By J.D. Miles

VAN ZANDT COUNTY (CBSDFW.COM) – A petition to remove Commissioner Ricky LaPrade from office was filed Monday in Van Zandt County District Court after he was arrested July 3 for his second DWI.

It comes after the County Commissioner’s second drunk driving arrest, which was documented by Canton Police and obtained by CBS 11 News.

The sobriety of LaPrade was questioned on July 3 and tested during a traffic stop by Canton police.

Police dashcam video shows officers arresting the Van Zandt County Commissioner for DWI after finding open beer cans in his car.

It’s the second drunk driving arrest in three months for LaPrade who says he has no intention of resigning. It don’t bother me at all,” he said. “Let the voters decide in March if I need to go.”

But at the Van Zandt County Courthouse Monday, resident Dwayne Jones filed a petition seeking LaPrade’s removal on the grounds of incompetence and official misconduct.

“Number one, he’s going to kill somebody if he doesn’t get stopped,” said Jones. “And number two, its like walking into the local bar and handing my checkbook to somebody and asking them to balance my checkbook. We have the local drunk over the county’s money. It’s not right.”

LaPrade says he’s being unfairly targeted by local law enforcement for cutting employees and programs they support.

“One of the ones who stopped me was a former reserve constable that we had to get rid of,” he claimed.
After LaPrade is served with the petition he will have five days to respond in court. At that time, a judge could order a trial to determine whether the county commissioner is fit to remain in office.