6 Killed In Grand Prairie Roller Rink Shooting

By Matt Goodman, CBSDFW.COM
shooter pic 6 Killed In Grand Prairie Roller Rink Shooting

Tan Do, the man who opened fire at the Forum Roller World in Grand Prairie on July 23, 2011, killing his wife, himself and four others.

Updated 11:46 a.m., 7/24

GRAND PRAIRIE (CBSDFW.COM) – A shooter opened fire at a skating rink during a private family event Saturday night, killing five and wounding four before fatally shooting himself, Grand Prairie Police spokesman John Brimmer said.

Brimmer said Tan Do, 35, was attending a private birthday party for one of his two children at the Forum Roller World at 1900 S. Great Southwest Parkway around 7:15 p.m. Saturday.

He pulled a pistol and started shooting after getting into an argument with his estranged wife, Trini Do, 29.

“The couple had been involved in ongoing marital problems and it is believed that this led to the shooting,” Brimmer said in a release.

Trini Do was killed in the shooting along with her two sisters – Lynn Ta, 16, and Michelle Ta, 28 – her brother Hien Ta, 21, and her sister-in-law, Thuy Nguyen, 25, Brimmer said Sunday.

5 vo set up skate rink 6 Killed In Grand Prairie Roller Rink Shooting

The Forum Roller World in Grand Prairie, hours after Tan Do shot and killed his estranged wife and four family members inside.

Brimmer said the suspect targeted his wife and her family during the shooting.

“The two children of the couple were unharmed and are with other family members at this time,” Brimmer said Sunday.

Tan Do shot himself in the head and was taken to Parkland Memorial Hospital where he was pronounced dead, said Grand Prairie Police Chief Steve Dye.

Including the gunman, six people were killed. Three were wounded and taken to area hospitals from the roller rink. The fourth victim arrived at a hospital by themselves with a gunshot wound. Police quickly confirmed it was related to the shooting.

Those injured are expected to survive their injuries, Brimmer said. A police statement issued Sunday did not identify those wounded.

“It appears to be a domestic situation at this point, that’s our initial findings, and it appears the suspect did die from a self-inflicted gun wound,” Dye told the media about two hours after the incident.

Brimmer said about 30 friends and family members attended the private party. The roller rink was not open to the public at that time, and no employees were targeted or hurt in the shooting, Brimmer added.

Nearby witnesses reported seeing individuals fleeing the skating rink, some of whom still had their skates on.

“You could tell they were in a hurry to get out of there,” said Aaron Feldt, who was across the street at a bowling alley when the shooting happened. “There were kids still with rollerblades on, people barefoot.”

rink 3 6 Killed In Grand Prairie Roller Rink Shooting

An investigator is seen inside the Forum Roller World in Grand Prairie hours after Tan Do shot and killed his estranged wife and four family members.

On Sunday, the Associated Press reported Forum Roller World owner Walt Hendrick pushed children out of the way when Tan Do started shooting. He said he was about 40 feet away from him and that Tan Do told his children to leave before he opened fire.

Hendrick added he will reopen the rink Sunday “to show that skating is still a fun and safe activity for parents and kids.”

Many Grand Prairie residents gathered near the skating rink, saying they were stunned that a mass shooting took place there.

“It’s a roller place for skating, for kids, stuff like that happens in the streets, not here,” said Byron Raspberry, a Grand Prairie resident with children ages 4 to 15-years-old. “There’s nobody off in there that I thought would even have a gun.”

The Grand Prairie Police Department and the Tarrant County Medical Examiner are investigating, Dye said. Crisis counselors were on scene for witnesses late into the night.

“Certainly our thoughts and prayers go out to all of the victims and their families and their witnesses,” Dye said. “The Grand Prairie Police Department is offering every resource to help heal in this process.”

Court affidavits discovered Sunday by CBS 11 News show Trini Do had filed for a divorce against her husband in September 2008, but withdrew it.

On December 22, 2010, Trini Do asked the court for a protection order against her husband, saying he drug her into a closet and threatened her with a gun. In November, she said he drug her into the kitchen and slammed his knee into her.

As their children watched, Trini Do said her husband “got all the guns out” and threatened to shoot anyone who arrived at their home to intervene.

But in January, against the advice of a prosecutor in the family violence unit of the district attorney’s office, Trini Do again had the order dismissed.


One Comment

  1. Missy says:

    I grew up at this rink, and I take my girls there. Can’t believe this happened. I feel for Walt.

  2. Dasherwood 1970 says:

    heard this is still going on. Possible hostiges. Anyone know? so sad….

    1. missy says:

      havent heard, waiting to see if it is on Ch. 4 news @ 9. If not I will check it on 11 @ 10

    2. Cole Younger says:

      Dont supprize me at all ,that why I got a concelled weapon Permit ….and never leave home without it

      1. SLIDINGINTOIT says:

        it would not have happened in Kennesaw.

        The “Powers that be” are brainwashing the people, causing the immorality, [for decades now], creating the atmosphere , the “problems”, that leads to the touting, selling, acceptance and implementation of “Solutions”. THE DESTRUCTION OF YOUR LIBERTY.

        You think you are being told the Truth, by the “news”? Then Why do you not know about the FACTS of ….BUILDING 7……?

      2. DeLana Combs says:

        You can’t even spell. How on Earth did you get a permit?

  3. Jenni Martin says:

    I also grew up there..i have been going there since i was 8 years old i used to have birthday parties and everything there and the workers there were basically my family. I cant believe that this has happend. Sad to see somewhere that you grew up is all fine and the next minute people are dead

  4. Mindy Spears Brown says:

    Oh Lawd, I hope Walt is OK. I started skating there when it 1st opened. Was on the speed team from the beginning till bout 79. I just spoke toWalt not 4 mos. ago.

    1. Jenni Martin says:

      I also hope Walt is ok

    2. Vince says:

      Walt has just passed away. So sad.

  5. dasherwood1970 says:

    listening to scanner, and it appears that things are still going on, in the sense that scene is not yet clear. More officers are being called to scene. Heard lead officer say something to the affect that “this could go on long into evening.” 😦

  6. Jenni Martin says:

    What???? its still going on? I hope Walt is ok..please let us know something..anything

  7. Dasherwood1970 says:

    just heard its over, thank God. Last news is that the shooter shot himself in the head but has survived. Apparently the police being called on scene are now just there to question witnesses, from the sounds of it.

  8. rose says:

    Just returned from there. Lots of media and hundreds of police and medics. You can only get into bowling alley parking lot. Just like veryone said 5 dead 3 injured. Let all say a pray for all of them.

  9. Jenni Martin says:

    Is Walt ok? are any of the people behind the counter hurt? Im praying for the people that got shot and im praying that the 3 people that got hurt that they get better

  10. Missy says:

    Walt is usually not at private parties, or if he is he is in his office. Prayers are going out to the families of those injured and killed.

  11. bjd says:

    what’s wrong with people

  12. rose says:

    News just reported the shooter has died. A injured person reported into a local hospital on his own, do not no yet if he is connected with this shooting. News also said it was a family dispute.

  13. Scott Hastings Sr says:

    As long as it happens in the streets, it will move inside. If it happens in one neighborhood, eventually it will come to your neighborhood. The unchecked gangs.shootings, drugs, thugs seem to have no solution.

    1. 2sister says:

      This was apparently not related to gangs or drugs. It was apparently a domestic dispute. The shooter apparently was in an argument with his wife, according to the article. It doesn’t matter, because what he dd was sad, tragic, and wrong.

    2. 2sister says:

      Please don’t make this into a racial issue. Domestic abuse / violence knows no racial or ethnic boundaries. It happens in all races and ethnic boundaries. It also happens in all socioeconomic groups.

      1. ThahPatriot says:

        Who u kiddin, everyone knows where the vast majority of RAPE, ROBBERY, MURDER, GANG ACTIVITY, DRUG ACTIVITY, PROSTITUTION ect… is ALL coming from. Dont’ be so foolish and blind. Open your eyes twisted sister, what planet u livin on girl. Alls you gotta do is read the news or watch the tv and you’ll see where the VAST majority of all this trash is coming from. More than 1/2 of them, bless their heart, don’t even know who their daddys are. So I guess it’s no suprise when you see em all smokin crack, in gangs, mommas on stamps and welfare, milking the system for every penny she can. Meanwhile, she’s squeezin em out as fast as she can so she can increase those monthly checks. Thank u Barry Obama. God bless the U.S. P.S. I’m also very aware that this may have nothing to do with the skating rink tragedy. Just overall in the United States we know who the main culprits are but no one wants to say who because someone might get their FEELINGS hurt. Well bless their little hearts. Isn’t it funny how I don’t even have to say who this trash is that I’m referring to. Why? Because everybody in the U.S. knows who that Obama supporting, OJ’s innocent crowd is, thats why.

      2. 2sister says:

        First I’m not foolish or blind. The main reason for this crime had to do with an argument between a husband and wife. The husband then shot at people with a pistol that he had.

        Second, if you are implying that they are Hispanic, you are incorrect. They were Asian.

        Third, I’ve known white people who were in abusive and / or were in destructive relationships. It doesn’t just happen to people in certain racial or ethic groups (Hispanic, black, etc.). One of the people that I know had a serious injury at the hands of her abuser. Thankfully, she left him before he could do anything worse.

      3. Miranda says:

        2sister, yes, violence is common to the human race as a whole. However, we need to deal in facts, not platitudes. Fact is, domestic abuse and violence is more prevalent in lower socioeconomic levels. Gang membership is mostly black and hispanic, and gangs are violent. Black females produce more children without full-time fathers than any other group. Society should work on repairing these issues, but instead it is enabling them through massive entitlement programs that make it easier for people to remain irresponsible instead of figuring out how to take care of themselves. The breakdown of the family — especially the absence of a responsible father in the home — has been resulting in violent gangs for four decades now. Gotta deal in reality, not nice sounding ideas that aren’t founded in truth.

      4. 2sister says:

        Miranda, I’m not dealing in platitudes. Domestic abuse occurs in all races. I have a loved one that was injured by her husband (now ex-husband). She is white and he is white. There are probably all kinds of domestic abuse that we don’t hear about. Many people try to keep it hush-hush. The only ones that knew about my loved one’s abuse were the one’s that she chose to confide it to. She’s family member and, we didn’t even know it was going on until she told us. If it hadn’t been for one of her kids threatening to tell if she didn’t, we might not have known till something tragic had happened. It happens in all races.

        You are making judgments about me without really knowing how I feel about certain things.
        For example, where in my comment did I say anything about gang violence or the destruction of the family. I agree that the destruction of the family causes many problems. I was talking about domestic violence being in all races. That isn’t unrealistic to say that it occurs in all races. I just think we shouldn’t assume things without knowing about the situation. We can’t, for example, just make comments like, “I know what race the person was without being told.” That’s just not true. I saw many people assuming that this situation involved Hispanic people. It did not. The people involved were Asian.

    3. 2sister says:

      Sorry, Scott, My second comment was meant more someone else. I just submitted it to the wrong place.

  14. bob says:

    the emergency calls just “trickled” in?

  15. stoptouchingthatmabel says:

    “It’s a roller place for skating, for kids, stuff like that happens in the streets, not here,” said Byron Raspberry, a Grand Prairie resident with kids from four to 15-year-olds. So this type of wild west mass execution is normal for the streets. I think I’ll avoid that town. He must of taken it indoors because of the heat wave..

  16. Marie Gregory says:

    Do you not realize that GOD is not the fault of all the bad things. Have you not heard of GOD’s most beautiful angel, that was kicked out of heaven. satan is his name and he loves to cause havoc. I am praying to my LORD ! I will pray that you accept CHRIST before it is too late for you as well.

    1. Get Real says:

      Marie, soon you’ll realize that your self-righteous, quick-to-judgment, “holier than thou” presumptions are a waste of time. How dare you assume this person never accepted Christ? Perhaps he/she was “saved” but just had a lapse/doubt in faith. Being a Christian is not a magic bullet, and if you’re a new Christian, you will soon find that out, as your problems don’t magically disappear.

      Think about that as you return from church today, holding your falsely pious head high.

    2. C Bauer says:

      How many skeletons do you think are in Marie’s closet?

  17. Kelli Rutledge Hammack says:

    My heart goes out to the friends and families of the victims and the shooter.

  18. Alexa J. says:

    Roller World was a place where i use to hang out and to be with my friends and now to find out that someone had a gun and used it there shocks me, that place use to be a place where kids can go and have fun and for family to spend time together now we’re going to be scared to go anywhere now without having the fear for begging involved in a shooting. My prayers go out the victims and their families.

  19. Dylan says:

    Anyone, please, if you know which hospital they all were taking to. I’m here at Dallas Method, but only my Mother in law is here ..

    that’s my family’s bday party .. my whole family is there and were the targets..

    i still not able to get in touch with my wife or the siblings. Please help me. If you have any information, please call me at 214-506-8881

  20. Dr. Bombay says:

    Chances are the gunman may have been on anti-depressants or anti-psychotic medications or worse had stopped taking them. Millions of people are walking around on and just off these drugs and are primed for this type of behaviour. Walking time bombs that may have never reached this level of violence if they hadn’t been given them. They are a catalyst to all kinds of anti-social acts.

    1. Miranda says:

      Dr., I think doctors write far too many prescriptions for antidepressants. It’s just way too easy to give a person a chemical instead of helping them work through their issues. But I do suspect it has to do with enriching the pharmaceutical companies.

  21. chocdonut says:

    guns don’t kill people, gunnuts with guns kill people

    1. Armed Texan says:


      nuts with guns kill people

    2. Miranda says:

      Actually, choc, it is mentally unstable people who do what this guy did. The average law-abiding gun enthusiast would actually have been an asset in this situation — might have taken the crazy guy out before he harmed so many. It’s a good idea to think rationally about wanting to limit people’s liberties. The liberty you limit may be your own.

  22. 75050 says:


    I find your post rather interesting. We can agree on a few points to a degree, however, they are for different reasons.

    First, you stated “more guns might escalate a situation”. Every CHL holder understands this, from the aspect of interacting with law enforcement to potentially being shot by another armed civilian. Never the less, all aspects of life come with risk from driving a car to crossing the street.

    You then went on to state, “The gunman might think he or she has nothing to lose and try to take out as many as he or she could before they are shot.”. Unfortunately that was the case in this tragic event as evident with the shooters’ suicide.

    Next up you stated, “gunman might not be thinking rationally”; is there really a thing as a rational MURDERER?

    Finally, you said, “people who are trying to shoot the gunman might panic and accidentally shoot an innocent bystander”. I’ll agree somewhat here. While panic isn’t the correct term, the truth is firing a pistol under stress is quite different than target shooting. Whether in civilian, military, or law enforcement roles, the introduction of adrenaline changes breathing, sighting (people tend to develop tunnel vision when in jeopardy), and most importantly suffer a degradation of the fine motor skills needed to correctly and accurately manipulate the trigger of a pistol. The fact is 85% of shooting accurately with a pistol involves the manipulation of the trigger. This is one of the first and most important skills to go. My point is, in this type of situation, a police officer is just as likely to sail a round or two as a civilian. There are no effective or safe ways to train effectively and simulate ‘true’ fear.

    While I have a great deal of respect for the GPPD, they are only human after all. Their average response time I believe is about 3 minutes which is excellent; however, a lot of rounds can be fired in that amount of time… Furthermore, remember, the police in general don’t prevent crime, for the most part they respond to crime. Constitutionally, they can’t arrest someone until a crime HAS been committed.

    2Sister, you’re entitled to your opinion and I fully respect that. I would hope you would re-evaluate your thoughts about concealed carry though. I must ask what you would prefer; sure death from a crazy gunman or worst case being wounded by an armed civilian.

    (for the record, kill shots from pistols are not as easy as most people think)

  23. David says:

    He’s at Parkland? Where Kennedy still is?

  24. Patrick says:

    If only someone there had been carrying concealed, perhaps some lives could have been saved.

  25. Jim Hampton says:

    Blame your government for abusing our tax dollars and destroying American jobs which is making people very unhappy and losing the will to live!

  26. R.K. says:

    Sounds like another false flag operation. The NWO is going to have to justify their global police state soon. Lots of these things might start popping up all over the world.

  27. Left wing says:

    Ahhhh, let us guess,

    Gun control, gun control, gun control.
    All you will hear and gear towards to from bow on will be, yeap, you guessed it,
    Gun control and a blond terrorist.

    This time the narratives will be watch out for gun grabing right wing nuts.

    Hahahah, false flag but this time it aint Arab suspects its the blond blue eyed
    Gun grabbing nut.

    Hahahah. It amazes me how they play every one. It’s gun control season dummies.


  28. MJD says:

    I notice the artcle does not give names or race in either this article or the shooting in Seattle. The information that the news is giving is white washed. We no longer get the truth or the whole story when it comes to the news. WHY??? I think we all know..

    1. Mike says:

      Well it doesn’t talk about Seattle cause this is North Texas. And you sound racists. There are white people that commit these kind of crimes and worse. It was not a black man or a Mexican that was involved in 9/11. The Oklahoma bombing was a white guy. I could go on and on…and yes I’m white. Think before you post.

  29. Frank says:

    Anyone interested in an explanation for this should check out a few of these resources.

    1) Russ Dizdar’s book “the black awakening”. He encountered these kind of people regularly working as a police chaplain for many years. He also has a podcast in itunes “preemption broadcast” its well worth listening to and its free.

    2) google LA Marzulli’s blog, and look at yesterday’s post. Its about the Norway shooter and that hi is NOT a Christian of any sort.


  30. Frank says:

    Weird, why aren’t my comments getting thru?

  31. Truette says:

    Today’s (so-called) journalism amazes me. The basic of EVERY story MUST include WHO?-WHAT?-WHERE?-WHEN?-WHY?-HOW? What a bunch of novices. I might understand if it was a bunch of interns reporting. But, where is the freakin’ editor??? Our CBS local afilliate news room is a joke.

  32. Stopguessing says:

    THis is just a domestic dispute. it has nothing to race, social status, or gun control. The man lost his job and moved in with in law and in law drove him nut. Before losing his job his got nice family . They are well to do family. Before he killed his in laws he shouted “why you do this to my wife and my family?” and he started to shoot his family and his in laws, then killed himself. I know all these details because my sister were there as it happened. She is their friend and were invited to their party.
    I know some one with similar situation. He drugged his kids, strangled his wife. Assume they all were dead he then hung himself. He couldn’t deal with pressure he snapped and he loved his family so much so he tried to take them with him. May be he hoped they would be living peaceful in different world.
    So leave race, gun, social status out of this incident.

  33. Tough story…..


    Don’t know what’s more shocking. All the death or that there are still roller rinks

  34. Northlake says:

    They didn’t say he was a licensed gun owner and carrier. They said he had a gun on him. Gun crimes are rarely committed by legal gun owners and carriers. It’s the people who have them illegally that commit crimes.

    People who are trying to make this a race issue. The guy was Asian. So, just stop already. It sounds like it was a crime of passion related to family problems or maybe he was just mentally ill. If it was gang related, I don’t think he’d be shooting his family.

  35. lynn ta waz a very sweet girl. i hate that happened 2 her. i miss you girl. prayes go out to the family

  36. Ralph Gizzip says:

    What the heck?!?! Don’t they know how to treat gunshot wounds to the head at Parkland Mem. Hospital by now? Lord knows they’ve had enough practice.

  37. Cheryl says:

    So sad and to think of all the negative remarks! I think you all lost sight of this…the point is a family was brused forever and we need to think of them and quit trashing what happened! I pray that those who were there can get pass this. Sorry for your loss and we need to provide better protection when someone reaches for help! THE SYSTEM FAILED!

  38. drm says:

    Isn’t multiculturalism GREAT!

  39. 2sister says:

    I see some people talking about mental illnesses. I do agree that some doctors over prescribe drug, but that certainly isn’t all of them. I agree that many people with mental illnesses need counseling. Many mental illnesses, however, are not just an emotional issue. Many have a physical cause. Many mental illnesses are caused by things such as chemical imbalances in the brain. If the illness has a physical cause, counseling might not be enough. Even some types of depression are caused by a chemical imbalance..

  40. stcircus says:

    “On December 22, 2010, Trini Do asked the court for a protection order against her husband, saying he drug her into a closet and threatened her with a gun. In November, she said he drug her into the kitchen and slammed his knee into her.”

    Shouldn’t it be “dragged,” instead of “drug?”

  41. James Ridge says:


  42. John Smith says:

    What a coward..Killing innocent people. I suppose he wasn’t able to COMMUNICATE with his mouth, so he used a gun. Brilliant! Loser!! Bring it on, tell me I’m wrong..

  43. 13yeargirl says:

    I was there for my friends birthday and saw him grab her by the neck and shoot her right in the shoulder after i heard the gun shot i started crawling cause it was my first time skating after i heard nothing i stood up and walked straight to this little and her mom crying and lay down with them to protect them already i’m only 13 and heard and saw a gun shot

  44. tweety says:

    Our Sincere Sympathy to the Do family and to the Vietnamese Community.
    ” If you are patient in one moment of anger, you will save a thousand days of sorrow”

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