, to trim their sails or if they have to maintain their boat. However, a prescriptive easement over private property cannot be created by recreational use of a protected freshwater area, including by portage over or around barriers, scouting of obstructions, or crossing of private property to or from a protected freshwater area.

  8. dfwman says:

    thanks for the explanation, jennie. that should clear up any confusion.

  9. Ashworth says:

    I know of Levi and the firm he works for. Not very likable people. I hope he does get fined..

  10. P.B says:

    That is so stupid. There are other more important things to worry about than a dead alligator. GET A LIFE DUDE.

  11. Justass says:

    Hope it’s a judge too, then maybe they’ll have time to figure out how f’d up the legal systems are. Anyword from JWP anyone?

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